Friday, May 31, 2013

Lea And The Giant Peep

Sunday of my recent SCONY Mountain Weekend trip was one of the most amazing days I've ever had. This is at long last the final post about that trip. In my last post, I talked about some spankings, some goodbyes, and a surprise visit from Santa. In the middle of the day there was a visit to the Peeps store. Yes, there is a freaking Peeps store! People seem to be surprised by this. Why is there a Peeps store? I think the correct question is, why not? 

Note- I am not endorsed by Just Born or any of the Peeps people for my opinion about how awesome their stuff is. I'm just a girl, standing in front of a Peeps store, asking it to love her. Or something... (That is the only time you'll hear me quote anything from a Hugh Grant movie. Blech.)

Outside the Peeps store!

There are only 3 Peeps stores in the entire U.S. Sadly, none are out west by me. National Harbor, MD was the first one opened just outside of Washington, D.C. I'm not sure why this is since the home of Peeps and it's main factory resides in Bethlehem, PA. But in February of this year, 2 more retail stores opened. One at the Mall of America in Minnesota and one in Bethlehem, PA. Bingo! 

I was saddened in the past to learn that the Peeps factory does not allow tours because of FDA regulations or something. Otherwise I would've already made a trip happen. News of this store opening had me all excited and I talked to my friend R about the possibility of visiting during the mountain weekend. It's about an hour from where we stay. She said we could make it happen. *excitedly clapping*

Arriving at the mall

Sunday has a bit more downtime after a lot of people check out or rest so we left in the early afternoon. R very kindly drove and M came along too for the crazy ride. It took under an hour and seemed to fly by. The store is located in an outlet mall outside of the Sands Casino so was very easy to find. When we pulled up and I saw the signs it was kind of like that moment when you are first
riding Space Mountain waiting to see what comes.
We went into the mall and quickly located the Peeps and Company store. I was already taking pictures and had R take one with me standing in front of it. Walking in, it was like the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There was stuff everywhere. Every bit of merchandise you could possibly think of. Incredible store design. And a very happy employee already giving us samples of things. Lemonade and bubble gum were the special promotional flavors.

Lea and the Giant Peep
One of the first things I saw in a display window was the above giant pink bunny. I immediately picked it up and got some pictures. The store employee said, "With being after Easter, everything in the store is 30% off. You can get that for just $105." Just $105? For a stuffed animal? Yowzer! Don't be fooled by my height though, that bunny is about 3 feet tall. It was pretty awesome. If anyone really wants to get me one, my birthday is in August. Giant Bunnies. :-D

I thanked her for the information and continued going around photographing every single part of the store and all the merchandise. Though not a giant store, it took a while. I'm glad that they had no problem with it as some stores do not allow you to take photos or will kick you out. I had been a bit worried about that. A giant chick plush Peep was also there so I couldn't leave it out.

Lea and another Giant Peep

They have adult clothing but also lots of stuff for kids and even babies.

There were many displays featuring different flavors of Peeps and Peep Pops.

There were tons of plush Peeps in varying sizes and colors, even plaid! And these ones are under $10, woohoo!

A center display is topped with a giant Peep that changed colors throughout our visit.

Thermoses, mugs, clothing.

Really cool looking wall selling Peepsters chocolates in bulk.

Just Born, the company who makes Peeps, also produces Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, and Peanut Chews.

You could put your hand on the Hot Tamales thing and buzzers would sound off  and the meter would tell you how hot you are. Must be really annoying to the employees all day. Lol.

Mike and Ike flip flops anyone? I was actually wearing my Peeps flip flops during this visit and the employee saw them and said they don't make them anymore. I'm holding onto them forever!

They also had giant boxes of Mike and Ike.

When I say they had everything, I mean everything. Peeps scented glitter nail polish. Yeah, it's a thing.

The center of the Peepsiverse.

Peeps rode a video rollercoaster above the register.

Bunnies, stickers, notepads, and art supplies.

When I finished all my pictures and started scooping up stuff to buy, I quickly realized I could not carry it all. I almost wanted to go ask someone "uh, do you have a cart?" M got me a bag to help.

I wanted to get a little bit of everything but luggage space was a concern. I tried to aim for a bunch of small-ish things so I could get it all home. I still left with a lot. I must've been the easiest sale they ever had. Lol. Once I was grabbing everything, one employee would bring me more stuff. "Oh I see you got the metal keychain. Did you see the plush keychains over here?" Me- "Sure, add it on!"

