Sunday, January 29, 2012

Head Games

"Head Games" is one of my favorite songs by Foreigner. And of course, it made me think of spanking because we all know that tops play head games. So here is the spankified version. Enjoy. :-)

Head Games

Daylight, alright
I don't know, I don't know if it's real
Been a long night, no sitting in sight
You kept spanking me, spanking me 'til I squealed

No time ever seems right
To make my point when your top logic's in sight
It's high time to draw the line
Put an end to this game before it's too late

Head games, it's you and me baby
Head games, and I can't take it anymore
Head games, I don't wanna play the
Head games

I daydream for hours it seems
I keep thinkin' of you, yeah, thinkin' of you
These spanking dreams, what do they mean?
They keep haunting me, are they warning me?

Daylight turns into night
I kick and plead while I feel the strap's bite
Excuses always the same and you say I'm to blame
I hear what you're sayin', still we keep on playin'

Head games, that's all I get from you
Head games, and I can't take it anymore
Head games, don't wanna play the 
Head games

Now that my bottom has paid
We hold each other close, this is where I wanna stay
It's so clear, "I'm sorry," I say
But if you wanna win you gotta learn how to play

Head games, always you and me, baby
Head games, 'til I can't take it anymore
Head games, even when you're spanking me
Head games, ooh

Head games, always you and me, baby
Head games, 'til I can't take it anymore, no more
Head games, even when you're spanking me, we play
Head games

Head games, in the first degree
Head games, yeah, always you and me
Head games, why do you do it baby?
Head games


sarah thorne said...

Love your spoofs! :)


Marne said...

Another great parody, Lea! And thanks for the Mountain Weekend count-down.

bree said...

Wow! Foreigner. That brings back bitter sweet memories. *SIGH*

Good job, Lea. :)

I particularly like the Inside Information album of Foreigner's.
It has a lot of Toppiness.

My favorite songs on there are "Say You Will", "I Don't Want To Live Without You", "Face to Face" and "Out Of The Blue".

I think "Counting Every Minute" is a very Toppy song. One of my other favorite songs on this album.


Does this have anything to do with the 80's theme?

Anonymous said...

Terrific Lea. Another excellent parody.

Lea said...

@sarah, Glad you enjoyed it!

@Marne, You're welcome. Only 74 days, woohoo!

@bree, Foreigner is great. Some of their stuff could fit into the 80's theme. Are you coming in April?

@joey, Thanks, glad you liked it!

bree said...

No, sadly I cannot come this time...:(

Lea said...

@bree, Aww that sucks.

Newt said...

That was really fabulous.
Made me laugh early in the morning. No small feat. Love your blog.

Have a great day,

Lea said...

@Newt, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! I think creating song parodies is a whole other fetish for me. Hehe.