Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Scene Heard 'Round The World

It's time for Part 4 of the SCONY Mountain Weekend! You can catch up with Parts 1, 2, and 3 here. Before I get into that, I observed today that I now have 69 followers. Yes, that made me giggle a bit. I know, totally immature. Thank you to all who continue to read my ramblings! :-D

Friday left off with me sitting on a bag of ice and writing out my thoughts until my state of exhaustion finally led to sleep. It's not easy being a magic marker and as I suspected, the marks had deepened by morning. I actually brought a camera with me on this trip to record my day to day state of bruising for future comparitive purposes. I always think the current time is the worst yet, but it's hard to say really. I don't post pics of myself here, but things had definitely taken a turn for the worse. I had played quite a bit on Friday though, more than I think I ever had in a single day before, so I wasn't too surprised.

I got up and ready on Saturday and actually made it to breakfast this time. The coffee was not strong enough, I headed back to my room to rest a bit before joining in on the day's activities. It was time for St. Margaret's Academy. For those who don't know what on Earth I'm talking about, I'm quoting this off the SCONY website. "St. Margaret's Academy is not so much a school but a way for people to interact, learn, and receive or dole out spankings — or just enjoy the company of others.  It's not so much a scene activity as much as it is an exercise in social interaction around a spanking theme." Most of the group was already down there but I had to arrive fashionably late in my disguise. Why did I need a disguise, you ask? Because there were too many tops after me! Funny side story there. Before this trip, I was shopping with my husband. As we were going along getting what we needed, he was reading the shopping list out loud. "Bread, eggs, t-shirt, paper towels, yogurt, disguise. Disguise?? You wrote disguise?? What is that for??" Apparently he didn't think I was being serious.

Thank you Dollar Tree for having exactly what I was looking for. Who could possibly recognize me now? Paired with my disguise, I was wearing a t-shirt my friend A helped me with that read "Dead Never Looked So Good" and I'd switched my weekend name tag from "Lea" to "NOT Lea." Yeah, I'm that good. I'd put some thought into this plan. Lol. A few others apparently didn't want to be confused with me either and wrote "Also Not Lea" on their nametags. I arrived for SMA and gave several people a good laugh at the whole getup, including our bartender and resort manager J who said "you have waaay too much time on your hands." Then I received several referrals for "impersonation" and "just not being Lea." I just couldn't win... I still say the disguise was a success though because I wasn't spanked at all for like 3 hours. Many clearly didn't recognize me. I helped play the bells for the music class and just sat there and let the two British guests in my group answer all the questions in the Dickens literature class. My friend K and I were going to skip out on the dancing class, have I mentioned my extreme lack of coordination? There is this low ceiling beam in the lounge and even with this being my fifth time at the weekend, I always hit my head on it multiple times during my stay. It's ridiculous. So me, dance? Don't think so, I can barely walk straight.

E wasn't real happy about us skipping out which led to my first spanking of the day. He soon reminded me and K about why we should stick to the scheduled activities. I experienced my first co-bottoming scene back in April and really enjoyed it. I wrote about that here. It's fun feeding off the energy of the other people and allows me to be a bit more playful and vocal than I'd normally be. K was a hoot, had a smart aleck reply to everything that E said. I have so much to learn from her... He spanked her and then as she was standing in the corner, pulled me over his knee. I actually didn't need to say too much because even from the corner she provided a running commentary. Lol. He spanked me with his hand and then had us switch spots. He tried to get me to say how many spanks she should get but I'm not one of the throw-a-friend-under-the-bus types so didn't really answer. He gave us both a hug and we returned to the lounge for lunch. And we'd completely missed dance class, how about that?

We had some lunch and then came one of my favorite parts of the weekend, the musicians hour. This is where anyone who wants to hang around and play music can get together. I was a terrible keyboard player last year, very rusty, so stuck to just singing this time. Mr. R is a wonderful guitar player and singer and A and S interchanged playing guitar and keyboards. I even got to sing my parodies, Sounds of Spanking and People Wield Canes, the latter as a duet with J from the resort. It was a lot of fun. I didn't know all of the songs in the book to be able to follow along with, but will remedy that next time when I bring my 'N Sync sheet music for everyone. Lol. After things wrapped up in the lounge, people dispersed to play or rest. I checked in with J at home and changed into something a little dressier for the night. The theme for the weekend was Charles Dickens. When we all regrouped for dinner that night, I could not believe how many people went all out on the costumes and just looked great. Men in top hats, peasant wear, chimney sweeps. One particular top was a Dickens character by the name of Mr. Dick. Think I had fun with that one? Oh, yeah. I don't think I overused the name at all. HA!

