Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wonder Woman Struck Again

Friday of the SCONY Mountain Weekend had arrived. I got a little sleep and made it in before breakfast stopped being served. I went down to the lounge with some of the others to start setting things up. How many spankos does it take to put up curtains? 3 to stand there, 1 to foof, and 2 to staple. I supervised and sometimes held things. I kept an eye on my watch because I had a very important meeting in the lobby at 1 pm. A few more people had arrived and there were greetings and hugs, but nothing would distract me from 1:00.

The time came and I headed back to the lobby. The manager helped me find NBC on the TV and R and I were ready for our bi-annual tradition of watching the Days of Our Lives Friday episode. Anyone who knows anything about soaps knows that the Friday episode is the most important. Every other day they repeat themselves over and over but on Friday the storyline usually moves up a bit. I'm happy to have R as a DOOL ally because I've taken a lot of flack from people in the past years for watching it. At times I've even been outvoted and sports took over the TV. Just terrible.

I'm a logical person and am perfectly aware that soaps are ridiculous. That's part of the fun. We laugh about the storyline, try to recall how many times someone has been in a coma, and calculate E.J.'s blinks per minute. He can blink all he wants, he's still sexy. Toward the end of the episode more people had arrived and were checking in, milling about the lobby greeting each other. It got harder to hear so thank goodness they usually repeat the last few minutes of Friday in the beginning of the Monday episode. When it finished, Joey had arrived to take R away for their own DOOL scene. Very creative fellow, that Joey. He wrote about it here.

The first weekend activities started soon after so we all headed down to the lounge. It was already decorated for the steampunk theme with contraptions of gears on the walls. In the back room there was even a time machine along with some other inventions in the making. Others started creating flying machines but my jet (which was a JET not just a paper airplane) did not get much appreciation. I was pulled away to help write equations on the blackboard.

Chalkboards are very difficult to write on. I broke at least 4 pieces of chalk in the process. I did the left side and if you look closely at the bottom left of the pic, you'll see my attempt at drawing a chick and it reads Lea was here. I returned to talk with a few different people and ran into Hank. We had exchanged some messages prior to the weekend about playing which we never had before. How it hadn't come up before I don't know considering he had been at all of the weekends I've attended. This probably goes back to my issue of never being able to initiate anything.

It was coming up now and we went to a booth in the back to talk for a minute. Being early in the weekend still and our first time playing it was decided that it would be a lighter scene. I bent over a chair and he started spanking me with his hand. This was still even over my jeans but I quickly realized that he was not exaggerating when he'd said he has been told he has a pretty hard hand. He does! My jeans came down and he resumed with his hand which was now even stingier across my bottom. After being well warmed up for the day we ended with a hug and plans to play later on in the weekend.

We all met for dinner where I successfully gave my salad away to a different person every night. Why it kept being placed in front of me I just don't know. Afterwards I talked to BV and told him to give me a few minutes to change before coming back to my room. Prior to the weekend it had been requested that I bring my Wonder Woman costume. What comic book nerd could resist? I got ready and he certainly had a smile on his face when he came through the door.

Wonder Woman was in trouble for reckless flying of her invisible plane. Hey, sometimes a girl needs to get somewhere quickly to stop all those bad guys! BV sat on the bed and I went across his lap. He flipped up the skirt and pulled my panties down and started spanking me with his hand. I love long hand spankings and the positioning let me remain comfortable. The implements came out later and I think each one was tested. A few leather and wood items. I even let a plastic paddle briefly make contact with me. It wasn't awful but I still don't like plastic. My bottom was definitely stinging at that point. We took a few pictures and ended with a hug.

I changed, again (and people wonder why I have to check a bag for a 5 day trip!), and went down to the lounge for the night's party. I had already been given at least 20 boxes of Peeps from friends and brought some of them down with me. R had brought the skewers and we were ready for a Peeps roast. For anyone who hasn't ever roasted Peeps over an open fire- what are you waiting for? You should do so right away because it's amazing! All that was temporarily left outside so I could go chat with people before smelling of campfire.

