Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready To Party!

The SCONY mountain weekend is one week away and I'm so excited! I miss my friends so much. I unexpectedly got to go to Shadow Lane about a month ago and was thrilled to hang out with a few SCONY friends who came out west to attend. It's not often I see folks out in this direction. I had a lot of fun there and it was a new experience, but I can't wait to see the full SCONY family back at the weekend.

And they are just that, a family. A sometimes odd one, but that's what family is, right? ;-) The closeness and support given to each other within the group has always amazed me and I'm happy to be a part of it. This has been even more evident in recent weeks with the passing of a dear friend who we will all be thinking about at this coming weekend.

I've said before that SCONY is like my Cheers, where everybody knows my name. Even if some of them still pronounce it wrong. *coughJoeycough* ;-) Okay maybe not everybody knows me but I am unusually social amongst these people. Well, social for me. I talk and everything. Sing, even! It's about as far out of my shell as I get. But how can you not be comfortable around such awesome people? It takes a special type of friend to consistently humor me by buying mass amounts of Peeps.

I can sit at any table in the dining room at dinner and comfortably have a conversation with whomever is sitting there. It is guaranteed that at least one conversation will occur that will have me laughing to tears. I have many wonderful play partners to choose from to be spanked by and who know I hate asking so can pick up on my signals. I'm subtle like a hammer to the head. :-D When I'm roasting Peeps over the fire and people are sighing and shaking their heads at me, I know they love me anyway. Lol.

The theme for this weekend is Harry Potter. I seem to be the odd man out in my dislike, maybe indifference, of the fantasy genre. It's never been something I've been interested in. My life is enough of a fantasy world already. I love to read and watch a lot of movies, but Harry Potter has never been on the list. I know near nothing about it but many people are really into it so it'll be fun to observe. I've added my participation with the Mountain Weekend 30 day countdown I send out daily. The theme has been "30 Ways To Disarm A Top" and includes various spells I'll share when it's completed.

The April weekend was fun and I enjoyed staying with friends to see NYC for a few extra days afterward, even getting to attend a Yankees game. But with all the personal crap going on so soon before, my head wasn't in the place it usually is and I was very emotional and feeling insecure. This will be my seventh weekend and I hope it is indeed Lucky Number Seven. I want to have a blast. I want to be silly and talk and laugh and hug and play and then do it all some more. I want to sing karaoke, watch DOOL with Regan uninterrupted, and roast Peeps. Did I mention the Peeps? I'm so excited. 7 days! WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...


I feel the same way about the weekend. The Harry Potter theme seems appropriate because it is a fantasy world for spankos.

I would suggest you spank me for saying "Lea" instead of "Lee" but I would not put my bottom at risk after your last topping adventure.


Marne said...

Lea, I'm as anxious as you are to get the Weekend started! Ms.Margaret's announcement of the theme had me groaning, too. I read all the books and watched most of the movies in the last few months just to prepare for the Weekend. I had to know what was happening, and I needed to find a character.

As Amy says, "WEEKEND! =-D"

Hugs -


Kaki said...

You roast Peeps! Biting their little heads off is one thing bur roasting them? I'm shocked!
(I'll have to try it sometime ;-) )

Sounds like it is going to be a fun party, I hope you have a great time.

Kaelah said...

I wish you a wonderful time with your friends, Lea. And I cross my fingers that everything will turn out the way you hope and that you are going to have a real blast! :-) Of course I am looking forward to your posts about your adventures, too.

Ana said...

Is it pronounced "Lee" instead of "Lea"? Hm, the things you learn!

Please please convince Joey that the spanking wizard is a horrible idea! Or at least take away his cane.

Have a wonderful weekend!

SNP said...

Lea, I hope you have a great time and as mentioned above....I will look forward to reading about your weekend when you get back!

Lea said...

@joey, Hey! He seemed to enjoy it. I'm the one who ended up with the odd injuries!

@Marne, You've done much better than me. I still have never read or seen any of them. I'd whisper that last part, but we all know tops can't read!

@Kaki, If you like Peeps, you MUST try it. Roasting them on fire is 10 times better than roasting normal marshmallows because the outside sugar caramelizes. Mmm...

@Kaelah, Thanks! I'm sure it will be a blast and I'll come back with many stories!

@Ana, Did you really not realize that or are you being a smart aleck? Yes, it's pronounced like "Lee." Most people get it wrong from seeing my name online. I don't know that I can take away the cane but maybe he can break this one on me too. Lol.

@SNP, Thanks! I'm sure it's going to be great! How often do you get to see 50 of your friends all in one place? Great is the only option.

SpankCake said...


I cannot wait to hear your report! It sounds like so much fun. I can only imagine how much spanking fun will happen under invisibility cloaks throughout the weekend!


SpankCake said...

P.S. I meant to add the invisibility cloak will prevent any "peeping" from happening :)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about watching DOOL with you, too! The WHOLE Friday episode!

Um...I'm excited now...but when I'm packing the car, as I'm driving closer to the resort, I'm going to get more and more anxious about the trouble I've gotten myself into, so I might need you to help me by encouraging me to arrive in a timely manner.

I will be so happy to see you!

--Regan, your DOOL buddy

Lea said...

@SpankCake, Lol! In my every day life I seem to have a permanent invisibility cloak surrounding me, but at these weekends it seems to fall away. I'll let you know how that works out for me!

@Regan, Yay! And you better be there before it starts! Last time it was already partway through before I found you. We must plan this better.