Sunday, April 29, 2012

Candy Girl

                                              Candy Girl- New Edition (1983)

Actual photo of my Leaning Tower of Peeps-a
Mountain Weekend: Chapter 4

In the late hours of Saturday/early hours of Sunday, I finally had a chance to catalog all my Peeps. At every activity throughout the whole weekend, friends had been bringing me Peeps. I had every kind imaginable. Chicks, bunnies, chocolate covered, chocolate dipped, chocolate mousse flavored, Peeps on a stick, and even sugar-free Peeps (haven't tried those yet, review to come). On the left is the picture I took in my room. Only took 3 tries because it kept falling over. Lol. The total count for my 2012 vacation, minus a few that had been consumed: 32 packages of Peeps. 32! Yeah, my friends are pretty awesome.

Peeps in a chocolate boat from my friend K!
What will you possibly do with all those Peeps, you ask? Well a few did get eaten and some went towards a project in decorating a friend's porch, ahem,  but most of them came home with me in my carry-on. You aren't allowed to bring a bottle of water through airport security, but TSA did not raise an eyebrow at an unusual amount of Peeps in my bag. It was pretty much ALL that was in my bag, notebook and phone charger aside. But nobody said a thing. Now if some mofo tries to make some bomb out of Peeps in the future and gets them banned, I'll be pissed. That'll really screw up my future April travel plans. Lol.

Moving right along, Sunday morning had come and it was time for the pajama breakfast. I made it in time and was properly dressed in pajama pants and my Peeps shirt I was given at the September weekend. After breakfast, some of us hung out on the porch and talked. Others were going about packing and checking out. This is when I start feeling sad. I HATE having to say goodbye to people. It is the worst part of the trip. I cry like a fool every time. I cried when my friend S went home. Mr. A and R left but I could save my tears for a few more days since I'd be going to NYC to stay with them after leaving the weekend.

There was this little flip flop novelty paddle out on the porch. Mr. R told me to hold out my hand and whacked my palm with it. It freaking hurt! A welt raised below my fingers and I'm not exaggerating. He told me to go get ice if it hurt so bad. So I went inside and asked for some ice. I was given a big bag of ice from the bar. It probably looked a little silly having such a large amount of ice on one little part of my hand but that's what I was given. And it hurt! To be fair, when I ask for ice they usually give me a lot likely assuming it's being used for something other than my hand. Lol.

B and I went up in the lodge to play one more time before he'd be leaving that night. He spanked me with his hand and then his belt for cursing earlier. He asked if I was going to try not to curse anymore. I asked if he wanted the right answer or the honest answer. Well, I think it's a valid question. We settled somewhere in the middle and I said I'd try. We hugged and returned downstairs. There were these crazy furry chickens hanging near the resort throughout the whole weekend. They were the fluffiest chickens I've ever seen. I think they had Jersey pompadours. We dubbed L as the Chicken Whisperer due to her talents that day in being able to get close to them and they seemed to be talking back to her. It was crazy. J yelled out at me, "Don't try to pick them up, they're not Peeps!"

Later, those of us who remained had dinner. Yep, there was a salad in front of me again. I ate bread. We went down to the lounge afterwards to hang out. I discovered that I was terrible at 80's Trivial Pursuit, but I'm pretty bad at all the Trivial Pursuits. I can get by in the original old one because my family has played it for years so at this point I just have half the answers memorized. If you always say Belgium, Charles Lindbergh, and Chinatown you'll do okay. We watched Mannequin which is an embarrassment to James Spader's career. He's so ridiculously nerdy in that, you can hardly recognize him.

I played once more that night with Ms. M. Why I kept ending up in the room with the lowest head clearance, I don't know. Surprisingly, I never had any hard encounters with the ceiling beams throughout the weekend. Sixth time's the charm, I guess? I bent over the chair and she spanked me with her belt, which was new to me. It kind of fell in between stingy and thuddy. I liked it as far as belts go. She also used her leather paddle which always gets me hopping. My bottom was quite sore when that wrapped up. We went back to the lounge and watched Clue. I've never seen it before but I didn't think the alternate endings would ever end. Lol. I was tired. Even Mr. G actually went to rest and he's the RoboTop. I eventually headed up to my room to get some sleep.

