Thursday, November 29, 2012

Take It Or Lieb It

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Joey and also Kaelah.  It has made the rounds through the blogosphere and these are the rules:

-Post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
-Pass the award on to other blogs.
-Write up 11 new questions directed toward YOUR nominees.         

11 random facts about myself. Hmm. I'll assume it means lesser known facts so I can't just say I like Peeps and Tom Cruise movies

1. I tend to suck on M&M's instead of chew them because it makes them last longer.
2. I watched the movie Overboard at least twice this week when it kept being repeated on TV.
3. I have a birthmark that looks like a large freckle on my left leg.
4. Eating french fries usually gives me hiccups.
5. I'm terrified of ferris wheels, but I'll go on any roller coaster at an amusement park.
6. Despite my constant clumsiness, I've never actually broken any bones or had to have stitches.
7. As a child, my brother had to have stitches after hitting his head on my dresser. That's what you get for trying to scare me by turning the lights off but still being in the room, dumbass.
8. I worry about telling a joke and having no one laugh.
9. I kissed a girl and I liked it. She was not wearing cherry Chapstick.
10. I'm curious about rope bondage.
11. One of my longstanding (albeit corny) fantasies is about being spanked by Santa Claus.
12. I like things to be in even numbers.

These are the questions from Joey: 
1. What spanking position do you prefer? There are many things I like about OTK, but it can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. Lying across a bed or couch is efficient.
2. Is there any spanking implement that is a hard limit for you? Yes. I prefer more natural materials like leather and wood. I've had bad experiences with plastic/metal/rubber things.

3. What food do you hate? I don't like tomatoes (don't start with me about how it's a fruit), peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, squash, avocado, cabbage, artichokes. Water chestnuts piss me off. They are just useless crispiness and shouldn't exist in my food. I don't like spicy things, squishy things, steak, and most pork.

4. What activity makes you feel naughty? A lady doesn't kiss and tell.

5. Describe the clothes worn by your fantasy spanker? I like the image of a spanker rolling up their sleeves. In reality though, the outfit doesn't matter as much as having the skill.

6. Describe the clothes you put on for your fantasy spanking? I don't think much about what I'm wearing. I try to keep a collection of cute panties to give the spanker something nice to look at.

7. Where would you go for vacation if you won the lottery? If I won the lottery I'd be on a permanent vacation. What's that thing called that some people have? Oh yeah. Work ethic. Yeah I don't have that. If I didn't need to pay bills, I'd be done working in a heartbeat. Travel to see all my awesome friends around the country and hire a P.I. to tell me where Justin Timberlake is at all times.

8. What famous person would you like to meet for dinner? Justin Timberlake, after my P.I. found him.

9. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas because it's a guaranteed 2 days off from work.

10. What celebrity do you think deserves to be spanked? Probably a lot of them. I spend more time thinking about which one I'd like to spank me. Have I mentioned Justin Timberlake?

11. What is your pet peeve? I have so, so many. A big one is people talking on elevators. Don't talk on your cell phone, don't talk to each other, and for God's sake don't talk to me. Just quietly stare at those buttons and shut it.

(One more for Lea to make the questions even) Thanks Joey 
12. What is one thing that you wish Tops would do during a spanking? I wish they would be nice to me! Oh who am I kidding...

These are the questions from Kaelah: 
1. What was one of your first kinky fantasies which you can remember? Being spanked by Santa Claus.

2. What makes you happy about blogging? I like being able to interact with people I may never otherwise meet or know of.

3. Did blogging ever made you sad? If yes, why? People talk about some tough topics and I have before too. It's amazing to see the support given to each other in the blogosphere.

4. Please describe one of your happiest kinky moments. The first time I was restrained at my hands and feet and blindfolded during a spanking was thrilling.

5. What do you like about the kinky community? The people, hands down. I like some of their hands too. ;-) I've made so many wonderful friends from all walks of life that I never would've come across without this interest that links us.

6. Are there things you don't like about the kinky community? It's not specific to the kink community, but behaviors such as gossip, jealousy, and back-biting emerge in all groups of people. None of that is fun to deal with.

