Thursday, August 30, 2012

Search Madness/Wellred Weekly/Shadow Lane Is Almost Here

I admit that I've typed seemingly stupid things into a search engine. My friend laughed at me for looking up "how to brown ground beef." Hey, it helped! Not everyone is a chef. Sheesh. From time to time, I come across search keywords that led people to my blog that really make me scratch my head or just laugh. There are some standard ones that I often see like these:

spanking sounds
good girl spanking
lea's corner
sounds of spanking
is james spader kinky in real life? I get that one a lot since writing about my love for Spader.

Some I can tell were led here based on particular titles of posts or content like these:

fairy tale spanking
mason pearson spanking
scony nyc review
spanked in the park
what do you think this is a holiday inn
benefit of cursing You're welcome!
black and blue after spanking pictures
pictures of spanking marks
bruised from hand spanking Okay, okay. I bruise easily. No need to make me self conscious!
good girls like to be spanked We sure do! Why are you laughing? I'm good!

Here are some of the stranger ones:

"lea" extreme spanking I don't like the sound of this new idea for an Olympic sport.
granny panties Definitely no pics found here fitting that description.
do all tops spank Isn't that sort of the point of being one? Let me search my top rolodex for you. I'm sure we can find an evil referral.
experiences of to be spank on the bare butt during a spanking session of scony in new york That's quite a mouthful! My experience was a good one. ;-)
give me an oww spanking A cheer gone bad?
he tapped the paddle on her bare butt and then really hit her hard Go on...
peaches corner spanko I don't think I've ever mentioned peaches.
spanked for not eating vegetables Thus far I've avoided it!
spanked in mississippi I'm nowhere near there but apparently have good placement with Google's searches.
spanking hermione corner sob Uh... looking for this Hermione?
spankingland I'd like to vacation there. When do we leave?
spanking lea I'm accepting applications.
spanking naughtyjoey email Hmm. Joey, do you want to give out your email?

That completes my latest batch of search madness. In other news, I have been featured in the latest issue of Wellred Weekly! If you've never read it, check it out! It is an electronic journal of the Library of Spanking Fiction that features various articles and items of news for the spanking community. Interviews, art, stories, there's a lot of great stuff to browse through. My article is about spanking labels and the content came from my post Bottom= Masochist?. I'm sure people who've read here since the beginning are glad I don't write posts that long anymore. ;-) You're in luck because the featured article is more condensed compared to my original post and you can find it here in Issue 10.

Shadow Lane has already begun for some participants who arrive early to start the fun, but it'll officially start for me tomorrow. That is if my sense of direction leads me to Vegas and not Denver. Lol. A 6-7 hour car ride alone sounds incredibly boring but I'll focus on going the right way and not falling asleep. My plan is to get out of here about 5 am Friday to hopefully arrive by noon. O_O I haven't woken up that early since I camped outside a store to get 'N Sync concert tickets. Yeah, really.

This is all I have ready to pack so far.
One thing I'm super excited about with driving is that I can bring WHATEVER I want! I'm used to traveling all the way to New York for parties and having to stick with the airport's strict baggage limits, fees, and restricted content. If I feel like it, I can bring 6 bags for 2 days, a gallon of shampoo, all my implements, any liquids I feel like drinking, throwing stars, and snow globes. Screw you, TSA! Now I just have to actually pack. But bonus of not worrying about checked luggage being crushed is I can throw things in however I want. No worries about layering clothes around the possibly exploding hair product bottles.

Assuming I get there in one piece, the next thing I'll have to tackle is socializing. I'm more nervous than normal prior to this party because it's mostly an entirely new crowd of folks I've never met before. Thankfully, there will be a few familiar Scony faces so I'll have somebody to hang out with should I chicken out and not say hello to anyone else. Lol. Friday afternoon starts with a newbie party so if things go as planned I'll have a little time to rest and get changed prior to attending that. I will be back next week with many stories to share. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Birthday Spanking

My birthday on Friday ended up being a pretty good day and the celebrations are still going. I had to work but someone brought in lunch for the office. A coworker even brought in this cute little cake pictured here. Two chocolate cupcakes were hiding underneath to make the dog shape.

A whole other cake was brought in as well and half is still residing in my fridge, next to the chocolate Costco cake that had yet to be finished off from last Sunday. Yes, I may have gained ten pounds over the weekend, but whatever. It's only once a year, right? But cake is good enough I may have to start celebrating half birthdays. Lol.