After dinner everyone headed down to the lounge for that night's party, still in costume. There was a huge group of new people to the weekend and they had an initiation sort of thing for them. Sorry, my lips are sealed on what that's all about. The party was hopping, there was a line to use many of the play areas. Once or twice I walked back to a curtained area with someone only to hear "Hey, we're already waiting here!" Mr. C and I walked to the woodshed to play there instead but that was occupied as well, so we went back to his room. I quickly found myself over his knee, bottom bared, as his iron hand reminded me to reel in my sarcasm. Apparently this was a repeat problem. Ya think? There I go again... I'm much quicker to see the error of my ways when in that position of course, so it didn't take long before I promised to behave for the rest of the weekend. I don't know how much he believed that, but he let me up and gave me a hug.

I returned to the party, cursing my crappy phone service for not allowing me to check my local football scores. It was the biggest game of the year back at home, University of Utah vs. BYU. Since I'm cool, I'm a Ute fan of course. Some nice people with better phone service than me were kind enough to update me throughout the night on the score. Utah ended up winning 54-10, woohoo! Nobody probably knows what on Earth I'm talking about, back to the party. If you wondered about the title of this post, here comes that story. For anyone who hasn't been to a spanking party, the set up (at most, I assume) is sort of a large common area and then multiple privacy booths/cubicles curtained off where people can go and play. When I was new to the scene, this really worried me. Now there are a lot of people around doing their thing plus loud music overhead, others hanging around and chatting, but despite all that the idea of even being near other people who could possibly hear me really freaked me out. That may seem silly because we are all there for the same reasons, but I was just uncomfortable with it. I only played in my room or someone else's room or the woodshed up until my fourth weekend this past April. At that point I got over it to an extent and started using the main play areas.

So, back to the party. I'd been wanting to play with M and hadn't run into her yet that night but she came and found me and led me to the back to play. The play areas around us were full of people, but I wasn't really paying attention to that at the moment as my hand was in a firm grip. My jeans came down and my phone fell to the floor, battery and everything coming apart, again. (See Party Playing Rule #1 in my previous post. I don't always learn quickly.) I was bent over a saddle and she began spanking me with a wicked paddle of hers. I think it's leather, I'm not even sure. But that paddle and I are well acquainted, even dating back to my first weekend and this experience. Did I mention that I don't like that paddle one bit? She delivered stinging swats in rapid succession as I oww'ed and aah'ed and pushed into the saddle hard enough to move it right into the wall. The paddling increased in intensity, no spot on my bottom left untouched. My backside was completely on fire and I was just howling. Eventually it eased up and then stopped. After I pulled myself together, she gave me a big hug. Upon exiting the play area, someone nearby asked if everything was okay and I said yes. A bit dazed again. That would not be the first inquiry I'd get that night, several people who had heard it checked in with me. I was fine of course, but 1. embarrassed that everyone had heard me and 2. that I was such a wuss.

After I could semi-comfortably sit again, I had a seat at the bar and chatted for a while with a few people. I think it was actually around this point that I heard the final score of the aforementioned game and was very excited about it. Mr. A had been busy with his cane again and was kind enough to let me and someone else observe a caning demo. It was interesting to watch and the fact that the bottom didn't die had me intrigued. Lol. It's something I had thought about trying for a while and now the wheels were spinning again. I didn't try it that particular night, but will come back to that subject later. I was having a conversation with a few people and said something hilarious which had everyone laughing except for Mr. R who was giving me The Look. He then grabbed me and the FES* (*Flesh Eating Strap. And yes, it's as awful as it sounds) which was on the nearby counter and led us behind a curtain. My jeans came down (but I emptied my pockets first this time!) and I was bent over the chair and reminded of my hate-hate relationship with that particular implement. It's an awful combination of sting AND thud that I can't really describe. I just know that it's one of a kind and was handmade by the Devil himself. I'm not sure how many times it struck my tender flesh but it was certainly enough to have me agreeing with whatever I was supposed to be agreeable about. The spanking concluded and I received another big hug. I rejoined the party, not sitting anytime soon, and socialized a bit. My bottom was completely toast at that point so there was no more play for the night. I think many of us still hung out for a while until it was last call and the lounge had to close up. I returned to my room and eventually went to bed.

Check back for the final chapter of the weekend on Sunday. :-D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Detached Ears And Other Tales

It's time for Part 3 of my update on the SCONY Mountain Weekend that I recently attended. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Before I jump back into Friday's events, you should check out Dave Wolfe's latest post continuing the theme of bears and tops. Just when I thought I was the first to have that idea. Great minds think alike!