7. Please describe the most memorable development that you made in your kink (for example, meeting fellow kinksters for the very first time or becoming open for a new kind of play). Earlier in the year I finally ventured out into the local scene and I've met a lot of great people because of it. It's opened my eyes to all sorts of new things and they aren't necessarily all things I want to try, but it's been very interesting.

8. Are there crucial elements in your kinky play? I need a top I feel comfortable with. I don't play with a lot of different people because I'm terrible at initiating anything but also have a lot of hang-ups. Finding someone I can be compatible with is the most important factor. The rest falls in place after that.

9. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to spanking storylines or videos? I don't watch a lot of videos so am not really picky about them. Some people complain about silly storylines, but it's just that, a story, not reality.

10. Is there any kinky fantasy that you haven't played out (yet) for fear that the real experience won't be able to match the appeal of the fantasy? I think if Santa really came down my chimney I'd be more likely to call the police than bend over the couch for him to spank me. 

11. Please describe one of your spanking (real life or story) fantasies in 11 or fewer words. (I had to take this one from Ana's list of questions because I found it so cool!) Stripped and caned in an office by my fantasy boss.

There are a lot of blogs that I read and most have already done this so I'm not going to name any specific ones. If you are looking for something new to read, check out my blog roll. If you haven't done this yet, please feel free to join in and use any of the questions I answered here. Hope you found it interesting. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The 5 Stages Of Grief And Spanking

You have probably heard of the 5 stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Does any of that sound familiar? Very, very familiar?


Who, me? It's not my fault! Really!

You wouldn't dare! What do you think you're doing? 
Let me go! Don't you pull my panties down! Noooo!

Oww oww oww! I'll be good, I swear! 
I'll do what you wanted me to, Sir. What do you mean it's too late for that?

Sniffle  I'm sorry I disappointed you.


Thank you. I know I needed that.

If only we were all so compliant. ;-)

*all images found at The Pink Papers*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days Of Thankfulness

There is a meme going around Facebook where people are posting one thing they are thankful for each day during the month of November. Many of the things I'm thankful for are not vanilla material, so I wrote this on my FetLife profile and wanted to share it here as well. Here is my kink-friendly 30 Days of Thankfulness.

I'm thankful for friends who I can talk with about anything. And I mean anything.

I'm thankful for leather because I hate wood.

I'm thankful for SCONY and all my awesome friends there.

I'm thankful that JetBlue doesn't charge a checked bag fee so I save money for the SCONY weekends.

I'm thankful that I've never been questioned about the spanking implements in aforementioned checked bag when I travel.

I'm thankful that the airport people don't notice me holding back a laugh when I'm asked "are there any dangerous items in your bag?" Dangerous to whom?

I'm thankful for everyone who has helped drive me around so I don't die at the wheel in New York City.

I'm thankful for Sam Born who invented Peeps in the 1920's.

I'm thankful that Peeps are sold 4 times a year instead of only at Easter.

I'm thankful for everyone who buys me Peeps and hangs out with me while I roast them.

I'm thankful for lots of blankets because I'm still cold in a 75 degree apartment.

I'm thankful for Keurig because I don't know how to make a real pot of coffee.

I'm thankful that Mason Pearson brushes are hard to find because hairbrushes suck.

I'm thankful for pumpkin lattes.

I'm thankful for people who have a twisted mind and a dark sense of humor.

I'm thankful for the word "fuck" which can be used with such variety.

I'm thankful that tops can't read so I can write whatever I want.

I'm thankful for everyone who reads my blog.

I'm thankful that Days Of Our Lives has yet to be cancelled.

I'm thankful for anyone who didn't just laugh because I watch Days Of Our Lives.

I'm thankful that no one minds how much cursing goes on at my office.

I'm thankful for the Pet Peeve thread that has carried on with over 2700 responses. I may have contributed a few hundred.

I'm thankful for all the great tops who have spanked me.

I'm thankful for everyone who accepts me in all my weirdness.

I'm thankful to Dizzy for sharing.

I'm thankful for all the cool people in the Utah scene.

I'm thankful that Utah has a scene.

I'm thankful for anyone who has talked to me and made me feel welcome.

