Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fiction Flashback: Christmas Dreamin'

I wrote this story last year and considering the time of year thought it would be fitting to repost. For anyone who hasn't read it or who would like to read it again, here you go. Enjoy!

Christmas Dreamin'

Melanie wrapped the last of the Christmas presents and placed it under the tree. She surveyed the living room to check that everything was in place for the big morning. It had been a stressful few weeks leading up to this with work, shopping, and family get-togethers but everything had come together, as it always did.

Her cell phone rang and she saw it was her husband. "Hi honey," she answered. "Is everything ready to go and hidden away before the kids and I come back home?" Chad asked. "Yes, everything is ready. See you soon. Love you," she said. "Love you, too. See you home in a few," Chad said before hanging up.

She laid out on the couch for a moment and quickly dozed off. She was startled awake when Chad and the kids came in through the front door. It had been that dream again. The one about Santa. Just push it out of your mind. You have more important things to focus on, she told herself. They all had dinner together and the kids went off to play downstairs. "Is everything alright?" Chad asked. "You seem stressed, distracted." "I'm fine," Melanie replied in a tone that opposed her statement. He raised an eyebrow at her and reminded her that he was there to help and she didn't need to overload herself. "I know," she replied. "I'm fine."

Later that night, they had finally put the kids to bed and were pretty tired out themselves. Their family had a tradition of leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. Melanie had laid everything out and with a glance of approval around the room, she turned the tree lights on and went to bed. A few hours later, she was disturbed from her slumber by a noise coming from the next room. What on Earth was that? She got out of bed and went into the living room. Her jaw nearly hit the floor. She could not believe her eyes.

Standing next to the Christmas tree was Santa Claus, red suit and all. He had a bag over his shoulder and was unloading some gifts under the tree. As she stood there still in shock, he noticed her in the doorway. "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" he bellowed. "What are you doing in my house?" she finally managed to utter. This cannot be happening. Santa Claus isn't real! This is crazy! "You're.... you're... breaking and entering!" she screeched. "I'm going to call the police!"

"Now, now, young lady," he said, "I come bearing gifts and this is how you treat me? Maybe something else needs to be bared." Her eyes widened as he took a few steps toward her and grasped her arm. He sat in a dining room chair, quickly upending her over his knee. "What do you think you are doing? Let me go!" His hand connected hard with her bottom, landing several swats across her pajama clad backside. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You can't do this!" Melanie cried out. "You better let me go right now!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He ignored her pleas and yanked down her pajama bottoms and panties. "Noooo noooo please, don't!" she begged. "I'll be good, I swear!"

"We'll see about that," Santa said as he delivered a flurry of swats to her bare bottom. SMACK! SMACK! "Owww owww please!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She kicked her legs furiously in a feeble attempt at freeing herself. He pinned her legs beneath his and continued the spanking in earnest. "You know, young lady, a lot us get stressed near the holidays," he lectured. "But you need to remember Christmas cheer and watch your attitude." SMACK! SMACK! "Oww oww you bastard! I'm going to scream and my husband will wake up and kick your ass!" Santa paused for a moment, chuckling. "I get the feeling that he'll agree with me that this is what you really need." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"You have quite a mouth on you, I see that you're going to need a stronger lesson." he said. He pulled her up off his lap and stood, bending her over the chair. "Don't you move." He rummaged into his bag of toys, pulling out a long leather strap. "Oh please, I'm sorry, I really am!" Melanie attempted to bargain after seeing what he had in his bag of tricks. "Not yet. But you will be," Santa replied. He stood behind her, admiring the pink glow of her cheeks, before the strap connected with her tender backside. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! "Owww Owww!" He placed his other hand at the small of her back, keeping her from flying right off the chair. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!

He could feel her stop resisting as the strapping continued. The only other sound in the room was her quiet sniffling. "Do you think you've learned your lesson?" he asked. "Yes sir, I really have," she said softly. He set the strap down on the table. "I believe you," he said. She turned around and hugged him tightly, momentarily forgetting about her throbbing bottom. He kissed her on the cheek and told her she better get back to bed as he had a lot more work to do that night. She wandered back to the bedroom in a daze and soon fell back asleep.

Melanie woke the next morning, immediately recalling her crazy dream from the night before. Being spanked by Santa, I must be losing my mind. She rolled over onto her back and cringed as her bottom brushed against the covers. She felt her backside and couldn't believe how sore she was.  She got up and looked in the bathroom mirror, strap marks clearly evident. No way that could have really happened. It's just not possible! Her head spinning, she rushed to get dressed before all the family would be coming over. As she rummaged through the closet, she failed to notice the Santa suit hanging in the back of Chad's side of the closet. He appeared at her side, holding her tightly. "Merry Christmas, sweetie," he whispered into her ear. "Merry Christmas."

About a year later...

Melanie awoke with a start upon hearing a noise in the living room. Memories of last year's Christmas Eve ran through her head as she went to check the other room. There he was again. Santa beside the tree. What is he holding? "Ho, ho, ho! We meet again!" he bellowed. Her eyes widened as the cane in his hand came into view. "Now the question is, have you been naughty or nice?"

The End


Dave Wolfe said...

Delightful, Lea! It had me chuckling and Ho-Ho'ing myself!

I've been considering how common a feminine fantasy this is, what with Santa Spanking photos all over the place--even in fashion magazines!-- and drawings and cartoons everywhere, too! No wonder he's such a jolly old elf!!

Many thanks for the holiday "rerun!"

TL Bucko said...

Cute story!

Marne said...

Hmmmm...I guess I'll leave cookies and milk for Santa this year!

Loved the story, Lea.

Adriane said...

Well written and the end leaves plenty to the imagination!

joeyred51 said...


I remember this story from last year, I am glad you posted it again.

I hope your dream of being spanked and caned by Santa comes true this year.


ronnie said...


That was lovely. Thanks.


Lea said...

@Dave Wolfe, Yes I think I am among many who have thought about it. Thanks for commenting!

@TL Bucko, Glad you liked it!

@Marne, Hehe. Maybe that'll save you. Maybe not. ;-)

@Adriane, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

@joey, I wish! We'll see!

@ronnie, Glad you liked it!

SNP said...

Fun for the season:) Thanks for posting again.

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Lea, I didn't know you wrote stories! This is cute! I liked it very much. :)

Lea said...

@SNP, Thanks for reading!

@Ana, I'm not very good at fiction, but this was my attempt at getting my Santa fantasy on paper. Or on screen, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!! You did a great job/ thanks for sharing


Lea said...

@Jean, Thanks! Glad you liked it!