What I went home with: Plush bunny, plush chick, set of tumblers with straws, lip gloss/balm sets in strawberry and watermelon, scented glitter nail polish, magnetic memo pad, notepad, pen, metal keychain, plush keychain, nail file, blue magnet, a container of Peepsters for L, matching BFF bracelets for me and L, and of course, Peeps. (Thank god for the sale, right?) My bags were totally full so most of the edible stuff had to be mailed back to me. Thank you Joey for doing that.
It was an awesome visit to the Peeps store and may just have to become an annual thing. Gotta restock on stuff, ya know? Sorry to everyone remaining at the weekend who had to hear me talk about it for the rest of the night and the next day while carrying my bag of stuff around with me. Even Mr. R patiently sat through me showing him all my pictures and stuff and said "I think you're crazy, but I'm happy for you." :-D 

A big thank you to my dear friend R for making the trip possible. It was really out of the way and I appreciate you still taking us. She told me it was no problem and seeing the look on my face was like taking a kid to Disneyland for their first time. <3 <3 Man, I have some great friends. Enablers? Yes. But still great. Lol. It made leaving that much harder. I can't wait to see everyone again in October.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kangaroo Court and Christmas In... April?

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Sunday/Monday

Sunday of the weekend had arrived. I joined everyone for the pajama breakfast and the goodbyes were starting already. I'm terrible at goodbyes and I think a few people strategically avoided me at the end so they could slip away without me crying all over them. *coughMrLewiscough* How rude. I went to my room with BV to play once more before he would be leaving. He gave me a long hand spanking and then used a few straps and paddles, resulting in the coloring you see in the picture. We ended with a hug. I got dressed for the day and headed to the lounge to help rearrange things for the night.

Oddly enough I didn't visit the woodshed all weekend. I had yet to go to Room 10 either until Hank grabbed me for one final spanking before he was leaving. (For Marne- Sink? What sink?) I did not notice a sink in the room as I was bent over. Hank spanked me with his hand which was still as hard and stingy as the last two times. He removed his belt and finished with that, mindful of my previous marking. I definitely got my belt fix at this weekend. We hugged and said our goodbyes. Then I was off for my next adventure.

Soon after that, R, M, and I traveled to the Peeps store. Yes, there is a PEEPS STORE! It was so incredibly awesome and fun that it deserves it's own post. Plus I have tons of pictures. So more on that later. It was about an hour away but time flew and we were back just before dinner. I showed off all my awesome Peeps gear to everyone when we returned. Most still thought I was crazy but were happy for me that I was so excited. Mr. Grumpypants, however, was grumpy as usual. He shot me dirty looks when I seated my new plush chick next to me at dinner. And I thought he may have a stroke when I suggested naming it after him. Oh, there were some threats.

Dinner turned into one of the strangest affairs that I have ever witnessed. Everything was just fine and dandy until Joey the pot stirrer accused R of hiding an implement and then lying to him about it. I will mention here that this accusation was based on something that had happened back in October. Somehow it turned to talk of making her stand trial and Mr. Grumpypants jumped right in saying he should be the judge. Soon, nearly everyone around the table had a place in things. A jury was chosen, Joey was the arresting officer. Mr. B was the bailiff/executioner, D was the terrible choice for the defendant's attorney, and S was the prosecutor.

Poor R sat there stunned while this kept unfolding into a bigger and bigger thing. Soon she was off consulting with her attorney and S rejoined the room looking all slick in a suit and tie. We moved to the lounge to set up this kangaroo court. I was one of the jury members, off to the side painting my nails with my new Peeps nail polish. We wondered if the defendant would flee but she eventually joined us. The kicker with this whole thing was that the prosecutor has a real Southern accent. It gave the whole thing quite the movie quality feel.

S was ready to go and even had notes with him. The opening statements and how serious he was in his speech was completely hilarious. He questioned Joey, the arresting officer, about the incident. It was explained that the night of the alleged incident (6 fucking months ago), Joey had brought his tawse to R during a party asking if she'd watch it and then walking away. Then he came back and couldn't find the tawse, questioned her as to it's whereabouts, and was told she didn't move it. The tawse was eventually recovered and passed around to the jury as Exhibit A. Funny thing, it went missing again, but was later recovered. D didn't have many questions to ask but made it clear that she was a Cuh-naw-dian. (Wine speak for Canadian.)

