Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012- The Good, The Bad, And The Spanking

It's that time again when I'm thinking back on everything that has happened this past year. 2012 has been a looong year and I can't say I'm sad to see it go. There's been some good, some bad, and quite a bit of spanking. Between job stress, major health issues in my family, and divorce, thank God for the fun parts! I suppose the spanking goes in the good category as well, but I'm trying to do a play on words of the Clint Eastwood movie so work with me here. :-)

This was a year of big changes and new things for me. J and I separated and later in the year were legally divorced. I am not good with change and this was a huge one. Everything from getting used to living alone again to all my insecurities about myself coming to the surface have been issues to deal with. In the long run I know it's all for the best and I'm thankful it happened under cordial circumstances, but it's an ongoing process and not always an easy one.

A notable good thing this year was getting involved in my local community. I have attended SCONY events out East since 2009, but had never attempted to find any sort of scene near me. Part of that was because I figured no other spankos existed in this state. Another reason was worrying about anonymity. I didn't want to be running into my neighbor or boss at a party, though if that happened we'd both be there doing the same thing so would it really matter?

I searched FetLife for stuff in my area and found a whole slew of groups and activities. Many were not at all related to my kink, but there were things for everyone like munches as well. I bit the bullet and attended my first munch in February and things took off from there. The people I've met have been great and I've made some awesome friends. I've been to many munches and parties since then and even tried some new things. I'm terribly shy and not very good at starting conversations, much less talking long enough to initiating playing with someone, but that's a whole different post. Lol.

One of the wonderful people I met locally is S. He's special enough to get his own paragraph and everything! We've been playing regularly since meeting and he's one of just two people I've been spanked by here. How two quiet shy people like us even first initiated a scene I'm still not sure. Lol. He is a great top and a great guy. S, thank you for your patience and understanding and for always making me laugh. It means a lot to me.

In the spanking world, I went to three big events this year. I attended the SCONY weekend in the mountains in April and again in October. I always have a great time and wish I could see those friends more often. I miss you all so much! So many great conversations, laughs, spankings, and memories. October was the first weekend since Pinky's passing and seeing how everyone pulled together was another reminder of how SCONY is like a big family. It's such a great group of people and the love and support for each other is clearly evident.

I also went to my first Shadow Lane over Labor Day weekend. Driving to Las Vegas alone was something new since usually I don't even use freeways. I made it and thankfully a few of my SCONY friends came too so I wasn't alone with 200 people I didn't know. Joey was among them and I was really happy to have him around as my talker or I probably wouldn't have met anyone! Lol. I met many bloggers I follow like Erica Scott, Beth, Richard Windsor, Alex, and SpankCake. Everyone was incredibly nice. I also tried (and damaged) my hand at topping as you can see on the left. Some things only need to be experienced once!

It has been a long and busy year. Chapters ending and new ones beginning. I'm more than ready for 2013 and I hope it is a happy and healthy year for us all. Happy new year everyone and stay safe this holiday weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Caning

"Have you behaved this year?" he asked dubiously.

"Um... I think so," she said.

His eyebrow raised as he looked at her. "And what does lying get?"

"Well you just said behaved. You didn't specify if I behaved well or badly or..."

"You aren't making this any easier on yourself with your smart mouth," he cut her off. "Bend over the desk. Now."

She hesitantly followed him across the room and got into position. What a grump! she thought to herself. All this effort into dressing up in my Santa hat and new bra and panties and he's not even paying attention. This is NOT what I had in mind for tonight!

He had noticed the new attire and silently admired the view as she bent before him. His hand caressed her lace covered bottom before pulling her panties down to her knees. "Those weren't offering much protection anyway," he said with a grin.

She turned her head back to give him a fierce glare, but bit her tongue from further comment when she saw him select the longest and most flexible cane from their cabinet.

"Please not that one!" she whined.

His hand delivered several hard smacks to her bottom. "Are you in charge here?"

"Oww no! You are, sir," she screeched.

"Best you remember that," he said. "Now I'm going to ask my earlier question again. Have you behaved this year, young lady?"

"Not as well as I could have," she mumbled.