Anyway, after getting home from work I had a few phone calls from people wishing me happy birthday. I was also surprised to get a few cards in the mail, like real cards, on paper. Yes they still make those. I also got a handful of e-cards, emails, and texts throughout the day. Facebook had gone insane and my phone battery was nearly dead by noon from all the notifications.

I'm sure someone is going to pop in and point out how I stated in my last mopey post that I didn't have many real friends anymore. I think some probably only did know it was my birthday because Facebook told them so, but there was quite a bit of correspondence outside of that. It was nice to be remembered. And I hope that my Rain Man birthday memory doesn't fail me in the next few weeks because I seem to know a lot of Virgos to keep track of. Virgos rule!

I spent the evening hanging out with my friend S, who delivered my birthday spanking. (No, I didn't wear this shirt to dinner.) He picked out the cane, leather strap, leather paddle, and one of my wooden paddles. I stared at him wide-eyed and reminded him that birthday spankings are supposed to be nice. He didn't seem to be listening to me. And tops say it is bottoms who don't listen.

He'd probably say I wasn't giving him much reason to be nice, but that's just silly. I was quoting him things from my past "30 things not to say to a top" list, purely for informational purposes. I wasn't really saying them to him. Would I be crazy enough to really be saying "Wake me up when you're done" to a man with four implements at his side? Of course not.

That would be what some people call "assicidal" which would never be used to describe me. Nope, never. Shush all you people who are remembering how I once compared qualities of a particular top to Satan and was pretty straight forward in sharing it with him and everyone else. Hey it was true, wasn't it? Okay, so maybe I was being a bit bratty with S. I prefer the word "playful" because it makes me sound nicer. He responded in kind as it was certainly not a light spanking.

All the implements were used thoroughly to redden my bottom and I was quite kind in not letting my kicking legs connect with his face. I do try to control myself. I was supposed to answer a few things during the course of the spanking which I wasn't very good at doing. I always have a hard time with that. But he was a little nice, maybe because it was my birthday, and didn't spank me hard forever and ever even with me not being fully compliant. And then I got to cuddle which is as lovely as the spanking part.

Thank you to S and everyone else who helped make my birthday special. And P.S. to Joey, I don't think any of our friends we'll be seeing in a few days need any reminders about my recent birthday. Let's just see if they remember on their own, shall we? :-D

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tomorrow I will be 27 years old. Is 27 too young to be having a mid-life crisis? It's a significant number to me for a few reasons. It has always been sort of a lucky number. I also picked it as part of my scene screen name when I discovered the online world of spanking, "lea27f," though I was 23 at the time. So I'm almost my screen name age! Coincidentally, my birthday is also the day that my divorce should be finalized thanks to this state's 90 waiting period.

Some people don't think twice about a birthday. It's just another day. No fanfare. I kind of wish I could be one of those people, but I've always wanted birthdays to be special. Why not? The average day is at best boring and at worst really shitty. Might as well have something to celebrate. And thank you Americans for the whole birthday spanking thing. That's always been a highlight since emerging as a spanko.

To my friends, I'm known as the birthday Rain Man. As bad as I've always been at math I have an excellent memory for useless trivia, names, faces, and dates. If you tell me your birthday once I likely won't forget it. For that same reason, don't ever tell me your Social Security number. Seriously. A friend did it once not believing I'd really remember it. He asked me a few months later and I quoted it back to him. He was shocked. He's in the clear though because I never felt like stealing his identity. I don't think Steven is a name that suits me anyway.

If I ever become an old lady and start forgetting everything, I'm pretty sure one of the last memories I have will be Justin Timberlake's birthday. I won't ever forget that, but damned if I don't have to go from my car to my apartment door two or three times because I can't remember if I already locked it when I leave for work. Sigh. Yeah, birthdays. It's always nice to be remembered.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what the hell I'm doing with my life and events of this past year. It has not been a very good year for many reasons. Divorce, loss, major health issues with family members, crazy family issues in general, work stress, disappearing friends, financial strain, every insecurity I have about myself rising to the surface. Change. I don't adapt well to change.

The other day, the new person in my office started throwing things away and rearranging how everything was stored and I was getting so damn annoyed. My OCD was definitely on a red alert day. I don't care that those folders have been sitting there unused for the 7 years I've been here, leave it alone. Don't fuck with my environment! Lol. I know that sounds totally crazy.

