Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Blogiversary!

Today my blog is 1 year old!

I don't often delve into stats but this is a special occasion. Let's see what's been going on at Lea's Corner over the past year. 

There have been 35,065 visits

93,725 pageviews

There are currently 83 followers

This is my 98th post

Visitors have come from everywhere! From Jiddah, Saudia Arabia to Cairo, Egypt!

In the U.S. I'm most visited by those in New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

 MarQe of MarQe's Study have sent the most visitors my way.

My most common search keywords are "spanking sounds," "lea's corner," "spankovision," 
"lea spanking," and "scony." 

The first 3 listed there all made the Chross list.

I'd been in the spanking scene for about 2 years before I decided to start a blog. Maybe I still didn't know much by then, but I started it anyway. I've had a lot of fun along the way. I've enjoyed being able to share everything from the serious thoughts to the humor.

I've made new friends through the vast world that is the spanking blogosphere. Some I've met in person, some I hope to. There are so many witty, creative people out there involved in TTWD. I'm glad that I found this corner of the internet.

A special thank you to Joey who has been here since the very beginning. I really appreciate all of your support. To all my friends, readers, commenters, lurkers, wherever you are; thank you for coming along for the ride. Without all of you, I'd just be talking to myself. ;-)

Along the way, I hope that I've provoked a thought or at least provided a laugh. I'll try to keep it entertaining. And real. And sarcastic. Mostly sarcastic.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Angel Maker

You may remember me mentioning the email I sent to J titled "Valentine's Day", with only a link to the strap (pictured at left) in the body of the message. Well he picked up on my less-than-subtle hint and ordered it. Though it was unfortunately a tad late for Valentine's Day. That's what we get for not regularly checking our mail and missing the attempted delivery notice from USPS that was sitting in the mailbox for 3 days. D'oh!(Cane-iac's shipping is SUPER fast, as a side note.)

Valentine's Day was still enjoyable because of err... other activities, but testing out the new implement was belated. It's called the Angel Maker Burgundy Double Strap and we got it from Cane-Iac. We got another implement from Cane-Iac not too long ago, the OTK Leather Looped Strap that I wrote about here. I'm definitely a leather girl more than a wood girl and I generally prefer sting to thud. I'm really happy with all we've purchased from Cane-iac so far and have a rather long wish list saved with them currently. :-)

This strap is 1 3/4'' wide and 16'' long. As you can see from the picture, the last 6'' of it is cut into two strips. It's a double strap so makes quite a bit of noise when in use, not that any straps are particularly quiet from my experience. In the picture on the website it looked almost pink, but as you can see from the picture I took on the right it is indeed burgundy. It looks really nice. (There are plenty of pink implements on the site though if you are a pink-a-holic. I'm not.) The size is nice in that it can be used OTK or standing up for a full strapping. It was just small enough to fold in half and shove in my purse to take it with me to a play party on Saturday night. It got a lot of compliments.

That's enough of the stats, on to the action. The night before we used it, I'd had a maintenance/discipline spanking so my head wasn't in a real playful place to use it then. So we waited until the next night (and everyone who knows me knows that I hate waiting). I never know if the period goes inside or outside of the parentheses. Anyway, the time had finally come to try it out. J bent me over the bed and took my pants down and started right in with it. He was using it fairly light at first but it was certainly still felt. I laid out on the bed and he continued with a bit more intensity. It was quite stingy and it wasn't long before he had his free arm across my back to keep me from wiggling out of place. But I said before that I liked stingy. Why is that again? Sometimes I forget...

He pulled down my panties and went a bit harder with the strap until I really couldn't stay in place and nearly kicked my way off the bed. Of course this was a "nice" spanking. I'm sure he could've gone much harder with it but it definitely had quite an impact the way it was used. Final ruling: It's pretty, stingy with a bit of thud to it being a double strap, compact in size, and can be used nicely up to not so nicely. I'm happy with another great purchase from Cane-iac. I was quite pink pretty quickly and J gave me a nice massage with some lotion afterwards. The next day I had a bit of bruising, have to watch for wrapping with straps. Of course I tend to bruise easily anyway. All in all, I like it. Soon we're going to need a bigger container for all the toys shoved under the bed. :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

People- Parody Goes Broadway!

