Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventures In Topping

Yes, you read it here first. I had my first topping experience. Okay, so maybe it involved a pillow and not a person. Lol. I got a cane for Christmas. I know, Santa must've thought that I'm very badly behaved compared to reality. It's the Master's Choice Jr. rattan cane from Cane-iac. I've had a few caning experiences this past year and wanted to add one to my personal collection. J and I haven't used a cane before so a product review and story will have to come later on that. The advice I kept getting from people was to be really careful not to wrap, aim very carefully, and practice beating a pillow.

Well that sounded kind of fun. I never get to be the one beating anything, after all. The cane came and I decided to try to get a feel for it. It seems very flexible (aka stingy) and makes that hair-raising swishing sound in the air. But it wasn't being aimed at me this time making the swishiness much less scary. Not scary at all, really. I'm left handed but other than handwriting, I do pretty much everything right handed. Who wants to be the kid who has to look weird playing baseball in school by facing the opposite direction of what everyone else is doing? So I've always learned to do most things right handed. I couldn't quite get a handle on whether to hold the cane with my left hand or right hand. Not that I had to worry about the pillow sustaining too much damage. Lol. I ended up hitting it a few times on either side of it, interchanging hands. It was kind of fun. I can see how some tops get on a power trip. I mean.. err.. they are all lovely caring people.

I know what you're thinking. Did I really come over here just to read about a pillow being caned? Well of course not. There were real spankings to be had. I had been sulking about not getting spanked on Christmas last week so I was quite overdue. With the Christmas theme in mind, I had some new things to wear for J, topped off by a Santa hat. He bent me over the bed and spanked me with his hand. There was some belated discussion as to whether I've been naughty or nice. (Is that still really in question?) The decided answer was I've been both so it started out with the "good" spanking. In addition to his hand, I got several strokes with the heart crop. That is on the lighter end of our implements. Then I was sufficiently warmed up with the hairbrush.

Yes, the hairbrush was in the "good" spanking part. And not for the first time. Seems a bit contradictory, doesn't it? Once my bottom was good and stinging, I laid across the bed for the leather strap. Have I mentioned how much I hate that one? This would be the "naughty" spanking portion of the evening. This served as my reminder to behave because naughty girls get spanked. But it seems good girls get spanked too. Quite a quandary. I have a really hard time staying in place for a strapping. I don't know why I think attempting to wriggle from side to side is going to dissipate the pain. Same goes for moving my feet when I'm in a standing position being spanked. It's just a mental thing I guess. Well it doesn't help and it can cause wrapping when it hits me and I've moved. Oww. He interchanged a bit between the strap and the hairbrush and when I was sufficiently reddened, the spanking concluded and we moved on to... other things.

I actually got a gift from a co-worker for Christmas who has no idea how useful it'll be OTK. Or probably what OTK even stands for. Lol. I always complain of being cold (Mr. G can roll his eyes now if he's reading) and so she got me a bunch of socks. Warm fuzzy socks in various colors. One pair is the no-slip kind with the little nubby things on the bottom. Mine have toes though, because what's the point of socks with no toes? It's like fingerless gloves. Why?? Anyway, when I saw those I thought that'd be perfect for when I'm spanked! Some shorter spankees may not experience this problem, but my feet are almost always touching the ground if I'm over someone's knee. And socked feet on carpet get slippery. Problem solved!

In other news, I was chosen as January's blog of the month by The Spanking Bloggers Network! Thanks to all who voted for me and to all of you out there for reading! In addition to that, I was also featured in a post this week on Spanking Sites Unlimited. I really appreciate all the support out here in the spanking community and our little corner of the blogosphere. I'll strive to keep it interesting and sarcastic. Who am I kidding? Mostly sarcastic. ;-)


bree512 said...

Congrats on the blog of the month and the accolades on SSU, Lea!

Does this mean you are going to be a Switch from now on?

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your various awards! They are well deserved.

Do I have to start calling you Ms Lea or Lady Lea? Should I respond to your comments with "Yes Ma'am?" Will you make me count in a language other than English?

OMG. Practicing with a cane. Thinking of you swinging that cane sends shivers down my spine.

Your good friend,

Note to self: Do not speak to Lady Lea during weekend before noon.

alex reynolds said...

The whistling, swishy sound is so scary, even if it isn't being aimed at anyone! I just got new canes today, too, and I scared myself playing with them!

Lea said...

@bree, Thanks! No, I don't see any real switching in my future. I'm terribly coordinated for one thing. If I really did at all it'd be just for fun to try it. I don't have the headspace to do it seriously.

@joey, thank you! No, you don't have to call me Miss Lea. But avoiding me until noon is still a good idea. ;-)

@alex, Haha, yes that sound can have quite an effect on a person!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being Blog of the Month Lea, well deserved! More pictures of socks please.

sarah thorne said...

A hairbrush for the 'good' portion of the spanking? Say what? Something not right with that picture.....

Glad to see that the tall have issues otk as well. ;) I wouldn't know about slippery feet while Otk, being all of 4'11 and all. My feet don't touch at all!!!

Now you got me wanting to beat a pillow!


Lea said...

@Wordsmith, Thanks! You have a sock fetish, eh? ;-)

@sarah, I know, right? I told him that it shouldn't be for that part either. Tall people have all kinds of OTK issues! I'm clumsy in general so that certainly doesn't help. Lol. Hitting a pillow, screaming into a pillow, all things that can relieve some stress. :-)