Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Addition To The Toybag

I'm worried that whatever I may write is going to pale in comparison to the popularity of my last post, but I'll soldier on. I've never had so many comments before, I guess we all LOVE cursing! Lol. That makes me happy. I hope that soon enough tops everywhere will accept my point of view on the matter.

I've shared before about how I really don't like having to ask for a spanking. I don't really like having to say much at all, actually. I find lines of questioning while OTK to be very annoying and distracting and I'm really not purposely being sassy when I don't give answers. It is just hard to focus. I'm just not made to answer questions under duress. I think if you look up "under duress" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of someone OTK, because that really does define it. Duress- noun- 1. forcible restraint or restriction 2. compulsion by threat, specifically unlawful constraint. Synonyms- arm-twisting, coercion, compulsion, constraint, force, pressure. Hmm, sound familiar?

Having to answer questions and interact with the top forces me to stay in the moment and does fit in with my headspace sometimes. But that makes it no less annoying and distracting. Lol. I took off on a train of thought there but back to my story. I don't like asking for a spanking. I'm terrible at initiating things with people at parties, but even at home with my own husband. He's a man though (no offense, male readers) and sometimes the subtlety of walking past him in the room in nothing but a thong just isn't enough to get the point across. This led to a conversation between J and I the other day.

Me- "I'm hungry. Do you want to go out and get something to eat?"
J- "Yeah, that sounds good. Where do you want to go?"
Me- "I don't know. Why don't you spank me and then we can go get dinner after?"

OTK Leather Looped Strap from Cane-Iac
Then I walked away so I could possibly play it off as a joke and not get frustrated if he didn't want to do it. Well I didn't need to worry, he got off his computer and followed me into the bedroom. "And what exactly have you done that you need to be spanked for?" J asked. "Nothing," I shrugged, "but we do have a new toy to try out." I pulled out from under the bed one of our recent purchases from Cane-Iac, pictured at the right. It's the OTK Leather Looped Strap in the color russet. This was actually my first purchase from Cane-Iac but I've played with other people's toys from there and always hear such great things too. Good quality stuff and affordable pricing. The other night I was browsing and created myself a really long wish list. :-) I actually emailed a link of a burgundy colored strap to J and all the subject read was "Valentine's Day." Subtle enough?

This strap is sort of like a doubled over belt/strap like thingy. This is a great review, I know. Lol. Belts and straps are implements I have a love/hate relationship with. They don't have to be horrible but they certainly can be, depending on how they are wielded and by whom. This one is a little over an inch wide and about 12 inches long total. I'm not sure about thickness, but it can pack a punch. I laid down on the bed and J started out spanking me with his hand over my panties. Then he switched to the strap. I prefer sting to thud in general and found that this seemed to fall in between the two. It is advertised as being good for OTK but we didn't use it in that position yet. Because of it's size though I'm sure it would be quite effective.

J pulled down my panties and spanked me a bit longer with his hand and then switched to the strap again. I never think that my panties give me any protection until they actually come down and I feel the difference. Why I go through that in my head for each and every spanking, I have no idea. The strap stung a lot more on my bare bottom and can really pack a wallop without a lot of force behind it. I don't think he was using it too hard but it certainly left an impression. Since this was more in the realm of a "good girl spanking" it didn't need to be used hard anyway. Because of it's smaller size, it also is able to really get into every spot on my bottom including the damn sit spots. Remember- thinner leather pieces can be much worse than wider ones because of that. After I was quite pink, the spanking concluded. I even got a few pics of myself to estimate the damage and it was quite efficient. Not going to post them here though, sorry, I'm a tease. ;-)

So the final review: Cane-Iac has a new fan. I'll certainly be purchasing more from there. Maybe even that burgundy strap for Valentine's Day. The OTK Leather Looped Strap falls in the middle of the sting/thud scale in my opinion, can pack a wallop depending on how it's used, is very portable in size, and is quite an efficient implement. I'm happy with it. What did we do after the spanking? Well we went to dinner, of course. What else? Haven't you been following along?


sugarsweethoney21 said...

Hi Lea! That last post was a good one! :) The first implement I ever purchased for us was from caniac---our leather paddle with Patty's artwork on it. I have used the site several times since, but I only just introduced Ace to it a few weeks ago. Curious to see where thats gonna go! But they do make awesome "toys" and the people are so helpful if you have questions like I did starting out. Glad you found them! Enjoy! :)

Susie said...

Hey Lea. My hubby thinks he might need more OTK specific implements. Nutty man.

I do very much like your definition for duress!

Marne said...

Lea, I agree with you about the Tops' questions. How frustrating! Add to the distraction all the spanking NOISES that they're making, and no wonder we have difficulty answering their questions! Are you getting kick-backs from Can-Iac? You should...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the product. I remember a close encounter with a similar implement and it did sting a lot.