Judge Grumpypants also got after D for wearing jeans and a T-shirt in his courtroom and said that would be discussed in his chambers later. A was the first witness who was at all helpful to R's case. There was some witness intimidation going on (surprise!) when Mr. R left the jury box to spank her and then asked if her testimony was still the same. She didn't change her story. Way to go, A! SC was also a character witness to help R. Finally R was called to be questioned. S asked her if she said "red" when Joey asked her to watch the tawse. She said no she didn't, because who shouts red at people asking them a question? They went back and forth about that for a while.

Closing statements were made with S getting very into it and saying that switches never lie so Joey was being honest. I shouted out, "Calm down, A Time To Kill!" The jury agreed with the argument that people don't usually say "red" in response to a question and R was not given time to answer Joey before he walked away. We declared not guilty. Unsurprisingly, Judge Grumpypants threw out our decision and made her guilty anyway. He spoke a bunch of legal-ese about how she was guilty and would be sentenced, which was all already written down. What a coincidence! Mr. B went to pull R off but several of us from the jury saved her from the unfairness of this clearly fixed trial.

The entire thing was quite ridiculous and downright hilarious. Thank you, R, for your permission to share this and create an honest and accurate recording of the incident. R was a very good sport and I hope she has since recovered from the incident. Sunday continued with the party for those of us remaining. Sometimes people are pretty tired out by that point, but I still played with just about everyone who was left. I played with Judge Grumpypants after he had changed. He strapped me and asked if I still thought the trial was funny and that she was innocent. I said yes, I did, and he couldn't keep a straight face about all that had transpired either. Note- He spanks just as hard when he's laughing. 

I played once more with Mr. B and then E. I was sitting at a table with R discussing the insanity of the night. Joey came by and talked with us. He told me that he had something planned for me. He asked if I would be ready for a bedtime spanking from him. I said yes to these mysterious plans. R knew what this was all about but would not give any information up. I asked if I should be worried and she assured me that I was going to enjoy it. Hmm.

There were a few more goodbyes throughout the night and then it was nearly 2 in the morning. Joey walked back up to the rooms with me and SC. She was staying across the hall from me and he said he'd be just a few minutes and to wait for him. I sat on the bed waiting, wondering what he was up to. The next thing I knew there was a knock on the door and I opened it to... Santa! Joey was in full costume and came in chuckling and telling me that Santa takes care of naughty girls all year round. I could not believe it and smiled the entire time.

I've had a Santa spanking fantasy for a reaaaally long time but it's never something that's been acted out. I found out later that he had thought about this months in advance and bought the costume just for me with this in mind. It was so sweet of him and I'm thankful to have such a kind and creative friend. He had me bend over the bed and spanked me with his hand and then with a cane. I certainly felt it but we were both having a lot of fun and laughing throughout the scene. I wish I'd thought to take a picture, but he has one in his retelling of the story here. We ended with a hug and a reminder that Santa can come back at any time if I don't behave. Thank you Joey for a great memory. I thought it deserved poetic justice so here is my little story about the weekend and visit from Santa.

'Twas A Visit From Santa

'Twas the time for SCONY's April Mountain Weekend
All o'er the resort there were spankings amongst friends
The tops prepared with silly reasons in their heads
Bottoms thought up reasons why they shouldn't be dead

The sounds of spanking kept all from taking a nap
"Mr. Grumpypants is at it again," I snapped.
I thought about going to his door with a knock
Rethought the idea because surely I'd be focked!

Then outside the house there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter
Away to the window I made it in time
Moved the curtains aside and then I drew the blinds

The sun and the rain had made a sugary mess
I wondered if my idea had been the best
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But an angry Jayson scowling from ear to ear

He was constantly saying that Peeps were so vile
So I Peep'd out his car and did so with a smile
He muttered seeing it all covered up in Peeps
While I watched from my window muffling my "Heehee!"

And luckily for me he isn't a spanker
So this time I was saved for being the prankster
But the SCONY weekend wasn't over just yet
I still had many a top to provoke in jest

Later in the night I was talking to Joey
He told me that he had something in mind for me
For a spanking before bed I should be prepared
R knew all about it and said not to be scared

I waited quite nervous while sitting on my bed
Wond'ring what was to happen from what he had said
The knock on the door sounded that the time was now
Into my room St. Nicholas came with a bound!