Yeah, I went there. Even Barbara Streisand isn't safe from being parodied. I hope you'll join me in following along with the spanking version of "People."


People, people who spank people
Are the luckiest people in the world
They are tops, needing other's bottoms
They are spanking grown-up hides to meet their needs inside
Acting more like devils than nice tops

Spankos are very special people
They're the luckiest people in the world
With one person, one very special person,
A searing deep in your seat
Paddle breaks in half, no small feat!
No more need to curse,
But first, be a person who spanks people
People who spank people are the luckiest people in the world

With one person, one very special person,
A spanking so hard takes it's toll
You were a brat, now you're sore!
No more answers coerced
But first, be a person who spanks people
People who spank people are the luckiest people in the world

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back To The Beginning

I'm going to copy Erica Scott and Zelle in reposting my very first post. Also someone forgot to go to the post office to pick up the package from Cane-iac, ahem, so I have no Valentine's Day spanking to speak of. Hopefully I'll have some story about that by my next post. :-) Here's a rewind to my first blog post about a year ago.


Hello, I'm Lea. I'm new to the whole blogging thing so please bear with me. I'm creating this to have a place to record my thoughts (and let's be honest, possible rantings lol) about life in general but also my non vanilla side as I can't exactly share that on Facebook. :-)

 Growing Up

In regards to my spanko side, this is still a relatively new journey for me. I think my story starts the same as many others. I've had a fascination with spanking for as long as I can remember. As a child I constantly looked up any spanking related words in the dictionary, read and re-read parts of books that would mention discipline and spanking, put my Barbies in... unusual positions. (Unlike many spankos though, I still have never seen McClintock. Lol.) To this day, I have a vivid memory of being at a friend's house in the 4th grade. She got into trouble for something, resulting in her dad pulling her into the house and spanking her as I waited outside and heard the whole thing.


As I got older, the interest never went away but I knew I wasn't in "the norm". I felt embarrassed about feeling this way and thought I was a complete weirdo. Thanks to the internet age, I was able to explore further. I'd look up spanking stories online and read anything on the subject I could find. On one of those days in early 2009, a search engine led me to SCONY. As I read through their website, it completely spoke to me. I was finally seeing something that voiced what I'd been feeling throughout my life. And there were others like me out there after all! Finding other like-minded individuals to chat with was a wonderful thing and led me to take a deeper look at myself.

Taking The Plunge  

Now that I knew this lifestyle was out there, what was I going to do about it? The possibilities were mind boggling. I was 23 years old and had been hiding this side of myself for my entire life. Could I really get into this lifestyle and act on what I'd always fantasized about? I'd been married for close to 2 years at this point. I had never shared this interest with my husband and honestly I wouldn't have known where to begin or what to do about it. With a LOT of encouragement from my new friends in the group, I decided it was now or never. This led to the most awkward conversation of my entire life. I had gotten so worked up and worried over what to say and how he might react, I was a wreck. Would he think I'm a total freak? Is he going to still want to be with me? My stomach was in knots, I thought I was going to throw up, and when I began to talk I just started crying. Looking back on it now, I can laugh because I was completely overreacting. And it probably scared the hell out of him, seeing me like that, hearing "we need to talk" and wondering what was coming next. The poor guy. But how do you start that talk? "Honey, I've thought about spanking my whole life and I need to be spanked. I need structure and discipline." Well, that probably sounds better than whatever the hell I babbled that night. Lol. I eventually got it all out on the table and explained it the best I could at the moment.

I think he was confused more than anything. He'd never heard of any of this before, didn't know there was a lifestyle out there for adults who spanked/were spanked. I had him read through the SCONY website as it explained much better what I didn't have the words for. I think the average vanilla male who thinks of spanking and adults can relate it to some bedroom play, if that. But the idea of disciplinary spanking is a whole different ballgame. Headspaces, top/bottom dynamics, setting rules and limits, discipline vs. maintenance vs. playful spankings. It was understandably a lot to take in. And I didn't know a lot of this stuff either, I'd never acted on it and been spanked as an adult. After dropping that whole bombshell, I let things be. I didn't know where it would lead but all the cards were on the table now and boy was I relieved. Lol. Bless his heart, over the next few days he really did his research, tried to find information on how this worked with people in their relationships, how to start into it. He wanted me to be happy and was willing to try it even if it wasn't his natural interest. I know I am very lucky to have had it turn out that way and be with such a giving, loving partner. We kind of made things up as we went along, seeing what worked for us. We came up with our own list of rules, and what punishment would be applied for which offense, etc. Things were going well.

