Thursday, June 28, 2012

The State Of The Bottom Address

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, fellow Americans, and all of you out there in Spankingland, last week I was thoroughly spanked. My friend SY came to visit me from California and I interrupt your programming to tell you (and show you) a little bit about it. I promise it will be shorter than the President's address, and most certainly won't pre-empt Days of our Lives. Like I would ever do such a thing!

It was a short visit but longer than the prior one so I was happy about that. His birthday is coming up soon and I had a gift all planned but unfortunately timing didn't line up for it to make it here in time, so I wasn't happy about that. We've had an ongoing joke of saying that I'm "Wonder Woman" and as you can see on the right, I was prepared. That is my box of toys there but he had many evil things of his own as well. I know what you're asking yourself. Did Wonder Woman get her revenge?

That would be a no. Hmmph! I go to all that effort to dress up and this is how I'm repaid. Like he thinks I want to be spanked or something! Where would he get that idea? Top logic, I'll never understand it. As you can see from the picture on the left, the sit spots got a lot of attention right off the bat. I was quickly bent over the chair as he spanked me with his hand and then some cane-like things. Not sure what everything was.

One of my most hated items was this wooden dowel rod thingamajig that was an inch or so around. That one was terrible and would continue to torture me throughout the visit. I don't really know how to describe it, it was irritatingly thuddy and would strike very precisely in the same spot over and over until I wanted to kick him in the face. But I'm nice and didn't do that. Nothing was harmed in the making of this blog post. Except my ass, of course.

I got a short reprieve while we had lunch. Cheese pizza and salad. Yes, you read that right. Salad. The things vegetarians make me do. Hard limits were being fast approached all over the place. Lol. And no, S, I wasn't spanked for not eating my vegetables. I did eat them. I don't remember the reason for the next one, but I was soon lying on the couch with my bottom bared again. Oh, it might've been because I made us watch Days of our Lives. Well, I had a day off work and I didn't want to miss it!

That damn wooden rod was used quite a bit again, along with some cane things and my wooden paddles. I think a strap too. I needed a breather and we went out for a bit and met some friends for dinner. Everyone got along well and there was a lot of talking and laughing and "bratting," if you want to believe the tops present at the meal. But we all know to never trust a top. Later in the evening, I once again found myself in a vulnerable position. Believe it or not, the picture here was the before shot.

This was the after. ---> I think everything was used in our final spanking. Hand, leather paddle, wooden paddles, his cutting board thingy, straps, stupid wooden rod, bathbrush, canes. I don't even know what else. It was intense. I cried. And I was very, very sore and marked. I did get a big hug. I like that part.

Whoever said that spanking is the cure for insomnia is correct. I was asleep about as soon as my head hit the pillow, which never happens. But I was quite worn out, emotionally and physically, from a very eventful day. The next morning, we said our goodbyes and SY began the drive home. I went to work and regretted not taking a second day off to avoid sitting. (I'm a secretary.) I'm happy that I have an even number of pictures and of paragraphs so I will wrap up here. I'm always excited to get to see my friends who live so far away and was so happy that SY came out and we got to spend some time together. Hint hint other friends- come visit me! The current state of my bottom is still recovering. Bruises fade, but memories last forever. Is that the spanko motto? Lol. You may now resume your regular progamming.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Perception is a funny thing. My workplace has recently been trying to hire a new employee to work in our front office. This would hopefully alleviate the stressful workload that is currently left on me and just one other woman. This has led to quite a bit of discussion with my current coworkers about how another personality might fit into things.

It's not exactly your typical office. Things run well and are very professional in front of customers, of course. But amongst ourselves, it reminds me a bit of being in stage crew in high school when I was the only girl along with 26 guys. Vulgar and hilarious. We would appear to be quite an odd bunch to an outsider but honestly, some of the people there are the only thing that keeps me sane day to day.

This was all a preface to how I found out a different coworker felt about me. I was talking to C, who I work with daily, about how the new person would fit in. She told me that someone at one of our other offices once told her that she thought I was a Molly Mormon. For those not from around here, that's a generally negative slang term that means someone is a super churchy goody-goody.

Goody-goody is defined as "a well-behaved person with no obvious human failings, with the possible exception of smugness and self-satisfaction." I'll pause here while I give the people who know me a chance to pick themselves up off the floor after laughing so much. My initial reaction was laughter as well. As was C's. Since she is around me every day and hears the words that come out of my mouth, she found it quite humorous.

