Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lea And The Giant Cane

Fellow top heavy gals will understand.
SCONY Mountain Weekend- Saturday

Saturday had come and I was up fairly early to get ready and be present in time for breakfast. Name tags are worn for the majority of the weekend and forgetting to wear it is often a reason for someone to spank you. I discovered during breakfast that aside from helping you avoid a spanking, the name tag also doubles as a bib. I'm always spilling on myself and the syrup from my pancakes dripped right onto the name tag, saving my shirt. Phew!

After breakfast it was time for St. Margaret's Academy, so everyone met down at the lodge for the latest term. The Hogwart's theme was in full effect with many dressed up in all sorts of robes and capes. I wrote on my name tag "muggle" in hopes of being left alone. Despite having no knowledge about Harry Potter, I still had a lot of fun with the creative classes that had some hilarious moments and a lot of laughter. And when tea leaves were being read, I didn't have The Grim Ryder in my future so was happy about that.

In talking with a few others, some bad language seemed to have slipped from my mouth and snoopy Mr. Snape (aka Mr. Lewis) overheard. Why are tops so touchy about swearing anyway? Have you ever heard what comes out of their mouths when they are yelling at a baseball game on TV? Double standards. Top logic. Woe is me. I was pulled back into one of the cubicles and bent over the couch. Mr. L tested out on me a new strap he'd bought the night before. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. Bad review, isn't it? I never know how to rate implements.

When I'm asked if I like this one or that one, side a or side b, does this hurt more than this, I feel like I'm at the damn eye doctor. 1 or 2? 3 or 4? I don't know, they all %#*% hurt! I don't usually have an answer for the eye doctor either as some look practically the same. My prescription is likely a half point off. It wasn't long before I found myself back in the same cubicle with E. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. I was well warmed up and it ended with a hug.

New rattan cane
The music hour followed SMA and is always one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Mr. R is a great guitarist with a golden voice and brings all his gear. A and I helped sing along and I tried to minimally complain that the song book contains mostly things made long before I was born so I don't know them. Yes I do have my own copy and have for several years so I could've learned them all by now. What are you, a top? A few others hung around and sang and there was another guitarist as well. After that people went to nap or play or whatever else they do.

I went to lay down for a while and then helped AP get ready in her Hermione style dress for the evening. Mr. A had told me to be down for dinner 15 minutes early and I didn't realize why. As I was talking with people in the front lobby, I heard a commotion and saw out the window that he was down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend R. I missed actually hearing it but the crowd that gathered around them started clapping and it was evident how happy they both looked. They first met through a SCONY party and it was a lovely moment for them to share with us at the weekend. I'm so thrilled for both of them and wish them continued happiness together.

Everyone went in for dinner amongst all the congratulations. As the server took away my untouched plate of salad for the third night in a row, I said "I feel bad to be wasting food but I never know where I'm going to sit in advance to ask you to just not bring salad out for me." "It's okay. Don't worry about it. What if I put Peeps on the salad?" he asked. "Then I'd eat the Peeps," I replied. Yes, my Peeps craziness is even well known by the staff. Joey soon came over and gave me a cane. When playing at Shadow Lane mine had broken and he was kind enough to get me a replacement, though it is definitely much nicer than the one I had.

Close up of the cane's handle
He had it made at Adam and Gillian's in a visit he wrote about here. It is a rattan cane that is very long and very flexible. Beautiful and evil at the same time. In the above picture, I photographed it next to my London Tanners domestic discipline strap for scale. You can see it's about twice the length of the strap. (Getting it home was interesting but I'll tell that story later.) He picked out the red and black handle which I love. At first glance, the thing looks wicked. First impressions are usually right.

After dinner, Mr. A helped me test it out. We went up to Room 10 and I pushed up my skirt and bent over the desk. He gave me a few lighter strokes as he got used to the feel of it. Canes take experience anyway, but one this long and flexible has to be used very carefully. The swishing sound before it strikes always makes my stomach flip, no matter how many times I've been caned. It's delicious and gut-wrenching at the same time. (Sorry Ana if you are having a hard time with this post. ;) The last few strokes landed harder and stung like mad. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. Lol. We hugged and went back downstairs.