Wanna bet?
I believe we left off with my 2:30 a.m. Friday morning spanking and the fact that I went untouched on Thursday. Do you think the caring tops lurking about would leave me in that state for long? Of course not! After being able to sort of sleep in, I got ready for the day and had completely missed breakfast being served. Mr. A came by my room to show me his ever growing implement collection. I swear it was like a magician's bag. The case wasn't that big but more and more just kept being pulled out of it. He owns a ridiculous amount of hairbrushes. I saw at least 5 or 6 and I believe he has even more. I'm ready to submit him to Hoarders. It's troubling. Lol. Hairbrushes are not on my like list, so I skipped over those and picked out a double leather strap to play with. Why was I picking, you ask? This was for our "nicer" scene so I got to choose what to experiment with. (Tops can be nice sometimes, but you never heard those words come from my mouth.) I laid across the bed and quickly wondered why on Earth I'd picked out a strap. He spanked me at a supposedly moderate intensity (that's what they all say) but I certainly felt the sting. He felt the need to let me feel a comparison, so gave me a few hard ones at the end. Okay, fine, the rest had been moderate. It ended with a hug and then he and R were nice enough to drive me to get lunch since I'd slept through breakfast.

After lunch I joined the group out on the porch to chat. People were still checking in and arriving throughout the day since the weekend officially starts Friday. The first main activities down in the lounge started at 3. I brought my aforementioned copies of the "Top 30 Things NOT To Say To A Top" list and gave them out to everyone. Some hadn't seen it going on for the previous month and got a kick out of it. I heard a few new people reading along say "I'm SO gonna use that one!" Surprisingly, I never did end up hearing if someone did use them to create a scene. If they did, they must not have tried to blame it on me for creating the ideas, so I'm fine with that. Lol. Without getting into too many details, this is when I made my crown of Peeps. I'd brought several boxes of Peeps I'd still had in my house from my overabundance in April that had gone stale for the project. Imagine Peeps affixed to a hat by pipe cleaners. It was awesome.

After I was done with my little art project and got done showing off my new hat to everyone, I was innocently sitting at a table with a few others chatting. I saw a flash of maroon from the corner of my eye and before I knew it, Mr. R was yanking me up from my seat by my ear and leading me towards a booth in the back. "It's not Thursday anymore," he said. I don't know how that skill is acquired, but the man can zero in on ears like no other. My long hair offered no protection. Note to self: Wear spiked earrings in April. If you've never had someone pull you by the ear, I really can't explain how much it hurts.  Once behind the curtained play area, he continued to fixate The Look on me as he took down my jeans. My phone clattered onto the floor from my pocket sliding into the next booth.

Party Playing Rule #1- Always empty your pockets first. I'm amazed my phone is still working. That happened at least 3 more times throughout the weekend.

That was only a temporary reprieve from the scene at hand and once my belongings had been recovered, he sat on the couch and pulled me over his lap. He spanked me with his hand which I soon remembered was bionic. My ear was still throbbing but my attention quickly returned to my reddening bottom. "I don't know how much you've played today and am deciding if I should be nice and give you a warm up," he said as the swats continued. "Oww, I've played a few times but Oww yes you should!" Hard smacks with his hand continued and he said, "Do we even need to go over all the things you've written in the last few months? Why don't you tell me what you're being spanked for?" I felt his other arm around my waist holding me in place as my legs kicked and I futilely tried to escape from his lap. "For being sarcastic and Oww disrespectful," I managed to sputter out. "Anything else?" he asked. "Um, not that I owww can think of!" "Well you better remember the rest later," he said. He let me up and gave me a big hug. I asked if that was the "20" and he laughed and said not even close. (This is a reference to a previous conversation of how dead I was on a scale of 1-10. Yeah, I was at 20. Don't see how that's possible? Neither did I. I'd soon find out.)

A little later, everyone met back at the dining room for dinner. I caught up with a few friends who I hadn't had a chance to talk with yet. There are always some announcements after dinner on Friday as Ms. M goes over important things like party etiquette and pacing yourself for the weekend. Maybe I'm paranoid but I swear she looked at me when she was saying that. Lol. It is a problem I have every time though. My head wants more when my bottom is saying no way in Hell. I'm not at all a heavy player and I have the trait of "being a magic marker" (term copied from Alex) meaning I turn all sorts of colors fairly easily. If someone poked me in the arm a few times, I'd have little fingerprint bruises the next day. I've tried everything. Arnica gel and pellets, lotion, taking vitamins, drinking Emergen-C packets twice a day, ice packs. I always still bruise, and a lot. Some say with time and frequency of spankings that it's not as bad but I personally have never seen much change from 2 years ago to now. Maybe I've played a little more and a little harder but there's been no magic change in my tolerance. People I play with more frequently are used to it but whenever I'm with a new play partner I tell them over and over that I bruise easy so don't freak out. You generally don't want to hear "Oh my God!" when your bottom is bared. Lol. 

