Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Minutes

5 minutes is my favorite amount of time.

5 more minutes of precious rest as I hit the snooze on the alarm.

"5 more minutes and I'll be ready, dear."

5 more minutes as I wait for the clock to hit 5 to head home from work.

5 more minutes until that kiss at midnight.

"We have 5 minutes," I say as I shut the bedroom door behind us.

"5 more minutes until we're home, young lady," he scolds.

5 more minutes as I count out loud the swats delivered to my reddening bottom.

What?? You want me to stand in the corner for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES??

5 minutes is no longer my favorite amount of time.

image found at The Pink Papers


Anonymous said...

Terrific post Lea. Very clever twist at the end. LOL.

Meow said...

Love it!

bree512 said...

Awwww!!! Sorry Lea. You haven't deterred me. I still enjoy five minutes of anything related to spanking. Actually, I prefer much more time when it comes to that subject. Sssshhhhhh!!!! better hope none of the Tops read this, because I am thinking that instead of decreasing the time that they will up it instead. Hehe.

findingsara said...

Funny how one's perspective can change! ;)

kittengrl said...

You are SO right, Lea!!! 5 minutes in the corner feels like 5 days.

Arthur said...

5 more..... I do believe you are on to something Lea! Beautiful post!

Consider: "5 minutes in the corner as a prelude, not as an ending....?


kiwigirliegirl said...

LOl - nice twist
Ive never had corner time - maybe i should suggest it - then again maybe not. hehehe

baby girl said...

I've been in the corner for over an hour. 5 minutes? Pardon me while I have a party in my head ;-)

MyMask said...

Nice post Lea.
Mmmmm the things that can happen in 5 minutes. At times 5 minutes is too long, and other times it goes by too fast.
Maybe it depends which side of the spanking you are on ;)

sarah thorne said...

eh - it's not all *that* long! :)

Altho anytime in the corner is an eternity!


Lea said...

@joey, thanks!

@Meow, thanks for reading!

@bree, tops adding to it because they know I hate it? That's as inconceivable as me teasing them on purpose. ;-)

@findingsara, I know, right?

@kitten, it certainly does. Glad to see you are able to comment again!

Lea said...

@Arthur, I have started off with cornertime or had it somewhere in the middle. Can't say I like that any better. Lol.

@kiwigirliegirl, be careful what you wish for!

@baby girl, that is what I call overkill.

@MyMask, Indeed, time only flies when you are having fun. This does not apply to cornertime.

@sarah thorne, yes, an eternity!

Pink said...

Funny post!

Five minutes of corner time might as well be twenty for how long it feels. But don't tell him that...he might be tempted. ;)

Lea said...

@Pink, good point, I don't need to give him any ideas.