I soon made my way down to the lounge for that evening's party. Many folks were in full costume with the Harry Potter theme. I thought I looked nice in a blue top and black pencil skirt (black and blue, appropriate right?) but was without a cape. Hey, I was a muggle. I got a lot of looks and questions as to why I was carrying around a huge cane. I don't know if they were intimidated by me having it or worried that I'd dare use it after hearing about my misadventures in hand bruising. Probably the intimidation thing. That must be it. I'm pretty scary. Don't be fooled by the quiet voice and the Peeps shirt.

Pretty unmarked for me for a Saturday night
I went in the back to play with B. I don't remember if there was a particular reason. I make it pretty easy for tops and they have stock reasons like me being generally bratty, sarcastic, and likely whining about something within any 10 minute time period. Maybe it was for laughing that his Canadian money is called the "loonie." I can't help that it's a silly name for money. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. He's another one in the hard stingy hand club and no implements were necessary to have me squirming. As with all my scenes, it ended with a hug.

I'm wary of one of the booths in the corner because I nearly knocked myself unconscious once when hitting a wall mounted speaker on my way out of that cubicle. BV and I ended up in there but he helped me duck. I lied across his lap and got a nice long hand spanking. For whatever reason, I wasn't feeling like I could take much that night even though I hadn't played a whole lot. It was a good moderate intensity though so things didn't have to end too soon. We hugged and returned to the party.

My last scene for the night was with Joey. I'd been toting around the cane during the whole party so we tried to put it to use. Keyword- tried. We went back into a cubicle and I bent over the couch. We quickly discovered that there was not adequate swing space in there to use such a long cane. He had plenty of other tools with him though. He selected some sort of plastic cane that I agreed to try out. Normally I do not like plastic type implements but I trusted him to use it. Several strokes of it had me dancing in place but it wasn't too severe. Definitely a lot of sting. We ended with a hug.

I didn't play again Saturday night but was still hanging around until it was close to last call. PA and Utah have the same 2 am law. It's bizarre to New Yorkers. I stood around chatting with others who never sleep and had a lot of laughs. Partway through some wine, I was told by one friend that he thought I was cool and I hope he'd still think so even without the wine. ;-) I eventually made my way back to the room and went to bed. Sunday would be a long day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank You Bonnie!

I'm a bit late to the game, but today is Bonnie Appreciation Day. Anyone who reads or writes much in the spanking blogosphere knows Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts. Her blog has been running for 7 years and she keeps up with an incredible list of all the blogs out there and even categorizes them for us to show there's something for everyone.

Her weekly Sunday brunch is one of many great features and poses a weekly question where we can all discuss our thoughts. Anyone who blogs knows that a pretty small percentage of readers actually take the time to comment. Seeing her continually bringing people back to discuss really says something about this special lady.

She's also written many great fiction stories, real life stories, and wonderful comprehensive information for the emerging spanko such as Talking With Your Partner and 50 Reasons To Spank.

When I created my blog last year, I hadn't even told anyone the address yet before I had a comment from Bonnie who had already found me and was welcoming me to the community. She does a great service for so many of us out here who might otherwise fade away into the vast internet without that first link. Thank you, Bonnie. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roasting Peeps And Bottoms

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Friday

I didn't feel like I got much sleep, but I was more conscious than the day before. Despite people thinking that I missed breakfast on Friday just because we weren't there at the same time, I did make it downstairs before they stopped serving breakfast. After eating and having some much needed coffee, it was time for a road trip to Walmart to get an apple pie and card for a certain birthday boy. At the checkout I saw there were 3 travel packs of Kleenex for $1 so was sure to grab one of those in preparation for tearful goodbyes.

After getting back, Regan and I were just in time to watch Days of our Lives in the lobby. Now when we tried this in April we were constantly and rudely interrupted by tops who seemed to think us watching TV was some type of challenge to fill our time in another way. It was not a challenge. We just wanted to watch our damn show. It's rare for me to find someone else who even watches it. And if we walked in to a room while some of the tops were watching a Yankees game and just jabbered on or told them how stupid it was, how do you think that'd end up in reverse?

This had been a coordinated plan since April to successfully get through the whole hour. And I'm happy to report we succeeded! Not completely uninterrupted though. As it got to the last 15-20 minutes more people were wandering by, loudly sighing and making toppy comments. Mr. Grumpypants questioned everyone around the TV to see who was involved in watching the show. The one person who didn't catch on and said she wasn't really watching was soon pulled away by him to go upstairs. Lol.

