Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Birthday Spanking

My birthday on Friday ended up being a pretty good day and the celebrations are still going. I had to work but someone brought in lunch for the office. A coworker even brought in this cute little cake pictured here. Two chocolate cupcakes were hiding underneath to make the dog shape.

A whole other cake was brought in as well and half is still residing in my fridge, next to the chocolate Costco cake that had yet to be finished off from last Sunday. Yes, I may have gained ten pounds over the weekend, but whatever. It's only once a year, right? But cake is good enough I may have to start celebrating half birthdays. Lol.

Anyway, after getting home from work I had a few phone calls from people wishing me happy birthday. I was also surprised to get a few cards in the mail, like real cards, on paper. Yes they still make those. I also got a handful of e-cards, emails, and texts throughout the day. Facebook had gone insane and my phone battery was nearly dead by noon from all the notifications.

I'm sure someone is going to pop in and point out how I stated in my last mopey post that I didn't have many real friends anymore. I think some probably only did know it was my birthday because Facebook told them so, but there was quite a bit of correspondence outside of that. It was nice to be remembered. And I hope that my Rain Man birthday memory doesn't fail me in the next few weeks because I seem to know a lot of Virgos to keep track of. Virgos rule!

I spent the evening hanging out with my friend S, who delivered my birthday spanking. (No, I didn't wear this shirt to dinner.) He picked out the cane, leather strap, leather paddle, and one of my wooden paddles. I stared at him wide-eyed and reminded him that birthday spankings are supposed to be nice. He didn't seem to be listening to me. And tops say it is bottoms who don't listen.

He'd probably say I wasn't giving him much reason to be nice, but that's just silly. I was quoting him things from my past "30 things not to say to a top" list, purely for informational purposes. I wasn't really saying them to him. Would I be crazy enough to really be saying "Wake me up when you're done" to a man with four implements at his side? Of course not.

That would be what some people call "assicidal" which would never be used to describe me. Nope, never. Shush all you people who are remembering how I once compared qualities of a particular top to Satan and was pretty straight forward in sharing it with him and everyone else. Hey it was true, wasn't it? Okay, so maybe I was being a bit bratty with S. I prefer the word "playful" because it makes me sound nicer. He responded in kind as it was certainly not a light spanking.

All the implements were used thoroughly to redden my bottom and I was quite kind in not letting my kicking legs connect with his face. I do try to control myself. I was supposed to answer a few things during the course of the spanking which I wasn't very good at doing. I always have a hard time with that. But he was a little nice, maybe because it was my birthday, and didn't spank me hard forever and ever even with me not being fully compliant. And then I got to cuddle which is as lovely as the spanking part.

Thank you to S and everyone else who helped make my birthday special. And P.S. to Joey, I don't think any of our friends we'll be seeing in a few days need any reminders about my recent birthday. Let's just see if they remember on their own, shall we? :-D


Susie said...


Glad you had a fun birthday Lea. Calories don't count if it's your birthday cake.

BlackVelvet007 said...

Awesome post. Glad you had a Happy Birthday. HUGGGGGS More "one to grow on" fun in October ;-)

Anonymous said...


I am glad you had a great birthday.

My lips are sealed! PROMISE.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That sounds like an awesome birthday! And I say that since you get the whole weekend to celebrate, you should get more cake and more spankings in before midnight!

Oh, and while you can trust Joey not to tattle, you might want to be aware that apparently there are some sneaky bottoms who read blog posts to Tops. I know! How dumb (and twisted) is that?!! Not me, though. If its up to me, Tops will NEVER learn to read.

I'm all excited about my birthday next month & have already made a plan for it, albeit a vanilla one. What am I saying??!!! I have no birthday! Never mind!

(((Lea!!!))) :-)


Lea said...

@Susie, Oh that's good to know about the calories! Lol!

@BlackVelvet007, Thanks! It was a good birthday. And October is so far I doubt anyone will remember my birthday by then. Isn't there a statute of limitations on things one can spank for? ;-)

@joey, Thank you! It was a good day. See you in less than a week!

@Regan, Actually I've learned that from firsthand experience about bottoms reading things out loud to tops. Good thing they usually don't hear well in addition to the lack of reading skills. ;-)And your birthday most certainly won't be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

you never responded how i asked you. even when i told you exactly what to say.

pretty sure that means I'll have to annoy you with that task again.


SpankCake said...

That cake is seriousy too cute! Love it!

I absolutely cannot wait until I get my birthday spanking! I'm hoping it's at least half as good as yours!

Happy belated birthday!


PS Still at 90%...

Lea said...

@S, You're right, I didn't. :-/ Maybe we can negotiate?

@SpankCake, Is your birthday soon? Are you another Virgo? Virgos rule!

ronnie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lea. Sounds like you had a good one. Love the cake.


Ana said...

Happy belated birthday, Lea. Sorry that I missed it. Glad it was a lovely one and that you got the spanking you needed. I bet Joey will be glad to give you another birthday spanking with that plastic cane...

Lea said...

@ronnie, Thanks! Isn't it cute?

@Ana, Thank you! And nooo, let's not get any silly ideas in anyone's head. O_O

Hermione said...

Happy birthday! I love the cake.


Lea said...

@Hermione, Thank you!