"That's a little more honest. You are going to get 12 strokes of the cane. One for each month of the year. Are you ready?" 

"Yes, sir." She braced herself across the desk.

He lightly tapped the cane against her several times. She wasn't sure if he did it for aim or just to make her even more anxious. Probably the latter.

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

 "Aaaah!" The first four strokes burned across her backside before she even had a chance to catch her breath. He rubbed his hand across each reddening cheek. "Eight more," he said firmly.

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaack!

"Oww oww oww!" she jumped up and stamped her feet in a failed effort to dissipate the sting. He put his hand on the small of her back and led her back over the desk. 

"Four more," he said as he ran his hand across her bottom. "This is to encourage you to behave well next year so I'm going to make sure you remember it."

Swiiiish, Craaaaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaaaack!

Swiiiish, Craaaaaack!

"AAHH aahh Ooow ooow!" The lines seared into her skin but she didn't dare move and risk extra strokes. His fingers traced the red welts left behind, the color a shocking contrast to her pale complexion. "Good girl. You took those very well. Come here."
He pulled her into a long embrace. "Merry Christmas, baby. You look beautiful tonight."

"Merry Christmas," she replied as he unhooked her bra and tossed it aside.

"Are you ready for your present?" she asked. 

She reached to unbuckle his belt and sat in front of him, still wearing the Santa hat and a smile.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Baby

Christmas is approaching and I wrote a new parody to share with you. Hope you enjoy this spankified version of "Santa Baby." If you want to risk your hearing, click play on the video at the bottom. That's me singing. Happy holidays everyone!

Santa Baby (spanko style)

 Santa baby, pull me right over your knee,
Oh please,
I've been an awfully bad girl,
Santa baby, oh hurry up and spank me tonight.

Santa baby, what? 54 swats of the strap too?
You Scrooge!
I'll be a good girl dear,
Santa baby, not sure I want to be spanked tonight!

As you pull me by my wrist,
I say "Alright, alright, if you do insist,"
I'm o'er your lap to be spanked good,
Now please check off my Christmas list.

Santa baby, I wanna swat,
Oww not all on the sit spots!
Been an angel all year,
Santa baby, give me a good girl spanking tonight.

Santa honey, there's one thing I really do need,
To feed,
This spanko's desires,
Santa honey, oh hurry up and spank me tonight.

Santa cutie, and now my bottom is quite a wreck,
Oh heck,
Signed with stinging red lines,
Santa cutie, you've got my bottom burning tonight.

This next year oh you will see,
I'll be so good I won't need any spankings,
I really do believe in you,
Now why are you laughing at me?

Santa baby, now leave me with one mighty big swing,
That stings,
To remember you by,
Santa baby, oh hurry up and spank me tonight.
Hurry up and spank me tonight,
Hurry, tonight.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spanking Carols!

I'm working on a new Christmas parody, but still have a few final touches to make on it. In the meantime, here are a few spankified Christmas tunes I shared last year. Enjoy!

During last year's holiday season, some friends and I turned nearly every Christmas tune into a spanking parody. But this involved me, so of course the Peeps could not be left out. "Peep" rhymes with "tree" and it just went downhill from there. So here is my little song to the tune of O Christmas Tree, followed by a few others I wrote.

O Christmas Peep

O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very tasty;
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very tasty;
Not only trees when winter's here,
But also chicks at Easter.
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very tasty!

O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very sugary;
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very sugary;
How often has the Christmas Peep
Afforded all the greatest glee!
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
You are so very sugary!

O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
Your colors shine so brightly!
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
Your colors shine so brightly!
From green to pink, yellow and white,
There's only splendor for the sight.
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
Your colors shine so brightly!

O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
How good Just Born has made thee!
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
How good Just Born has made thee!
You know who the true and faithful be,
We love our Peeps unchangingly.
O Christmas Peep! O Christmas Peep!
How good Just Born has made thee!

