Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spanking Bloggers Network Day + Shadow Lane Stuff

Today is the Spanking Bloggers Network Day! What is the Spanking Bloggers Network, you ask? I took a little paragraph off of their blog page to explain.

"We are a collection of spanking bloggers who have chosen to gather together to promote our individual blogs. Each day, the list will announce when a member blogger has posted to their own blog, and will provide a link to that blog for anyone interested in checking it out. If you're interested in joining us, please check out the membership primer at the bottom of the page to see what you need to do."

Joining is a great way to get your blog seen by more people and also keeps you up to date on other great blogs to read as they join. You can find the blog and instructions on how to join here and also the group on FetLife for the SBN here.

In other news, I'm now definite for attending Shadow Lane. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, it's a big spanking party held in Vegas every Labor Day weekend. A large block of a hotel is reserved off for all of us weirdos to run around and play. Lol. I've never attended such a big party like this one before. I'm a regular for the SCONY mountain weekends out East but this will largely be a very different crowd. Which kind of scares the hell out of me!
I'm really shy and the idea of trying to meet loads of new people kind of gives me stomach ulcers just from thinking about it. Lol. And added to that is the fact that I'm going to be driving by myself, for the first time ever going so far, to Las Vegas. People say it's pretty easy to get there from my area, a 6-8 hr drive for most. I'm sure I'll be on the longer end of that time frame since I have no sense of direction and normally don't even use freeways. How do I get by in life, you ask? Uh, I live 7 blocks from work. Problem solved.

If this were my car, I'd be much easier to recognize!

So assuming I go in the right direction to end up in Vegas rather than Denver, the next hurdle will be meeting people. I'm fairly active on FetLife so I already know who a lot of people are from various pics and communication on there. But I don't have face pics of myself there so no one, except for the few who already know me, is going to know who the hell I am. I need some sort of plan. If anyone is reading this and will be there, I'll be the really tall girl with dark hair, not talking to anyone, and carrying a package of Peeps throughout the weekend. Please feel free to come say hello!
Lucky for me, there will be a few familiar faces from SCONY attending so I'll have some folks to talk to even if I chicken out from meeting anyone new. From my experience thus far in the scene, the majority of people are pretty nice and friendly. And I'm sure most of these people will be too, but right now my ridiculous social anxiety is a bit nervewracking. Joey, you are much more social than I am so I'm counting on you for some introductions. :-D More updates to come.


Anonymous said...


I volunteer to be your wingman at SL. I am so excited to be joining you and our other SCONY friends. Wow!

Only 20 days!


Anonymous said...

Lea! Relax! Everybody is going to LOVE you! Have fun! I can't wait for the stories, you lucky girl!


Emen said...

Have a great time. Can't wait for your report.

Lea said...

@joey, Thank you! You'll make an excellent wingman! :-)

@Regan, We'll see. I might be texting you just to appear busy while sitting alone. Lol.

@Emen, Thanks! I hope it'll be a good time!

SNP said...

You know that crazy saying..."What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". I hope you have a good time, Lea. Glad Joey will be there to help you along:)

ronnie said...

I know it's scary meeting knew people but with Joey as your wingman, no problem. Have a great time.


Lea said...

@SNP, Yes that is the saying, but a few stories from going to Vegas in the past have followed me back. ;-)

@ronnie, Yes, Joey is great and I'm sure he'll help me out. Thanks.

Poppy said...

I think it is such a wonderful thing for you to do, putting yourself out there is always good. You have friends to help you and I know the people at Shadow Lane are good and kind (as well as spanky) people.
I am thrilled for you.

Lea said...

@Poppy, Thanks for stopping by! Nervousness aside, I think it'll be a fun time!

Anonymous said...

I always love to get texts from you! But really, I doubt you will be sitting alone for long. It won't take too long before you're not alone. Not too much longer after that, I'm pretty sure you won't be sitting. ;-)


Kaelah said...

Have a lot of fun at Shadow Lane, Lea! I would have loved to meet you there, but unfortunately there is no chance that Ludwig and I will make it this year (it's not so easy when you're living in Europe).

Lea said...

@Regan, Okay well I'll give you that much. I may be *standing* alone. ;-)

@Kaelah, Oh, I don't doubt the difficulties of traveling that far. I'm worried about a 7 hr car ride! If things go well and I decide to return, maybe we'll meet in the future!