He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot
All cleaned up from any previous chimney soot
A bundle of toys he had flung on his back
They weren't innocent toys and could give quite a smack

I was so stunned I kept grinning from ear to ear
Was this really Santa Claus, at this time of year?
He heard my thoughts though I hadn't yet made a sound
"Santa takes care of naughty girls all the year round!"

A spanking from Santa, a long held fantasy
Now here the jolly man was, about to spank me
He quickly ordered me to bend over the bed
My pants then came down and I did just as he said

His hand landed several smacks across my bottom
He asked if I would be a good girl from now on
Come on, did you think I would make it that easy?
I was enjoying this more than a bit, you see.

My lack of response seemed to give him his answer
Several strokes of the cane made me quite the dancer
"Oww oww oww!" I shrieked, my voice full of displeasure
A final few strokes he gave me for good measure

I rubbed my sore bottom promising to be good
And I pleaded that he need not break out more wood 
He gave me a hug and then one final hard smack
"Behave young lady or I will surely be back!"
I shortly went to bed with a big smile still on my face. Monday morning came and I had breakfast then had to pack. No spanking for me that day. But I did do one more thing that made me laugh all day, referenced in the above poem. J from the resort is always dissing on my Peeps. With help from a few others, I Peep'd out his car. Omg, it was funny. And color coordinated too- purple, blue, purple, blue. The pic is just the back but there were Peeps on top of the tires in the wheel wells, on the door handles, and lining the front wipers. It was pretty awesome. (It was cleaned up very soon after and no harm was done to the car.) Soon it was time for final goodbyes and a lot of tears. But I flew home still smiling. I miss all of my friends already and October can't come soon enough! Thank you to all who made it a fabulous weekend.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Corsets And Steampunk

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Saturday

Sorry my recap has been so spread out. I will finish it! Some of the little details start to blur weeks later so I really should try to write a bit down while I'm still there to look back on later. If someone wants to spank me for procrastination, I won't stop you. ;-)

Having gone to bed around 5:30 am after hanging out in the hot tub, Saturday had a rough start. I was dead tired and wrote off breakfast for that morning because there was no way I was going to be up and ready in time. How people pull all-nighters practically every night of a party baffles me. I felt awful running on less than 5 hours of sleep. I'm 27 and too old for that shit.

I thought I was arriving right on time for St. Margaret's Academy at 11:30, but apparently it starts at 11:00 and has the other 7 times I've attended also. Hmm... Fortunately I was able to get a cup of coffee and create an awesome map of the area complete with bear attacks. After lunch I was sitting out on the wooden steps with some friends and when I got up I had a palm full of tiny splinters. The next half hour was spent with A trying to get them out with tweezers. That didn't work and eventually a sewing needle was found and mostly worked. This is why I fucking avoid nature.

A few people came to do music which is always a fun part of the weekend. I'm the worst keyboardist ever which we learned a few years ago so I stick to just singing. Several others jumped in and it became sort of a country jamboree and then I didn't know any of the songs anymore. One of these days I'll look up all the 'N Sync music and distribute my own songbooks to everybody. I went back to my room after that to get ready before dinner. This was the night I planned to wear a corset and man was that a pain in the ass.

After about a half hour of lying on the bed trying to get the hook and eye closures snapped, I would get maybe two of them to work but then several below that would just undo in the process. I was ready to throw it against the wall in a rage and just wear something else when M came to help me. Apparently those fuckers are a two person job because she got them all to snap in place on the first try. Then we got LS to help lace up the back and were on our way to dinner.

A lot of people went all out for the costumes and looked great. I think someone at my table was super uncomfortable looking at how much of my breasts were showing so I tried to wrap my shrug around myself as much as I could. Lol. It did make me sit up straighter than I normally would. I wouldn't say I was comfortable but LS knows how to put a corset on and it didn't totally cut into me. I managed to keep it on the whole night and even played several times.

Hank and I went to my room after dinner and it was absolutely roasting in there when we went in. He's a good sport and bore through it. We had discussed some things prior to the weekend that came up again and I was a bit nervous as we hadn't had a serious scene before. The talk was good and he had gotten into my head. I wondered how well I'd be able to breathe in the corset as I bent over the bed and lifted my skirt. He started spanking me with his hand and he has a very hard hand. I was already wriggling from that when he took his belt off.

