Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Subtle Message From The Beatles

In this previous post, I shared a spanko perspective on the song "Help". The other day I heard "Hello, Goodbye" and though the whole song didn't apply quite as well, the first few lines did. What do you think?

You say yes

I say no

You say stop

And I say go, go, go

Oh, no

And men think we give mixed signals...

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Meow said...

One more reason to love the Beatles!

baby girl said...

Quite creative...

Love that!

sarah thorne said...

haha!! I will never listen to that song the same way again!!


Hermione said...

LOL! I love it. Thanks for that. I am a huge Beatles fan.


Lea said...

@Meow, yep they are great.

@baby girl, thanks!

@sarah thorne, I know, right? :-)

@Hermione, Me too! You're welcome!

ronnie said...

That's great, love it, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Very clever Lea. Love the Beatles.


MrJ said...

You make me smile.
Do not bother about mixed signals though - us Tops know how to read you gals.

kiwigirliegirl said...

yeah, my HOH certainly knows how to read me the pics too :)

Lea said...

@ronnie, you're welcome!

@joey, you and me both. :-)

@Mr J, Oh do you now? ;-)

@kiwigirliegirl, glad that he does.