Afterwards there was a lovely memorial for Pinky as everyone gathered out by the pond to dedicate Pinky's Park. I needed those Kleenexes sooner than I'd expected. Many people planted flowers there and I'm looking forward to going back in April to see how everything grows. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. People continued to arrive at the resort and the weekend officially began. Everyone met down in the lounge where the activities started. Harry Potter stuff was everywhere and we all had to pick a "house" to be in. I picked Ravenclaw based on what I read since it values creativity and wit. Hufflepuff values hard work. Next, please. I also discovered that most of the East is unfamiliar with Hefeweizen, a common beer out west and my favorite type. I got a blank stare and was asked "why are you making up words?" when I asked for it. Sigh. It's real. Stuff other than Yuengling does exist.

I met with Mr. A for my first spanking of the day. This one had been planned in advance due to a r/l issue I had come to him with regarding some bad decision making on my part when I attended Shadow Lane. It had been pressing on my mind and he was kind enough to offer his assistance to help me move past it. The therapeutic effects that spanking can have is one of the most difficult aspects to explain to someone who doesn't get it the same way I do. In situations such as this one, it really helps me to feel like I've had closure on an issue and stop torturing myself over it.

We talked for a while (well, he did most of the talking) and then he had me stand in the corner. My pants came down and then I went over his lap. He spanked me hard with his hand but it was a warm up for what I was about to feel from his little square wooden paddle. Smaller implement doesn't equal nicer implement. My bottom felt like it was on fire and I was kicking and struggling not to fly off the bed. I was sent back to the corner for a minute as he continued talking. I lied down on the bed and he strapped me. He stopped when noticing a spot on my cheek that looked close to bleeding. I've never had a weak spot like that pop up before but we decided to end there to not aggravate it further. The point had certainly been made anyway. I thanked him and we hugged.

I rested for a while after applying some lotion and hoped that spot would not continue to be a problem for me over the weekend. Everyone met for dinner where I believe I ate at least one vegetable again. I made sure to show Joey my plate. It may have been a record breaking weekend for vegetable eating. That and time spent outdoors. One does have to walk back and forth a lot in between all the buildings. I do all sorts of crazy things on vacation. Spanking hardly makes the list. Lol. I also led the room in singing happy birthday at dinner to the birthday boy.

There were other announcements and safety talk prior to everyone heading down to the lounge for that night's party. I had already been given bags of Peeps from a few friends so it was time for the next awesome activity of the night. Peep roast and s'mores making! Regan supplied the roasting sticks as several of us went outside to roast ghosts and pumpkins over the fire and had Peeps'mores. S had told me that those E.L. Fudge cookies work great for s'mores because you just open the cookie and add the marshmallow, so that's what we did. Our crazy friend Coach H claimed to have never had a Peep before so I quickly made him one. He liked it.

My jacket smelled like campfire for the rest of the week, but it was totally worth it. Note- Roasting sticks are not durable enough to be canes. We tried to get them to make the whipping sound and they snapped. After ingesting 5000 grams of sugar, I went back inside to the party. I was trapped... err... approached by Mr. R and led back to a bench. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. I've been through this on 9 different trips now but I always forget how hard his hand is. He said something to the effect of I was lucky it's only Friday, which meant he was going easy on me since there were many more days to get through. I didn't care to disagree with him. I got a big hug and returned to the party without hitting my head on anything. (That is always worth noting. Low clearances in this place.)

I wandered around to chat with some of the people I hadn't seen much of. I talked with a few of the new people and everyone seemed to be having a good time and getting into the swing of things. I caught up with T who I hadn't seen since last year's September weekend. We went back into a cubicle to play. I went across his lap and he spanked me with his hand. Spankos love their numbers and I was noticing it was going in sets of 5-10 on each cheek with the last one always being the hardest. I got well warmed up and we ended with a hug.

I chatted with Tom, Nancy, and J from Maine. They're really nice and fun to talk to. I had met Tom and Nancy for the first time about a month before at Shadow Lane. We never did get a chance to play there but we did this time. He and I went back to one of the cubicles with the tall chair I hate. I leaned across his lap and he spanked me with his hand for a minute. The positioning wasn't working with that chair so we moved to have me bending over it. He has a very hard stingy hand and I wasn't quiet for long. He also used a leather paddle that had fur on one side and was nice for soothing. It ended with a hug and we returned to the party. He was fun to play with and I hope to do so again.