The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Lea style)

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
 a spanking over his knee

 On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
 Two burning cheeks
 And a spanking over his knee

 On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Three scoldings
 Two burning cheeks
 And a spanking over his knee

 On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Eight belts-a-swinging
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Nine hairbrushes
Eight belts-a-swinging
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Ten tears-a-streaming
Nine hairbrushes
Eight belts-a-swinging
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Eleven wooden paddles
Ten tears-a-streaming
Nine hairbrushes
Eight belts-a-swinging
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Twelve minutes in the corner
Eleven wooden paddles
Ten tears-a-streaming
Nine hairbrushes
Eight belts-a-swinging
Seven swats-a-standing
Six canes-a-swishing
Five bars of soap
Four leather straps
Three scoldings
Two burning cheeks
And a spanking over his knee

Spanking Christmas
(to the tune of White Christmas)
I'm dreaming of a spanking Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tops say "Listen!"
And bottoms glisten
Their heat melting all the snow

I'm dreaming of a spanking Christmas
With every apology card I write
Where the day brings "sorries" and feeling contrite
And a bottom glowing bright

I'm dreaming of a spanking Christmas
A top with a long list in sight
While their day may be merry and bright
My bottom will be burning all night!

Carol Of The Canes
(to the tune of Carol Of The Bells)

Hark! How the canes
Mean wooden canes
All seem to say,
"Run, run away!"
The tops are here
Instilling some fear
To young and old
Meek and the bold

Whiish, Craack! Whiish, Craack!
That's how they smack
With a big swing
Bottoms stinging
One seems to hear
Words not of cheer
From ev'rywhere
Filling the air

Oh how they pound,
Raising the sound,
O'er hill and dale,
Telling their tale,
Gaily they swing,
While people scream,
Words not of cheer,
The tops are here
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!

On, on they send
On without end
Their awful swing
Bottoms stinging

Swiish, craack, swiish, craack!

I'll Spank You For Christmas
(to the tune of I'll Be Home For Christmas) 

 I'll spank you for Christmas
You can count on me
 Please set out the straight backed chair
 And be in the corner standing

Christmas Eve will find you
Pulled o'er my knee
I'll spank you for Christmas
  Merry Christmas to lovers of spanking

Here Comes Mr. Top
(to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus)

Here comes Mr. Top!
Here comes Mr. Top!
And he's got a cane!
  Ronnie and Bonnie and all the bottoms
try to run out of the way!
He starts swinging, girls are shrieking,
Bottoms burning bright
Hang your head and say your prayers
'Cause Mr. Top comes tonight

Here comes Mr. Top!
Here comes Mr. Top!
And he's got a cane!
He's got a bag full of implements
you won't want to see again!
Strap a'swinging, tears are streaming,
Bottoms try to flee from sight
He is near, cover up your rear,
'Cause Mr. Top comes tonight
And for anyone celebrating Hanukkah, I haven't forgotten you!

Paddle, Paddle, Paddle
(to the tune of Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel)

He has a big old paddle
He made it out of wood
And when he's toppy and ready
I'll quickly learn to be good!

Oh paddle, paddle, paddle
He made you out of wood 
And when he's toppy and ready
I'll quickly learn to be good!

It has an evil body
With holes so short and thin
And when my bottom's tired
I give in and never win!

Oh paddle, paddle, paddle
He made you out of wood
And when he's toppy and ready
I'll quickly learn to be good!

The paddle's never playful
It takes away my grin
He points to the chair and says,
Bend over, let's begin!

Oh paddle, paddle, paddle
He made you out of wood
And when he's toppy and ready
I'll quickly learn to be good!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Don't worry, there are no twist endings on this where I'm really talking about being put in a straitjacket for my Peeps obsession. ;-)

Do you ever have a fantasy in your head and worry that in reality it won't hold up to all that you are able to imagine? Or worse, once you have it come up in reality it just falls flat?

Fortunately for me, last night was not one of those times. :-) I've had fantasies involving crops on the brain lately. Being struck all over my breasts, stomach, thighs, ass, and err... other parts. Restrained and completely vulnerable. At his mercy.

In fantasy though, there isn't really pain. That was the one downside to the reality. I'm a major wuss and the things I think about can hurt a lot when they actually happen. But is it worth it? Oh yeah.

My naked body felt the chill in the room as I laid on the bed. He bound my wrists together with the rope and rested them above my head. Words meant only for my ears were whispered.