I feel like the older I get, the less real friends I have. Is it just me or is that the way of things? I feel I'm not in the same place as most people I know. The single crowd has been in party mode since high school and I've never been one to go get drunk and smoke weed every weekend. The settled down people are married with several kids so have no life outside of that anymore. You only get invited over if you have a child to bring for a playdate. Single friends get phased out completely. I'm a lost old soul who doesn't quite fit anywhere.

The scene has been one of my bright spots. I'm glad that I finally decided to get involved in things locally because I've had fun and met a lot of great people. I'm sorry they've met me at a time that I'm such a basket case though. To all my friends, the real ones out there who've stuck around through crazy times, you are noticed and appreciated. I truly care for you. If only everyone could be close by.

Here's hoping that year 27 is a good one and a fresh start in many ways. Hey, I have 2 major spanking parties happening in about the next 6 weeks, so can't complain too much right? What's that? When do I not complain? Hey, I heard that! I think this will be a fun weekend with a few different things going on and hopefully a good spanking to tell you all about later. Until next time, this is lea26f, signing off.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Being Polyspankerous: What I Like About Having Multiple Partners

Polyamorous (adj.)- pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships.              

"Polyamorous" is a pretty widely used term in the kink world but I added the definition to preface the rest of this. Not too long ago, I saw a blog comment by Erica Scott  where she dubbed the term "being polyspankerous" to describe having multiple spanking partners.   I really liked that description and quickly created it as a fetish on FetLife. It now has 41 followers so I'm clearly not the only one who liked it. 

In the online world of spanking, I've observed a divide of 2 big groups as far as spankos go. Those who are in monogamous, often DD, relationships and the polyspankerous folks. Not that there's anything wrong with that, to quote Jerry Seinfeld. We all have our own thing and that's cool. I find pondering on the differences in people to be interesting, which is partly why I'm writing about this. 

Even during my marriage, I was in the polyspankerous group. When I discovered the online world of adult spanking and that there were others out there who thought like me, I was ecstatic. And I wanted to meet these people. Like, right away. Lol. But it didn't happen quite so quickly. First I had to get past the hurdle of sharing my spanking interest with my husband who had no idea up to that point outside of a little bedroom play. In part of those initial conversations, I shared that there were spanking groups out there and various information I'd gathered online about the spanking lifestyle.

It was understandably a lot to take in. Once we got to the point of him spanking me, things then eased into conversations about how some of these groups had parties. And that I'd like to be involved in these parties and meet these people. Oh yeah, and I'd maybe like to get spanked by some of them too. It took a lot of communication to get to a certain comfort level with that. He didn't really want to hear about what happened or even think about it, but he was okay with me going to do that because he trusted me and knew I'd stay within pre-discussed limits.      

Initially, I thought a lot about my own comfort level with this whole idea. How weird was this going to be to have someone other than my husband touching me? (My own body image issues that came up in all of this are a whole different story.) The group I was getting involved with, SCONY, stressed that it was for platonic spanking, which was exactly what I was wanting. But I still wondered, would it really be? How comfortable am I going to be with being partially clothed across someone else's lap?

I came to the conclusion that even if I didn't get spanked by anyone, I still really wanted to meet these people. I already felt comfortable with many of them after talking online for months and months prior to my first party. So I ventured off alone to the first of many parties. And I'm so glad I did. The experience was beyond my highest expectations. The people were great and friendly, enough that I came out of my shy shell quicker than expected. I also did get spanked by several different people and it all went well. It was all so.. comfortable. It didn't feel creepy or weird like I'd worried about.

I was hooked! I really enjoy being able to have experiences with different people. I think of spanking partners like I do friends. You have more than one friend, right? Can one person meet every need that you have? Is it so wrong to have several people who meet different needs for you? I don't have one friend who shares every single interest and wants to do everything with me all the time. But I have Friend A who will get sushi with me. Friends B and C are always down to go bar-hopping. Friend D loves to see every new movie that comes out. With everyone combined, I have a companion for all my interests.

I'm definitely a discipline-minded spanko, but I still like participating in other areas of the spanking realm as well. Top A can give me a really good mindfuck when I need to be in that headspace, but what if I'm not in the mood for that? I might want something a bit more light-hearted and fun and Top B and I can always make each other laugh, so I enjoy playing with him for those kinds of spankings. I may enjoy a more sensual spanking with Top C and then there's Top D for when I want some handcuffs to come into play.