I was fading fast and soon headed back up to the room. I opted to skip the hot tub again that night since it was still really cold outside. Mr. G walked with me back to the rooms and I asked him if he was going to bed already. Woman talk for "if you're free, you haven't spanked me yet today." He got the hint and grabbed his bag of stuff and came to my room. He seemed eager to get his hands on me after my constant teasing since my arrival. Hey, I can't help it that he drives so slow. He spanked me with his very hard hand and reminded me why I should think twice before making my comments.

It wasn't long before I was squirming and he went through his bag for more evil tools. A stiff new strap he'd purchased that night and then the "brat whacker," an awful piece of wood someone was supposed to destroy in April. After being turned thoroughly sore and promising to behave, he hugged me and sent me to bed. Bedtime spankings are the best lead-in to a good night's sleep, they really are. With successful DOOL watching, Peep roasting, and many spankings, Friday was a good day. To be continued...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Climbing Every Mountain

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Thursday

The SCONY mountain weekend was on the horizon. I got on the red eye flight to JFK which was thankfully only about 4 hours long with the jackass in front of me reclining into my legs. Why does that person always sit in front of me when no one else in the whole row is leaning back? Guess what? Passive aggressively slamming back into your seat repeatedly isn't going to magically make me any shorter. I am tall and my legs have nowhere else to go. Quit being a dick.

Mr. Grumpypants picked me up from the airport at an ungodly early hour. He packed and ran errands before we were on our way to pick up our Canadian friends D and B from another airport. After finding them, we headed into the city to get Alicia and BV. BV gave me some Halloween Peeps which was awesome. After some questionable tying of luggage to the roof, we were on our way to the resort. We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel where I was oddly excited to have okra (this coming from the non vegetable eater). I also almost won that game with the pegs getting down to having just 2 left.

We made it by early afternoon and there were already many people there. There was excited chatter and hugs all around. These trips always appease my hug slut fix. It's weird because in everyday life I'm pretty uncomfortable hugging people, but here I can't get enough of it. It feels so natural and I'm so happy to see everyone. I checked in and got my room key along with a hug from J, the fantastic manager. I miss the staff almost as much as I miss my other friends. Everyone is so fun. I forced myself to lie down for a bit knowing it'd be a long night and then got ready before dinner.

Other folks continued to arrive including our fearless leaders, Ms. M and Mr. R. It was a huge crowd at dinner for a Thursday night. I remember when I was new a few years ago and Thursdays were maybe half the size. I caught up with friends and realized that none of the Harry Potter spells were making the salad that had been placed in front of me disappear. Hmm. Following dinner many of us made our way down to the lounge for karaoke. Usually I have a whole playlist in mind but this time I didn't.

I sang "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" from Culture Club and apologized to the people who have heard me do that 4 or 5 times now. There were a few group numbers as well. I think we should be called the Singing Club Of New York, destroying one karaoke bar at a time. Lol. I sang. I chatted. I met the owners of the fuzzy chickens from April. Yes, I mean that literally. I did not hit my head on the low ceiling beam that gets me almost every weekend. Not yet anyway.

I was surprised how many people were already wandering off to the upstairs area to play. Thursday is usually pretty low key as everyone gets settled in and some like me are dead tired from a long day of travel. With my wussy status and bruising ability, I try to pace myself to not outplay myself in the beginning when there are several days to get through. I didn't say I was successful at that, I just said that I try. Lol. Sometimes I do alright, sometimes I don't.

I did play once that night with Joey. He was a gentleman as always and well aware of it being only Thursday. We went upstairs and I bent over the pool table. He spanked me with a leather paddle over my pants, enough that I could feel it but definitely not overdoing anything. It was a nice warm up for the weekend as we chatted about the activities to come over the next few days. It ended with a hug and we returned to join the group downstairs.

I opted not to attempt the nearby hot tub, though some did, because it was pretty damn chilly and the uphill walk back to my room is always a long one when soaking wet. I hung around until after midnight but the exhaustion had long since set in so I called it a night. Regarding the title of this post, the location of the party is a very hilly area. As I'm gasping for breath going up and down hills all weekend, I always think that I really should attempt some exercise at least a week before arriving. Then I remember I'm lazy. What can you do? A verse of "Climb Every Mountain" from the Sound of Music comes to mind.