We can protest about being questioned during a spanking until hell freezes over, but I do not think that will work.

I have never seen you ask for a spanking, but you are so clever at pushing the right buttons to earn one or should I say a dozen or so. And, the master at having that innocent "Who me" look on your face.

Loved the post.


kiwigirliegirl said...

my Sir isnt very talkative during a spanking so im lucky there, i could imagine it very hard concentrating on what you have to say in reply!
I love cane-iac. I have bought the cane and our wooden paddle. Sir wants to buy the spanking buddy for okt hand spankings - to protect his hand. There is a leather one and a wooden one...i think we will go with leather. Wood hurts!
I dont like to ask for spankings either, its so damned hard, but unfortunately my Sir has now directed that i have to :(
great post Lea, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, just looking at a picture of that weapon scares me half to death! You are quite the brave one.

I know what you mean about the interrogation. It's hard enough to think of an answer, let alone the "right" one.

Love this blog! Keep writing!


SublimeWifey said...

Your description of your new toy intrigues me ... but then I think WHAT?! Am I crazy?! Am I ready to graduate from the hand and the wooden ruler? I don't think so ... not just yet.

But thanks for giving me something to strive for. ;-)

Sara said...

Personally, I'm a leather girl myself. ( you can keep rhe wood paddles, thanks!) this looks like a decent buy! We have several similar ones. They're effective, but not too too! Sara

Lea said...

@sugar, There is a lot of great stuff to choose from, for sure. If Ace likes it you may remember in the future to be careful what you wish for. ;-)

@Susie, I think it's a pretty accurate definition. Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

@Marne, Yes tops should understand that we are on sensory overload. Sheesh. Nope, no kickbacks. But I'm always happy to share about something I like.

@joey, Yes I certainly seem to know how to push buttons. And of course I know how to look innocent, because I AM innocent. ;-) Don't laugh too hard!

Lea said...

@kiwi, It is very hard to concentrate! That's why they do it, just to frustrate us!

@Regan, Well compared to something like the FES it's not all bad. Have you met the FES? If not, I'm on good terms with it's owner and can TOTALLY arrange that for you. :-D

@SublimeWifey, Hehe, I wonder what I'm thinking sometimes too. I do pick out most of the implements that we buy. Why? I don't have an answer for that!

@Sara, I'd say I prefer leather to wood as well, but it is all about how it's used, I think.

sarah thorne said...

VERY nice!! We have something similar, but of course it's LT. ;) I do LOVE LOVE LOVE leather - it's just SO yummy of a feeling, even when it really hurts!

Now, while you may have gone to dinner afterwards, sometimes post-spanking activity can happen as pre-dinner activity as well, you know? The two kinda merge sometimes! ;)


Erica said...

(laughing) Glad you've discovered the pleasures of Cane-iac!

I hate asking too. Really, should we have to? :-) However, I don't really mind the questions and so forth while OTK. I've used this joke before; I'm lucky enough to be able to think fast off my feet.

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Michael said...

That was a great review, Lea, and if Season and I hadn't received a looped strap as a Christmas gift this year from a very good blog friend I would be contacting Caniac this very minute. I still might as Valentine's Day is fast approaching and that burgundy strap you mentioned does sound wonderful.

Season usually doesn't have to ask for a spanking as I read her pretty well, and also delightfully surprise her quite often. But when she does need to ask she is usually too shy to verbalize her request and instead writes a note and leaves it where I will quickly find it.

Lea said...

@sarah, I have many LT items on my wish list still as well. Pre-dinner is definitely better than post-dinner, everyone is just too full to do much then. ;-)

@Erica, They have definitely found a new fan! I do not think fast off my feet but I think tops know that and use it against me. Sigh...

@Spanking Tube, I'd be happy to!

@Michael, The note idea sounds like a good one. We have so many visitors pass through our house though I'd be a bit worried about sticking a post-it that reads "Spank Me" on J's computer screen. ;-)

Michael said...

Lea. quite right about the embarrassment of a visitor finding a "Spank Me" note, but Season usually leaves a much more detailed note somewhere I will find it fairly quickly like sticking out of my wallet on top of the dresser or tucked in clothing I will don after my shower. She also will send me notes via email to further insure privacy especially when she is feeling exceptionally bashful. And even her notes are a bit shy as she will often speak through a third party and introduce a little role play into our scenario and say something like "Dear Michael, this is Lea from Lea's Corner and I am sad to report that Miss Season was acting very naughty on my blog and needs to be taken in hand. If I may so bold as to suggest a bare bottom OTK spanking followed with some corner time. I leave it to you to decide upon the implement and duration for both her paddling and time in the corner. Spankfully yours, Lea."

Craig Aych said...

Mmmm. Nice implement. Looks lovely...

Lea said...

@Michael, Well, whatever works. :-)

@Craig, It CAN be nice. Thanks for stopping by!