My First Adult Spanking   

Not long after this had all come out, it was time. At the suggestion made by my friend in the group which I jokingly passed along to my husband, we now had a reason for my first spanking. Can you guess what it was? I was being spanked for hiding that I was into spanking for so long. Lol. That's a top for you, right? They come up with the silliest things... ;-) I was bent over the bed, my bottom bared, as he proceeded to spank me with his hand. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! "Are you going to lie to me again?"  SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! "Owww no, no I won't, I promise!" It was brief and compared to spankings now, was pretty light. But at that moment I thought "what was I thinking wanting this? This hurts!" Lol. The first of many times to come, I went into the bathroom and looked at my bottom in the mirror, rubbing the marks and seeing the color popping up. And that was the beginning.


My husband, we'll call him ''J", and I got into our own routine with things. Weekly maintenance spankings and punishments as they arose, and sometimes just for fun. Even more so in the beginning, although it still happens, it opened our eyes to seeing everything in a different light. Things we never would've thought about before, interactions of strangers that we witnessed, constant wondering about "huh, do you think THEY are into it too?" A sixth sense popping up whenever you are near something in the store that could be used as a spanking implement. Lol. I continued my involvement with SCONY and have made so many great friendships there. I branched out into the scene in public in October 2009 when I attended my first weekend in the mountains with the group and got to meet all my wonderful online friends. I've gone to 3 to date and am looking forward to another coming up in April. The line between vanilla friends and scene friends has long since blurred. There's so many great people I've met throughout this journey and thank you to all those who have held my hand throughout it.

If anyone is indeed still reading this, thanks for stopping by. I hope this may have provoked a thought, or at least a laugh. :-)

Edit: I try to write "lol" less than I used to. I have also since seen McClintock and thought it was a really lame movie. There, I said it. Spanking gods, don't strike me down! I'm about to attend my 6th Scony weekend in April and am still just as excited about it. Until next time, that's all folks! Enjoy your weekends!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Death To Bathbrushes!

I hate a lot of implements. To the point where saying I hate them may have little meaning anymore. But I really, really hate bathbrushes! Arggh! I have two of them, one of which is that round headed brush from Walmart that every other spanko on Earth seems to have. That thing is awful. I think the fact that it's round makes it worse because it's just the right shape to get into every little area. I am all for the cause of saving the trees and banning wooden implements. Who is with me?? And we need to send the already existing ones back to nature. Ideas?

The other night, I got home and was eating dinner. I don't recall exactly what the conversation we were having was about, but J was being intentionally annoying. He just kept persisting with it and was really bugging me and I cursed him out over it. (I know some top is going to read into this and think that's my way of saying "It's not my fault," but I'm just setting up the context here so back off! :-P) Now normally he doesn't care about cursing (lucky for me, lol), but it's a matter of context and it's not supposed to be directed at him.

So he wasn't too happy about that. When I went back into the bedroom, he was sitting there with the bathbrush out. As the little voice in my head cursed again. He had me bend over the bed and started spanking me with his hand. Quickly my pants and panties came down and I laid down on the bed. He continued with his hand for a minute then switched to the bathbrush. Ugh, I hate it! He kept spanking right on the sit-spots as he asked if I understood why I shouldn't do what I did. Being in such a compromising position, one might think I would just say yes. But I wasn't feeling very agreeable. I said that it wasn't fair for him to do things to intentionally annoy me and not expect me to react.

He didn't seem to like that answer. He spanked even harder with the bathbrush as I tried to keep myself from completely rolling over out of position. He told me that I can react but should find a more appropriate way to express myself. After another volley of smacks to the sit-spot, I was slightly more agreeable. God, that thing freaking hurts. He didn't believe me quite yet though and still kept at it as I kicked my legs and voiced my distress. Eventually he eased up and stopped. He rubbed my bottom for a moment and hugged me. Fine, I'll try to use "jerk" instead of "asshole" in the future. But I think we can all see what the real solution to this is- bonfire.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scony 80's Weekend!