Climb this damn mountain
Duck under beams
Oowws and Aahhs will echo
As tops make me scream

Part 2 to come!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 Ways To Disarm A Top

The theme for this coming SCONY Mountain Weekend is Harry Potter. I have never watched the movies much less read the books, so the countdown was a bit more difficult this time. I send out a daily 30 day countdown to the weekend and have done so for the last few weekends.

It's funny looking at my T-mobile bill because the average month will have about 2000 texts and the month leading up to my trips are 4000+. Lol. Thank goodness for unlimited texting. The theme a few friends helped me decide on this time and gave me a lot of material for was 30 Ways To Disarm A Top. It incorporates some spells from Harry Potter, plus a few I just completely made up. Enjoy!

30 Ways To Disarm A Top

#30- Expelliarmus- Makes whatever is in the top's hand fly out
#29- Accio- Lets you summon something to distract the top while you get away
#28- Impedementa- Stops something/someone in it's tracks
#27- Incarcerous- Causes ropes to shoot from your wand and ties up the top
#26- Locomotor Mortis- Locks the top's legs together so they can't do anything but hop
#25- Disapparate- Lets you disappear from one place and reappear in another. (I think Mr. Ryder already has this power too, though. He's so quiet.)
#24- Aguamenti- Shoots water to blind the top
#23- Jelly-Legs Jinx- The top will wobble around unable to stand, much less pull one over their knee
#22- Protego- Shield charm that will protect your bottom from blows
#21- Wingardium Leviosa- Makes the top float away toward the ceiling (Yeah, this brings to mind vultures circling overhead. Maybe not the best idea.)
#20- Piertotum Locomotor- Brings inanimate objects to life so you can turn the paddle against THEM
#19- Petrificus Totalus- Temporarily petrifies the top
#18- Levicorpus- Dangles the top upside down by their ankle
#17- Evanesco- Makes an implement disappear
#16- Rictusempra- Tickling charm causes the top to gasp for breath and laugh hysterically
#15- Alohomora- Opens locks, like the one on the woodshed. Then go in and hide!
#14- Colloportus- Locks the lock again, so the top can't get in!
#13- Confundo- Confuses the top at whom the spell is cast. Yeah.. not really needed, but fun anyway!
#12- Expulso- Makes things- like implements- explode!
#11- Imperio- Controls the top you put the curse on. Maybe get revenge on who threw YOU under the bus!
#10- Noodliarmus- Renders the top's arm wimpy
#9- Glisseo- Causes stairs to form a ramp or slide; useful when you are sent to Room 10. Tops can't climb up slides, they just can't.
#8- Shaddup Toppus- Silences the top. It can happen, really!
#7- Occlumency- Prevents mind reading tops from discovering thoughts or memories which contradict one's spoken words or actions.
#6- Television Baseballus- Turns on a baseball game in the other room. They'll be occupied all night!
#5- Toppus Snorus- Will make the top fall into a deep slumber
#4- Polyjuice potion- Drink this to turn into someone else. "Whaddaya kidding me with that?"
#3- Armus Removero- Makes the top's arms fall off
#2- Obliviate- Erases the top's memory so they forget why they were going to spank you at all
#1- Toppus Obliteratus- Makes the top disappear

That's the list, folks! Use at your own risk! I will be sure to report my findings if I'm feeling crazy enough to try any of these over the course of the weekend. I should be arriving at JFK by the time this is being read and I'm sure I'll return with many stories. See everybody next week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Skin On Skin

image found at The Pink Papers
If one were to go by the popular vote amongst spanking enthusiasts, it could be believed that OTK bare bottomed/bare handed spanking is the holy grail of all things spanking.

Now I have my complaints about OTK. There are things I like about it, the closeness and contact. But realistically it's not usually very comfortable, especially for a long period of time.

My outstretched arms get tired with my hands on the floor. My legs stretched out in the other direction (my feet are always on the floor since I'm so tall) often start to cramp. Nothing kills the mood like a bad charley horse.

