Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lea And The Giant Cane

Fellow top heavy gals will understand.
SCONY Mountain Weekend- Saturday

Saturday had come and I was up fairly early to get ready and be present in time for breakfast. Name tags are worn for the majority of the weekend and forgetting to wear it is often a reason for someone to spank you. I discovered during breakfast that aside from helping you avoid a spanking, the name tag also doubles as a bib. I'm always spilling on myself and the syrup from my pancakes dripped right onto the name tag, saving my shirt. Phew!

After breakfast it was time for St. Margaret's Academy, so everyone met down at the lodge for the latest term. The Hogwart's theme was in full effect with many dressed up in all sorts of robes and capes. I wrote on my name tag "muggle" in hopes of being left alone. Despite having no knowledge about Harry Potter, I still had a lot of fun with the creative classes that had some hilarious moments and a lot of laughter. And when tea leaves were being read, I didn't have The Grim Ryder in my future so was happy about that.

In talking with a few others, some bad language seemed to have slipped from my mouth and snoopy Mr. Snape (aka Mr. Lewis) overheard. Why are tops so touchy about swearing anyway? Have you ever heard what comes out of their mouths when they are yelling at a baseball game on TV? Double standards. Top logic. Woe is me. I was pulled back into one of the cubicles and bent over the couch. Mr. L tested out on me a new strap he'd bought the night before. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. Bad review, isn't it? I never know how to rate implements.

When I'm asked if I like this one or that one, side a or side b, does this hurt more than this, I feel like I'm at the damn eye doctor. 1 or 2? 3 or 4? I don't know, they all %#*% hurt! I don't usually have an answer for the eye doctor either as some look practically the same. My prescription is likely a half point off. It wasn't long before I found myself back in the same cubicle with E. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. I was well warmed up and it ended with a hug.

New rattan cane
The music hour followed SMA and is always one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Mr. R is a great guitarist with a golden voice and brings all his gear. A and I helped sing along and I tried to minimally complain that the song book contains mostly things made long before I was born so I don't know them. Yes I do have my own copy and have for several years so I could've learned them all by now. What are you, a top? A few others hung around and sang and there was another guitarist as well. After that people went to nap or play or whatever else they do.

I went to lay down for a while and then helped AP get ready in her Hermione style dress for the evening. Mr. A had told me to be down for dinner 15 minutes early and I didn't realize why. As I was talking with people in the front lobby, I heard a commotion and saw out the window that he was down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend R. I missed actually hearing it but the crowd that gathered around them started clapping and it was evident how happy they both looked. They first met through a SCONY party and it was a lovely moment for them to share with us at the weekend. I'm so thrilled for both of them and wish them continued happiness together.

Everyone went in for dinner amongst all the congratulations. As the server took away my untouched plate of salad for the third night in a row, I said "I feel bad to be wasting food but I never know where I'm going to sit in advance to ask you to just not bring salad out for me." "It's okay. Don't worry about it. What if I put Peeps on the salad?" he asked. "Then I'd eat the Peeps," I replied. Yes, my Peeps craziness is even well known by the staff. Joey soon came over and gave me a cane. When playing at Shadow Lane mine had broken and he was kind enough to get me a replacement, though it is definitely much nicer than the one I had.

Close up of the cane's handle
He had it made at Adam and Gillian's in a visit he wrote about here. It is a rattan cane that is very long and very flexible. Beautiful and evil at the same time. In the above picture, I photographed it next to my London Tanners domestic discipline strap for scale. You can see it's about twice the length of the strap. (Getting it home was interesting but I'll tell that story later.) He picked out the red and black handle which I love. At first glance, the thing looks wicked. First impressions are usually right.

After dinner, Mr. A helped me test it out. We went up to Room 10 and I pushed up my skirt and bent over the desk. He gave me a few lighter strokes as he got used to the feel of it. Canes take experience anyway, but one this long and flexible has to be used very carefully. The swishing sound before it strikes always makes my stomach flip, no matter how many times I've been caned. It's delicious and gut-wrenching at the same time. (Sorry Ana if you are having a hard time with this post. ;) The last few strokes landed harder and stung like mad. My professional opinion is that it was quite effective. Lol. We hugged and went back downstairs.

I soon made my way down to the lounge for that evening's party. Many folks were in full costume with the Harry Potter theme. I thought I looked nice in a blue top and black pencil skirt (black and blue, appropriate right?) but was without a cape. Hey, I was a muggle. I got a lot of looks and questions as to why I was carrying around a huge cane. I don't know if they were intimidated by me having it or worried that I'd dare use it after hearing about my misadventures in hand bruising. Probably the intimidation thing. That must be it. I'm pretty scary. Don't be fooled by the quiet voice and the Peeps shirt.