I actually felt a little proud that I'm apparently so skilled at deception that I'm able to give off this vibe of being perfect. Lol. I could count on both hands the number of times I've ever talked to this woman face to face, since there isn't a need for much interaction between offices. So I suppose I can see how she doesn't really know me at all and shyness is possibly interpreted as innocence of some sort. I guess it could be considered a good thing that I can appear detached and professional at work. I certainly don't want all of those people in my personal business, after all.

At my first ever SCONY weekend, I was nervous as hell. I'd talked to people online for months before flying out there to make it to a party, but it was still nerve-wracking. What is everyone going to be like in person? Are they going to like me? What if I'm too shy and don't know what to say to people? Fortunately it was a wonderful group of people and I was surprised at how quickly I felt welcomed and at home. But even so, it took a little while to get warmed up to everyone. (no pun intended)

On several different occasions, I was spanked for having "Eddie Haskell syndrome." It's okay, I had to Google it too. He's a little kid from an old show called Leave It To Beaver who was the ultimate goody-goody. Clearly, this was still in the very beginning when I was generally quiet and pretty terrified to do anything wrong because I was figuring out how things worked. By the end of the weekend, I was being spanked for being such a sarcastic smartass. My personality eventually emerged. If you are thinking I haven't been accused of having "Eddie Haskell syndrome" since then, you'd be correct.

This recent comment has made me think about snap judgements, something I've been guilty of making myself. If you haven't ever had a real conversation with a person, how do you know what they're like? Being shy shouldn't be mistaken for being a snob. Being quiet and thinking things out before adding to a conversation doesn't mean that one doesn't have an opinion. Being tall doesn't mean that I'm a damn top! Being a sarcastic smartass with a dark sense of humor doesn't mean that I'm not also a caring person. Who would guess that quiet little Lea plans all her vacation time around parties where she receives a very sore bottom from some good friends? I'm probably a good example of why you shouldn't judge someone you don't know. Because you'd be wrong.

And for the real goody-goodies out there, hey, good for you! Good girls need spankings too!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Waiting Game

Image found at The Pink Papers
The phone buzzed alerting her of a new text message. Her eyes widened as she read it. "I'll be there in 20 minutes. You will be naked. You will have 3 toys selected from your toy box." She swallowed hard and moved to follow his instructions, clothing soon in a pile on the floor.

There were 2 boxes under the bed. He didn't specify which toy box, so she could've been a smart ass and laid out three vibrators. But she didn't. She was in a mood and craving a hard spanking. She knew what she needed. A thick wooden paddle, double leather strap, and rattan cane were carefully selected and set on to the bed next to her.

She lied on her stomach on the bed, legs nervously swinging up behind her. Waiting. The front door had been left unlocked and finally she heard him enter the apartment. The lock was clicked in place behind him and his footsteps came down the hallway toward her.

He entered the room and his eyes surveyed her body. She nervously smiled as he kissed her hello. "Good girl," he said into her ear, the praise for having followed his directions. His hands ran down the length of her body and came back to rest on her bottom.

He glanced at the implements lying next to her. "You've picked out some heavy stuff. Is it because you know how bad you've been lately and that you deserve to be punished?" "Yes, sir," she said softly, breaking eye contact and fixating on the comforter.

He sat on the bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. His hand struck each cheek, left to right and back again. After warming her bottom up, he picked up the wooden paddle. It came down hard as she winced and questioned her decision in picking it out. She braced herself as the swats continued to redden her bared flesh.

The cane was new to him and he swished it through the air a few times and commented on the sound it made. "Yes," she said, "that's what makes it so scary." He tapped it lightly up and down her bottom before landing a few harder strokes. It really stung and she could already tell it was going to leave some marks as she tried not to move. She was fairly quiet, even for how quiet she normally was. She was starting to get into that zone and space out a bit.

She squirmed around surprisingly little for such a hard spanking. He switched off between the cane and the paddle, her bottom heating up fast. He'd pause at just the right moments when she was reaching her pain threshold and rub her sore cheeks before resuming. She wanted to be able to take it all. Her breathing focused as he continued.

He picked up the strap and really let her have it. It firmly struck across both cheeks, the leather unyielding. She bit down on her lip and buried her face into the comforter. She fought to keep her legs from kicking. After several smacks of the leather, he paused to massage her bottom. His fingers slipped between her legs and she softly moaned into the bedspread.

