Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spankings For 28

Not my cake, but pretty cool huh?
I turned 28 yesterday. Being 28 with no spouse or children I am surprised that the state of Utah doesn't kick me out for messing up their stats. Ha. I'll probably have more of a midlife crisis 2 years from now so stay tuned. After a long and awful work week, I was more than ready for the weekend to have some fun. And what spanko doesn't enjoy birthdays?

Early Saturday I spent some time with SP. He enjoys fire and electric play which are things I have minimal experience with. I've had a violet wand used on me once and didn't care for the sensation. I've tried fire once and was neutral about it. I opted to try it again. I laid on his massage table as he lit up his fire glove. Each time he ran it down my back I heard the swooshing sound of the fire in my ear which was kind of scary. I guess that's just how I react to things swishing near me. Gee, I wonder why?

The sensation is interesting. It felt hot, obviously, but not unbearably so. He ran it across my back a few times and then my legs. I realized later I should've asked him to go all around on both legs and I wouldn't have needed to shave. Lol. One part of me wasn't feeling hot yet so next came the spanking. I always wonder if a top's hand will be in shape if they haven't been spanking anyone regularly. Because I'm so tough and everything. Ha! As is usually the case, it was not an issue. He is hard handed and easily up to the task. I counted out loud the 28 swats delivered by hand that had me squirming and we ended with a hug.

After Spanking #2 and the cane
I still had a long day ahead of me. S and I had a date that night and I found myself down to my panties and on the bed shortly after he arrived. I wasn't told to count so this wasn't even THE birthday spanking yet, but I wasn't complaining. Okay, maybe I did a little bit. I wasn't all that serious though. There were so many spankings in one day I can't remember the order of the implements. For the first one he used his hand quite a bit and then the leather paddle. I was feeling very squirmy and sore just from that.

I got a break since we still needed to go to dinner. The downpour of rain that had started earlier stopped just long enough for us to get there, have dinner, and make it back. We watched some TV and got in some cuddling time while digesting. Soon I was pulled away for a second spanking. They got increasingly meaner throughout the night and he just wasn't listening to me about how birthday spankings are just supposed to be light and fun. Bottoms, are you with me here? Isn't that the rule?

After Spanking #3
More implements were used in the second spanking. He started in with the wooden paddles. One has a larger surface area as it's guitar shaped, but thinner and stingier. The other is double sided and very dense. So thuddy I don't remember why the hell I bought it. I think I was tricked by how pretty the wood was. Damn you, Kitty! ;-) Those already had me nearly jumping off the bed and reddening quickly. He wrapped his arm around my waist to keep me in place a few different times. The leather paddle was mixed in there too. Then the cane came out. It stung like mad and I tried to stay still because I don't want a stroke to be too far off to the side because I moved. It's hard to stay still though! He switched off standing on either side of me to keep it even. From how hard it felt I am surprised the marks didn't show up more defined than these pics. I made it through and got some nice cuddles and kisses afterwards.

If you didn't hear me say I counted through that one you aren't missing something. That wasn't THE birthday spanking either. Sigh. My poor bottom! A while later it was finally time for THE birthday spanking.
After Spanking #3
And it was mean too because S is the meanest. He selected a bath brush. A $%#* bath brush! He said I must not dislike it that much because I've never thrown it away. Uh... that speaks more to the pack rat in me, plus it was a gift. That doesn't mean I like it. What crazy logic. He told me to count as he continued on with the spanking. He did not make it light on top of my already sore bottom. I counted out 28 hard smacks amidst my squeals and Oowws. He said happy birthday when he was finished and I wasn't sure whether I should hit him in the face or kiss him. I opted for the kiss since I was still in a vulnerable position.

 I went to bed well spanked and cared for and still have many marks left over today as a memory. Thank you to all who helped make my birthday and my weekend great and those who sent birthday wishes! In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, Justin Timberlake was reuniting with 'N Sync tonight for a performance at MTV's Video Music Awards show. Clearly he was doing this for my birthday. Thanks, JT! Now I need to go catch up on my DVR. :-)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sexy Olympic Games

Last weekend was the NLA-U members party and the theme was the Sexy Olympic Games. That meant many chances for people to compete and get messy. You can probably guess that the combination of the outdoors, getting dirty, and wearing minimal to no clothing meant I did not compete. You guessed right. Lol. But it was entertaining watching a lot of people get involved and have fun with all the activities. And there were many activities to choose from.

Things kicked off with a triathlon type race involving a hand cuff crawl, wheelbarrow race, and three legged race with the legs wrapped up in Saran wrap. Then there was the dunk tank shotput. Some adventurous person seemed to be the volunteer for the night getting repeatedly dunked as many came up to throw. There were many with pretty good aim which did not surprise me.

Another event was the Messy Twister. There was a big inflatable Twister board adding to the difficulty of the game. The messy part came in with all the colored dots being covered in frosting. And so it became bouncy, messy, slippery Twister. Luckily for my insurance carrier, I did not compete in this one either. There were many other coordinated and flexible folks who looked to be having fun with it though.