The countdown clock is ticking and I'm very excited for the upcoming SCONY Mountain Weekend in April! I have so much fun at these bi-annual weekends being able to catch up with friends and oh yeah, I guess getting spanked too. The theme for this next one is "Moods, Music, & Movies 1980-1989." Being that I was all of 4 years old at the height of the 80's, I'm having to do some research on this one. I figured the only good thing to come out of the 80's was me, but it seems some other things were going on. Some good movies and music came out of the decade, also some err.. interesting fashions.

In trying to search for how to dress up for the party, I came across things like this.

And this 

And this
Is this seriously what people looked like? Good thing there were some good movies and music... My favorite movie at the time was definitely The Little Mermaid. Some other favorites to come from that time are Airplane (I could quote that all day), Scarface, A Christmas Story, Rain Man, Return Of The Jedi, Ghostbusters, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Omg, Ferris Bueller. He is like a bottom's idol in deception. Big props, Ferris. We look up to you.

There is a lot of music to choose from. From classic songs like "I Melt With You" by Modern English to cringe-worthy one hit wonders like "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco. Who is Falco, you ask? Exactly. I even found some that seemed to sort of fit with a spanking theme. 

"We're Not Gonna Take It"- Twisted Sister. This is one that a whole group of us sang in karaoke at one of the previous Scony weekends. Yes, it was as epic as it sounds. Did the tops try to get revenge on us afterwards? Pffttt. Moving right along...

Bottom's classic lack of accountability song: "We Didn't Start The Fire"- Billy Joel

Having a tough front song: "Fight For Your Right (To Party)"- Beastie Boys

The tops are catching up to me song: "I Ran (So Far Away)"- A Flock of Seagulls

How I feel before going to the weekend song: "Wanted Dead Or Alive"- Bon Jovi

How I feel after spankings at the weekend song: "I Wanna Be Sedated"- The Ramones

How I feel after getting home from the weekend song: "Don't Know What You Got ('Til It's Gone)- Cinderella 

Definitely a lot of choices. I've realized that a lot of the things I thought were from the 80's are actually from the 90's. One thing I remember watching all the time as a kid, cheesy as it was, was Full House. I looked it up and it ran from 1987-1995. Uncle Jesse was definitely one of my first crushes, bad mullet and all. John Stamos still looks good though. Has anyone seen his latest Greek yogurt commercial? Yeah, I wondered what had happened to his career too.

Of course, I should be thinking about other fashion choices considering how some people like to damage my ears. I need protection. Perhaps this?

Or maybe something like this

I could possibly get defensive with my jewelry...

This could work nicely on the cartilage.

Regardless of how ridiculous I may look in whatever outfit I end up choosing, I'm so looking forward to this weekend. It's been too long since I've been back East. Even though I was more spoiled than normal and got to go back 3 times in 2011, November's party seems like it was ages ago. Yet I think I'm already as dead with certain tops as I was then. Hmm... You'd think that an in between trip would've cleared up all those silly spankable offenses but that doesn't seem to have helped me. 

I already have an awesome countdown theme in mind that I'll share with you all as it approaches. It's certainly not going to help my case with the aforementioned tops though. Lol. Sometimes the joke is totally worth the cost of doing it though. "And sometimes it's not," says the top logic voice nagging my brain. Yeah, yeah... If you love the 80's, spanking, or just want to meet me because I'm awesome, it's not too late to sign up for the weekend here. Tell them Lea sent you and you can get a 5 swat discount! Okay, that's probably not true, but it won't hurt to try. "Actually, it CAN hurt to try." Go away, top voice!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clique- A Four Letter Word?

From Merriam-Webster: Clique (noun): a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially: one held together by common interests, views, or purposes. 

Synonyms: body, bunch, circle, clan, gang, community, coterie, coven, crowd, fold, galere, klatch, lot, network, pack, ring, set

Those synonyms are interesting. "Gang" tends to bring to mind a negative connotation whereas "community" is generally a positive one. The topic of cliques has been on my mind after having heard it used so negatively to describe many in the spanking scene. The criticisms some express refer to those in the spanking scene as being cliqueish, snobby, and petty. It kind of pisses me off to hear things like that because I know that the majority of people are NOT like that at all. The spanking scene has a wide variety of people in it, just like any subgroup you'd pull from the general population. So are there some out there who might be snobby or mean or petty? Of course. Just like there are in any other area of life. We've all had that family member or coworker or acquaintance who we couldn't stand. But that shouldn't be used to stereotype an entire group.