Monday: Final day of the weekend. I had breakfast and packed up my stuff. I took a little detour to decorate a porch with Peeps. Just picture the inside of a screen door lined with bunnies. It was pretty hilarious. The recipient may have not found it quite as funny, but he loves me anyway. Lol. I got one last spanking from Mr. G. He had told me on Saturday to come find him later that night and I'd forgotten about it, so we addressed doing what I say I'm going to do. I should say he addressed it. I went across his knee and he spanked me hard with his hand. Then I laid out on the bed as he spanked me with two different belts. I was squirming and quite sore but we weren't done until I counted out the last swats from the brat whacker and the bathbrush. Phew. Quite an end to the weekend. We hugged and I went to finish getting my stuff ready.

My favorite picture I took from The Highline
I managed to catch the last half of Days of our Lives before we had to get on the road. I said my tearful goodbyes to everyone and there were hugs all around. And we were gone. The ride back is always quiet aside from my occasional sniffling. Everyone got dropped off and I was the last to go, arriving to stay with my friends in Brooklyn. The weekend was over but I had several fun filled days to stay in NYC, which really topped off my trip. I got to see my friend K who hadn't made it to the weekend, had Brooklyn pizza, saw some art galleries, walked The Highline, went to Coney Island, and attended a Yankees game in the new stadium. They won because I'm good luck. I got strapped and caned by Mr. A before being taken to the airport. That was a fun plane ride home. Lol. I'm almost done battling the post party drop but I can't wait to go back again. It was a wonderful trip and a big thank you to all my friends for making it so fun.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Can't Get Enough

                                             Just Can't Get Enough- Depeche Mode (1981)

Mountain Weekend: Chapter 3

Saturday had arrived on the mountain and I actually made it to breakfast in time. Okay, so maybe I was threatened the prior night that I better be there no later than 10:30 am. In any case, I made it. I started my day with 2 servings of vegetables (aka coffee) and had something to eat. Then it was time for St. Margaret's Academy. The shock from the prior night that I do indeed own a skirt continued as I wore one a second day in a row. Yep, it happened. Probably won't happen again. Lol. We headed down to the Academy led by a hilariously crazy Canadian bus driver. Astonishingly, we made it in one piece.

Classes commenced and involved all sorts of wannabe nuns, lots of 80's makeup (think Mimi on Drew Carey), and tops coming up with more ridiculous reasons to get us in trouble. I sadly forgot my disguise from September so attended as myself, which was unusually safe. I was complaining about how Mr. G had been banging on my door that morning and that a man should never wake a woman up. Or even talk to her within a half hour of her waking up. Somebody back me up here! He tired of my whining and took me into a booth and pulled me over his knee. He spanked me and told me that I better come find him later that night because I had another one coming. And people wonder why he's nicknamed Grumpypants...

The activities resumed and included some bad attempts at rapping and poetry. Mine should've been a bit better as I'm the queen of parodies but it's much harder to come up with something in a limited time frame. Joey did a really good job though. :-) Then there was some 80's trivia in teams of tops vs. bottoms. I know what you're thinking. Don't tops always win? Well this time they did not. My team won because we were awesome. There was also a sneaky switch who tried to change teams partway through leading to a rematch, but whatever, we were clearly going to be the winners anyway.

I got spanked by J, who I'd surprisingly never played with before. He's a really nice guy and we laughed a lot. Everyone went upstairs for dancing. I always sit this part out as to not injure myself or others or the ceiling beams, but it was fun watching others attempt moonwalking, flash dancing, and slam dancing (Youtube it, I'd never heard of it either.) After some people had worked up a sweat and removed half their clothing, Ahem, we went back down to the lounge for pizza. After lunch was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. The Saturday jam session where people can sing and play their instruments that they brought. A few weekends back, I attempted to play the keyboard but was quite rusty, so now I hang around as a singer.

Several of us stuck around to sing and some played guitar. My friend A had written a great parody of "Losing My Religion" by REM. One of the lines of the chorus was "That's Lea in the corner..." Lol. That was fun to sing. A lot of the stuff in the songbook is older music that I really don't know, but when I pointed that out I was told I was free to compile my own songbook and make copies and bring them for everyone. Challenge accepted, Mr. R. When I show up in October with the entire 'N Sync discography, I don't want to hear anyone complaining. He said I could.

Once the real music session was done, we turned to fake jamming. L had brought along her Playstation and Guitar Hero 80's edition so a few of us played that. I pretty much rule as long as the level is set to medium. I don't do that orange button shit. I can't understand how anyone plays on Expert level unless they have 5 fingers plus a thumb. It's craziness. After all the music had wrapped up, I got a massage from my friend A. I've never had a real massage from a massage therapist before and now I see how people say it's addicting. And not having to explain your bruises to the masseuse? Can't beat that! Then I went back to my room to get ready before dinner. No skirt for that night.