I'm thankful for a great guy who can always make me laugh. And moan.

I'm thankful that you took the time to read this! Now go write your own!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Losing My Bruising?

*Disclaimer- This post is going to have a lot of pictures of my butt, and some of a very bruised butt at that. If that type of content bothers you, may want to skip this one.

I vividly remember my first adult spanking. Over the years, I tend to remember the little details of my spankings. I could say what the reason for the spanking was, how I was feeling about it, how I felt after (emotionally), what I was wearing (or not), where I was. The pain isn't usually a clear detail after the fact. I definitely know that some spankings were more severe than others and can recall what implements may have been used. But the physical pain from one to the next is hard to compare.

I remember that first one clearly though. How nervous I was to see if this was going to be everything I'd fantasized about for years or just a big mistake and a letdown. It didn't last long. It wasn't very hard, with what I have to compare to now anyway. But it hurt. I was surprised how much it hurt and thought for a moment, "why the hell did I want to do this?" But I did want it. And I still do.

After the belt, Sept 2011
I've never liked pain. I feel I'm kind of a wuss and not just in the spanking realm. This has been a baffling concept to other kinksters over time. Why would I be a spanko if I don't like the pain? I don't know. I just am. Besides the pain, another thing I still remember about that first spanking is how I immediately bruised. This was from maybe 10 or so swats on my bare bottom. It was enough to almost scare my ex away from spanking me again because he didn't want to hurt me.

I've always bruised easily. I'm one of those people who will run into a door and then the next day look down at my leg and think "where the fuck did that huge bruise come from?" Someone can poke me hard and a bruise will appear. I've just always been that way. No, there's nothing medically wrong with me. I don't have an iron issue or anything like that. It just is what it is. Or maybe I should say "was."

SCONY weekend, Sept 2011
Over this last year, I feel like I'm finally losing a bit of my bruising ability. It's actually really annoying me. Why the change? Have I gotten tougher? Extremely unlikely. Has my skin possibly toughened up a bit? Maybe. Am I being spanked harder/more frequently? Yes to the latter. Is my top so nice and gentle that there are no after effects? Definitely not. My nickname was "Real-lea purple" for a reason. It was the one distinctive trait I had. 

I know, I know. It's not a competition. But if it was, I'd be losing. Lol. I definitely have no high tolerance to speak of. If I don't even mark anymore then I'm just another spanko in the sea with nothing to show for it. I didn't use to photograph myself at all so don't have any pictures until about 2 years into being somewhat regularly spanked. Marking appears to lessen in time. You be the judge.

After SCONY party, Nov 2011
Picture 3 was after a 5 day SCONY weekend. That used to be a pretty average amount of bruising for me after a party. Picture 4, above, was from last November. I flew out for a one night SCONY party in NYC. I did play like 10 or 11 times in one night. And then had a pretty severe scene the next day. So that one was post hairbrushes, canes, straps, and many hands. It took about a week to fade away.

Testing a new strap, Jan 2012
Post St. Patrick's party 2012
Post St. Patrick's party 2012
The ones above after a party in March 2012 were quite a bruise-fest. That was from one scene but it was a hard one. Two tops and we went through just about every implement in my bag and both of theirs. Anyone who regularly photographs their bottom knows that redness and bruising show up lessened in pics, though I don't know why. It looked a bit worse than this. One of the people who I'd never played with before actually commented on the marking during the scene, saying "oh cute, you have like an immediate panty line of bruises." And people think I exaggerate!

SCONY weekend, April 2012. Least bruising ever.
Spanked at party, June 2012
SCONY weekend, Oct 2012
Hallween party 2012
It's bugging me that there are an uneven number of pictures in this post, so here is one more just because.