That's like calling all Yankees fans elitist. Hmm... moving right along. In my mind, the word "clique" just means a close group of friends. Don't we all have one of those? Why does that have to be a bad thing? In the above definition it states "held together by common interests, views, or purposes." Technically that would make all us spankos one big clique. Isn't that usually true of any friend? There's something that makes you become friends in the first place. You generally have a few things in common. I have Friend A who will always go out for sushi with me. Then there's Friend B who likes the same kinds of movies. If Friend A and I are going out for sushi we don't purposely exclude Friend B from coming, but if she doesn't like sushi then she just won't participate in that.

A lot of close friends have inside jokes, those "you had to be there" kind of moments. Some people think that having those jokes between one another is a bad thing too and excludes others. I don't believe that to be true either. Just the other day at work, I was telling a coworker a semi-funny embarrassing story about when I was in high school and we both were laughing so hard we were crying by the end of it. It honestly wasn't that funny but the stressful mood of the week had caught up to us and came out in the form of insanity and hysterical laughter. Anyway, someone else in the office came up front and asked what we were laughing about. I said "Oh, you just had to be there." Because sometimes you just do. I could certainly explain it all again but retelling things doesn't always have the same effect.

Trust me, I'm no Miss Popular. I never have been. I've always been the type that stays pretty neutral between various groups but can get along fairly well with most everybody. I think so anyway. Maybe somebody out there thinks I'm a total bitch, I don't know. What I do know is that when I came out into the spanking scene I encountered one of the kindest and most accepting groups of people that I've ever known in my life. There is no way that I ever could've gotten into all of this without the people. I've made so many good friends through this common link that we all share. I'll always be thankful for that. And if they'll accept a shy, silly, Peep obsessed girl like me, I think it's pretty fair to say that they're very welcoming to everyone.

The spanking scene is just a microcosm of the general vanilla world. You find all types. Some people you may click with more than others. I don't think that someone should be made to feel bad that they aren't super close friends with so-and-so if they just don't have that vibe with that person. It's the same as with choosing play partners. It's there or it isn't. If you have to force it, then it's not working. Even if a particular person isn't the top of your list of who you want to chat with, we should all still be able to be civil. It goes back to the Golden Rule- treat others the way that you want to be treated. And before you negatively judge someone for being clique-ish or snobby, stop and think if you are doing the very thing that you are accusing them of.  

"The worst cliques are those which consist of one man."- George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lost In Translation

Here's the thing with tops. Sometimes when they talk, I just start to hear this:


I do usually hear what they are saying. I really do! But we all know that hearing and listening are two different things, don't we? I think it was in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman asks John Travolta, "In conversation, do you listen or wait to talk?" I admit that sometimes in a "discussion" with a top, I just wait to talk. I always have to end up agreeing with them anyway so I wait for a pause and insert "Yes sir," "No, sir," "I'm sorry ma'am," "I won't do it again," etc. That doesn't mean I don't mean it when I say it, but it doesn't mean that I'm necessarily paying attention to everything they are saying either. 

And do I really need to? It's so often repeated I can pretty much have the conversation with myself in my head without the top even needing to be there! Stop cursing. Stop being sarcastic. Stop being a smartass. Is there anything I AM allowed to do? Be a good girl. Oh right, that one. Yes, it can blend together after a while. It's all a matter of perception really. Here is what I choose to take away from some of these "discussions." 

Top says: Don't curse.
I hear: Don't get caught cursing.

Top says: Don't be a wise guy.
I hear: Be more subtle with the smartass comments.

Top says: Go to bed.
I hear: Get off the computer and browse Fetlife from my phone in bed instead.

Top says: Don't make fun of my favorite sports team.
I hear: Make more jokes about their sports team, it's getting to them.

Top says: You're about to have a very red and sore bottom.
I hear: This would be the time to start running.

Perception. How do they expect me to listen to them anyway after all the abuse my poor ears have taken?