I am sort of an equal opportunity spankee in that I'm not strict as to only playing with one gender or only playing with people who don't switch, for example. But that doesn't mean I'll play with any Tom, Dick, or Mary I run into. I still have my own preferences and "vetting" process, so to speak. The list of people I've played with isn't super long. There does need to be some sort of connection between me and the top and a lot of communication about what we're both wanting so that we're on the same page.

I want to reiterate that I'm not knocking anyone who is in a one partner- one spanker relationship. If that works for you, that's great. If the idea of spanking/being spanked by someone other than your partner isn't comfortable for you, well, it doesn't have to be. You don't have to do it. For myself, I enjoy playing with different people. I consider myself fortunate to have found even one person, much less several, who are good tops and enjoy spanking me as well. Variety is the spice of life, after all! ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The ABC's of Spanking

I'm jumping in on the meme that's been going around blogland lately of the ABC's of spanking/TTWD. I went to Google to look for an image to go with this post and typed in "kinky ABC's." One of the first images that came up was a side by side photo of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Uh... WTF?

Now to my list of words that come to mind when I think about spanking.

Ear pull
Hugs (my favorite!)
It's not my fault!
Top logic
Yes, Sir

Let's see if I can put all of these together for a little story.

I was filled with anticipation as my bottom was in the corner awaiting discipline. It all started with an ear pull as I was led away from my friends who had been giving me bad ideas. I wanted the end result of the hugs but still told him "It's not my fault!" After getting The Look I changed my approach. "Alright, alright, I'm just joking!" With my kindreds nowhere to be found, he decided it was time to show me how I'm loved with some maintenance. He pulled me over his knee for a spanking and told me how naughty I had been as I shrieked with "Ooww's!" The panties soon came down as my shrieks continued. It takes a special quality to take me to a place where I get an emotional release, and he got me there. Scony top logic aside, he is very understanding and leaves me with a feeling of being vindicated. I know he cares for my well being. Xoxo to him and I reply to his questions with Yes, Sir in respect. Hey, at least he doesn't ask me to call him Zeus, because some tops think they are God.

I had to stretch a bit in some of that, but there you have it!
What are your ABC's?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spanking Bloggers Network Day + Shadow Lane Stuff

Today is the Spanking Bloggers Network Day! What is the Spanking Bloggers Network, you ask? I took a little paragraph off of their blog page to explain.

"We are a collection of spanking bloggers who have chosen to gather together to promote our individual blogs. Each day, the list will announce when a member blogger has posted to their own blog, and will provide a link to that blog for anyone interested in checking it out. If you're interested in joining us, please check out the membership primer at the bottom of the page to see what you need to do."

Joining is a great way to get your blog seen by more people and also keeps you up to date on other great blogs to read as they join. You can find the blog and instructions on how to join here and also the group on FetLife for the SBN here.

In other news, I'm now definite for attending Shadow Lane. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, it's a big spanking party held in Vegas every Labor Day weekend. A large block of a hotel is reserved off for all of us weirdos to run around and play. Lol. I've never attended such a big party like this one before. I'm a regular for the SCONY mountain weekends out East but this will largely be a very different crowd. Which kind of scares the hell out of me!
I'm really shy and the idea of trying to meet loads of new people kind of gives me stomach ulcers just from thinking about it. Lol. And added to that is the fact that I'm going to be driving by myself, for the first time ever going so far, to Las Vegas. People say it's pretty easy to get there from my area, a 6-8 hr drive for most. I'm sure I'll be on the longer end of that time frame since I have no sense of direction and normally don't even use freeways. How do I get by in life, you ask? Uh, I live 7 blocks from work. Problem solved.

If this were my car, I'd be much easier to recognize!

So assuming I go in the right direction to end up in Vegas rather than Denver, the next hurdle will be meeting people. I'm fairly active on FetLife so I already know who a lot of people are from various pics and communication on there. But I don't have face pics of myself there so no one, except for the few who already know me, is going to know who the hell I am. I need some sort of plan. If anyone is reading this and will be there, I'll be the really tall girl with dark hair, not talking to anyone, and carrying a package of Peeps throughout the weekend. Please feel free to come say hello!
Lucky for me, there will be a few familiar faces from SCONY attending so I'll have some folks to talk to even if I chicken out from meeting anyone new. From my experience thus far in the scene, the majority of people are pretty nice and friendly. And I'm sure most of these people will be too, but right now my ridiculous social anxiety is a bit nervewracking. Joey, you are much more social than I am so I'm counting on you for some introductions. :-D More updates to come.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School: Celebrating Consensual Spanking Day

For anyone who hasn't already heard, August 8 is officially consensual spanking day. Well, I don't know how official it is. I don't know where that came from or who started it, but I kept hearing about it all over the place. Of course you are reading this on August 9, or maybe even later, so it probably isn't very helpful information to you at this point. Sorry. But it does lead in to the story of how I celebrated this lovely spanko holiday.