His eyes did not leave mine as his hands ran down my body and came back to my breasts. My nipples were twisted and at attention long before the biting. Slaps fell on my breasts and thighs and in between my legs. A toy had been picked out and was pushed into me, the glass hard and shockingly cold.

The crop had been resting on the edge of the bed with the other implements he'd selected. He picked it up and worked it down the front of my body. The sting wasn't as bad as I had expected. (I'm crazy though and a horse shop quality crop is on my Christmas wish list.)

My reactions became a bit louder and he told me to roll over. I hesitantly did so after nervously eyeing the cane, leather paddle, and bath brush that remained on the bed.  (To that last one- I know, right? He's very mean to me and there were definitely no bath brushes in my fantasy story. Hmmph.)

He spanked me hard with his hand before moving to the leather paddle. It felt almost as hard as wood until he moved on to the bath brush and I could compare. Yes, this was awful, awful wood. The intensity increased along with my shrieking and squirming. I seem to only be stoic in fantasy.

My bottom was on fire after the bath brush. He landed the crop across my thighs several times and then my ass. My hands were still bound in front of me and I tried to keep the rest of my body in place. Hey, I said tried.

I returned to my original position on my back. The crop and now the cane whipped against the tender flesh of my breasts. It stung, but it was a good sting. The cane moved down my body, striking my thighs. As I squirmed I was reminded of how hot and sore my bottom was.

That about covers the spanking portion of the night. As for the rest, I will just say that a very enjoyable time was had by all. :-D Thank you, lover, for making my fantasy into a reality, and so far beyond my expectations. Now about that Santa story...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peeps on Earth, Good Will To Men!

December is in full swing. I hate snow. I hate traffic. I hate my increased chances of spraining an ankle due to slipping on ice. I hate the end of the year at work because I'm in healthcare and everyone and their mother suddenly wants to get in before January because they met their deductibles. Guess what? Everyone else has the same idea, hence why we're booked out through February. Oh, but it's really really urgent? Let me check the imaginary "I procrastinated and am now in a hurry" schedule. Nope, nothing there either.

One wonderful thing about December besides extra days off work is that Peeps are everywhere! Not all of us are lucky enough to live near Washington D.C. where there is the country's only Peeps store open year round. The rest of us have to save up at the 4 times of the year they are sold everywhere- Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Even if you don't like eating Peeps, there are so many other ways to use them.

Make a wreath!


Re-enact your favorite holiday movie scenes!

Make garland!

Add them to your hot chocolate!

Create your own nativity!

Let them keep you company while you watch the holiday football bowl games!

Make crafts and decorations!

Give them as gifts! My awesome friends sent these by mail last year. Who else gets Peeps in the mail? Only Lea.

I was thinking about holiday cards a few weeks ago and whether or not I was going to send one out this year. I couldn't exactly send this.

I decided on something more along the lines of this.

Wishing happy holidays to all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I sat fidgeting with a thread on my sleeve and tried not to make eye contact.

He had a kind voice and was thorough explaining what was going to happen.

He paused and waited for me to nod that I was ready.

His hands were large and moved skillfully.

I focused on a point on the wall and became numb to the pain.

He noticed me jump as I started feeling it again.

"We're almost done," he said.

He finished what he was there to do despite my squirming.

I could tell this was going to be sore for days.

I made it through. Fucking root canals.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fiction Flashback: Christmas Dreamin'

I wrote this story last year and considering the time of year thought it would be fitting to repost. For anyone who hasn't read it or who would like to read it again, here you go. Enjoy!

Christmas Dreamin'

Melanie wrapped the last of the Christmas presents and placed it under the tree. She surveyed the living room to check that everything was in place for the big morning. It had been a stressful few weeks leading up to this with work, shopping, and family get-togethers but everything had come together, as it always did.

Her cell phone rang and she saw it was her husband. "Hi honey," she answered. "Is everything ready to go and hidden away before the kids and I come back home?" Chad asked. "Yes, everything is ready. See you soon. Love you," she said. "Love you, too. See you home in a few," Chad said before hanging up.