Saturday night was the big 80's party but I wasn't in costume. I figured I'm from the 80's and was coming as myself so that would work. A few friends tried to help me out by equipping me with a pink headband and some jelly bracelets. Everyone met for dinner in their outfits. Ms. M and Mr. R showed up and looked incredible, dressed to the hilt in costume of Phantom of the Opera, with a less than happy ballerina trailing behind who also looked beautiful. There was a damn salad in front of me at dinner again but I got someone else to eat it. The rest was great. The staff had gone all out with the dinner that night and the chef got a standing ovation from everyone. The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack provided the background to our meal.

Once dinner was done, people shuffled down to the lounge. New people to the weekend got their official welcome and then the party followed. A lot of folks went all out in 80's garb. I haven't seen that many side ponytails since the first grade. I think this weekend spiked Aqua Net sales nationwide. There were Blues Brothers and Madonnas and lots of big hair. Does anybody really miss the 80's? Lol. I had fun playing with some of the snap bracelets that were lying around. I found that I had a really hard time getting it to snap around my own wrist but it was easy to hit someone else with it. Don't worry, I'm not turning into a switch.

I ended up in the cubicle with the really tall chair again with E. I was much better at emptying my pockets first thing so that my phone didn't hit the ground breaking apart and sliding into someone else's booth like in September. Ah, the debacles of clothing removal. I leaned across him as he sat in the chair and spanked me with his hand. After I was sufficiently pink, things wrapped up and we hugged and returned to the party. I hung out near the bar exchanging awful jokes with J from the resort. He always cracks me up. Some people were very into trying to figure out how to solve the Rubix cube. There were a few of them around as 80's props. I've never been able to figure the damn thing out. Someone attempted to explain the pattern to solve it, but it was far too difficult for me.

I was chatting with B who was dressed up all Miami Vice-like in a white suit. Or Canada's version of Miama Vice anyway. Lol. He looked nice though. We went back to play and once over his lap, he commented on how I wasn't bruised like I usually am. He helped give me a little color (so nice of him, right?). Tops are helpful like that. That wrapped up and we hugged and returned to the party. Some people were still in a craze over the Rubix cube and very adamant at explaining to everyone around how the pattern worked. Though they were kind of cheating because it was being solved by assistance of the codes on their phone. Ahem. I still could never solve the damn thing though.

Mr. R grabbed me and took me back to the room from the previous day, which had been transformed from Sloth's dungeon into the Phantom of the Opera theme. It still had the low head clearance though. Are people trying to kill me or what? This is where I said something really, really stupid. I said I was happy that at least he was empty handed. Think that lasted long? My jeans came down and I went over his knee. He spanked me with his hand and also commented on my lack of bruising. This was being noticed by everyone because it's quite unusual for me. Usually by Saturday, I'd be completely purple. I wish it was because I've gotten tougher, but that was certainly not the case. I told him I was hardly marked because I hadn't played much. He asked why and I said I don't know, maybe I'm just not popular this time. He asked if I'd gotten any referrals and I said yes, but I don't ever turn them in anymore. That was the wrong answer.

He told me to stand up and bend over the chair. He left the room and came back with the FES (Flesh Eating Strap if you're new here) in hand. #*%! He told me to put my elbows on the chair and not move as the strap came down hard. I moved, nearly leaping up from the chair upon impact.. I couldn't help it! It's like telling someone "Don't think about zebras." What do you think the first thing to pop into their head is going to be? God damn zebras!  I quickly put myself back in position as he scolded me for moving. The strapping continued and I tried to stay in place but still squirmed some. My bottom was on fire. He said that I better complete all my referrals by the next day and he didn't want to hear from me again that I don't do them. I sniffled that I was sorry and got a big hug.

I went outside to get some air and almost decided to just call it a night and go back to my room. I'd felt kind of shitty all night and in an off mood. My friend L came outside and we talked for a minute and then ended up going back into the party. She is a total nut and really cracks me up. I stuck around for a while longer and am glad I did because I laughed a lot. The Rubix cube insanity continued at the bar and a few people said goodbye because they were heading home early in the morning. The line of the night was "Where I am?" Rofl, I'm still laughing thinking back on all the little things. I eventually went back to my room and was up forever writing. My brain will never turn off when I'm there. If only I had a laptop, I wouldn't be typing all this 2 weeks later. More to come!

