Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ode To My Imagined Lover

Justin Timberlake turns 32 today. He's been on my dream guy list since I was 12 and first bought an 'N Sync CD.

He came a long way from being born in Nashville, being on the new Mickey Mouse Club, to superstardom in singing by age 16.

After 'N Sync split, he went on to a very successful solo career singing and acting.

from Alpha Dogs

And Dwight is right, only JT can bring SexyBack.
Justin, it's Tearing Up My Heart because I Just Wanna Be With You. Can't you say Bye Bye Bye to Jessica so I can finally be your Girlfriend and Rock Your Body? Maybe Somewhere, Someday you can love me Like I Love You.  
 I'm tired of using Ayo Technology. Tell Me, Tell Me..Baby, is it finally our time?  I Drive Myself Crazy thinking of you. I'm going to go Cry Me a River if this can't work out. I'm low maintenance, I swear. All I Want Is You This Christmas. And your Dick in a Box as well. You will always be the king of Pop to me.

Oh and I'd happily take your birthday spankings for you. See what a good girlfriend I'd be?

Monday, January 28, 2013


My mask and dress
This weekend I attended a masquerade themed play party. I am not a girly girl and complain a lot when I have to dress up. Yes, even more than normal. Smart asses. I decided on wearing a red and black lace dress I have but it's a short dress. That left the question of what to do about stockings. Anyone who isn't 5'7'' and 120 lbs can probably share my frustrations about thigh highs. They are so annoying and don't stay in place. Ever. Add to that being much taller than the average female and it gets challenging. I ended up going the garter belt route and even managed to get everything attached by myself this time.

Once the clothing was arranged I headed to the party. The house hosting it went all out with decorating and everything looked wonderful. There were even party favors at the door of mints in a mask shaped tin and little chocolate masks on a stick. Christmas type white lights ran along the walls in the social room and the kitchen area was transformed and curtained off. A mysterious table was on the side of the room for use as a human sundae bar. Use your imagination.

The guests looked fabulous. Many people went all out with the costuming and unique mask choices. Mine was white and the only one I found at the party store that didn't have glitter on it. I fucking hate glitter. It won't come off your face, out of your hair, off your clothes. Funny thing is some ended up on me anyway, but that's a different story. Sitting in a ladylike manner in a very short dress is challenging to say the least. I sequestered a spot on the end of the couch so I didn't have to sit too low to the ground. And S was nice about grabbing things for me so I didn't have to get up repeatedly.

I mostly socialized and by socialized I mean I stayed in the same spot and talked to the few people who remember my name. Lol. When there was a bit less of a crowd in the back, S led me to a room to play. My dress came up and I bent over a table in the room. He spanked me with his hand to start with and then opened up the toy bag. He used one of his rattan canes, then the tawse. By the time he got to the ridiculously large (and loud) round wooden paddle, I was nearly hopping and my bottom was really stinging. That thing is seriously loud though and he even complained later that he thought his ears were ringing a bit. Oh, your ears are ringing? How about worrying how my ass is feeling? Talk about first world top problems. :-P

Masquerade mints
I think the noise also attracted a few people to poke their heads in the door to see what was going on. That always makes me nervous but I tried to ignore it and focus on the spanking. I was well warmed at that point and even acquired a few bruises. We wrapped it up and that was my scene for the night. I left the party feeling much less confused about what was going on than I did leaving the theater after seeing Eyes Wide Shut so that was good. Nice people. Nice spanking. Nice night.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Love SomeEcards

I could spend hours browsing funny e-cards over at SomeEcards. Okay, I have spent hours browsing them. They fit with so many situations, even sometimes applicable to spanking.

For R, who will always watch Days of our Lives with me at the SCONY weekends.

Spanko friends gotta stick together!

But don't piss me off.

At least I'm a funny sarcastic friend.

I've tried this with some tops before. They're always still there when you open your eyes.

Spending time browsing Fetlife can make you start recognizing things you'd rather not.

But there's always plenty of pictures of spanked bottoms.

Men and pantyhose can be such a hassle.

Many spanking enthusiasts may have to have this conversation someday.

Or we could text each other about it.