I suspect that there can't really be anything done about this bruising change, but if you have experienced this I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. This is the end of my whining about my lack of uniqueness, for now.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In My Place

image found at The Pink Papers

I really try to do as you say
I will look you in the eyes when you place your hand beneath my chin
I will listen to and accept your words
I will undress when you tell me to
I will lay or bend where you request
Presenting my bottom for it's impending doom

But when your hand comes crashing down on my flesh

I will not stay in place

I will submit to you

But I cannot do so silently and unmoving

I know you understand this

That's why you are deserving of my submission in the first place

I will cry out

I will kick

I will squirm from side to side in a failed attempt to dissipate the burn

I will plead with you to stop

You will look at me and wait until I put myself back in position

Because I always do

You can tie my hands and feet

And I will still move

You can grab my hair in your fist

And I will still moan

I can only be me

The squirmy spanko

Friday, November 9, 2012

Yes/No And LOL Day 2012

Today is the 7th annual Love Our Lurkers Day! This is something organized by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts. It is a day in the blogging community to say hello to all the lurkers reading out there and encourage everyone to say hello back. Anyone who writes a blog knows that a small percentage of readers actually regularly comment. We know that there are more of you out there! Please say hello if you'd like or feel free to ask a question! I know there are a lot of spanking blogs out there and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read here.

This is the Yes/No meme I spotted over on Ronnie's blog. Maybe you'll learn something interesting. :-)

Have you ever taken a picture naked (picture of me naked or me taking a picture of someone else naked?) Yes. I've taken a picture of something while I was naked. I've taken a picture of myself naked. And I've taken a picture of another naked person before. So yes to all.
Made money illegally? Yes. Gambling is technically illegal in my state but I participate in an office pool every year when the March Madness NCAA men's basketball tournament rolls around. I've won the last 2 years running. Pretty good for someone who is just making shit up on the bracket!
Had a one night stand? Maybe. Is it a one night stand if you still know the person?

Been in a fist fight? No. I've slapped a guy across the face before though. I normally don't recommend assault but he was a high school boyfriend and had just cheated on me. I felt pretty damn good about it.
Slept with your best friend? Yes. They were best friends at the time anyway.
Had sex in a public place? Yes. Hotel hot tub. It was a fantasy at the time that once realized was highly overrated. Same goes for the ocean.

Ditched work to have sex? No. I always go to work. I skipped out on some high school classes, but honestly would've found a reason to miss them anyway.

Slept with a member of the same sex? Physically sharing a bed and sleeping? Yes. Sexually? No.

Seen someone die? No and I hope I never do.
Ran from the police? No. Nothing is important enough to make me run. I've avoided them a time or two in my younger years.
Woke up somewhere and not remembered how you got there? Yes. I don't stray from my daily habits much so sometimes when I travel somewhere it takes me a moment to remember where I am.
Worn your partners unmentionables? No. My stuff is cuter anyway.

Fallen asleep at work? Been fired? Yes, I have momentarily fallen asleep at my desk before. No, I have never been fired.

Used toys in the bedroom? I have a spanking toy box and a sex toy box. Some are used more than others.
Ran a red light? Yes. I was not paying any attention and lucky that nobody else was coming across the intersection.
Been in a car accident? Yes. Fortunately nothing major though.
Pole danced or done a striptease? No to the first. Badly, to the second.

Loved someone you shouldn't? Yes. Sometimes I think my real fetish is self torture since I'm always interested in those who are unavailable to me.

Sang karaoke? Yes. At any given opportunity if the crowd is fun.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes. All the time.

Laughed so hard you peed your pants? Yes, as a kid.
Caught someone having sex? Yes. Oh the things you cannot unsee.

Kissed a perfect stranger? Yes. It was Halloween and I'd never met him before that night. He was cute. Never saw him again.

Shaved your partner? No. At first glance, I read that as "shared." 
Given your private parts a nickname? No, but someone else has.
Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes if swimsuits count.
Had sex on a roof top? No. That sounds literally dirty.
Played chicken? No.
Mooned/flashed someone? Yes. A radio show host in hopes of winning concert tickets. FYI- They don't have that much power and can only give out what the station lets them each day.
Do you sleep naked? Yes. I hate when I travel and have to share rooms because then I can't.

Blacked out from drinking? No. I've puked though. I don't drink much.

Felt like killing someone? Like today or ever? Yes.

Had sex more than 5 times in one day? Maybe? I honestly can't remember. If there's a marathon going on I don't try to keep count. I've been spanked more than 5 times in a day!
Been with someone because they were in a band? No. I don't know anyone in a band anyway. If Justin Timberlake wants my number, I'm right here!

Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? No. I can handle maybe 3 drinks in a whole night.
Shot a gun? Yes. The stupid friend I was with didn't warn me how hard rifles kick back. My ears were ringing for days and I was really worried I'd have permanent hearing damage. I also had a bruise below my shoulder for days.
Gone outside naked? No. I don't do the outdoors, much less naked.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. And to all the lurkers and regular known readers, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Party!

Last Saturday was the night of the big Halloween party hosted by one of the local groups I attend. It's my favorite group out here due to all the awesome people in it and I was excited for it. I had a Wonder Woman costume from when my friend SY visited in June. I figured when else can I reuse this thing if not for Halloween? I'm usually a party pooper when it comes to Halloween and considered being The Invisible Woman- aka myself- but since I already had this around I attended as Wonder Woman.

The costume didn't come with any extra accessories and my friend S told me I needed a Lasso of Truth to be a proper Wonder Woman. I'm too young to know the show but went shopping in search of one. This led to a trip to a fabric/craft store which is a horrid place. I am not a crafty person and just wanted to find what I needed and get the hell out. In the drapery stuff section I saw some gold looking cord that would suffice. I asked someone how I buy it and she said I had to go pick a number and wait at the cutting station. Pick a number? What is this, the damn DMV? 

I waited in line and when I got to the front the woman there asked how much of it I wanted. "How much is a yard?" I asked. She scanned the spool of cord and said "$2.29." "No, I mean like how much stuff do you get in a yard?"   I don't know what the hell a yard is. I don't deal with fabric or large drinks in Mexico. She looked at me like I was the dumbest person she'd ever seen and measured out a yard to hold it up. "This much." "Okay, I'll take 5 of those." I bought it and got the hell out of there before my eyes nearly bled from the strong scent of cinnamon pine cones.

I really don't know how to tie rope.  
I got a little distracted by my prop when I was getting ready for the party and took some pictures. After getting dressed and applying a large amount of blue eyeshadow (which one can only get away with on Halloween without looking like a hooker or Mimi from Drew Carey) I made my way to the party. I got a lot of compliments on my costume. S had been all secretive about his costume aside from saying it would be a terrible pun. He came over to me with a bunch of paint sample cards around his neck and said, "I'm 50 Shades Of Grey!" Lol. Such a dork.

Lasso of Truth and all
I was looking forward to meeting the only other spanko in Utah. JS and I have been friends on Fetlife for some time but with living in different counties we never made it in the same place at the same time before. She came to this party so we finally got to meet and she's as awesome as I expected. Another quiet one like me but we managed to have conversation and everything. You can't say "DD" to just anyone and have them get that it means domestic discipline and not Dungeons & Dragons or whatever the hell else. Yay for spankos!

There was an interesting array of costumes from super hot witches to Count Flog-ula. I brought Peeps for the snack table because what else would I bring? The awesome cake balls disappeared much quicker. An auction/fundraiser was going on for the group and L got an awful giant round wooden paddle with a heart on it. Don't ask me why she bought it because she didn't even want it being used on her, but now that it would be part of the collection S was planning to use it on me. Grr. 

Wonder Woman did get spanked shortly thereafter. We waited until less people were around and found an empty room to play. I kneeled over a spanking bench thingy and S started spanking me with a leather strap. Yeah, seemed to forget the whole warm-up idea. Lol. He switched to his hand for a while and then a different strap. My knees started hurting from kneeling so I moved to bend over the table instead. He spanked me with the new giant wooden paddle and I disliked it as much as I expected. He switched to the cane which had me hopping and we stopped soon after that. I got my hug and we went back upstairs.