The sound of that always makes me freeze. It really stung as it struck my bottom several times and now I was very squirmy. He switched between the belt and another strap that was a bit thuddier. I could feel the heat emanating from my backside and that I was going to be sore. There was still a long night ahead of us so we finished our "discussion" with a big hug. He left the room before he may have died from heat stroke and I soon headed down to the lounge for the night's party.

There were a lot of great costumes amongst the other guests and I was a bit surprised there weren't more corsets around. Maybe others were smarter than me and decided it wouldn't be too comfortable to play in. I managed though and was spanked a lot more on Saturday night than I had been Friday. I played with H for the first time and saw he had a rugbeater in his bag that I'd had my eye on at the vendor table earlier. It was a bit shorter and thicker than the typical rugbeaters I've seen. He had bought it and tried it out on me and I really liked it.

A lot of play was going on and many times throughout the night there was a line to use the cubicles. I finally caught up with the always busy Mr. Grumpypants for the first time that weekend. He strapped me and told me not to be a smart aleck or something to that effect. Deja vu? We seem to "discuss" that a lot. E spanked me and is another hard handed guy. Implements are rarely necessary. At the next weekend I'd like to have a longer scene with him and K again. I had fun with the co-bottoming setup in the past and didn't do any of that at this weekend.

End of Saturday- less marked than usual
Apparently some people had taken offense to some of the countdown messages prior to the weekend, in particular reason #3- "We are the ONLY reason SOME of you even need a hairbrush." Mr. R has a nasty thick little hairbrush that I have been introduced to before, as well as the larger one. He had the smaller one with him and led me to a cubicle where I bent over the saddle. He reminded me how sarcasm can come back to bite me (as if I didn't know that by now?) and said that if spanking was the only thing he needed a hairbrush for that he'd better use it for that purpose and thanked me for reminding him. This wasn't gonna be good.

He pulled my panties down and started right in with the hairbrush, not even his hand. It hurt as much as I remembered from years past. I was squirming and thought I was going to slide the entire saddle through the curtain. I jumped up once and he told me to stay down and put his hand on my back to keep me there. He switched to his hand for a little while (which was not much more relaxing) and then ended with several more swats from the hairbrush. I thought I would quite literally burst into flame but I did not. He gave me a big hug and I told him that he has very nice hair and his face makes up for the rest.

I didn't stay conscious for too much longer and eventually made my way back up to bed. Sunday would be a day full of awesome surprises. To be continued...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wonder Woman Struck Again

Friday of the SCONY Mountain Weekend had arrived. I got a little sleep and made it in before breakfast stopped being served. I went down to the lounge with some of the others to start setting things up. How many spankos does it take to put up curtains? 3 to stand there, 1 to foof, and 2 to staple. I supervised and sometimes held things. I kept an eye on my watch because I had a very important meeting in the lobby at 1 pm. A few more people had arrived and there were greetings and hugs, but nothing would distract me from 1:00.

The time came and I headed back to the lobby. The manager helped me find NBC on the TV and R and I were ready for our bi-annual tradition of watching the Days of Our Lives Friday episode. Anyone who knows anything about soaps knows that the Friday episode is the most important. Every other day they repeat themselves over and over but on Friday the storyline usually moves up a bit. I'm happy to have R as a DOOL ally because I've taken a lot of flack from people in the past years for watching it. At times I've even been outvoted and sports took over the TV. Just terrible.

I'm a logical person and am perfectly aware that soaps are ridiculous. That's part of the fun. We laugh about the storyline, try to recall how many times someone has been in a coma, and calculate E.J.'s blinks per minute. He can blink all he wants, he's still sexy. Toward the end of the episode more people had arrived and were checking in, milling about the lobby greeting each other. It got harder to hear so thank goodness they usually repeat the last few minutes of Friday in the beginning of the Monday episode. When it finished, Joey had arrived to take R away for their own DOOL scene. Very creative fellow, that Joey. He wrote about it here.

The first weekend activities started soon after so we all headed down to the lounge. It was already decorated for the steampunk theme with contraptions of gears on the walls. In the back room there was even a time machine along with some other inventions in the making. Others started creating flying machines but my jet (which was a JET not just a paper airplane) did not get much appreciation. I was pulled away to help write equations on the blackboard.