To be continued...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wake Me Up Before You Gogo

                                           Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham (1984)

Mountain Weekend: Chapter 2

Thursday is always a really long day for me after my red eye flight to head East so I savored my sleep that night. Unfortunately, breakfast is only served from 9-11 at the resort so I missed it. Which I think has happened every Friday I've ever been there. Lol. I can't help it, I'm so tired! I found Mr. G and he took me to get some lunch. I ate and went down to the lounge to help set things up in the main party space for the weekend. There's always a few tall people needed so at least I can be of some help. Though I may have supervised more than actually helped. Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

My friend R had arrived and I was super excited to have someone to watch Days of our Lives with me for once! I always get a lot of flack from people when I try to watch but everyone knows the Friday episode is the most important soap day. I found her and we went into the lobby to watch. We'd missed the first half but they repeat themselves enough it was okay. Of course, this is when everyone comes out of the woodwork to bother me. I'd been left alone all morning and then as soon as the TV comes on, people appear just to bug me and say "Really? You're watching this right now?" Yes, I am. Shoo!!  I almost missed Bo coming out of his coma with everyone's jabbering. Sheesh.

After the show had wrapped up, I went to sit on the porch with some other folks and continued to greet those who had arrived. B, my favorite Canadian top (okay, so he's the only one I know, but whatever), apparently didn't like being shooed away while I was watching the show. We went up to Room 10 and he spanked me and told me that I should've been more polite. Need I point out the double standard here? We all know how it'd turn out if I'd interrupted a bunch of tops watching a stupid hockey game. Of course I didn't say that out loud, lol. I'm always very agreeable at the moment. And I was at this moment so things wrapped up and we hugged and returned downstairs.

The weekend officially starts on Friday afternoon and everyone went down to the lounge for the first activities. The theme of this weekend was "Moods, Music, and Movies 1980's." I had a hard time with this theme as I was 4 at the height of the 80's, but reminding people of that didn't seem to help my case. Fitting with the 80's theme, we drew graffiti. My friend S is awesome with bubble lettering. I just drew Peeps on everything. If I was a real graffiti artist, I think I'd get caught really quickly with such a unique signature.

My friend E took me to one of the back booths to play. There's a really tall chair that always resides in that cubicle but my feet are always still on the floor anyway. Lol. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. My tolerance had certainly not increased since my last visit and I continued to be surprised at how I'd forgotten how hard everybody's hands can be. I was well warmed up and he stopped and we hugged and returned to the group.

The Goonies was a focus of today's theme. I admit that I'm not super familiar with the movie. The Goonies and The Princess Bride are the favorite movies of SO many people in Utah. I don't really know why that is. J used to always quote "Hey you guys!" that it annoyed the hell out of me and I didn't seek out to rewatch the movie. One of the rooms in the lounge area was set up as Sloth's dungeon. If you know the movie, you can maybe imagine what I'm talking about. I hadn't been sitting down for long before Mr. R appeared and nearly yanked my ear off. Why didn't I follow my own advice about getting those spiked earrings?

He pulled me to the back into that room where there were chains hanging off the walls. I stood in the corner as he put restraints on my wrists and then told me to bend over the chair. He attached the chains on the wall to my wrist restraints so I couldn't leap away from the chair. He pulled my jeans down and spanked me with his hand. We'd had a previous conversation about my Ridiculous Reasons list, particularly #4-Fornotusingspaces. He took this time to make his point that sometimes pauses and spaces are good and necessary as he spanked me really hard and fast without stopping. Despite not being able to get too far off the chair, I was squirming all over the place.

He took off his belt and spanked me with it as I was coerced into agreeing that spaces and pauses are VERY good things. He told me that before the trip was over, I better send a retraction of Reason #4 to everyone and I quickly agreed. Dealing with tops is kind of like playing the "Who Would You Rather" game. The options tend to be bad and worse. What would happen if I didn't agree? I'd probably experience Sudden Butt Death (term courtesy of Alex). So I agreed, I was freed, and got a big hug. I headed back to my room to get ready before dinner and that night's party. I did send out an immediate text retracting reason #4 so I wouldn't forget. I got back a few replies of "Stupid tops! Who made you do this?" Lol. I dressed up more than usual in a pink-ish top and black pencil skirt. I clearly don't wear skirts often based on how many comments I got on it. I received a lot of compliments that I looked really nice so I guess I clean up well.

Dinner was in honor of Mama Fratelli from The Goonies. Ms. M showed up in the beret and pearls and all, she looked great as always. For some reason there was salad placed in front of me again. I ate the croutons and my friend had the rest. I already had my coffee that day so was good on vegetables. After dinner, they had the weekend announcements and talk about safety and things that is always given. Reminders to not play yourself out on Friday. I swear I get looked at when that part is said. Lol. At the September weekend, I was kind of a curtain hopper and stayed very busy. In comparison, this one was pretty slow paced for me.

