Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Subtle Message From The Beatles

In this previous post, I shared a spanko perspective on the song "Help". The other day I heard "Hello, Goodbye" and though the whole song didn't apply quite as well, the first few lines did. What do you think?

You say yes

I say no

You say stop

And I say go, go, go

Oh, no

And men think we give mixed signals...

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pain- It's All Relative

When I think back to what I consider to be my most severe spankings, the physical pain of the spanking is really not something I remember well. Sure, they all hurt to some degree. There are times where I've had bruises for several weeks after. I remember that, but comparing one spanking to the next purely based on the physical intensity of it is really difficult to do. What I remember most is how I was feeling during the spanking. How the spanker acted and what they were feeling. The reason behind the spanking.

It mostly comes down to my headspace. It greatly affects how I perceive pain and sometimes how much I can take. I've seen discussions about which implements are the worst and I think each person's individual headspace and perception skews their view on that. It's like comparing apples to oranges. There is no right answer.

Spanking as foreplay, for example, could be relatively hard but it's not going to seem that way to me because my mind is focused on err... other things. Therefore I may be able to take a harder spanking than I normally would because the pain doesn't seem bad. The same can apply to any more playful spanking. Playful doesn't equal light. The mood is light but the spanking may or may not be. But my mind and body react to that differently than to a discipline spanking.

A discipline spanking is always the most severe in my mind. The reasons for the spanking differ, but it is usually for something more serious. When I'm in a discipline headspace, I'm more sensitive to everything that is going on. My nerves are on end, the words of the top really pierce through me, and the physical intensity of the spanking may be perceived as worse than it really is because I'm feeling everything more deeply. Being in that headspace is also when I'm more likely to cry. That doesn't happen often, but when it does I find it to be much more related to my headspace and emotional state than to the actual physical pain from the spanking.

What are your thoughts? Do you find that your perception of pain and pain tolerance are closely related to your emotional state/headspace?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Visitor

It's not often that a friend from out of state comes to visit so this last week was a real treat. Mr. L from NYC was in town for a few days and I hope that I wasn't too terrible of a tour guide. You see, I don't get out all that much, have any sense of direction, nor will I generally drive on the freeway. So I only travel within about 20 minutes of my home most of the time. The reason for this is people on the freeway drive crazy. I'm a good girl who goes exactly the speed limit and therefore receives many honks and expletives as they all try to run me over and force me off of exits I didn't want to exit on. I have a friend who I may have teased a time or two for driving slow, but the difference between me and him is I stay off the freeway because I know I'll be run over. I don't just drive down the middle lane going 20 under the speed limit. Just sayin'. I would absolutely be killed if I tried to operate a vehicle in NYC, that's for sure. Thank god I have nice friends to drive me if I visit and the public transportation system. But I digress...

Mr. L arrived in town last week and I went to meet him at his hotel. He's a friend from SCONY so I knew I'd be in for a bit more than sight-seeing with this visit. We'd last seen each other in April at the SCONY mountain weekend. Even with 3 months passing since then, I'm just so well behaved that he could hardly think of a reason to spank me. ;-) But top logic prevailed and he came up with something. I soon found myself pulled over his knee as he spanked me hard with his hand and reminded me of his dislike for the :-P icon. Yes, I tend to stick out my tongue and roll my eyes. I'm a sarcastic person, what can you do? Why do I get the feeling that this post is going to add "being cheeky" to the list for the next time we meet? I was let up off his lap and bent over a chair in the corner of the room where I counted out loud the last 10 swats. Perhaps my memory is failing me, but I swear that everytime I'm spanked it is harder than the last time I was spanked by that person. Anyway, it ended with a hug and soon after we went out to dinner. Taking someone out to dinner even after being spanked, I suppose I was a pretty good host after all. I don't cook much but promised him a gourmet meal of Slurpees and Ramen at my place, but he wasn't too keen on that so we went out instead.

The next day, I met with him at his hotel again with an extra bag in tow. I brought my flogger to show him, we didn't use it but I just like to show it off to people because it's so pretty. :-) I also brought along my London Tanners paddle and strap which I previously wrote about here. He is a fan of leather implements so was interested to see these in action. He spanked me with his hand and then switched to the leather paddle. I don't know how leather paddles differ from one to the next, but mine definitely leaves a lot of sting without much impact. I laid across the bed propped up by some pillows as he switched to the strap. Similar to the paddle, this one does not need much force to leave a big impression. He used the strap standing on either side of me to keep things even. I quickly found it harder to stay in position as the strap bit into my already tender bottom. After several more smacks and Yes Sir's, the spanking concluded with a hug.