SP and I slipped away for our scene while the majority of people were preoccupied outside. Or so we thought. I headed downstairs to the room that has the spanking bench and it was already in use. He didn't seem to feel like waiting so bent me over the sink right there in the downstairs kitchen area. He flipped my dress up out of the way and spanked me with his hand. He has a very hard hand. This was my first scene with him and I figured that would be the case. I was squirming from the sting and could feel my bottom reddening up already. He warned me that the last few would be the hardest and I braced myself through the final few swats. We ended with a hug and rejoined everyone outside.

The final event was Jello wrestling. There were some tough competitors in this one and a few drawn out matches. I had a good position to watch from up on the deck. Others who were judging were not as lucky and got a lot of the Jello stuff flung on them by proximity. There was a pool full of water next to the Jello pool that people were sliding into to rinse off in after they were done. It went several rounds to come to the finalists wrestling each other.

I missed the latter part of it as T and I went inside to play. We headed downstairs and the spanking bench was available. We'd talked at a previous party about my 10 second rule meaning that my clothes need to be able to come off in 10 seconds or less to allow for all spanking opportunities. (Because that comes up all the time, right?) He was well within the rule flipping my dress up in one second flat as I laid across the bench. This was our second time playing and fortunately much more air conditioned than the previous occasion. He spanked me mostly with his hand and he's another hard handed guy. My bottom was stinging from that before he even got out some sort of wooden stick. I held up through it and so did the implement.

SyrBigDog's Olympic cake!
I was back outside in time for the closing ceremonies. Medals for bronze, silver, and gold were given out along with prizes. I wish I'd taken a picture because the medals B made were awesome. The medals hung from a saran wrap necklace filled with condoms, little packets of lube, and a penis whistle. Greek food was served for the night and SyrBigDog made this awesome BDSM olympics cake. My camera sucks and doesn't have a flash but you can see it there. It was delicious, as is everything she's ever made. S has been out of town so missed this party. I missed him and thought I may not play at all without him there, but I ended up getting spanked twice and was a happy girl. I hope everyone had a blast at the party. I sure did.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

20 Questions Meme

1. What do you wear to bed? Nothing

2. What's your favorite pet name for your SO? Sweetie

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Stay inside, like any other day

4. Your favorite snack food? Pringles

5. Do you cry at sad movies? Not usually. It depends on my mood. Or if it's Ladder 49. That movie is fucking sad.

6. What's your favorite implement to be spanked with? Hand is my favorite. Next to that I like belts, straps, and canes.

7. Is your hair long or short? Longer

8. What size is your bed? Queen

9. Do you have sex with the lights on or off? It depends. Usually on.

10. What's your favorite 'around the house' outfit? Is a robe considered an outfit?

11. How do you drink your coffee or tea? I don't drink tea. I like coffee with cream and sweetener. The less it tastes like coffee the better. I feel the same way about alcohol.

12. Are you a bargain hunter? I really hate shopping so wouldn't want to waste even more time shopping to be a couponer or anything.

13. Do you think bald men are sexy? Sure. It depends on the person.

14. Are you a good driver? I'm okay. Safe and slow.

15. In a 24-hour period, how many hours do you spend watching TV? Up to a few hours each night. Days of our Lives isn't only watched by your grandmas. ;-)

16. Name the last book you read? One of the Alex Cross books from James Patterson.

17. Would you rather be hot or cold? I prefer something in the middle, but if I had to be in one extreme I would choose cold. It's easier to warm up than cool down.

18. How many hours a day do you spend on the Internet? Usually a few per night.

19. Do you like facial hair on a man? Sometimes. It depends on the guy. Beards can be sexy. Also scratchy. Don't like that as much.

20. Are you a smoker? Nope

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Knife Play

"You've been a very bad girl," he said into my ear. "Lay on your stomach." 

I rolled over and looked back at him wondering what he was going to do next. He surveyed my body and ran his hand down my back, resting it on my ass.
I flinched when his hand came down hard across my bottom. Several more swats followed.
"You've been very naughty lately, haven't you?" he asked as he continued spanking.
"Yes, sir. I have been," I said quietly.
He reached forward and grasped my hair with his free hand, pulling my head back while more swats landed.

"These need to get out of the way," he said while running his fingers beneath the waistband of my panties.

I heard the distinct click of his pocket knife opening. I stayed still as I felt the cold metal of the blade run down my back, then my bottom and thighs.

He rested it on my panties before slicing through one side of them, then the other. It was silent except for the sound of tearing lace.

Once they were all cut up he tossed them to the floor. The blade ran over my body again causing a shiver.

"You need to be spanked more," he whispered in my ear.

I didn't disagree.
He strapped me then caned me until I was nicely colored up and whimpering.

He rubbed my bottom and his fingers explored between my legs to locate my excitement.

He whispered into my ear how I could show him I'd be a good girl.

I quickly complied. I am a good girl sometimes.