Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days Of Thankfulness

There is a meme going around Facebook where people are posting one thing they are thankful for each day during the month of November. Many of the things I'm thankful for are not vanilla material, so I wrote this on my FetLife profile and wanted to share it here as well. Here is my kink-friendly 30 Days of Thankfulness.

I'm thankful for friends who I can talk with about anything. And I mean anything.

I'm thankful for leather because I hate wood.

I'm thankful for SCONY and all my awesome friends there.

I'm thankful that JetBlue doesn't charge a checked bag fee so I save money for the SCONY weekends.

I'm thankful that I've never been questioned about the spanking implements in aforementioned checked bag when I travel.

I'm thankful that the airport people don't notice me holding back a laugh when I'm asked "are there any dangerous items in your bag?" Dangerous to whom?

I'm thankful for everyone who has helped drive me around so I don't die at the wheel in New York City.

I'm thankful for Sam Born who invented Peeps in the 1920's.

I'm thankful that Peeps are sold 4 times a year instead of only at Easter.

I'm thankful for everyone who buys me Peeps and hangs out with me while I roast them.

I'm thankful for lots of blankets because I'm still cold in a 75 degree apartment.

I'm thankful for Keurig because I don't know how to make a real pot of coffee.

I'm thankful that Mason Pearson brushes are hard to find because hairbrushes suck.

I'm thankful for pumpkin lattes.

I'm thankful for people who have a twisted mind and a dark sense of humor.

I'm thankful for the word "fuck" which can be used with such variety.

I'm thankful that tops can't read so I can write whatever I want.

I'm thankful for everyone who reads my blog.

I'm thankful that Days Of Our Lives has yet to be cancelled.

I'm thankful for anyone who didn't just laugh because I watch Days Of Our Lives.

I'm thankful that no one minds how much cursing goes on at my office.

I'm thankful for the Pet Peeve thread that has carried on with over 2700 responses. I may have contributed a few hundred.

I'm thankful for all the great tops who have spanked me.

I'm thankful for everyone who accepts me in all my weirdness.

I'm thankful to Dizzy for sharing.

I'm thankful for all the cool people in the Utah scene.

I'm thankful that Utah has a scene.

I'm thankful for anyone who has talked to me and made me feel welcome.

I'm thankful for a great guy who can always make me laugh. And moan.

I'm thankful that you took the time to read this! Now go write your own!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...


I am thankful for your very amusing blog. I hope you have a great day today.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Hahahaha!! Oh, Lea, this is GREAT! I laughed and laughed while reading your list. This is wonderful.

Too bad that there aren't any Thanksgiving Peeps, eh?

PK said...

I agree with Ana, where are the Thanksgiving peeps?
Hope you day is great!


ronnie said...

Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. Happy Thanksgiving.


Fondles said...

have a blessed and joyous thanksgiving Lea!

SNP said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lea!

kateTaylor™ said...

Launching our new DD site, Domesticated brat, today in honor of HAPPY SPANKSGIVING! Daddy is spanking me every HOUR! Hope you'll come and check it out – we’d love to do a reciprocal link! HAPPY SPANKSGIVING!!

Lea said...

@joey, Thank you! Hope you do as well and the in-laws aren't too awful!

@Ana, I know, right? That'd give me another thing to be thankful for!

@PK, I tried to suggest it until the Peeps people got a restraining order. Sigh. Happy Thanksgiving!

@ronnie, Thanks! Hope you have a great one too!

@Fondles, Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

@SNP, Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

@kateTaylor, Happy Spanksgiving back at ya!

Erica said...

I don't get it. Why not have Thanksgiving Peeps? You could put them on top of the sweet-potato casserole.

OK, I just made myself sick.

Happy Thanksgiving! :-D

SpankCake said...

I'm thankful to have met you, Lea! It was always a joy reading your blog, but it's even sweeter now that I know the voice behind it. Love your blog!


Lea said...

@Erica, Actually, that's been done! Not by me though.

@SpankCake, Aww thank you! I'm glad I met you too! Hope we'll meet again someday!