We went to do some sight-seeing in the high 90's temperatures, ugh. I don't know how people in NYC walk around so much. Here it doesn't matter if something is only 5 blocks away, you drive! Lol. I'm surprised I wasn't spanked for my complaining over the walking and the friggin heat. After seeing the city, we headed to the mountains for the next day. I know everyone who knows me is in awe because I don't do outside. But yes, we went on a hike. To lure more friends to visit I'll share a picture of the beautiful view on that hike. :-) Later that night, J met Mr. L for the first time and we all went out to dinner. I'm always happy when J can meet some of my friends from "the scene" and see they are just cool, normal people. Well, as normal as I am anyway. Haha. It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Mr. L for visiting and I hope it was a good time. For any other friends who'd like to come see me, I guarantee you one free meal and the pleasure of my company. :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Minutes

5 minutes is my favorite amount of time.

5 more minutes of precious rest as I hit the snooze on the alarm.

"5 more minutes and I'll be ready, dear."

5 more minutes as I wait for the clock to hit 5 to head home from work.

5 more minutes until that kiss at midnight.

"We have 5 minutes," I say as I shut the bedroom door behind us.

"5 more minutes until we're home, young lady," he scolds.

5 more minutes as I count out loud the swats delivered to my reddening bottom.

What?? You want me to stand in the corner for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES??

5 minutes is no longer my favorite amount of time.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

 A friend of mine recently mentioned that Sandra Bullock "is good looking for an older person." I laughed at the thought that she's considered old because I wouldn't say so. And yes, she does look damn good. Why do people have to include age in a comment like that at all? When one looks at a picture of a beautiful woman why can't they think, "wow, that's a beautiful woman" as opposed to "she looks really good for her age"?

A lot of people are judged by their age, good or bad. Someone may think I'm stupid because I'm 25 and must not know much about life. Sure, I can quote any Adam Sandler movie and will always remember all of 'N Sync's lyrics. So what? I also enjoy The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Audrey Hepburn movies. Assuming a younger person is stupid is as silly as assuming any older person is smart. There are geniuses and idiots in all age groups, I'm sure most can attest to that.

Even in our kink there can be some division. I've seen various TNG groups strictly for people ages 18-30. Any private group is free to make their own rules of course, but why the division? When one turns 31 are they ready to just buy their burial plot already? I suppose I could start a group strictly for 25 year old spankos but it probably wouldn't be that big and therefore not a lot of fun.

I admit, I've thought that way before. If you had asked me when I was 16 about being 30, my reply would've been "oh my god, that's sooo old." Lol. Fortunately I've matured since then and really don't care anymore. Coming out into the spanking scene opened my eyes to a whole new world and a chance to associate with all types of people that I wouldn't otherwise know. And I'm very thankful for that as I've created many wonderful friendships and can't imagine my life without all these people in it. I think there is always something to learn from a person, no matter their age. That's one thing I've always loved about the spanking scene, the variety of people in it. We come from all different backgrounds, all ages, but we have this common thread that brings us all together. And that is a wonderful thing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Do You Think This Is, A Holiday Inn?

Does anybody remember that ad campaign? I found one of the old commercials below.

A while back when my Spanko Vision was getting to me, I had my own idea for a Holiday Inn ad. Here's how it would go. A couple is engaging in some spanking activity in their bedroom when another member of the household enters, bothered by all the noise, and says "Hey, I'm trying to get some sleep out here. What do you think this is, a Holiday Inn?" I think that's pretty funny if I do say so myself, but not sure how the Holiday Inn people would feel about it.

This is all leading to the story of celebrating my anniversary with J at, you guessed it, a Holiday Inn. We checked in and were placed right in the middle of several other occupied rooms on the main floor. But I decided to hell with it, I wasn't going to try to keep quiet. If someone is bothered, that's their problem! I'm usually more courteous than this, but really, it's a hotel. What do people think may go on at a hotel? Many different kinds of noisy activities, that's what.

J had read my previous blog post where I mentioned getting 4 swats for our 4 year anniversary. So out came the leather paddle as he applied 4 hard swats right on my sit spot. Not that my panties were offering much protection anyway, but they soon came down as he continued spanking me with the paddle and alternating with his hand. Now I've stayed in a few different hotels but in this particular room it seemed as if everything echoed. The whole hotel seemed to be dead silent except for our room. Every slap and oww must've been heard all the way to the parking lot.