I'm pretty compliant in a state of undress, how about you?

And there's always something for the grammar police.

Thank you for the entertainment, SomeEcards.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's The Little Things

I am not hard to please. Little things can make me very happy. This past week I got something in the mail from my friend J in Wisconsin. It was this awesome Peeps calendar!

That made me happy and just may inspire me to enter that annual diorama contest whose winners are featured on each month of the calendar.

A coworker taped up this picture of Justin Timberlake with a crossed out Jessica Biel (hey it's better than scratching her face out) to give me some inspiration to get through the work day. It helped.

I got my first real corset this week. When I took it out of the package and tried to pull it around me it was nowhere near fitting and I was about to send it back. A friend told me that's normal and the laces can be pulled out a lot to fit it. 

He helped me get it on and indeed it did fit. These pictures were the end result. Now I just need to figure out which party I want to wear it to when not much bending and sitting will be required. Lol.

In spanking, the little things matter too. 

Hearing "good girl."

 "The Look" that only he and I notice.

A few whispered words in my ear of what's to come.

His hand lingering on my wrist.

A warning smack on my bottom.

A big hug that makes me feel better.

It's the little things.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Saturday Spanking

"I think you've been a bad girl, Miss," he said.

I kissed him and held him close, my fingers running up and down his back.

He smiled and said, "it seems like you're trying to distract me from giving you a spanking."

"If you're distracted I think that speaks to your own lack of willpower," I laughed.

That got me a look and I was quickly turned over to lie on my stomach.

But not before I gave my own look. The "you don't want to hurt me" look. Maybe not as sympathetic as this one. It seemed I wasn't fooling anyone.

The wood paddle struck my bottom, light at first but that didn't last long. The swats got harder as I tried to keep myself from turning to the side and ending up hit on my thigh.

His fingers rubbed between my legs and my "Oww's" quickly turned to "Aah's." "It seems that you're enjoying this," he whispered into my ear. I couldn't form any words and nodded in reply.

Now who was distracting whom?

Always the tease, the spanking resumed. The leather paddle now connected with my reddening cheeks as I squirmed on the bedspread. I voiced my discomfort but quieted again when his fingers returned.

Heat was already emanating from my bottom before the leather strap came out. Anything long enough to strike both cheeks at once always hurts so much more. I braced myself as a few final hard swats landed.

I breathed deeply as his hand rubbed my stinging bottom. "We're finished with your first spanking for today."

First?? I turned my head into my pillow to hide my smile.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Redux: Bears & Tops- Brothers From Another Mother?

I haven't made fun of tops in a while. Err... I mean... laughed together about our differences. This was first posted here in 2011 but I think the safety tips are important to review. Enjoy.

I can already feel that grave getting deeper, but I will continue on for the sake of my readers. I'd hate to deprive you of my humorous post, even if it comes at the risk of my backside. So noble of me, I know.

Today's topic is the similarities between tops and bears. Now stay with me here. A conversation about bear safety made me realize that there are a lot of similarities between a bear encounter and a top encounter. Intrigued? Please read on.

First of all, don't be fooled by the cute ones. A bear is a bear and can be very dangerous. One should always approach with extreme caution. The one on the left, it looks like it might be nice, right? One wrong move and you won't be thinking that for long.

Here are some facts about bears:
-The sound made by a bear is referred to as a growl. Who hasn't heard a top growl?
- Many of the species hibernate for 3-5 months. Tops like their rest. Ever wake one up unexpectedly? CRANKY.
- Territory marked by clawing, biting, and rubbing trees. There's nothing about smacking in there, but close enough.
-Size can be between 5 and 7 feet. I've yet to meet a 7 footer. Think Yao Ming is a spanko?
-Bears hear very well. Ever mutter around a top? They always hear you.

At all times:

- Remain a respectful distance from the bear. Everyone likes their personal space.
- Stay in your vehicle! Your best shot is a getaway car, don't let yourself be cornered!

If the bear retreats or seems to ignore you:

- Take pictures, watch for a few moments, and then move on. I don't even know what to say to that... Lol.
- Never feed a bear. Once you provide them with beer and Oreos, you'll never be rid of them.
- If the bear approaches your vehicle, leave immediately. 'Nuff said.