She laid out on the couch for a moment and quickly dozed off. She was startled awake when Chad and the kids came in through the front door. It had been that dream again. The one about Santa. Just push it out of your mind. You have more important things to focus on, she told herself. They all had dinner together and the kids went off to play downstairs. "Is everything alright?" Chad asked. "You seem stressed, distracted." "I'm fine," Melanie replied in a tone that opposed her statement. He raised an eyebrow at her and reminded her that he was there to help and she didn't need to overload herself. "I know," she replied. "I'm fine."

Later that night, they had finally put the kids to bed and were pretty tired out themselves. Their family had a tradition of leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. Melanie had laid everything out and with a glance of approval around the room, she turned the tree lights on and went to bed. A few hours later, she was disturbed from her slumber by a noise coming from the next room. What on Earth was that? She got out of bed and went into the living room. Her jaw nearly hit the floor. She could not believe her eyes.

Standing next to the Christmas tree was Santa Claus, red suit and all. He had a bag over his shoulder and was unloading some gifts under the tree. As she stood there still in shock, he noticed her in the doorway. "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" he bellowed. "What are you doing in my house?" she finally managed to utter. This cannot be happening. Santa Claus isn't real! This is crazy! "You're.... you're... breaking and entering!" she screeched. "I'm going to call the police!"

"Now, now, young lady," he said, "I come bearing gifts and this is how you treat me? Maybe something else needs to be bared." Her eyes widened as he took a few steps toward her and grasped her arm. He sat in a dining room chair, quickly upending her over his knee. "What do you think you are doing? Let me go!" His hand connected hard with her bottom, landing several swats across her pajama clad backside. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You can't do this!" Melanie cried out. "You better let me go right now!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He ignored her pleas and yanked down her pajama bottoms and panties. "Noooo noooo please, don't!" she begged. "I'll be good, I swear!"

"We'll see about that," Santa said as he delivered a flurry of swats to her bare bottom. SMACK! SMACK! "Owww owww please!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She kicked her legs furiously in a feeble attempt at freeing herself. He pinned her legs beneath his and continued the spanking in earnest. "You know, young lady, a lot us get stressed near the holidays," he lectured. "But you need to remember Christmas cheer and watch your attitude." SMACK! SMACK! "Oww oww you bastard! I'm going to scream and my husband will wake up and kick your ass!" Santa paused for a moment, chuckling. "I get the feeling that he'll agree with me that this is what you really need." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"You have quite a mouth on you, I see that you're going to need a stronger lesson." he said. He pulled her up off his lap and stood, bending her over the chair. "Don't you move." He rummaged into his bag of toys, pulling out a long leather strap. "Oh please, I'm sorry, I really am!" Melanie attempted to bargain after seeing what he had in his bag of tricks. "Not yet. But you will be," Santa replied. He stood behind her, admiring the pink glow of her cheeks, before the strap connected with her tender backside. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! "Owww Owww!" He placed his other hand at the small of her back, keeping her from flying right off the chair. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!

He could feel her stop resisting as the strapping continued. The only other sound in the room was her quiet sniffling. "Do you think you've learned your lesson?" he asked. "Yes sir, I really have," she said softly. He set the strap down on the table. "I believe you," he said. She turned around and hugged him tightly, momentarily forgetting about her throbbing bottom. He kissed her on the cheek and told her she better get back to bed as he had a lot more work to do that night. She wandered back to the bedroom in a daze and soon fell back asleep.

Melanie woke the next morning, immediately recalling her crazy dream from the night before. Being spanked by Santa, I must be losing my mind. She rolled over onto her back and cringed as her bottom brushed against the covers. She felt her backside and couldn't believe how sore she was.  She got up and looked in the bathroom mirror, strap marks clearly evident. No way that could have really happened. It's just not possible! Her head spinning, she rushed to get dressed before all the family would be coming over. As she rummaged through the closet, she failed to notice the Santa suit hanging in the back of Chad's side of the closet. He appeared at her side, holding her tightly. "Merry Christmas, sweetie," he whispered into her ear. "Merry Christmas."

About a year later...

