Thursday, June 7, 2012


No, I wasn't spanked again for being indecisive. S and I determined that since I'm always indecisive, dealing with it that way every time would start to lose it's effect and surprise factor. I can't recall what the exact reason for the spanking was. It seems that I'm just generally naughty. Or so I'm told.

We were sitting on the couch and talking when S told me to go into my room to retrieve my leather and wooden paddles and bring them to him. And also to remove my jeans. I did as I was asked (surprising, I know) and made the dreaded walk back to the living room to hand him the paddles.

He had me lie down on the couch and started right in with the leather paddle. It is one of my favorite things out of my collection but that doesn't mean it's always the one that is nicest to my bottom. It can be quite stingy. And it was quite stingy. Sometimes I feel like I have a greatly varying pain tolerance. Something that usually doesn't seem that hard I can hardly stand on a different day depending on how I'm positioned or my mood or God knows what else.This was one of those days where everything was getting to me a bit more.

As he paddled me, I was squirming from side to side with my legs bent and kicking. He moved closer to secure me with his arm around my waist and told me to stop moving. He resumed with the paddle coming down hard across my quickly reddening cheeks and I tried really hard not to move. I still did a bit but he acknowledged that I did better than before. I really don't know if it would be possible to not move at all. If that ever happens, someone probably needs to call the ambulance since I may have completely passed out. Lol.

He paused as I took in a few deep breaths and let my body relax. He asked if I was ready for the wooden paddle. "That was only one of them that whole time??" "Yes," he said. "Fuck!" I laughed, burying my head into the couch. I braced myself as the wood connected and quickly noted the difference between the two.

Things picked up speed and any attempts at not squirming flew out the window. I moved from side to side, nearly rolling over to block the blows. He secured me with his arm again as I helplessly yelped with each swat. My poor sit spots were sufficiently attended to.

He spanked me with his hand for a minute before switching back to the wood. My bottom felt like it was on fire but I'd reached the point where I wasn't really struggling and started to zone out a bit. He eased up and set down the paddle, his hand rubbing up and down my stinging cheeks. I lied there for a few moments and looked back and smiled at him. I stood and we hugged and I put myself back together. Then we went to dinner because tops are mean and like to make you sit after they've just made you very sore. I was glad the restaurant booth was padded.


Anonymous said...


I find it impossible not to move when I am being stung like that with paddles. Wow. Your bottom must have been cherry red and sore.

Terrific real life spanking story. Thanks Lea.


Anonymous said...

We need some sort of new word, a portmanteau of some sort, to describe the mean-niceness of Tops. Perhaps "mean-nice-ing", pronounced, "menacing".

I'm not too keen on leather implements. I find them unpleasantly stingy more often than not...*pause*... *shakes head*...what?! Sometimes it's so hard to believe I have these conversations...


Emen said...

So hot. Pic of guitar paddle stuck in head. But ultimate mean niceness is he spanked before you ate. Love sore bottom and appetite. Hate "movie magic" let's eat till we puke then have spank/sex/whatev. Does that make sense?

SNP said...

Thanks for sharing the real life spanking complete with paddle pics. And I am glad the restaurant booth was padded, too!

A.S.S. said...

Leather can be nice... that is ~can be~. But yea, doesn't mean it's always nice! That's especially true when things start with leather from swat #1. Ouch!

btw, some spankees notice pain tolerance changes based on their month cycle. Not true for Suzy, but spankee friends have shared that they've noticed it makes a difference.

~Todd and Suzy

Susie said...

Just generally naughty huh? LOL Lea!

I have terrible luck with the padded seating at restaurants. It seems like we always end up in one with wood chairs.

BTW, I am way more sensitive at some times of the month. Nutty hormones.

Lea said...

@joey, I'm not sure if my skin does cherry red. More like from white to purple in under 60 seconds. ;-)

@Regan, Ha, that word could work quite well! Do you prefer wood to leather? I like sting over thud, myself.

@Emen, Yes I agree. Spanking is like swimming. One needs to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before engaging in it. ;-)

@SNP, You and me both! Thanks for reading!

@Todd and Suzy, That's interesting. One more thing for women's bodies to be touchy about, eh?

@Susie, I've learned to avoid Cracker Barrels and those hard wooden rocking chairs. ;-)

Jean said...

Thanks for sharing! Yeah leather can be stingy! I find I very greatly in tolerance.

Lea said...

@Jean, I still prefer sting to thud though. But at the moment I'm feeling it, I sometimes forget why! ;-)