After the talk wrapped up, I went back to my room to change and called J to check in. The last time I'd gone out of town, he was using our 42'' TV as a computer monitor to play Starcraft II on. I don't think he missed me too much. Lol. I headed down to the lounge with a few others for the Friday night party. One of the things I love about these weekends is that it's about so much more than spanking. Trust me, I can talk about that a LOT but there are other things in life. Like Days Of Our Lives! I got a chance to talk with a new person R who is a fellow DOOL watcher. I was way excited about that and we had a conversation about the show and I caught her up on who is dating who and how this person is suddenly related to that person. I've gotten a lot of flack from people in the group about watching that so it was nice to finally have someone on my side. It's not any sillier for me to talk to my TV at the woman who is still trapped in the sarcophagus after 2 months than it is for others to yell at their TV as if it's going to change the outcome of the baseball game. Just sayin'. 

I played several times throughout the night and with several new play partners, including my new favorite Canadian top, B. Okay, so I don't know any other Candian tops but he's a cool guy. *waves to B if he's reading* I may have gone a bit overboard with Canada jokes in the chat room leading up to the weekend but he was a good sport and certainly got me back for it. Mr. A was running around all night with his cane. He'd become quite the cane connoisseur of late and I'd heard several good reviews from those who had experienced it. Caning had always been something that really scared me and seemed so severe but at the same time I kind of wanted to try it. I didn't that night, but I'll come back to the subject of caning later on. 

I was chatting with a few people over at one of the tables and telling them about my awesome gifts that I'd received. One of my friends had given me a belated b-day gift the day before, a shirt that read "Chillin' with my Peeps" and the little Peeps symbol on it. So cool. Then another friend gave me a gift of Peeps flip flops and a Peeps recipe book. So now I had a whole Peeps outfit! It was awesome. I was way excited about it. Then I may have said something to Mr. R along the lines of "Where's my birthday gift from you?" 

Party Playing Rule #2- Don't expect sarcastic comments to go unanswered. I really should know that by now. I still say that frequent spankings have knocked some brain cells right out of me. All the smacking and blood rushes to the head. Must be some correlation there.

He didn't go for my ear this time at least, but I was quickly led away to a play area in the back. I took my pants down and was bent over a chair. "How old are you now, 106?" he asked. Funny guy... "Uh, 18?" I replied. "And what does lying get?" he asked. "Um, wood, sir. I'm 26." He removed it so quickly I didn't even see what he was using (I later confirmed it was his belt) and delivered 26 strokes with the belt fairly quickly. Not a very nice birthday spanking at all. Belts have always meant serious business to me and take me to a whole different headspace. So I don't completely know if the pain seemed worse because of that but it hurt like hell. It was definitely the hardest I've ever gotten it with a belt. We were way beyond 26 and it struck me again and again and again. It really stung and I thought my knees were going to buckle. I'm kind of amazed that I stayed in position for the most part because I nearly jumped up a few times. Thank God the music was always playing loudly because I was howling. After one last rapid fire set, he stopped and said "Now we're at 20." I could hardly stand up to redress myself. I felt shaky. He hugged me for a minute and asked if I was okay and I said I was fine. I walked back out to the bar and must've looked as dazed as I felt because a few of my friends asked if I was alright. I went outside for a minute to get some air. I felt like I might cry, but I didn't.

Party Playing Rule #3- Make friends with those who have access to the ice.

I went back inside and sat at the bar and jumped right back up. That was a bad idea. I asked the bartender J if I could get a bag of ice. This wasn't an abnormal request with our group and he'd helped me out a few times before. He had someone go upstairs to the kitchen to get me a bag of ice and I said my goodnights and headed back to my room. Trying to sit on a bag of ice is SO not comfortable. I wasn't sure what else to do though and could tell the marks were going to really deepen by morning, so it was a small attempt at damage control. I sat on ice for about an hour, my mind was nowhere near ready to stop running and let me sleep.  I wrote for a while and finally went to bed. The exhaustion of the past few days was definitely catching up. 

To be continued...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Happens On The Mountain Stays On The Mountain

Sort of... Before I get into my party update, I want to preface this with a note about privacy. A lot of people have a lot of different reasons to want their privacy respected in the scene. I want my privacy respected and will show the same respect for others. Anything I talk about here is with consent from the other parties involved and really can't identify any particular person. In some cases, I'm even using fake names to substitute fake names. So now that we can all feel better about that, let's go on to the stories.