Melanie awoke with a start upon hearing a noise in the living room. Memories of last year's Christmas Eve ran through her head as she went to check the other room. There he was again. Santa beside the tree. What is he holding? "Ho, ho, ho! We meet again!" he bellowed. Her eyes widened as the cane in his hand came into view. "Now the question is, have you been naughty or nice?"

The End

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Take It Or Lieb It

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Joey and also Kaelah.  It has made the rounds through the blogosphere and these are the rules:

-Post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
-Pass the award on to other blogs.
-Write up 11 new questions directed toward YOUR nominees.         

11 random facts about myself. Hmm. I'll assume it means lesser known facts so I can't just say I like Peeps and Tom Cruise movies

1. I tend to suck on M&M's instead of chew them because it makes them last longer.
2. I watched the movie Overboard at least twice this week when it kept being repeated on TV.
3. I have a birthmark that looks like a large freckle on my left leg.
4. Eating french fries usually gives me hiccups.
5. I'm terrified of ferris wheels, but I'll go on any roller coaster at an amusement park.
6. Despite my constant clumsiness, I've never actually broken any bones or had to have stitches.
7. As a child, my brother had to have stitches after hitting his head on my dresser. That's what you get for trying to scare me by turning the lights off but still being in the room, dumbass.
8. I worry about telling a joke and having no one laugh.
9. I kissed a girl and I liked it. She was not wearing cherry Chapstick.
10. I'm curious about rope bondage.
11. One of my longstanding (albeit corny) fantasies is about being spanked by Santa Claus.
12. I like things to be in even numbers.

These are the questions from Joey: 
1. What spanking position do you prefer? There are many things I like about OTK, but it can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. Lying across a bed or couch is efficient.
2. Is there any spanking implement that is a hard limit for you? Yes. I prefer more natural materials like leather and wood. I've had bad experiences with plastic/metal/rubber things.

3. What food do you hate? I don't like tomatoes (don't start with me about how it's a fruit), peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, squash, avocado, cabbage, artichokes. Water chestnuts piss me off. They are just useless crispiness and shouldn't exist in my food. I don't like spicy things, squishy things, steak, and most pork.

4. What activity makes you feel naughty? A lady doesn't kiss and tell.

5. Describe the clothes worn by your fantasy spanker? I like the image of a spanker rolling up their sleeves. In reality though, the outfit doesn't matter as much as having the skill.

6. Describe the clothes you put on for your fantasy spanking? I don't think much about what I'm wearing. I try to keep a collection of cute panties to give the spanker something nice to look at.

7. Where would you go for vacation if you won the lottery? If I won the lottery I'd be on a permanent vacation. What's that thing called that some people have? Oh yeah. Work ethic. Yeah I don't have that. If I didn't need to pay bills, I'd be done working in a heartbeat. Travel to see all my awesome friends around the country and hire a P.I. to tell me where Justin Timberlake is at all times.

8. What famous person would you like to meet for dinner? Justin Timberlake, after my P.I. found him.

9. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas because it's a guaranteed 2 days off from work.

10. What celebrity do you think deserves to be spanked? Probably a lot of them. I spend more time thinking about which one I'd like to spank me. Have I mentioned Justin Timberlake?

11. What is your pet peeve? I have so, so many. A big one is people talking on elevators. Don't talk on your cell phone, don't talk to each other, and for God's sake don't talk to me. Just quietly stare at those buttons and shut it.

(One more for Lea to make the questions even) Thanks Joey 
12. What is one thing that you wish Tops would do during a spanking? I wish they would be nice to me! Oh who am I kidding...

These are the questions from Kaelah: 
1. What was one of your first kinky fantasies which you can remember? Being spanked by Santa Claus.

2. What makes you happy about blogging? I like being able to interact with people I may never otherwise meet or know of.

3. Did blogging ever made you sad? If yes, why? People talk about some tough topics and I have before too. It's amazing to see the support given to each other in the blogosphere.

4. Please describe one of your happiest kinky moments. The first time I was restrained at my hands and feet and blindfolded during a spanking was thrilling.

5. What do you like about the kinky community? The people, hands down. I like some of their hands too. ;-) I've made so many wonderful friends from all walks of life that I never would've come across without this interest that links us.