Here are some general safety tips.

- Stay alert. Keep an eye out for bears so you can give them plenty of room. Look for recent bear signs such as tracks, fresh diggings, or tree scratches. If there are loose switches lying around, be especially cautious.
- Travel in groups. Bottoms should always stick together!
- Choose routes with good visibility when possible. Never let a top sneak up on you.
- Make noise when approaching, such as loud talking or singing. Who doesn't like being serenaded? If a bear hears you coming it will probably leave the area. I'm not so sure about that.
- If you encounter a bear, remain calm and avoid sudden movements. That could prove difficult.
- Throw something onto the ground, like your camera, if a bear pursues you. It may be distracted by this and allow you to escape. Create a distraction, got it!
- Never run from a bear! They will chase you and can run faster than 30 mph. They always catch you in the end. Resistance is futile, but we still try.
- Play dead! Some tops don't like the lack of reaction.
- Once the bear backs off, stay quiet and still for as long as you can. Bears will often watch from a distance and come back if they see movement. Me, quiet? No can do.

If all else fails, carry some of this and never get within arm's reach!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spankings In The New Year

My Peeptini!
2013 has been very busy so far! Thankfully my job has calmed down a little from the seemingly endless and frustrating December rush. Outside of work, there's been stuff going on left and right. This past week I went to three different munches in my area. One was actually in a different county so I even had to drive on the freeway to get there and back! But I lived to tell the tale.

I had work off on New Year's Eve day and New Year's day. My lovely friend took me to get a pedicure with her. Those are kind of painful, but I do like the after effects. Hmm, that sounds awfully familiar... That was followed by dinner and drinks and attempting to stay warm indoors. Game of Thrones marathon continued. I was somewhat unwillingly pulled into watching the show to start with because I really don't care for the fantasy/sci-fi genres. It's been okay though and I like to finish what I start.

You are probably wondering what the delicious drink pictured above is. That is my Peeptini that I was drinking on New Year's Eve. I'll even share the super secret recipe. 1 shot of whipped cream vodka + 8 ounces 7Up + 1 Peep on a straw= Peeptini! It was delicious and hardly tasted like alcohol at all. My kind of drink. I'm not a big drinker but if I do have something I need it to be really sweet. This was a success. A funny side note here. One of my coworkers recently said that I should have a blog about Peeps. I just laughed and thought oh you have NO idea...

The night finished on a nice note and the following day I got my first spanking of the year. Well I hadn't been spanked yet all year so it was about time! I had completed a task that I'd been asked to do so in return I got a good girl spanking. S was nice to me, sort of. He spanked me with his hand to warm me up and then used a leather paddle and a cane. I was a bit squirmy but not terribly so. I'd been good after all! I got some cuddly time after and then headed home before going to the second munch of the week, which was fucking freezing cold. Nice crowd though.

I made it through my short work week after the holidays before the third munch on Friday. It was cold there too but not as cold as the previous one. I will fairly note that I'm often cold. Especially my hands. I had on gloves and wore gloves over my gloves. When I took them all off, my fingers were still freezing. Sigh. Winter. I suppose I should add for anyone who doesn't know what on earth I'm talking about, a "munch" is a social gathering of kinky people typically held in a public vanilla location like a coffee shop or restaurant. It helps in getting to know people.

the day after the party
Saturday was time for a play party. S spanked me and everything was really, really stingy. I think this was partly because (surprise) the place the party was held was cold so I was cold. Also my skin gets really dry in winter making it more sensitive. He used a few different things including a leather paddle and wooden spoon. I picked his thinner cane out of the bag but couldn't tolerate it for too long. Despite commonly repeated top logic, being spanked doesn't warm up your whole body.

I located a space heater in the room and went to warm myself up by that for a while. I did have a second spanking that night with someone I hadn't played with before. Two different large wooden paddles were used which I suspect left the marks in the above picture. Looks like I didn't lose my bruising ability after all. The scene went well and yes, even after two spankings I was still cold. Now it's January 7 so I've had 3 spankings in 7 days. That's a ratio I wish I could keep up all year long! A girl can dream.