Pretty unmarked for me for a Saturday night
I went in the back to play with B. I don't remember if there was a particular reason. I make it pretty easy for tops and they have stock reasons like me being generally bratty, sarcastic, and likely whining about something within any 10 minute time period. Maybe it was for laughing that his Canadian money is called the "loonie." I can't help that it's a silly name for money. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. He's another one in the hard stingy hand club and no implements were necessary to have me squirming. As with all my scenes, it ended with a hug.

I'm wary of one of the booths in the corner because I nearly knocked myself unconscious once when hitting a wall mounted speaker on my way out of that cubicle. BV and I ended up in there but he helped me duck. I lied across his lap and got a nice long hand spanking. For whatever reason, I wasn't feeling like I could take much that night even though I hadn't played a whole lot. It was a good moderate intensity though so things didn't have to end too soon. We hugged and returned to the party.

My last scene for the night was with Joey. I'd been toting around the cane during the whole party so we tried to put it to use. Keyword- tried. We went back into a cubicle and I bent over the couch. We quickly discovered that there was not adequate swing space in there to use such a long cane. He had plenty of other tools with him though. He selected some sort of plastic cane that I agreed to try out. Normally I do not like plastic type implements but I trusted him to use it. Several strokes of it had me dancing in place but it wasn't too severe. Definitely a lot of sting. We ended with a hug.

I didn't play again Saturday night but was still hanging around until it was close to last call. PA and Utah have the same 2 am law. It's bizarre to New Yorkers. I stood around chatting with others who never sleep and had a lot of laughs. Partway through some wine, I was told by one friend that he thought I was cool and I hope he'd still think so even without the wine. ;-) I eventually made my way back to the room and went to bed. Sunday would be a long day.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your account of Saturday. I hope that you enjoy your new implement.

Have a great weekend.


Marne said...

Thanks for sharing, Lea. You brought back wonderful memories.

I can't believe I enjoy being caned, too! It's an experience like no other. Sometimes I wonder about us!?!

Hugs -


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the party update. I really enjoy your accounts. It makes the party come alive. Your new cane looks impressive! That was sweet of him to bring it to you. BV is a great spanker. Congrats to Mr. A and R on their recent engagement!

Anonymous said...

Opps sent the above too soon. Peeps on a salad might make for a pretty color arrangement


SNP said...

Thanks for sharing Lea and have a good time at your party tonight:)

Lea said...

@joey, It has been used since I've been back home. Not sure if "enjoyed" is the right word though. ;-) Thank you so much for getting it for me.

@Marne, Nah, we're the normal ones, remember? Or something...

@Jean, Impressive is a word for it! Salad Peeps would leave just the salad behind.

@SNP, Thanks, I did have a good time!

kiwigirliegirl said...

what is it with the cane...its a scary horrible painful implement but i seem to have a morbid fascination for it....i wouldnt say enjoy it as such though.
Sounds like you had a great time Lea :) thanks for sharing

Ana said...

Canes are horrible!!! I was squirming just before you said my name! I also squirmed because the handle of your cane is almost the same as the handle for my A&G loopy johnny. OUCH OUCH OUCH. I am glad you had fun, my friend, but the cane is all yours. *Shudder*

giggle...Peeps in your salad. And you are lucky you didn't get spanked for not eating the salad!

Lea said...

@kiwi, Morbid fascination is a good way to put it. Lol.

@Ana, Loopy johnny is a thing I have NOT tried and from what I hear, I'm okay to keep it that way! Joey did see I ate some vegetables, just not the actual salad.

A.S.S. said...

Very nice updated... and lovely pic!

~Todd and Suzy

ronnie said...

So late stopping by. Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing.

I do love and hate the cane. A little tip - stay away from the Loopy Johnny:)


Lea said...

@Todd and Suzy, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading the update!

@Ronnie, It was a really good time. I absolutely plan to stay away from the Loopy Johnny! Thanks for the confirmation!

sixofthebest said...

I am very pleased that you were caned at the SCONY weekend party. The cane as you can judge by my 'nome de plume'. is my favorite spanking implement. Yes, those swishes that it makes, when it is a applied to a naughty females derriere is delightful to my ears. But to the receipient who receives it can be awefully awesome.

Lea said...

@sixofthebest, I've heard it described as the implement everyone fears but starts to love once actually trying it. I'd certainly fit into that category.