6. Are there things you don't like about the kinky community? It's not specific to the kink community, but behaviors such as gossip, jealousy, and back-biting emerge in all groups of people. None of that is fun to deal with.

7. Please describe the most memorable development that you made in your kink (for example, meeting fellow kinksters for the very first time or becoming open for a new kind of play). Earlier in the year I finally ventured out into the local scene and I've met a lot of great people because of it. It's opened my eyes to all sorts of new things and they aren't necessarily all things I want to try, but it's been very interesting.

8. Are there crucial elements in your kinky play? I need a top I feel comfortable with. I don't play with a lot of different people because I'm terrible at initiating anything but also have a lot of hang-ups. Finding someone I can be compatible with is the most important factor. The rest falls in place after that.

9. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to spanking storylines or videos? I don't watch a lot of videos so am not really picky about them. Some people complain about silly storylines, but it's just that, a story, not reality.

10. Is there any kinky fantasy that you haven't played out (yet) for fear that the real experience won't be able to match the appeal of the fantasy? I think if Santa really came down my chimney I'd be more likely to call the police than bend over the couch for him to spank me. 

11. Please describe one of your spanking (real life or story) fantasies in 11 or fewer words. (I had to take this one from Ana's list of questions because I found it so cool!) Stripped and caned in an office by my fantasy boss.

There are a lot of blogs that I read and most have already done this so I'm not going to name any specific ones. If you are looking for something new to read, check out my blog roll. If you haven't done this yet, please feel free to join in and use any of the questions I answered here. Hope you found it interesting. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The 5 Stages Of Grief And Spanking

You have probably heard of the 5 stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Does any of that sound familiar? Very, very familiar?


Who, me? It's not my fault! Really!

You wouldn't dare! What do you think you're doing? 
Let me go! Don't you pull my panties down! Noooo!

Oww oww oww! I'll be good, I swear! 
I'll do what you wanted me to, Sir. What do you mean it's too late for that?

Sniffle  I'm sorry I disappointed you.


Thank you. I know I needed that.

If only we were all so compliant. ;-)

*all images found at The Pink Papers*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days Of Thankfulness

There is a meme going around Facebook where people are posting one thing they are thankful for each day during the month of November. Many of the things I'm thankful for are not vanilla material, so I wrote this on my FetLife profile and wanted to share it here as well. Here is my kink-friendly 30 Days of Thankfulness.

I'm thankful for friends who I can talk with about anything. And I mean anything.

I'm thankful for leather because I hate wood.

I'm thankful for SCONY and all my awesome friends there.

I'm thankful that JetBlue doesn't charge a checked bag fee so I save money for the SCONY weekends.

I'm thankful that I've never been questioned about the spanking implements in aforementioned checked bag when I travel.

I'm thankful that the airport people don't notice me holding back a laugh when I'm asked "are there any dangerous items in your bag?" Dangerous to whom?

I'm thankful for everyone who has helped drive me around so I don't die at the wheel in New York City.

I'm thankful for Sam Born who invented Peeps in the 1920's.

I'm thankful that Peeps are sold 4 times a year instead of only at Easter.

I'm thankful for everyone who buys me Peeps and hangs out with me while I roast them.

I'm thankful for lots of blankets because I'm still cold in a 75 degree apartment.

I'm thankful for Keurig because I don't know how to make a real pot of coffee.

I'm thankful that Mason Pearson brushes are hard to find because hairbrushes suck.

I'm thankful for pumpkin lattes.

I'm thankful for people who have a twisted mind and a dark sense of humor.

I'm thankful for the word "fuck" which can be used with such variety.

I'm thankful that tops can't read so I can write whatever I want.

I'm thankful for everyone who reads my blog.

I'm thankful that Days Of Our Lives has yet to be cancelled.

I'm thankful for anyone who didn't just laugh because I watch Days Of Our Lives.

I'm thankful that no one minds how much cursing goes on at my office.

I'm thankful for the Pet Peeve thread that has carried on with over 2700 responses. I may have contributed a few hundred.