Chalkboards are very difficult to write on. I broke at least 4 pieces of chalk in the process. I did the left side and if you look closely at the bottom left of the pic, you'll see my attempt at drawing a chick and it reads Lea was here. I returned to talk with a few different people and ran into Hank. We had exchanged some messages prior to the weekend about playing which we never had before. How it hadn't come up before I don't know considering he had been at all of the weekends I've attended. This probably goes back to my issue of never being able to initiate anything.

It was coming up now and we went to a booth in the back to talk for a minute. Being early in the weekend still and our first time playing it was decided that it would be a lighter scene. I bent over a chair and he started spanking me with his hand. This was still even over my jeans but I quickly realized that he was not exaggerating when he'd said he has been told he has a pretty hard hand. He does! My jeans came down and he resumed with his hand which was now even stingier across my bottom. After being well warmed up for the day we ended with a hug and plans to play later on in the weekend.

We all met for dinner where I successfully gave my salad away to a different person every night. Why it kept being placed in front of me I just don't know. Afterwards I talked to BV and told him to give me a few minutes to change before coming back to my room. Prior to the weekend it had been requested that I bring my Wonder Woman costume. What comic book nerd could resist? I got ready and he certainly had a smile on his face when he came through the door.

Wonder Woman was in trouble for reckless flying of her invisible plane. Hey, sometimes a girl needs to get somewhere quickly to stop all those bad guys! BV sat on the bed and I went across his lap. He flipped up the skirt and pulled my panties down and started spanking me with his hand. I love long hand spankings and the positioning let me remain comfortable. The implements came out later and I think each one was tested. A few leather and wood items. I even let a plastic paddle briefly make contact with me. It wasn't awful but I still don't like plastic. My bottom was definitely stinging at that point. We took a few pictures and ended with a hug.

I changed, again (and people wonder why I have to check a bag for a 5 day trip!), and went down to the lounge for the night's party. I had already been given at least 20 boxes of Peeps from friends and brought some of them down with me. R had brought the skewers and we were ready for a Peeps roast. For anyone who hasn't ever roasted Peeps over an open fire- what are you waiting for? You should do so right away because it's amazing! All that was temporarily left outside so I could go chat with people before smelling of campfire.

5 days is just not long enough to talk with everyone as much as I'd like to. There are some people I feel like I hardly saw this time but others I spent more time around than before. Maybe I need to start making appointments for conversations and not just spankings. I did get to talk to a few people but I still had a Peeps roast to coordinate. R was nowhere to be found at the moment but a few others joined me outside. There is a fetish listed on Fetlife of "roasting Peeps over an open fire with lea27f" which should have a few more followers after this weekend. I got a few to try one for the first time. R was eventually recovered and came out with us too.

Mr. R wandered outside at one point and asked me to make one for him. He doesn't like Peeps to begin with. Should I have seen this was a trap? He tried it and was a little overzealous in saying how terrible it was. I said that he was the one who asked to try one and he said that the person giving it to him is still in trouble. *eyeroll* Top logic (noun)- faulty reasoning that results in someone getting spanked. He went back inside and it never did come up again that night.

The SCONY time machine
I played a few times that night, the last being with Mr. B. We were sitting at the bar and he was showing off a new leather implement he had bought. It was a thick but shorter slapper type with two pieces of leather. It created a very loud sound but he had been told that it didn't sting all that much. I looked at it and said I think it would still sting but may sound worse than how it actually feels. I'm familiar with a few toys that are like that. He took that as an invitation to test it (which it was) and we went to the back room.

I took my jeans down and bent over the time machine. That's not a sentence you can use every day! He started with his hand which is the kind of hand that almost makes you want to just get to the implements already. Very hard and stingy. He switched to the strap and my opinion stayed the same. It did definitely sting but made a lot of noise. Testing was complete and we hugged. I went to my room to change to a swimsuit to join a few others in the hot tub. Probably not the best way to treat a sore bottom but oh well. I was down there for quite a while, even outlasting a few notorious nonsleepers. Three of us remained and ended up having one of those very long and insightful late night chats about top/bottom dynamics among other things. Finally heading up to bed I saw it was nearly 5:30 in the morning! I got a quick bedtime spanking and back rub from Mr. B and was soon unconscious. Saturday would be a loooong day.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How Sweden Got Me Spanked

I hate air travel. As soon as someone comes up with a teleportation device that can get me to all the spanking parties across the country, I will be so happy. Last Thursday was the start of my trek to arrive at the SCONY Mountain Weekend. Poor S missed precious sleep to take me to the airport at 4 am for my 6 am flight. The last few times I've gone I've done the red-eye which I like because I'm already awake and I just get there and it's done with. Arrangements this time had me on a different flight schedule though. I said goodbye to S and made my way through checking bags and security.