She was surprised at how slick she felt because despite her vulnerable nude state, she had not been focusing on that. But now the switch was flipped. And she always enjoyed herself when he flipped the switch. "Have I been a good girl tonight, sir?" she asked. "Yes you have," he said. "You took your spanking very well. How would you like to be rewarded?" She turned toward him and smiled.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Few Good Men

by Ron Tranmer

I've been told that I am thoughtful,
that my feet are on the ground.
Some say that I am likeable
and fun to be around.

It's been said that to my principles
I stand firm and true.
That I'm dependable and honest
in the things I say and do.

But the single greatest compliment
that I have ever had,
Is when somebody told me,
"You remind me of your dad."

Thank You Dad
by Anonymous

Thank you for the laughter,
For the good times that we share,
Thanks for always listening,
For trying to be fair.

Thank you for your comfort,
When things are going bad,
Thank you for the shoulder,
To cry on when I'm sad.

This poem is a reminder that
All my life through,
I'll be thanking Heaven
For a special Dad like you.

Fathers are very special people. Not to knock mothers, but they seem to get more of the focus. Fathers are often quiet and in the background, but always there when we need them. I hope we all take the opportunity today to let them know how much we care. For those whose fathers have passed on, I hope you have a happy memory to reflect on. 

And let's not forget the other good men in our lives. Brothers, uncles, grandfathers, friends, and other father figures. It doesn't require a blood connection to have a special place in someone's life. I've met a lot of great men through TTWD who I have a lot of respect for. I hope everyone's feeling the love today and knows how much they are appreciated.
Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmm...

I am completely normal. It's the other people who can go shopping and not see how everything is related to spanking that are a bit off. How could this not stand out at you? And it's COMPLETELY false, by the way. 

Ouchless for who? The one holding it, maybe. Glad your wrist is comfortable. *rolls eyes*

Same with this

Cruelty free? Ha!     

The hearts aren't fooling anyone. This would hurt like a mofo.

from Cane-Iac
I once went shopping for Arnica gel and found it quite ironic that it was sold across the aisle from a wall of bathbrushes. I wonder if the cashier saw me blushing as I hurriedly grabbed a bottle.

I bought a Mason Pearson brush for a friend that was for spanking purposes, but I found it quite funny that one of the reviews mentioned it was "great for a 100 stroke brushing before bed." Who knew I would find such great insight on Amazon!

There really is no section of the store that doesn't scream spanking. 


 Any practical person would realize this is being sold purely to lie across for the strap.
 This could be comfy to bend over.


Silk sheets can feel quite luxurious to lie on as you're being spanked. The downside is they can be slippery, so squirming might result in falling right off the bed. Does it sounds like I'm speaking from experience? I am.

Does anyone use these things in the bath? I mean, really? I didn't think so. They are clearly made to be evil spanking tools.


Most items for the kitchen are used to smack someone with. Silicone is extra stingy.

Men's Clothing

Can you look at men's dress shirts without imagining a guy slowly rolling up his sleeves? 

Women's Clothing

I bet they'd look even better when I'm bent over.

Even a vanilla person must have some spanking thoughts when browsing these.


Who hasn't been threatened to be spanked with their own flip flop?


No, I don't hang out near the men's belts just to watch them being tried on and pulled back off. Didn't you read the beginning of this post? I'm normal.

Lovely scarves. I wonder how they'd feel tied around my wrists.
Roomy handbags are always a plus. Could hide an implement or two in there.

And now you see how everything is related to spanking. It's not just me, not at all. I hope you all enjoy your next kinky trip to JC Penney.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attn: Spanking Bloggers! + FetLife Info

Recently, The Spanking Bloggers Network was ousted from the forum that they were using on Invision. If you are a member or would like to be, there is now a group for Spanking Bloggers Network on Fetlife that can be found here. The Spanking Bloggers Network blog page still exists here and includes instructions on how to join if you are not yet a member. How many times can I say Spanking Bloggers Network in one paragraph? Phew.

I know not everyone is on FetLife or wants to be, but I love it and I'll tell you why. I think it has something for everyone. There are tons of things out there that I'm not into and/or don't care to browse. Some spanking people find the site intimidating because of the more hardcore BDSM things that are on there. But it's a big site, you can be involved in as little or as much as you want to.

I'm pretty active on there, I use it more than Facebook. I like following what my kinky friends are doing and sharing thoughts that I certainly couldn't say on Facebook. Where else can you share a status update of what a good spanking you got last night? I stick mostly with various spanking groups that have good discussions from time to time and also local stuff that keeps me up to date on events and things.