The home where the party was has a firepit in the backyard. I had jokingly said earlier in the night that if a fire had been going we could've roasted Peeps. J, one of the hosts who lives there, was super sweet and built a fire so I could do so. Even fashioned a hanger into a temporary roasting stick for me. I was joined by a few others and even introduced a couple people to their first roasted Peep ever. When I saw on Fetlife the next day that "roasting Peeps over an open fire with lea27f" (my user name) was a new fetish, it cracked me up. Totally worth smelling like campfire for 2 days. A cool new spanko friend, Peep roasting, and spankings. Quite a party!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Going Out With A Bang

An awesome gift from my friend A
SCONY Mountain Weekend- Sunday And Beyond

I really need to get a laptop so I can actually work on these posts while I'm still at the weekend. Might as well be doing something when my brain is wired and I can't sleep anyway. Fortunately I have a good memory even with 2 weeks having passed and this will be the last installment about my trip. As you can see on the left, I received more awesome Peeps gifts. A got me that shirt. I also got probably 20-ish boxes of Peeps from friends throughout the weekend. Less than April but a pretty good haul for October when they are harder to find.

Sunday started off with a pajama breakfast. Apparently a lot of tops wear button down shirts and ties to bed. Weird. I had my Peeps shirt and pajama pants on. A lot of people started checking out which makes me sad. Some just left without saying goodbye at all! *coughRegancough* It's like people think they can just slip away and avoid my awkward crying and hugs. Unacceptable. It's a SCONY weekend rite of passage! I hung out on the porch for a while and someone had brought these Chinese finger trap type things so we had fun trying to flick them around at each other. It only took 50 tries before I had the launch perfected. Trying to shoot it off the cane didn't work very well. Then Mr. R took my cane and aimed to hit my hand with it every time I tried to grab it back. Meanie.

I went up to Room 10 with BV to play once more before he'd be leaving that afternoon. We didn't use my cane but he had several of his own. I picked one out that looked thinner since I like more sting than thud. My pajama pants were pulled down to my knees and I bent over the desk. He tapped the cane against my bottom several times before delivering the harder stroke. I'd think I was ready for the next stroke and it wouldn't come when I expected. Canings always leave me guessing which I kind of love/hate. He struck a bit harder each time and I was getting very squirmy as the stinging of my bottom increased. He spanked me with his hand for a minute and then gave the last few with the cane. We ended with a hug.

I went back to my room to get properly dressed for the day. I headed down to the lounge for something that was planned for Pinky. Everyone gathered to share some memories. It was great hearing some of the stories that were new to me. Many funny, all heartfelt. You couldn't have known her without having a story that touched you in some way. I even shared my own of a time she lovingly threw me under the bus. Lol. I recognize how difficult this time was for so many that were close with Pinky. Ms. Margaret and Mr. Ryder did a fabulous job of pulling this weekend together despite what they were going through. The activities planned for Pinky were beautiful and fit right in along with everything else. There were a lot of tears but also a lot of laughter and it really showed what a family SCONY is. The closeness of this group still amazes me sometimes and I'm happy to be a part of it. I definitely cried more at this weekend than any other, but I still left with a smile on my face. I think everyone else did too.

I had one more scene with Mr. A before he was going to head home. I'd been eager for a bedtime flogging but our schedules hadn't matched up thus far during the weekend. I lied on the bed and he strapped me. He started with a longer thin leather strap that could be categorized as "nicer." But even with that one I couldn't stay still and was definitely feeling it. He switched to my London Tanners domestic discipline strap that quickly had me kicking. He used a heavy thicker strap with misleading hearts on it a few times before I was screeching. "You're not very good at staying still, are you?" he asked in between swats. "Oww, no sir, I'm not! I'm trying!" I struggled to stay in place as my bottom felt it was on fire. The strapping subsided and he reached for my flogger. I got a nice full body flogging as we talked and I relaxed. So relaxed that he was nice enough to not make me get up and saw himself out. I rested with a smile.

A while later I headed down for dinner. Yep, you guessed it. There was a salad there again. Sigh. I ate something other than the salad and watched tops watch the Yankees lose. (This was the third game, before they got swept in that series.) Then it was time to say goodbye to Mr. A and R. I cried and hugged them and congratulated them once again on their engagement. I really hope I'll be able to make it out there next year for the pending nuptials. I don't know if the Yankees loss spurred some grumpiness to put folks in a spanking mood, but Sunday night was very active. It ended up being the day I played the most which has never happened before at the end of the weekend.