I'm thankful for all the great tops who have spanked me.

I'm thankful for everyone who accepts me in all my weirdness.

I'm thankful to Dizzy for sharing.

I'm thankful for all the cool people in the Utah scene.

I'm thankful that Utah has a scene.

I'm thankful for anyone who has talked to me and made me feel welcome.

I'm thankful for a great guy who can always make me laugh. And moan.

I'm thankful that you took the time to read this! Now go write your own!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Losing My Bruising?

*Disclaimer- This post is going to have a lot of pictures of my butt, and some of a very bruised butt at that. If that type of content bothers you, may want to skip this one.

I vividly remember my first adult spanking. Over the years, I tend to remember the little details of my spankings. I could say what the reason for the spanking was, how I was feeling about it, how I felt after (emotionally), what I was wearing (or not), where I was. The pain isn't usually a clear detail after the fact. I definitely know that some spankings were more severe than others and can recall what implements may have been used. But the physical pain from one to the next is hard to compare.

I remember that first one clearly though. How nervous I was to see if this was going to be everything I'd fantasized about for years or just a big mistake and a letdown. It didn't last long. It wasn't very hard, with what I have to compare to now anyway. But it hurt. I was surprised how much it hurt and thought for a moment, "why the hell did I want to do this?" But I did want it. And I still do.

After the belt, Sept 2011
I've never liked pain. I feel I'm kind of a wuss and not just in the spanking realm. This has been a baffling concept to other kinksters over time. Why would I be a spanko if I don't like the pain? I don't know. I just am. Besides the pain, another thing I still remember about that first spanking is how I immediately bruised. This was from maybe 10 or so swats on my bare bottom. It was enough to almost scare my ex away from spanking me again because he didn't want to hurt me.

I've always bruised easily. I'm one of those people who will run into a door and then the next day look down at my leg and think "where the fuck did that huge bruise come from?" Someone can poke me hard and a bruise will appear. I've just always been that way. No, there's nothing medically wrong with me. I don't have an iron issue or anything like that. It just is what it is. Or maybe I should say "was."

SCONY weekend, Sept 2011
Over this last year, I feel like I'm finally losing a bit of my bruising ability. It's actually really annoying me. Why the change? Have I gotten tougher? Extremely unlikely. Has my skin possibly toughened up a bit? Maybe. Am I being spanked harder/more frequently? Yes to the latter. Is my top so nice and gentle that there are no after effects? Definitely not. My nickname was "Real-lea purple" for a reason. It was the one distinctive trait I had. 

I know, I know. It's not a competition. But if it was, I'd be losing. Lol. I definitely have no high tolerance to speak of. If I don't even mark anymore then I'm just another spanko in the sea with nothing to show for it. I didn't use to photograph myself at all so don't have any pictures until about 2 years into being somewhat regularly spanked. Marking appears to lessen in time. You be the judge.

After SCONY party, Nov 2011
Picture 3 was after a 5 day SCONY weekend. That used to be a pretty average amount of bruising for me after a party. Picture 4, above, was from last November. I flew out for a one night SCONY party in NYC. I did play like 10 or 11 times in one night. And then had a pretty severe scene the next day. So that one was post hairbrushes, canes, straps, and many hands. It took about a week to fade away.

Testing a new strap, Jan 2012
Post St. Patrick's party 2012
Post St. Patrick's party 2012
The ones above after a party in March 2012 were quite a bruise-fest. That was from one scene but it was a hard one. Two tops and we went through just about every implement in my bag and both of theirs. Anyone who regularly photographs their bottom knows that redness and bruising show up lessened in pics, though I don't know why. It looked a bit worse than this. One of the people who I'd never played with before actually commented on the marking during the scene, saying "oh cute, you have like an immediate panty line of bruises." And people think I exaggerate!

SCONY weekend, April 2012. Least bruising ever.
Spanked at party, June 2012
SCONY weekend, Oct 2012
Hallween party 2012
It's bugging me that there are an uneven number of pictures in this post, so here is one more just because.

I suspect that there can't really be anything done about this bruising change, but if you have experienced this I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. This is the end of my whining about my lack of uniqueness, for now.