So what are you waiting for? Go join now! And if you are already on there and we're not friends, well why the hell aren't we friends? You can find me here. :-D Alright, that's the end of my spiel. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend! By the time you're reading this, I will hopefully have been soundly spanked. Then maybe I'll go write about it on FetLife. ;-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


No, I wasn't spanked again for being indecisive. S and I determined that since I'm always indecisive, dealing with it that way every time would start to lose it's effect and surprise factor. I can't recall what the exact reason for the spanking was. It seems that I'm just generally naughty. Or so I'm told.

We were sitting on the couch and talking when S told me to go into my room to retrieve my leather and wooden paddles and bring them to him. And also to remove my jeans. I did as I was asked (surprising, I know) and made the dreaded walk back to the living room to hand him the paddles.

He had me lie down on the couch and started right in with the leather paddle. It is one of my favorite things out of my collection but that doesn't mean it's always the one that is nicest to my bottom. It can be quite stingy. And it was quite stingy. Sometimes I feel like I have a greatly varying pain tolerance. Something that usually doesn't seem that hard I can hardly stand on a different day depending on how I'm positioned or my mood or God knows what else.This was one of those days where everything was getting to me a bit more.

As he paddled me, I was squirming from side to side with my legs bent and kicking. He moved closer to secure me with his arm around my waist and told me to stop moving. He resumed with the paddle coming down hard across my quickly reddening cheeks and I tried really hard not to move. I still did a bit but he acknowledged that I did better than before. I really don't know if it would be possible to not move at all. If that ever happens, someone probably needs to call the ambulance since I may have completely passed out. Lol.

He paused as I took in a few deep breaths and let my body relax. He asked if I was ready for the wooden paddle. "That was only one of them that whole time??" "Yes," he said. "Fuck!" I laughed, burying my head into the couch. I braced myself as the wood connected and quickly noted the difference between the two.

Things picked up speed and any attempts at not squirming flew out the window. I moved from side to side, nearly rolling over to block the blows. He secured me with his arm again as I helplessly yelped with each swat. My poor sit spots were sufficiently attended to.

He spanked me with his hand for a minute before switching back to the wood. My bottom felt like it was on fire but I'd reached the point where I wasn't really struggling and started to zone out a bit. He eased up and set down the paddle, his hand rubbing up and down my stinging cheeks. I lied there for a few moments and looked back and smiled at him. I stood and we hugged and I put myself back together. Then we went to dinner because tops are mean and like to make you sit after they've just made you very sore. I was glad the restaurant booth was padded.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Big O

Image found at The Pink Papers
She was lying facedown on the bed, a familiar position. His fingers ran across her bare skin and paused at her bottom. He caressed both cheeks before slapping them sharply. She jumped slightly and braced herself for more. His hand came down hard again and again until she was wriggling from side to side.

"Where do you think you're going?" he said into her ear. He leaned into her and wrapped his arm around her waist. The swats became harder as she uselessly tried to move."Oww, oww!" she cried out. She could feel her bottom stinging as it quickly turned a shade of pink.

He paused and rubbed the sting, his fingers finding their way between her legs. She let out an agreeable moan as her arousal increased. She pushed her bottom up and spread her legs further apart. "Not yet," he said. "You've been a very naughty girl." The spanking started up again as his hand connected with her reddened flesh. The swats rained down quickly. "You're such a fucking tease," she growled into the pillow. He laughed and once again wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her from squirming away.

He lightly squeezed her cheeks and his fingers returned between her legs. She let her body language give the review as he worked his magic. Just as she was getting close, he stopped and reached over to the side of the bed. He fumbled around in the box of toys and returned with her favorite. Soon all that could be heard in the room was a low buzzing sound and her moans muffled into the pillow. The vibration rocked her body down to her curling toes.  He was the master of the build up and this night was no different.

When she didn't think she could handle anymore, he would instinctively pause. He left the toy inside of her and spanked her rosy cheeks hard. She moaned until her throat was too hoarse to voice her pleasure. Her head was spinning and she felt like she might explode. Is this what everyone is always talking about? Multiple orgasms? Omigod, omigod! Her body begged for him and finally he took her. They moved together and eventually collapsed onto the bed in a pile of entangled limbs. Her body still quivering, she whispered just one word. "Oh!"