After months of anticipation, the SCONY Mountain Weekend had arrived. One of my favorite places to be. I figured it would be a very busy weekend for me with all the little side projects I'd had going on prior to arriving, such as the Top 30 Things NOT To Say To A Top countdown. Well, I did have a disclaimer in place. I said that you SHOULDN'T say them! Do you think that helped my case? Yeah, it didn't.

I was booked for the red-eye to JFK on Wednesday night. My flight was delayed 2 hours because they were missing a screw for the fuel door and couldn't take off. Nice. We eventually had to get off the plane and board another one that was put together properly and then take off. As if I wasn't going to be tired enough already. Fortunately it was a direct flight for me for once, so I didn't have to worry about missing a connecting flight as many others on board did. Despite all that, the thing that some of the New Yorkers were most concerned about was finding out if the Yankees had won that night. They hadn't, much to fedora hat guy's dismay. (Seriously, what's with New Yorkers and fedoras?)

Even 2 hours late, I landed about 8 am on Thursday. Mr. C picked me up and as he was packing I finished making copies of the aforementioned Top 30 Things list that I planned to give to everyone at the weekend. Then we hit the road along with our friend M. We went to a diner where I discovered what "egg cream" was, an interesting drink that has neither eggs or cream in it. You'll have to get a definition from a New Yorker. After that we were off to the resort. I laugh at the different perceptions of time between East coasters and West coasters, but we got there in under 3 hours and apparently made good time.

I said my hellos and met a lot of new people. We chatted for a while and I got things settled into my room. Our hosts Ms. M and Mr. R arrived a little while before dinner and I was greeted with a "Hello, dead woman walking!" Sign of things to come? Yeah... Everyone gathered together for dinner, it was a really big crowd for a Thursday night. Lots of excited chatting and catching up and trying to memorize all the new people's names. It's always nice to have a face to put with the screen names. After dinner, a lot of us headed to the lounge for karaoke. This is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I know some people loathe karaoke but I always have fun with it and here was about to come into play another one of my side projects for the weekend.

I had a full song list ready to go. "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" by Culture Club is always a hit. I also sang it at a previous weekend and had someone smacking the bar with a paddle and yelling "Yes!" at every chorus. I dedicated "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross to my friend Arthur. I sang "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. That one got an interesting reaction from one in attendance who joined me up front in an attempt to playfully paddle me. Lol. A group of us sang "Another Brick In The Wall, Pt 2" by Pink Floyd and also "Hold On Tight" by ELO. And although it was like pulling teeth to get some of them up there with me, my other group number came together. Many are probably familiar with the song "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, here I am at Camp Grenada..." I had written a parody of that to be about the Scony mountain weekend. Some of the lines being "At the Scony mountain weekend/Where my poor bottom is sure to get a beatin'" etc. I thought it was really funny and turned out pretty well with all of us singing it. Got a lot of compliments and people wanting copies of the words.

I was pretty sung out at this point, and people were probably sick of hearing me. Lol. I had mentioned in a text to someone earlier in the week that I always go untouched on Thursdays. I got a "keep dreaming" sort of reply to that. Well, Thursday night was officially over, it was 12:02 am. I loudly announced that it was now Friday and I had indeed gone untouched on Thursday. A few of us left the lounge and ended up going to the hot tub. Another mention was made of the fact that I had gone untouched on Thursday to which my friend A quipped, "It's still Thursday in Utah time." Indeed, it was.

I went back to my room to shower and get ready for bed. With the red-eye flight interrupting a night of sleep, I had been up since I woke up Wednesday morning which had been nearly 48 hours ago at that point. Under no normal circumstances could I survive on such little sleep, but at these parties I somehow survive. My mind is just too wired to sleep half the time and I never want to miss anything. You know what can help you go to sleep? A spanking, of course. Mr. C came by my room and gave me a bedtime spanking. He pulled me over his knee and scolded me for my smart aleck comments about not being spanked on Thursdays. I'd forgotten how hard his hand is. I think the hot tub had worked as a tenderizer, his message got through very quickly. He told me to get to bed and I was soon pretty much passed out.