5 days is just not long enough to talk with everyone as much as I'd like to. There are some people I feel like I hardly saw this time but others I spent more time around than before. Maybe I need to start making appointments for conversations and not just spankings. I did get to talk to a few people but I still had a Peeps roast to coordinate. R was nowhere to be found at the moment but a few others joined me outside. There is a fetish listed on Fetlife of "roasting Peeps over an open fire with lea27f" which should have a few more followers after this weekend. I got a few to try one for the first time. R was eventually recovered and came out with us too.

Mr. R wandered outside at one point and asked me to make one for him. He doesn't like Peeps to begin with. Should I have seen this was a trap? He tried it and was a little overzealous in saying how terrible it was. I said that he was the one who asked to try one and he said that the person giving it to him is still in trouble. *eyeroll* Top logic (noun)- faulty reasoning that results in someone getting spanked. He went back inside and it never did come up again that night.

The SCONY time machine
I played a few times that night, the last being with Mr. B. We were sitting at the bar and he was showing off a new leather implement he had bought. It was a thick but shorter slapper type with two pieces of leather. It created a very loud sound but he had been told that it didn't sting all that much. I looked at it and said I think it would still sting but may sound worse than how it actually feels. I'm familiar with a few toys that are like that. He took that as an invitation to test it (which it was) and we went to the back room.

I took my jeans down and bent over the time machine. That's not a sentence you can use every day! He started with his hand which is the kind of hand that almost makes you want to just get to the implements already. Very hard and stingy. He switched to the strap and my opinion stayed the same. It did definitely sting but made a lot of noise. Testing was complete and we hugged. I went to my room to change to a swimsuit to join a few others in the hot tub. Probably not the best way to treat a sore bottom but oh well. I was down there for quite a while, even outlasting a few notorious nonsleepers. Three of us remained and ended up having one of those very long and insightful late night chats about top/bottom dynamics among other things. Finally heading up to bed I saw it was nearly 5:30 in the morning! I got a quick bedtime spanking and back rub from Mr. B and was soon unconscious. Saturday would be a loooong day.


Marne said...

Lea, I love reading about the Weekend! So many good memories with so many good friends! I can never get to sleep after a party. Maybe I should try the hot tub to relax.

Your Wonder Woman costume is awesome! Sorry that I can't say the same thing about Peeps.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You were really busy Friday. Your Wonder Woman costume looks awesome.


Kenzie said...

Reckless flying of an invisible plane huh? Those darn tops and their reasoning! lol, sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Lea said...

@Marne, The hot tub can definitely make you sleepy! Do you not like Peeps? I don't think I knew that! How do you feel about regular marshmallows?

@Joey, Thanks! I can hardly keep up with the amount of great stories you've already shared!

@Kenzie, Yeah, they get creative! Lol. It was a lot of fun.

Regan Marie said...

That time machine was uh-mazing, wasn't it? Each "semester" the decorations in that room get even more impressive.

I love, love, love having our "Days" tradition. I don't talk about DOOL with anybody else, so this is part of the weekend I really look forward to.

Jeez, now I'm trying to figure out where the heck I was when the peeps roast began. So much happens that it all kind of runs together after awhile. I'm figuring that might have been around the time that Mr. R caught up with me. That man plays a WICKED game of "Simon Says". *shudder*

Thank you for your weekend reports and reminding me about how much fun we all had. It makes me miss you all the more, but that's okay. We have October. :-)


Lea said...

@Regan, I didn't see all of the details of the time machine while I was there since it was usually dim back there, so I'm glad Joey got some pics to capture it all.

I love DOOL time too! Who knows, by October there may be a new storyline happening. Lol. WEEKEND!

Anonymous said...

Great account! MMM roasting peeps is fun! I also like peep smores. Great reasoning on spanking Wonder Woman, lol


Lea said...

@Jean, Peeps'mores are great. Next time someone will probably spank Wonder Woman for even making Peeps'mores. Lol.