I was told to be ready in my uniform. I got properly attired in my white polo shirt, red plaid skirt, white knee high stockings, boyshort panties, and glasses for good measure. I wanted to appear studious, after all. Mr. Peterson came over while I was watching T.V. and should've been doing my homework. Oops. I was in trouble with him already and that didn't help my case.

He sat down and quickly pulled me across his lap. He wasted no time and flipped up my skirt (that honestly wasn't covering all that much to begin with) and began spanking me with his hand over my panties. He focused on the lower sit spots that were unprotected so those being on for the moment didn't help me much. He told me that I should've been doing my homework and that it would take some work if I expected to pass his class.

I told him that his hand had certainly gotten harder throughout the semester, but I suppose that was my own fault for ending up over his lap so often that it built up his strength. He agreed. I know, the ONE time he agrees with me. My bottom was stinging and quite pink at that point as the smacks from his hand increased in intensity. He paused and rubbed my back and my sore cheeks. "Miss White, I think you are going to need to complete some extra credit if you expect to pass." Being the good girl at heart that I am, I complied.

Well you didn't think I was going to explain what the extra credit was, did you? I don't want to upset any of the other students or have them thinking I'm getting special treatment. I'll just say that I accomplished my task and he was quite happy with my efforts and clear commitment to my continuing education. Do you think I got off easy? From the spanking, I mean. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter! I felt that I needed a bit more and with unprecedented forwardness, I told him so.

He was quick to comply and I soon found myself lying on the bed, panties now gone. He warmed me up with a wooden paddle and it didn't take long for the swats to get harder and harder. My legs were kicking as I began to squirm and he leaned into me, his arm securing around my waist. I hate it when I'm left helpless in that position as he has full control and the spanking just gets harder. Okay fine, maybe it's kind of a love/hate thing. He switched to the leather paddle which put me into full helpless squirming mode.

Mr. Peterson had certainly taken me seriously when I said that I needed a bit more because that still wasn't the last of it. He cycled through a leather strap and also the terribly stingy cane. I really did try to lie still but I never can when the cane comes out. I was left with a very reddened bottom and a few little welts to remember it by. We snuggled for a bit, but the evening soon came to an end as he had another class to get to. Mr. Peterson, you're my favorite teacher. ;-) And that is how I spent Consensual Spanking Day. How about you?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

That Top's Decision (R.E.M. Parody)

The credit for this wonderful parody goes to my friend Amy. I'm even mentioned in the chorus! We sang this one during the jam session at the September SCONY weekend and it was a blast. No, I didn't get sent to the corner after singing it. ;-) Hope you enjoy the spankified take on the R.E.M classic, Losing My Religion.

That Top's Decision

Oh.. tops, are bigger
 Their egos are bigger than you and me
The lengths that they will go to
To put tears in your eyes
Oh no I've said too much
I set you up

That's Lea in the corner
She just had a big fight about that top's decision
He likes to tell her what to do
And I don't think she's gonna do it
Oh no I've said too much
I haven't said enough

I thought that I saw you kicking
I thought that I heard you scream
I think I thought I saw you cry

Every moment of every waking hour
Tops try to get confessions
From innocent bottoms just like you
Like an evil and jaded fool, fool
They always say so much
To set it up

Consider this, consider this,
The thing called the F.E.S.
Consider this, the strap
That buckled both my knees
Now, what if tops with belts and straps start to flail them around
Now I've said too much

I thought that I saw you kicking
While you were across his knees
I think I thought I saw you cry

But that was just a scream
That was just a scream

That's Lea in the corner
She just had a big fight about that top's decision
He likes to tell her what to do
And I don't think she's gonna do it
Oh no I've said too much
I haven't said enough

I thought that I saw you kicking
I thought that I heard you scream
I think I thought I saw you cry

But that was just a scream
Why cry
Try to fly away
That was just a scream
Just a scream
Just a scream, scream.