Technically, that happened about 2:30 in the morning, so it was Friday in Eastern time and Mountain time. So I was still right. Just sayin'. Tops don't read, right? Right? This only covered the first day of the weekend, but to keep this post at a manageable length I will pause here. More to come.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here Comes The Drop

Here comes the drop, da da da da
Here comes the drop, and I say
It's alright 

Well it's not alright exactly, but it's unavoidable. Monday night I returned from Scony's incredibly fun spanking weekend in the mountains. This is the fifth time I attended and it was as great as ever. Maybe even better than previous ones, though that's hard to judge as the crowd changes a bit over time and there were some friends that I really missed. But also lots of great new people to meet. I'm not sure what I did more of- playing, laughing, or singing. Maybe laughing by a little bit. I always go home with a throat that's about as sore as my bottom.

I think part of why it would rank at the top of my time there is because the longer I've been in the scene, the more comfortable I've become. My "spanko identity" or whatever you want to call it is really second nature to me now. When I started into all of this 2 1/2 years ago, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. You can read about that here if you'd like. With a lot of helping hands along the way (no pun intended) I forged my path and learned what I wanted. I've met a lot of amazing people and developed deep friendships. I can't imagine my life without them.

Lea started as a persona, but as time has gone on I realize more and more that we are the same. She just allowed me to have an outlet to explore more of my personality and play out certain parts that I was too shy to do otherwise. I started out sort of feigning a sense of confidence but after a while it didn't have to be faked anymore. For a wall flower like me, that was an amazing thing. I was well-liked. I was accepted. I was happy. I just can't say enough about the great people I've met in the scene. Unfortunately, sometimes people hear more about the bad than the good. I hope that doesn't scare anyone away from getting involved in the scene if they've thought about it. Sure, there is drama sometimes just as there is in any area of life. But overall the people I've encountered are a wonderful, accepting, caring group. I'm thankful to call them friends.

I want to give a big thank you to Ms. Margaret and Mr. Ryder for all they do to make these events happen. It must be an unbelievable amount of work to organize something like these weekends but it is truly appreciated. I'm so happy to be able to have this outlet and to get a chance to see friends from all across the country for a few days of the year. They are memories that I truly cherish. Thank you to everyone who was there and added to an enjoyable time. Thank you to all who sang with me, talked with me, made me laugh, and humored my Peeps obsession (more on that later). My only complaint about parties is that the time goes by much too quickly and saying goodbye just sucks. Sorry if I ruined anyone's shirt with my tears.

This isn't quite an upbeat party update post but I'm still getting my thoughts together and will have many more stories to come. When I'm hit with this drop I'm in more of a sad/contemplative state for a few days afterwards, but it'll pass. If I text some of you to death I apologize. Lol. The heightened emotions that occur with these events make me feel a bit clingy for a while. I will be back soon with more stories/highlights and fun new memories. I miss you, my friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What NOT To Say- Part 2: Top 30 Things NOT To Say To A Top!

In this previous post, I mentioned the upcoming SCONY Mountain Weekend that I'm heading out to attend. For the last month, I have been sending daily countdown messages to my friends for the weekend with the theme of "Top 30 things NOT to say to a top." Here is the complete list with the daily top retort from my friend Arthur included. (I don't think his are quite as funny as mine, but hey, we can't all be held to such a high standard. ;-) Don't spank the messenger!