Chocolate dipped Peep ghosts!
Those of us remaining headed down to the lounge to hang out. My new friend T with the staff there told me he thought I was hilarious. He said when he thought of Utah from now on he wouldn't just think of Mormons, he would think "hey, they have funny people there!" Lol. That totally made my day. I thought he was pretty hilarious himself. I met with Mr. Lewis once more. We went into one of the cubicles and I went across his lap. He delivered a firm spanking with his hand that left me quite pink and ended with a hug. There was a conversation amongst a few of us about how many swats constitutes a spanking. Some said even one swat would and others said more. Unsurprisingly upon hearing that. someone was dragged away for a more direct study. Apparently the answer was more than one.

Mr. R appeared, giving me The Look with the FES in hand. I had not met with it yet that weekend and was okay with that. I never seem to make it. I was led to the back and bent over the saddle. He pulled down my panties and started right up with the FES. Words escaped me but I wondered what happened to the whole warm up idea. I also knew had I said that he would've proved that was a warm up by making what followed a lot worse. I do have a little bit of self preservation left. All this went through my head while the strapping never ceased. He reminded me of my attitude problem I have when I get far away in distance and think I can say whatever I want. "The next time you think about having an attitude like that, I want you to remember this one in particular." SMACK! The strap seared into me as I gripped onto the saddle to keep from jumping up. "And this one." SMACK! "And this one." SMACK! "And this one." SMAAACK! I swear he took a running start at the end there. I promised I would remember and he let me up and gave me a big hug.

It wasn't long before I was soon back in that same cubicle and bent over the saddle by Ms. M. She spanked me with her stingy leather paddle. There are 5 acceptable responses to say to her during a spanking and I was so sure of myself that I knew them all. I do always know them, when I'm not under duress. She asked me to tell her what they were and I rattled off four of them and then... a brain cramp. "Shit," I mumbled. "What did you say?? That is not a nice word!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I could hear a bit of a laugh in her voice. "Oww I'm sorry, ma'am. I won't say it again!" Another volley of swats and we were finished, ending with a hug.

How I looked on Sunday
My backside was roasting, but insatiable me, I still played once more for the night. After a bit of a break I went with AP and Mr. G up to the room. The first three person scene I ever had was with both of them and I had wanted to do it again. There wasn't nearly as much attitude as the first time. She and I were both fairly somber and accepting of our fates. We lied across the bed side by side as he went through his large bag of implements. I couldn't easily see what he was picking out next which was driving me crazy. He'd stand on my side and spank me with the current implement at hand, then walk around to her side as she got it. I preferred being first. Hearing her get spanked and then having him come over to me not knowing what he had in his hand would've been even more nerve-wracking. He used several straps and belts. Then came the bath brush as we both had to count the last 10. I thought my bottom had been roasting before, but it was even more so after that. He gave us both a hug and we went back down to the lounge.

I hung around and chatted until it was closing time. I went back up to my room and tried to get some sleep. This is one of those times I wished I would've had a laptop and I could've written this weeks ago with a bit more detail. The next morning when I went down to breakfast, the only people present were A and Mr. G. I even took a pic of myself at the table by 9:30 ahead of almost everyone else for once. After breakfast, Mr. R sent me up to Room 10. I bent over the chair in the room and he pulled my panties down. I heard him remove his belt and braced myself. It struck me hard and fast and is the closest thing I can imagine to being stung by a swarm of bees. It stung terribly and I struggled not to leap up from the chair after being corrected for doing so the first time. He gave a few final reminders about how to behave and I was in full agreement. I redressed and got a big hug.

The last hour or so was spent packing and loading the car. We helped pack up the stuff down in the lounge. I'm notorious for crying with my goodbyes. I was sitting there and scratched my face and E walked by and said "oh are you crying?" I said no, not yet. A few minutes later she again asked if I was crying and I laughed and said no, I'll come find you when I'm ready! It didn't take long as I made the final rounds of hugs before we had to go. K is so sweet and kind of like my SCONY Mom. I always have a really hard time saying goodbye to her. E got to see the real tears as we said goodbye. I told Ms. M and Mr. R that they did a wonderful job pulling this weekend together and I had such a good time and thanked them both. Then we were off. Thank you to all who helped make the weekend wonderful and such a fun time. I miss you all already. Until next time...