It also can cause the spanking to be a bit uneven. Usually the cheek furthest from the spanker's body gets hit harder than the cheek closest to them. When I'm standing and bending over, or even lying on a bed, they can switch sides to avoid this.

I am with the majority on the love of the hand though. Having recently tried my hand at topping, literally, I experienced the damage a hand can incur. But I assume most people are much tougher than I am. As a bottom, the hand remains my favorite.

I like the skin on skin contact. The personal touch, so to speak. I like the flexibility of the hand. I like that it can apply varying intensities. I love the rubbing and soothing it gives after the spanking. I'm not someone who usually needs a particularly long or hard spanking. (I'm a wuss in case you're new here.) So it's unlikely a hand could get completely worn out on me.

It doesn't even have to be used throughout the whole spanking. Some firm swats mixed in between other implements and I'm a happy girl. I'm easy, really. Well not like that! And a few days ago, I was happy that my bottom got some extra attention from the hand.

I was with S and he led me over to the table. He undid my jeans and they soon fell to my ankles as I bent over with my forearms lying on the table. There were two straps already sitting out but he ignored those for the moment and spanked me with his hand.

Softer and harder and softer again. The friction of his skin on mine, his hand rubbing up and down my bottom and thighs. I relax into it and my hands are no longer tense on the table. In between caresses and firm smacks I stay in place. My soft gasps and the sharp slap of his hand connecting with my bottom echo throughout the room.

He switches to the strap and it kisses my flesh several times. It's sting reverberates through me. I breathe deeply and let my mind empty out. He continues with the other strap as I start to squirm. My arms still on the table, I turn my head back to look at him and we kiss.

He sets the strap down and resumes with his hand. Harder now on my sufficiently warm bottom. My ability to remain standing amazes me as my body has turned to jelly. My hand lies on top of his free hand, our fingers intertwining. His skin on mine. Mine on his. Bliss.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready To Party!

The SCONY mountain weekend is one week away and I'm so excited! I miss my friends so much. I unexpectedly got to go to Shadow Lane about a month ago and was thrilled to hang out with a few SCONY friends who came out west to attend. It's not often I see folks out in this direction. I had a lot of fun there and it was a new experience, but I can't wait to see the full SCONY family back at the weekend.

And they are just that, a family. A sometimes odd one, but that's what family is, right? ;-) The closeness and support given to each other within the group has always amazed me and I'm happy to be a part of it. This has been even more evident in recent weeks with the passing of a dear friend who we will all be thinking about at this coming weekend.

I've said before that SCONY is like my Cheers, where everybody knows my name. Even if some of them still pronounce it wrong. *coughJoeycough* ;-) Okay maybe not everybody knows me but I am unusually social amongst these people. Well, social for me. I talk and everything. Sing, even! It's about as far out of my shell as I get. But how can you not be comfortable around such awesome people? It takes a special type of friend to consistently humor me by buying mass amounts of Peeps.

I can sit at any table in the dining room at dinner and comfortably have a conversation with whomever is sitting there. It is guaranteed that at least one conversation will occur that will have me laughing to tears. I have many wonderful play partners to choose from to be spanked by and who know I hate asking so can pick up on my signals. I'm subtle like a hammer to the head. :-D When I'm roasting Peeps over the fire and people are sighing and shaking their heads at me, I know they love me anyway. Lol.

The theme for this weekend is Harry Potter. I seem to be the odd man out in my dislike, maybe indifference, of the fantasy genre. It's never been something I've been interested in. My life is enough of a fantasy world already. I love to read and watch a lot of movies, but Harry Potter has never been on the list. I know near nothing about it but many people are really into it so it'll be fun to observe. I've added my participation with the Mountain Weekend 30 day countdown I send out daily. The theme has been "30 Ways To Disarm A Top" and includes various spells I'll share when it's completed.

The April weekend was fun and I enjoyed staying with friends to see NYC for a few extra days afterward, even getting to attend a Yankees game. But with all the personal crap going on so soon before, my head wasn't in the place it usually is and I was very emotional and feeling insecure. This will be my seventh weekend and I hope it is indeed Lucky Number Seven. I want to have a blast. I want to be silly and talk and laugh and hug and play and then do it all some more. I want to sing karaoke, watch DOOL with Regan uninterrupted, and roast Peeps. Did I mention the Peeps? I'm so excited. 7 days! WEEKEND!