Top 30 Things NOT To Say To A Top

30. That tickles!
Reply 1- Somewhere in the distance, Amy can be heard adding "no more, please, I'll take the FES. Just no more tickle."
Reply 2- Good! That means you still have some feeling left. Now we can begin the spanking in earnest.
29. You seem to be slowing down, do you need an energy drink?
Why yes, that would be nice. What? You don't have any, just an empty promise? DEAD
28. I wouldn't want you to hurt your widdle hand.
Don't worry, my LITTLE hand will be just fine. However, as I do have a WHITTLED piece of wood, let's switch to using it just to be safe...
27. Wake me when you're done, okay?
No, no. Please nap. You should rest while you can. You will be sleeping on your stomach for awhile after this.
26. In reply to "This hurts me more than it hurts you," "Apparently..."
Apparently I have not been clear enough with you. Let's make the lesson more clear, shall we? "SWOOSH"
25. What are you going to do about it?
Prescribe wood, it cures everything.
24. Don't be such a Domass.
#24 Domass? When we are done, you are gonna dom<your>ass with pillows... STANDING UP
#24b DUMBASS? Before we get started, why don't you call for some help. When we are done, you are going to wish you would have said domass or something clever.
23. Want some Peeps?
I only accept oreos... Hence, you are still DEAD.
22. That was a piece of cake.
Great, how about another slice... How about a different flavor this time..... let's see if a piece of a la wood will be more satisfying.
21. Bring it on!
O_O, it doesn't work like that. [5 minutes and lots of owwws later] OK, now that we have that cleared up; you will now be spanked as I originally planned.
#21 remix..... "Raising my hairbrush" CHARGE!
20. In reply to "Come here, young lady,'' "Why, are your legs painted on?"
I'll show you painted on! When we're done, you will see a deep red paint job on your bottom. Now move, before I consider purple!!!!!
19. Pffftt... Whatever.
Well DUH. Whatever I want, as ALWAYS. Pffft however will get you an extra 10 with the strap on top of what you already had coming.
18. My last spanking was twice as hard as this one.
Well I guess we will just have to spank twice as long...oh, and that was just a warm up.
17. NO!
<smack> <smack> <smack> [top thinks to himself: NO! is not a safe-word] <smack> <smack> <smack>
16. In reply to "Do you understand me?" "Oh, were you still talking?"
[Top reaches in to bag, finds a THUDDY implement] !WHACK! Let's go over this again.....
15. *Loud exaggerated sigh accompanied by an eye roll*
"Nearly non-audible breath, followed by a blurringly quick grasp of the arm as a tandem of two head to a private location to have a discussion"
14. But... (insert any excuse/explanation here.)
...later in the day a top talking to another top... Why must bottoms always waste time with meaningless excuses? It just makes it worse for them. [nods]
13. In reply to "I'm thinking," "Don't hurt yourself."
You should worry about yourself. I have many implements, you however, only have two cheeks.
12. You wouldn't dare...
You are right, I wouldn't dare. I will just DO!
11. :-P (non verbal but can evoke strong feelings in a top)
#11 non-verbal (the bottom finds themselves turned around, bent over and immediately in some form of discomfort in what can be best described as "a flash".)
10. I plead the fifth!
Six strokes is the minimum. NO exceptions, NO whining, NO pleading will reduce the strokes. Now bend over and lower your pants as instructed.
9. Make me.
8. In reply to "Are you going to behave or what?" "What!"
"Some moments later, the respondent realized that the What! meant quite a bit more than they bargained echo's of yes YES! YES!!! filled the room"
7. You and what army?
Well, if you insist.. When I'm done, I'll send in Mr R...then Lady S...then Nurse Chantal to keep you alive...then Ms M...then Al...
6. In reply to "Have you learned your lesson yet?", "Why, is there a test later?"
Nope,...pop quiz and you just failed.
Who do you think you are talking to? <SPANK!> <SPANK!> Address me properly <THWACK!> at all times! <THWACK!> <THWACK!> 
4. It's not my fault!
Stop whining. 
3. You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
When I'm done, the TRUTH will be prominently displayed all over your BLISTERED bottom. So the question is,.. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? We will soon find out.
2. $#*%
*SMACK* I don't care we *SMACK* are in PUBLIC! You want to use that *SMACK* type of *SMACK* language, then *SMACK* you need *SMACK* immediate correction!!!
1. I'm a Red Sox fan.  (What can I say, I associate with many New York area spankos.)
[days later next to the tomb of the unknown student] Today we gather to mourn <insert name>; Now the student will have a friend to lay next to for eternity.

So that's the final list! By the time this is being read I should've landed at JFK and will be on my way to the SCONY weekend. If I live through this one with all the holes I've dug, lol, I'll be back next week with many stories to tell I'm sure. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Late Bloomer

Many of you are probably familiar with Erica Scott. For those who aren't, get familiar! You can read Erica's blog here to follow her day to day hilarity, rants, and descriptions of lots of great spankings. A few months back, I bought and read her book "What Happens To Naughty Girls?" which I posted about here. It is a collection of spanking stories, mostly fiction, all written with the classic Erica wit that her readers have come to know and love. You can check it out for yourself here.

This lovely cover design was created by Zelle
Fortunately for me and all her other readers, she now has a second book out. I was eagerly awaiting it's release after following her updates about it for the past few months. "Late Bloomer" by Erica Scott is a biography. Some may be familiar with "the scene" persona that is Erica Scott but this book delves much deeper than that. It allows us to follow her on her journey throughout life, from a sometimes dark childhood all the way up to emerging as a spanko and beyond.

It is poignantly written and engrosses one into her story. I could hardly put it down. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows, mind you. There were parts of it that brought tears to my eyes but others still that had me laughing out loud. The personality and wit she is known for comes through clearly as she weaves the story together. I only wish that it'd come out a few years ago so I could've read it when I was emerging into this lifestyle. Many parts of it just had me nodding and saying "Yes!" It is relatable, honest, raw, human.

Erica and Richard Windsor shot a funny promo video for her book that you can watch here. My reviewing skills may be a bit lacking but don't let that deter you, get a copy here and find out what all the buzz is about!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Subspace: The Final Frontier?