My bottom colors up quite easily but in some odd phenomenon on this night, it kept fading. It was a nice shade of pink after the encounter with the leather paddle, but about half an hour later you never would've guessed it. J didn't find this acceptable and said he'd better do something to change that. Rolls eyes. I don't know who does the interior design for the hotel, but I think that person is a spanko. There was furniture oddly placed throughout the rooms that seemed to have no purpose there other than to have something around to bend someone over. Even the shower/tub combo was designed in a way that there was a spot to sit at the back by the wall. Now why would that need to be there unless it was to allow the seated person to yank the other occupant of said shower over their knee? Just sayin'. And don't say it could allow the seated person to shave their legs in the tub or something, now you're getting a bit unrealistic.

Needless to say, my backside changed to pink and back a few more times throughout the night. Aside from the leather paddle, a crop and a rubber whippy thing joined the party. The crop is heart shaped on the business end and always leaves interesting little welts. Now a light-hearted tone to a spanking does not necessarily equal a light spanking, but I find that I can take a lot more when my mind is moving on to err... other things. Soon the oww's turned to aah's and well, I won't get into the rest. We didn't receive any complaints about the noise, but if someone was listening then I suppose they got some free entertainment. Lol. So in review, are hotel walls soundproof? I'd say no, but people are probably too embarrassed to approach anyone about it. Lucky us. And a well spanked wife is a happy wife. And what's that other saying? Happy wife, happy life. So if you put that all together, that means you need to incorporate spanking to have a happy life. Or something like that. :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Lea and J sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes the belt
From a top so caring

Wait, that's not how it goes... Spanko vision is acting up again. Well everybody, today is my 4 year wedding anniversary. Yes, J and I were one of the reported 38,000 people who tied the knot on 07-07-07. But I totally thought of it before all the rest of them. ;-)

It wasn't completely for the good luck of the number 7. The 7th had always been our day from when we first started dating. So when I saw a 7th coming up that was in the summer and on a Saturday I knew I better book it. See how courteous I was to think about my guests and their travel plans? None of this missing work for a wedding on a Wednesday at 2 pm. I'm nice like that.

Usually I don't get all gaggingly cheesy, so you'll have to forgive me for this post. J does read my blog so I'm taking this opportunity to shout from the blogosphere rooftops, I love you so much and thank you for being part of my life! You make me so happy and I know you are quite the diamond in the rough for being such an understanding partner. I appreciate all you do and for not thinking I'm a total nut with this spanking thing. ;-) It's been quite a ride and I'm looking forward to the future.

I know what you are all thinking, what about an anniversary spanking? Well 4 swats is certainly not enough, we'll have to improvise. We have plans to stay at a hotel on Friday night. Are hotel walls very soundproof? Report to come...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes

Except spankings, right? That was a pre-emptive strike because I knew someone was gonna go there. ;-) But sorry, this is more of a serious post today. Some events of late have led me to think a lot about the "big picture" in life and even my own mortality. If the world were to end tomorrow, would I be happy with how my life had gone? Would I have regrets? Would there be things I wish I would've done but never got around to doing?

I think we all have regrets and usually we learn from them. For that reason, I don't know that I'd go back and re-do anything even if I did have the chance to. It makes me think of that movie The Butterfly Effect. Every time he tried to make a change in events it just led to a new path being made and something was always still screwed up in the end. Nothing will ever be perfect no matter which path we take. That's life.

Would there be things I wish I'd got around to doing? I guess so. I don't have some bucket list for life per se, but there's probably always more that one can do. What have I done? I've been in love. I've helped a friend. I've made people laugh. I had the guts to finally share my deepest needs and desires with the man I love and incorporate the spanking lifestyle into our every day lives. Those are all good things.

My family and friends are very important to me. I consider myself to be a good and loyal friend, to a fault really. Sometimes that in interpreted as being a doormat. Friends come and go in life and that can be a sad thing under any circumstance but it happens. For those who have parted ways, I hope that we both learned something from each other. To the friends that are still around, thank you for being there. For all the times you let me vent my frustrations, cry on your shoulder, laughed at my bad jokes, or got a bag of ice for my burning backside, thank you. My parting words for today, never miss a chance to tell those you love that you love them.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. - Bernard Meltzer