My friend S arrived after dinner and I was really happy to see her and get to talk for a while. I wasn't sure if she'd be able to make it this time. In the overall scheme of things, these weekends are all about the people. Playing is fun but whether I play a little or a lot, that's not the main focus of going. I wouldn't go through the travel and expense to attend if it was just about going to get a few spankings from random people. Cultivating friendships and the sense of family within the group is what keeps me coming back.

This Friday night happened to be Friday the 13th but nothing particularly odd happened. Unless you consider a spanking party in general as odd. Lol. We all headed down to the lounge for the night's party. There were fun 80's things lying around to decorate yourself with. Shutter shades and snap bracelets galore. I remember snap bracelets as a kid in the 90's so that trend must've lasted longer than I realized.

People kept bringing me Peeps throughout the weekend. Like at every activity, I'd get more, so I always had Peeps nearby. T brought me a kind I hadn't seen before, Peeps on a stick. Awesome. Mr. L is really anti-Peep so of course I had to go provoke him. I stood near him as I slowly ate my Peeps on a stick and he rolled his eyes. He'd woken up to Peeps on his porch that morning and showed me a picture of it. Of course, it wasn't me that did that. Only because I didn't think of it first. Lol. He knew it wasn't me but blamed me saying that everyone brought Peeps because of me, and I should tell them no. He took me to the back and spanked me with a ruler, one whack for each Peep that I'd had so far. Good thing the count wasn't called for at the end of the weekend when I'd received many, many more.

I returned to the party and got my Peeps on a stick back from R who was holding it for me. Then I had a brilliant idea. Peep roast! It was already on a stick, after all. I went outside to where the firepit was and attempted to roast the remaining Peeps. It kind of worked but it was a short stick and I didn't want to have to get that close to the fire and make my nice clothes smell like campfire. When you have the proper supplies though, I highly recommend roasting Peeps. If you like roasting normal marshmallows, you'll love it. It's even better than regular marshmallows because the outside sugar caramelizes and it's SO good.

Okay, that's the last of my Peeps talk for this post. I did play once more that night with Mr. L. We made the trek up the hill to go back to my room (you haven't even begun to hear me complain about all the walking on this trip). When I had been sending my countdown texts prior to the weekend, I'd write it up and text it to myself. Then when I was at work the next day, I could easily just copy and paste and send it out to everyone else. But there were 2 different times I accidentally copied the message into the wrong thread so it went out to a bunch of people at like 4 am NYC time. Oops.

Mr. L wasn't real happy about the middle of the night messages that could've woken him up. Could've- translation- they didn't wake him up. But I was in trouble for it anyway. Ah, top logic. I laid on the bed and he spanked me with his hand and then a leather strap. Hey, I think I have a revision for the revoked #4 message. "For sending messages late at night that didn't actually wake anyone up." But once again, in reality I'm not quite so brave to usually say those thoughts out loud. I agreed to not send any more middle of the night messages and we hugged and returned to the party. I wasn't up for too much longer, fatigue really sets in at these parties. So that was the conclusion of my day. To recap, Friday= Days Of Our Lives, lots of laughing and playing, and Peep roasting. Good day.

To be continued...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Over The River And Through The Woods, To The Poconos We Go

Mountain Weekend: Chapter 1

The SCONY mountain weekend had finally arrived after months of waiting and waiting. I caught the red eye into JFK arriving at an ungodly early hour and my friend Mr. Grumpypants picked me up. Was he grumpy already? Yes, he was. We had a little disagreement over how I'd texted him when the plane landed when he'd asked that I call. But I DID call when I got to the baggage claim. He said it didn't do any good to call from the baggage claim because the whole point was that he wanted to be able to head to the airport after I landed so I wouldn't be waiting there alone for long. This would come up again later in case you didn't already guess that. I wonder who will win that argument...

In any case, he found me, we had breakfast, and then went to his place while he packed. Our friends D and B were already there and helped figure out the GPS so we could lead the way while they followed us there. Mr. G pulled me into the other room to give me a reminder on why I should follow directions. My jeans came down and I went over his lap and was also reminded of how hard his hand is. I don't know how I always seem to forget that. Yes, I did lose the aforementioned argument. How did you guess? He told me that this was just a warm up and we'd discuss it more later. We hugged and then he went to finish packing. We picked up M in NYC and were on our way. I think I was a pretty good navigator. I've been through this drive many times now so know when to pull out the Easy Pass. (I'm so glad there isn't a toll road to be found anywhere in Utah.) We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel where I had 3 different vegetables on my plate. I'm making note of that for S if he's reading. :-P Soon we were making that familiar wind down the road to the resort. That's always when the butterflies start.