I boarded one of those super claustrophobic small planes that have just two seats on each side of the aisle. I couldn't even stand up straight without hitting my head. People in the NBA must always fly private or something because planes are not meant for tall people. After a layover I boarded a regular sized plane and I'm sure the person in front of me enjoyed my knees in their back for 4 hours. That's what you get for reclining, dickhead. The weather was nice that day and the plane even arrived a bit early. I was outside with my bags and Joey arrived to pick me up. B's flight arrived soon after and we were on our way.

NYC traffic is so terrifying to me. I can't imagine ever driving in that city and living to tell about it. Joey drives like a pro though and navigated through all the crazies with no problem. We all chatted about the upcoming weekend and our travels for the day. He provided water and a cookie for me. Before I knew it, I was starting to recognize that last few miles of road that leads to the resort. I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach as we approached.

It was late afternoon and a big crowd was already there. Lots of hugs and hellos were exchanged, including with the beloved staff. They are all so great and I look forward to seeing them as much as I do my other friends. I chatted with a few people and went to my room to put my bags away and clean up before dinner. It was a really big crowd for a Thursday as we all settled into the restaurant area. Ms. Margaret and Mr. Ryder arrived and gave hugs all around.

I was sitting across the table from Mr. Lewis. For the record, he is from Switzerland. Apparently Sweden and Switzerland are not the same place. He gets very testy when we ask him if he hangs out at Ikea. What? I heard New Yorkers like that store! Mr. L has recently moved and I had seen a picture of his new place and furniture. I innocently asked if it was from Ikea (and it WAS!). He took my comment as being sarcastic. Can you imagine?

After dinner was over, we went back to my room. He bent me over the bed and said I was going to spell Switzerland with each swat because that's where he is from. I was really tempted to spell out S-W-E-D-E-N, but I didn't. I started off strong. "S!" Smack! "W" Smack! "I" Smack! "T" Smack! "L!" Smack! And a pause... It really wasn't on purpose. Now we know that I'm not good at spelling under duress. I missed a syllable. He said I was wrong so we had to start over. On the second try, I spelled it just fine. We hugged and headed down to the lounge for karaoke.

There are some people who HATE karaoke. I am not one of them. Being the introverted person I am, this is surprising to people. Someone once said to me "how can you sing karaoke but you can't get naked in front of people?" Uh, I don't think those are comparable situations. But I will take singing any day over having to be physically exposed in front of people. And I don't even need alcohol to do it. I sang once and then again with a group song. There were a lot of people so I didn't sing as many as I usually do because I wanted to go to bed at some point.

A few weekends ago, I had said (complained as some perceived it) that I never got spanked on Thursday. Since that comment, I have been. It was mentioned once again by E who was willing to remedy that. Really nice of him, right? Tops are always looking out for my best interests. Or something... We went upstairs behind a curtained off area. He sat in a chair and I took down my pants and went over his lap. I don't know why my memory chooses to fail me after each trip, but I never fully remember how hard the hands of the SCONY tops are until I'm there again. It was only Thursday so he was nicer... sort of... but it was certainly still felt. He gave me a hug and we returned downstairs.

I was still conscious for a while longer watching other people sing. Several jumped in this time that I had never seen do karaoke before. Everyone seemed to be having fun. I couldn't believe how many people were continuously going off to play. In the past, Thursdays were a more low-key settling in day. Clearly many folks were hitting the ground running this time. Joey was one of them. We went upstairs and had a short warm up scene, ending with a hug. I've joked before that I really am not into spanking at all. I secretly have a hug fetish and found that spankos are the perfect group to infiltrate to get my fix. Many spankings and many hugs added to my exhaustion and I finally went to bed. To be continued...