Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leather & Lace

A few weeks ago, NLA-U had their annual formal members only party. The members parties are always a lot of fun and they really go all out. This was also my last party as a board member of NLA-U as the year term was coming to a close. Anyone who has been involved in running a group, helping out, and volunteering knows the immense amount of work it takes. I've always appreciated the people who give their time, effort, money, and even open their homes so the rest of us can have a group and somewhere to host it. Even more so now that I've been behind the scenes to see how much it takes to keep things going.

The theme for this party was Leather & Lace. These are some pictures of the end result of a lot of decorating.

Everything looked fabulous. There was a very nice spread for food, even if we didn't get to have the fun of coming up with punny 80's references this time. ;-) I was in charge of dessert and had an idea for a cake and getting leather and lace related images screenprinted onto it. I got quite a look from the person at the bakery explaining what I wanted and giving her images of leather boots and a corset. Lol. But I think it turned out nicely and tasted great too!

There was a space set up at the beginning of the party where people could get their picture taken while they were all dressed up. I was able to get a rare pic of me and S. I got a new dress for this party that has a black lace back and a burgundy front. This is me here. I'm packing this dress with me for my SCONY trip tomorrow to get another use out of it. This can work for a Kentucky Derby theme, right? Err... I don't do hats.

So that was the look of things. But what about spankings? That's what we're all here for, right? :-) S and I went downstairs to find an open space. I laid on a massage table with my dress raised as he surveyed his toy bag. He almost needs multiple toy bags for each party now. Too much stuff. He really should get rid of some of them, like anything wood or that awful rubber thing. :-P Nobody wants that. 

He spanked me with his hand for a warm up and moved on to some of the other things in his bag. He rotated through a few different straps and canes that had me squirming on the table. Everything was stingy. Me- "It's stingy!" moving from side to side. Him- "But you like stingy" continuing the spanking. Me- "Well... sometimes... but it's stingy!" We may have had this conversation before. Bottoms are just so difficult, aren't we?

 After my bottom was reddened, well warmed, and stinging, we were at our stopping point. I got a little cuddling time and then took a few pics. The lighting wasn't great for showing the red but you can see a few of the vertical cane marks there. It is probably no surprise to anyone reading this that any night ending with me getting spanked is a pretty good night for me. :-) I'd call this one a success!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Peepster 2014!

My internet decided not to work all day until now so this Easter greeting is more belated than I planned.

Today is Easter! This is one of my favorite times of the year because people are often thinking of me. And why is that? Because they see Peeps! Everywhere! Dunkin Donuts has recently gotten into the spring spirit with this adorable limited time donut.
I've received links to many articles lately featuring Peeps. 

The annual diorama contest held by the Washington Post has just finished up. This year's winner takes Peeps back in history to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech.

One of the finalists created this take on Everybody Poops titled "Everybody Peeps." Now you know where marshmallow creme comes from!

I recently gave centerPeeps making another try. If you take a look at Pinterest you'll find many versions of this idea.

So remember, there is always a use for Peeps! Even if you don't like to eat them or roast them, the possibilities are endless.

Or you can always send them to me. :-) I'll add them to the pile.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter whether that included any celebration, Peeps, or just a nice weekend day to sleep in.