We arrived and greeted the few folks who had made it there before us. I was dead tired as I always am due to my flight options to get there at a decent hour. I was somewhat forced into taking a nap so that I could make it through the night. You know when you're a kid and you just hated naps because you were being told to do it so out of spite just tried to stay awake and argue you weren't tired? I kind of felt like that. I'm so excited to be there and catch up with everyone, I don't want to waste time on sleep! But I did lay down and must've drifted because the next thing I knew, I was awoken by a text message from a friend who had arrived. I got up and rushed to the next room over where Mr. A and R had just checked in. It was a long belated hug.

Soon Ms. M and Mr. R arrived and there were more hugs all around. We all gathered in the dining room for dinner. This led to the vegetable conversation. Here's the thing. I don't like most vegetables. I'm a fairly picky eater. I'll eat plenty of the ones that I do like, but I dislike more things than I like. Our meals are included with the cost of the weekend and every dinner comes with a salad to start with. I don't like to waste food but it's already placed in front of me and there's no way in hell I'm eating salad. It's much too vegetable-y. I got an eye roll from Mr. A at how I wasn't eating anything and I explained to him that I'd already had several servings of vegetables that day. At that moment, I was drinking coffee which is also a vegetable. (Stay with me here.) Coffee comes from coffee beans and beans are a vegetable. The same discussion came up over the super rich chocolate cake served for dessert which was also a vegetable. 2 servings even because it was so rich. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans and beans= vegetable. He just wasn't getting it.

After completing the food pyramid for the day, I went to my room and waited for Mr. A. We had an appointment for 8:00 that had been a long time coming. He reminded me of some past teasing and provoking that hadn't been forgotten and that I don't get to do that just because I'm far away and not accountable for it immediately. (Yeah, I seem to forget that part sometimes. But it's so much fun in the moment!) I was in agreement with him, though I'm not always quite so compliant.  I went across his lap and he spanked me with his hand. I'd forgotten how hard it could be, too. He used a leather paddle and then more with his hand. After becoming sufficiently reddened and agreeable, the spanking ended with a big hug.

Now it was time to head down to the lounge for karaoke. This is always one of my favorite parts of the weekend. My karaoke skills are famous all across the Poconos. Okay, that may be an exaggeration. But I enjoy singing and do so moderately well and I don't mind making an ass of myself in front of friends anyway. I'd had a whole theme planned out but  unfortunately many of the songs I wanted weren't in the book to choose from. I was wanting to do "I Want To Break Free" from Queen, "What Have I Done To Deserve This" and "One More Chance" from the Pet Shop Boys, and "I Wanna Be Sedated" from The Ramones. Do you see the theme here? It was my progression of feelings during the weekend. Lol.

Those weren't available though so I had to skip to a few others on the list. I sang "I Ran So Far Away" from Flock of Seagulls and "Wanted Dead Or Alive" from Bon Jovi to fit with the 80's theme of the weekend. Several of us did a group number of "Hard Knock Life" from Annie which in theory had seemed like a cute song for a bunch of bottoms to sing. But when we actually did it, we realized that we didn't really know the song as well as we thought we did. So it was a bit rough. But later many of us did "Hold On Tight" from ELO and that went much better.

After my song selections were done, Mr. G led me to the woodshed. It was really cold that night and as is the case with wet bottomed spankings, cold bottomed spankings hurt more as well. I remembered to empty my pockets first this time so my phone didn't fly across the room and took my jeans down and bent over the saddle. He spanked me with his hand while scolding me about our earlier discussion, as well as reminding me to keep my smart aleck attitude in check for the weekend. It's always hard when tops ask questions during the spanking. "Are you going to behave this weekend, young lady?" Um, do you want the right answer or the honest answer? They usually aren't the same answer. My bottom was really stinging and I went with the right one in this case. I pulled myself together and got a hug, which was nice for body warmth. Lol.

Some of you may remember that I whined a bit about not playing on Thursday of the previous weekend in this post. Well that record was clearly broken. Not long after that, a bunch of us headed to the hot tub. This can be a very bad idea for a really sore bottom  but I wasn't too toasted at that point. It was a nice time to relax and chat before heading back to my room. I showered and got ready for bed and was given a nice massaging flogging before finally drifting off to sleep. A very relaxing end to a long day. I'll continue with Part 2 in my next post.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 Ridiculous Reasons Tops Spank For!