What is subspace? It is something I hear discussed a lot but I don't think I've really experienced it. It is one of those things that people say if you don't know for sure that you've gone there, then you haven't. So if that is the case, I haven't.

Here is Urban Dictionary's definition:

In a D/s relationship, that very special place the submissive enters when he/she totally trusts his/her Dominant, and totally immerses in an intense scene. The sub may not be capable of making rational decisions about his/her safety and well-being at this point. 

It is the responsibility of the Dom to provide for the welfare of his/her sub, as he/she has trusted him to do. It is also the Dom's responsibility after the scene to help the sub to return to "vanilla space" after the scene. This entails providing both physical and emotional assurance to the sub, until he/she regains his/her sense of self, and is known as, "aftercare". 

Some describe it as an out of body experience. The scene gets so intense physically and/or emotionally that you go into a different headspace and totally zone out. A feeling of "floating" or "flying." The pain of the spanking becomes blurred, some sensations are dulled and others heightened. Letting go to a point where you stop thinking and all you do is feel. I've heard it described as a chemical reaction. Spanking produces endorphins which give you a high. Pain produces adrenaline which partially suppresses the pain, allowing you to take more. The two in combination help create a euphoric state.

It seems to be an end goal for a lot of people. I know it's something I'd like to experience. I've had some intense scenes and some very emotional ones but haven't experienced anything quite like what I hear described by others. But it also seems to be a little different for each person. It's not easy for me to get to a point of completely letting go. The spanking would probably have to be fairly long to get me to that point, and the spanker would need to be able to really get into my head. It seems to be one of those things that have to just happen, be with the right person and under the right circumstances. Then if the planets all align, one can achieve subspace. Is it an unreachable goal? I don't know. I'll keep you posted if I find out otherwise.

On a different note, this is my 50th post! I wasn't sure where this blog would take me when I started it back in February and I've really loved writing here. Thank you to all who have read, all the other bloggers I've interacted with who I also enjoy reading, and all the lurkers too. ;-) I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Every Morning There's A Paddle

I decided to play around with the song "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray. The first part of it came to me while I was listening to the song and I just had to spankify the whole thing. You think Mark McGrath is a spanko? Swoon. Feel free to sing along!

Every Morning

Every morning there's a paddle hanging
from the corner of our bedroom's four post bed
I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can hide it
before the weekend or a long night in

Couldn't understand
How to work it out
Once again as predicted had my bottom exposed
and we spanked it out

The paddle's got me reeling
Stopped me from deceiving
Pulled me over your knee again
Said I wouldn't do it
You know that I won't do it again

(Every Morning)
(Every morning when I wake up)
(Over my knee baby, don't say a word)
(He always rights the wrong, he always rights, he always rights)
(Over my knee baby, over my knee baby)

Every morning there's a paddle hanging
from the corner of our bedroom's four post bed
Oh wait, it's not there, and I say that I'm innocent
but he never can believe what I said

It's so stress relieving
When you've spanked me soundly
Pulled me over your knee again
Said I wouldn't do it, Well...
You know I'm gonna do it again

(Every Morning)
(Every morning when I wake up)
(Over my knee baby, don't say a word)
(Every Morning)
(Every morning when I wake up)
(Over my knee baby, over my knee baby)

He always rights the wrong
For me
He always rights the wrong
For me

Every morning there's a paddle hanging
from the corner of our bedroom's four post bed
I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can hide it
before the weekend or a long night in
(Over my knee baby, don't say a word)

Every Morning
Every morning when I wake up
(Over my knee baby, over my knee baby)
Every Morning
Every Morning (Pulled me over your knee again)
(Over my knee baby, don't say a word)
Every Morning
Every Morning
(fades out)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disappointed- The Four Letter Word

Image found at The Pink Papers

I sit and wait for him. He sounded so unhappy when we'd talked earlier. I know I'm really in for it now. My feet shift as my mind drifts to what's to come. I hear him come through the front door. Minutes seem like hours before he finally enters the room.

He sits beside me and takes my hand in his. When he speaks his voice is low and controlled. "What were you thinking texting while driving? You could have really hurt someone or harmed yourself."

"It was just a fender bender. Noone got hurt," I half-heartedly say.

He holds my hand tighter and looks into my eyes. "I couldn't bear the thought of something happening to you," he says softly.

"I'm so sorry and I hate that I've made you mad at me."

"I'm not mad," he sighs, "I'm disappointed in you."

Those words cut like a knife through my heart. A lump grows in my throat as tears fall silently down my cheeks. There is no worse thing that he could possibly say. Be mad at me. Scold me. Punish me. But the disappointment, I cannot take.