Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Party!

Last Saturday was the night of the big Halloween party hosted by one of the local groups I attend. It's my favorite group out here due to all the awesome people in it and I was excited for it. I had a Wonder Woman costume from when my friend SY visited in June. I figured when else can I reuse this thing if not for Halloween? I'm usually a party pooper when it comes to Halloween and considered being The Invisible Woman- aka myself- but since I already had this around I attended as Wonder Woman.

The costume didn't come with any extra accessories and my friend S told me I needed a Lasso of Truth to be a proper Wonder Woman. I'm too young to know the show but went shopping in search of one. This led to a trip to a fabric/craft store which is a horrid place. I am not a crafty person and just wanted to find what I needed and get the hell out. In the drapery stuff section I saw some gold looking cord that would suffice. I asked someone how I buy it and she said I had to go pick a number and wait at the cutting station. Pick a number? What is this, the damn DMV? 

I waited in line and when I got to the front the woman there asked how much of it I wanted. "How much is a yard?" I asked. She scanned the spool of cord and said "$2.29." "No, I mean like how much stuff do you get in a yard?"   I don't know what the hell a yard is. I don't deal with fabric or large drinks in Mexico. She looked at me like I was the dumbest person she'd ever seen and measured out a yard to hold it up. "This much." "Okay, I'll take 5 of those." I bought it and got the hell out of there before my eyes nearly bled from the strong scent of cinnamon pine cones.

I really don't know how to tie rope.  
I got a little distracted by my prop when I was getting ready for the party and took some pictures. After getting dressed and applying a large amount of blue eyeshadow (which one can only get away with on Halloween without looking like a hooker or Mimi from Drew Carey) I made my way to the party. I got a lot of compliments on my costume. S had been all secretive about his costume aside from saying it would be a terrible pun. He came over to me with a bunch of paint sample cards around his neck and said, "I'm 50 Shades Of Grey!" Lol. Such a dork.

Lasso of Truth and all
I was looking forward to meeting the only other spanko in Utah. JS and I have been friends on Fetlife for some time but with living in different counties we never made it in the same place at the same time before. She came to this party so we finally got to meet and she's as awesome as I expected. Another quiet one like me but we managed to have conversation and everything. You can't say "DD" to just anyone and have them get that it means domestic discipline and not Dungeons & Dragons or whatever the hell else. Yay for spankos!

There was an interesting array of costumes from super hot witches to Count Flog-ula. I brought Peeps for the snack table because what else would I bring? The awesome cake balls disappeared much quicker. An auction/fundraiser was going on for the group and L got an awful giant round wooden paddle with a heart on it. Don't ask me why she bought it because she didn't even want it being used on her, but now that it would be part of the collection S was planning to use it on me. Grr. 

Wonder Woman did get spanked shortly thereafter. We waited until less people were around and found an empty room to play. I kneeled over a spanking bench thingy and S started spanking me with a leather strap. Yeah, seemed to forget the whole warm-up idea. Lol. He switched to his hand for a while and then a different strap. My knees started hurting from kneeling so I moved to bend over the table instead. He spanked me with the new giant wooden paddle and I disliked it as much as I expected. He switched to the cane which had me hopping and we stopped soon after that. I got my hug and we went back upstairs.

The home where the party was has a firepit in the backyard. I had jokingly said earlier in the night that if a fire had been going we could've roasted Peeps. J, one of the hosts who lives there, was super sweet and built a fire so I could do so. Even fashioned a hanger into a temporary roasting stick for me. I was joined by a few others and even introduced a couple people to their first roasted Peep ever. When I saw on Fetlife the next day that "roasting Peeps over an open fire with lea27f" (my user name) was a new fetish, it cracked me up. Totally worth smelling like campfire for 2 days. A cool new spanko friend, Peep roasting, and spankings. Quite a party!


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous! That wooden paddle could've been used in the firepit outside, lol! That was sweet of them to build it. MMM I can taste those roasted peeps now! Thanks for sharing about the awesome time you had.

SNP said...

Love the pics and hearing about your party. Looks like intense spanking!

ronnie said...

Roasted peeps:) You look absolutely fab.

Sounds like a great Halloween party.


Anonymous said...

Terrific costume. You look great. I am glad you had lots of fun.

Lea said...

@Jean, Haha, good idea! I'll keep it in mind around the next firepit.

@SNP, Thanks for reading!

@ronnie, Thank you! It was a lot of fun.

@joey, Thanks! It was a good time.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone tell these tops about this "lasso of truth"?! They have been using other, much more alarming methods of getting the truth out of me...

Just be thankful the new fetish wasn't "Roasting Lea over an open bag of Peeps"!

Your friend,


Lea said...

@Regan, Would being lassoed be better than having my ear yanked off? Hmm, it's hard to say. Don't give anyone ideas with that new fetish! I'm sure someone would happily jump on the bandwagon. Party poopers.