Back before I attended the SCONY Mountain Weekend this past September, I created a countdown theme of 30 Things NOT To Say To A Top. Well I've been at it again. For the past month, I've been sending all my friends daily countdown messages prior to the April mountain weekend. For this one, the theme has been 30 Ridiculous Reasons Tops Spank For! I know, it was seriously hard to keep it to just 30. My original list had nearly double that number. And before anyone gripes at me about grammar, a top already told me early on that it should've been titled "...Reasons For Which Tops Spank." Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Have you ever had a top give you a reason that you were in trouble that just made you roll your eyes? Or even laugh? See if any of your ridiculous encounters made the list!

30 Ridiculous Reasons Tops Spank For

#30- Because the world is round
#29- For "looking like I'm up to something"
#28- Because it's a day that ends in "y"
#27- For being sick
#26- For breathing
Who hasn't heard that one?
#25- For having the remote control
Why do tops hate Days of our Lives? Let me watch in peace!
#24- For associating with bad influences
#23- For saying tops can't read
I think the top doth protest too much.
#22- For the current state of the economy
#21- For tattling
#20- For NOT tattling
The age old answering a direct question debacle...
#19- For looking too happy
#18- For saying "dude"
How can I go to an 80's themed weekend without being able to properly quote Michelle from Full House? "You've got it, dude!" I'm doing it anyway...
#17- For throwing imaginary food in chat
#16- For wearing red (apparently it's like waving a red flag at a bull)
True story. They get some competitive drive to make your bottom match the color of the clothes.
#15- For being Lea
#14- For being Not Lea
I still say that my disguise as Not Lea turned out pretty well for me at the last weekend. But a few tried to get me on "impersonation." 
#13- For missing a fake camogie practice
It's a long story involving a silly man who thinks he's a coach.
#12- For being cute
#11- For bringing Peeps to a party
Someone will probably get me for this again in the next week. But the Peeps are worth it!!
#10- Being responsible for the Bubonic Plague
#9- For asking why
#8- For knocking over a fake tree
#7- For not making the rain stop
Yes, I was really spanked for that. And it's ALWAYS raining in PA!
#6- Because the Yankees lost
What can I say? I know a lot of New Yorkers.
#5- Because they need to warm up their hands
#3- Because they said so
#2- Probably for creating this list and pointing out how ridiculous they are
#1- For being too good
I mean, really? Come on!

And that's the list, folks! By the time you are reading this, I should've already landed in JFK and be groggily on my way to the weekend. I have an extra long trip this time because after the group's weekend ends, I'll spend a few days in NYC. I'm really excited to see all my friends again and hopefully meet some cool new ones! And I fully expect to get lots of Peeps! I'm sure I'll be back with many stories next week. Have a good week everybody!                   

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Peepster 2012!

Today is Easter and that means one thing. PEEPS! I've been baffled to discover that some people don't know what Peeps are, so I'll start with a description. Peeps are marshmallow candies, sold in the U.S. and Canada, that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays. Peeps have always been most popular for Easter, but they are also sold near Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas. 

They are mostly made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and carnuba wax.

I know, the ingredients sound kind of gross. But they are amazing. If you've been unfortunate enough to never have tried one, just picture a marshmallow rolled and baked in sugar. If you've never had a marshmallow, I'm very sad for your incomplete life.

Now for some history. Peeps are produced by Just Born, a candy manufacturer founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (They don't do factory tours. I checked. *sad face*)  In 1953, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company and its marshmallow chick line. It took 27 hours to create one Marshmallow Peep. Today, it takes 6 minutes. The first Peeps were squeezed one at a time out of a pastry tube and the eyes were painted on by hand. Now, machines create 3,500 Peeps' eyes per minute!

My Leaning Tower of Peeps-a totalled 41 boxes in April 2011.
Just Born produces over 1 billion Peeps per year. That's enough to circle the earth twice!

All sorts of awesome products are made for Peep-a-holics like me.

Americans will eat more than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies this Easter.

Until 1995 when lavender was added, Peeps only came in yellow, pink, and white. Yellow Peeps remain the most popular, followed by pink, lavender, and white.

Yes, this IS actually my mousepad.
Popular way to eat Peeps include stale, microwaved, frozen, or roasted.

Peeps are a low calorie snack at only about 32 calories per Peep. A serving of 5 chicks comes in at 140 calories. It may be a little more when topping a cupcake.

Peeps are indestructible! They are famous for their shelf life. Scientists at Emory University couldn't dissolve Peeps in water, sulfuric acid, or sodium hydroxide. They claimed that Peeps' eyes "wouldn't dissolve in anything."

One way to kill a Peep
Since 2006, The Washington Post has hosted an annual Peeps Diorama contest. Here are a few examples of entries.

