Sunday, October 7, 2012

Skin On Skin

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If one were to go by the popular vote amongst spanking enthusiasts, it could be believed that OTK bare bottomed/bare handed spanking is the holy grail of all things spanking.

Now I have my complaints about OTK. There are things I like about it, the closeness and contact. But realistically it's not usually very comfortable, especially for a long period of time.

My outstretched arms get tired with my hands on the floor. My legs stretched out in the other direction (my feet are always on the floor since I'm so tall) often start to cramp. Nothing kills the mood like a bad charley horse.

It also can cause the spanking to be a bit uneven. Usually the cheek furthest from the spanker's body gets hit harder than the cheek closest to them. When I'm standing and bending over, or even lying on a bed, they can switch sides to avoid this.

I am with the majority on the love of the hand though. Having recently tried my hand at topping, literally, I experienced the damage a hand can incur. But I assume most people are much tougher than I am. As a bottom, the hand remains my favorite.

I like the skin on skin contact. The personal touch, so to speak. I like the flexibility of the hand. I like that it can apply varying intensities. I love the rubbing and soothing it gives after the spanking. I'm not someone who usually needs a particularly long or hard spanking. (I'm a wuss in case you're new here.) So it's unlikely a hand could get completely worn out on me.

It doesn't even have to be used throughout the whole spanking. Some firm swats mixed in between other implements and I'm a happy girl. I'm easy, really. Well not like that! And a few days ago, I was happy that my bottom got some extra attention from the hand.

I was with S and he led me over to the table. He undid my jeans and they soon fell to my ankles as I bent over with my forearms lying on the table. There were two straps already sitting out but he ignored those for the moment and spanked me with his hand.

Softer and harder and softer again. The friction of his skin on mine, his hand rubbing up and down my bottom and thighs. I relax into it and my hands are no longer tense on the table. In between caresses and firm smacks I stay in place. My soft gasps and the sharp slap of his hand connecting with my bottom echo throughout the room.

He switches to the strap and it kisses my flesh several times. It's sting reverberates through me. I breathe deeply and let my mind empty out. He continues with the other strap as I start to squirm. My arms still on the table, I turn my head back to look at him and we kiss.

He sets the strap down and resumes with his hand. Harder now on my sufficiently warm bottom. My ability to remain standing amazes me as my body has turned to jelly. My hand lies on top of his free hand, our fingers intertwining. His skin on mine. Mine on his. Bliss.


Emen said...

Very hot and beautifully written. I love "our fingers intertwining".

Anonymous said...

Lea - very good post, I can understand that you might not like the OTK position but when I have gotten spanked that is my favorite position to be in. You are right the outer cheek seems to get more attention when the spanker uses paddles 12" or longer but the shorter paddles work just fine and the hand is the best.

kiwigirliegirl said...

lovely post lea....thanks for sharing. I too love otk and the hand, unfortunately it doesnt happen all that often. My hubby has soft hands and it "hurts" him to spank me with his hand....yes we can all "awwwww" for him cant we hehehe.
He did put me over his knee the other day - wow it was thrilling for me. I got up grinning from ear to ear like a cheshire cat LOL completed defeated the object of punishing me LOL

SpankCake said...

I am not a fan of going over a knee when he is seated in a chair... I have the opposite problem of being too short and having trouble finding the floor, so I'm kinda on tip toes and holding onto the leg of a chair. I *much* prefer laying across a lap when he's on a sofa, as my weight is then supported and I'm free to enjoy the spanking.

Lovely post!


Lea said...

@Emen, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@Charles, I probably should've specified that it is worse when the top is in a chair. If I'm lying across someone while they're sitting on a couch or something, there isn't the strain on my limbs and I can tolerate it longer. But the unevenness can still be a factor.

@kiwi, Tell him if it hurts his hand, it means he's not doing it often enough! ;-)

@SpankCake, Yes, I totally agree. I didn't even mention the fact of feeling like I'm going to fall off one's lap. Lying over a lap while on a couch or bed is much more comfortable and I feel supported.

ronnie said...

Lovely post Lea.

OTK and the hand my favourite. I prefer lying over P's lap on the settee or bed as well. Thanks for sharing Lea.


Anonymous said...


Beautifully written! I agree as a bottom and a top the hand is fun.


Ana said...

I like OTK on a bed or is a nice mixture of the traditional favorite position and practicality.

Hand is much much nicer if you have a soft-handed spanker. :D

A.S.S. said...

Totally agree about the classic OTK position. It's fun for a quick spanking and all, but it does have some real limitation. Better is 'Over the Lap'... like with spanker sitting with legs stretched out on a bed. Stretched out giving a long hand spanking is especially nice.

~Todd and Suzy

Lea said...

@ronnie, Being settled onto something besides a chair definitely makes it more comfortable.

@joey, Thanks! No dig there about how your hand is much tougher than mine? ;-)

@Ana, It seems we all agree there. Hands aren't always easy. I know many whose hand is worse than any implement they could use!

@Todd and Suzy, I've always thought it should be called OTL rather than OTK, but it hasn't caught on!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.