Football Peeps

"Peep show"

Peeps on the Prairie
Flight of the Hudson
 Don't like to eat Peeps plain? Put them in a shake!
Yep, I made this.

Or try another frozen treat.

Don't like stale Peeps but need to get rid of your stash? Make some art!

Created for my NY friends
Make a centerpiece!

Decorate your car!

Dress up your baby!

Or take an exfoliating bath!

Now we know why Peeps is an available fetish on FetLife.  

For some reason, tops seem to dislike Peeps. Most of the ones I know anyway. I don't know why this is. Possibly something so cute and awesome is just too much for their brains to handle. Peeps and spanking came together for me in this post where a grumpy friend spanked me for having Peeps at a party last year. With a spanking weekend just 5 days away, I wouldn't be surprised if a repeat of this incident occurs. I'm sure many of my wonderful friends will have some sugar for me. Right, guys??

I hope we've all increased our knowledge and appreciation for Peeps today. Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Power Of Silence

The silence rings in my ears. Please, just say something. Anything. Yell at me. Spank me. But I can't take the silence. 

The quiet means he's brooding, that something really is wrong. Accompanied by that look, I have to avert my gaze. I suddenly find a thread in the carpet very interesting

He puts his hand around my wrist and leads me to stand in the corner. More silence. I feel as if I've been standing there for an eternity. He reappears at my side, releasing me from my two-walled prison.  I look at him with eyes pleading for forgiveness. But it is much too late for that now.

I resume a familiar position bending over the straight backed chair. The unbuckling of his belt and sound of it being pulled through the loops speaks louder than any words we've said all night. It sends a chill down my spine. The belt swishes through the air as if in slow motion before connecting with my waiting bottom.

I gasp and wince, struggling not to move. It comes down hard again and again as pink stripes emerge on my bare skin. Each strike echoes throughout the room and is the only thing to be heard aside from my heavy breathing.

He speaks softly on purpose because it forces me to listen harder. I nod and agree, my apology genuine. He embraces me as one of his hands gently rubs my sore bottom. The silence is broken.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adopt-A-Top Telethon

In an online conversation, someone once said, "tops have trouble hearing and are delusional. We need to have a telethon." It cracked me up and an idea was born. I even came up with a name for it. The Adopt-A-Top Telethon! Doesn't it sound perfect? Just picture it. We can get Sarah McLachlan to be the spokesperson. We all know how she can tug at the heartstrings with those ASPCA ads. We'll even pay her extra to NOT sing "Angel."

Imagine how it would all be set up. "Do you know a top who has trouble typing, reading, and lacks other basic skills? For just $20 a month, you can make a difference." Donated funds could go into some sort of mentorship program to increase a top's social and/or technological skills. We've all seen how they can fall behind in conversation. It can be a struggle to type quickly and spell correctly. And their poor memories! They have such a hard time keeping track of things, they insist on writing everything down and keeping these long lists of offenses! What a waste of paper!

There could be a whole slew of supplies we could provide them with in this fundraising effort. Things like Ginkgo Biloba to help their memory skills. How many times have you heard a top say "Yes, what?" Poor people can't remember what they wanted you to say! And all the counting numbers is just their way of trying to remember what order they go in. We want our tops at their healthiest, don't we? Because we care. For that matter, we can offer a pharmacy program so all the tops can get the meds they need to balance out their delusions in thinking everyone is so naughty all the time.

Another good item would be big finger keyboards to help with typing skills. It takes a lot of skill to type threats repeatedly, after all. You don't want any typos mixed in or the bottom may not understand what you're getting at. It's all about effective communication! We are here to help you, tops. Don't worry! Many other supplies would be needed. Things like arm slings, ice packs, and bandages for when the diligent top injures their hand and/or arm. You know, rest can cure that too!

Found on Not My Original Vows
Tops also have problems with smiling and being expressive. We could have some sort of smile clinic to help teach them how to change their facial expressions. We've all heard the saying "It takes 43 muscles to frown, and only 17 to smile." So smile, tops, smile! We don't want you to get wrinkles, we want you looking your best! Perhaps we can add to the list of supplies something like laughing gas. That way we can teach the tops how to have a sense of humor. That sounds like a great idea.

Watch your local PBS listings for the Adopt-A-Top Telethon nearest you! Adopt-A-Top: Because We Care!

Call 1-800-LEA-IS-SO-DEAD now to make your pledge! You can make a difference!

P.S. It's April Fool's Day so this was all said in a completely joking manner and should not be taken seriously by any of the tops who figured out how to read/write/log on to a computer long enough to see this post. :-D