Thursday, November 17, 2011

New York, I Love You (Part 1)

I'm back! Friday night I flew out to NYC to attend the SCONY party on Saturday. I was a bit concerned about going into things still getting over being sick and tired as hell, but an hour into arriving as my abs turned sore with laughter I forgot all about it. Yes, I said abs. The rest wasn't sore... yet. A funny side note, when I checked my bag to head to NYC, the ticket agent went into the usual spiel about "Are there any items that are hazardous or dangerous in your bag?" I said no of course, but smiled to myself and thought "uh, hazardous to who? There's a pretty large bathbrush in there..." Kevin James, in one of my favorite stand up routines, talks about how the questions one is asked at the airport makes him feel like an idiot. "Do you know what's in your bag, sir?" " I tied a sock around my eyes and packed with my feet. I'm thinking hot dogs and gunpowder?"

My friend Mr. Grumpypants, I'll call him Mr. G for short, picked me up from the airport ungodly early on Saturday morning after my red-eye flight. We got some breakfast and headed back to his place where I was greeted by my favorite Canadians, D and Mr. B, who were staying with him also. I beat them on the mileage traveled to be there that weekend but they had made quite the trek themselves, driving almost 14 hours to attend. We all caught up and laughed and laughed, (see aforementioned abs comment) but eventually I crashed to take a nap. I'm not bionic like some of the tops, after all. I got ready for the party that night and we drove out to the city to the party venue. I always find it funny when it takes nearly 2 hours to get somewhere, which to me is a really long time to be driving, but New Yorkers will say "Wow, we made really good time. There was no traffic." Uh, what? No traffic? I've yet to be in New York and see anything I'd consider "no traffic." Lol. But I digress.

We made "good time" and arrived about 6:00. Mr. G parked the car while D, Mr. B., and I headed in. I brought Halloween Peeps for the snack table and we set all our stuff down and soon the hello hug-fest began. I'll tell you a secret. I'm not a spanko at all. I just have a hug fetish and found that with this type of group my needs would be met. Lol. Okay, I'm kidding. I'm there for both things. And I certainly got plenty of both this weekend... Back to the story. There were hugs all around as I excitedly caught up with friends and helped set up for the party. Ms. M and Mr. R arrived and I greeted both of them and went off to badly attempt to put together some of the cubicle play space areas. As I was doing that, in walked my friends K, S, and Y. I may have knocked over the cubicle I was attempting to build. This was a surprise as I hadn't seen Y since April. He has this habit of showing up places and surprising everyone and I do NOT like surprises. Plus I had talked to him the week before and specifically asked "you're not just going to show up at the party unexpectedly are you?" Uh huh. My first reaction was to maybe punch him, but I love the guy so I was nice and gave him a hug instead. I was really thrilled to see him and everyone else. I knew the night was going to go by much too fast.

This particular weekend had quite a bit of build-up going on prior to my arrival. Okay, the build-up was mostly on my part. I like the anticipation. Some people were just out to get me. I don't know what it is with me and tops but there's just something about me that seems to set them off sometimes. I have no idea why. I'll watch someone else interact with certain tops and things are all nice and cordial. Then I make a comment and nearly have my head taken off. A bystander said "Wow, so-and-so IS mean to you!" Well yeah, did you think I was lea-xaggerating? Lol. (Copyright pending on that word.) Anyhow, I knew that some people were really going to get me this time around. I'd been sending daily texts to some of my friends with an ongoing list of "Top 15 Reasons Not To Kill Lea" prior to the trip. I must say that they were totally valid reasons but do you think that helped me? Yeah, not so much. My friend P arrived at the party and she had little slips of paper she handed out to people that each had one of my reasons on it. Awesome. The remainder of the night under my nametag, I had the #1 reason which was "It's MORE evil to leave her alive so you can beat her again and again." Hey, a girl's got to appeal to a top's evil side. Or shall I say only side? (Totally don't get why they are after me...)

Before even getting to the party, Lea The Magic Marker was at it again. Mr. G and I had played earlier in the day and from a hand spanking I had already developed a speckling of bruises. Some people swear that with increased frequency and/or severity of play that bruising doesn't happen anymore but that's just never been the case for me. It's really annoying. There's a reason that my bottom inspired the color "Rea-lea Purple" to be added to the Crayola line. At the party, I played with Mr. B, my favorite Canadian top. This is where he'll say "I'm the only Canadian top you know." Yes, but that doesn't make it any less true, Mr. B. He'd hoped to get me before I was bruised this time but it was too late for that. Still early on though for what was to come. We went into one of the play spaces and I went across his knee as he spanked me with his hand. I quickly learned that the gym like floor of the center plus the lack of traction on my boots would prove to be interesting. Thank God I didn't end up sliding my feet far enough to knock over the whole cubicle. That so would happen to me. Lol. There may have been some reminders to be nice and ease off the Canadian jokes. But Canadian jokes are just funny! We hugged and I returned to socialize.

I knew I was going to have to be really careful with pacing myself at the party because there was going to be a lot of activity in a very short period of time and I'm not used to that. I'm certainly not a hard player, any reputation otherwise is completely undeserved. Lol. I caught up with my friend Mr. A. He gave me my first caning back in September which I wrote about here. I'd been wanting to try the canes again but unfortunately there wasn't time at this party, nor did I have much of my butt left by the end of the night. We went back into a play space and I went over his knee and received a hand spanking. This was a "nice" spanking on his part. Note to other bottoms- If a top ever says they were going "easy" on you and you sigh loud enough to inflate a hot air balloon, they tend to want to show you a comparison to prove you wrong. I didn't sigh in this particular instance, but just a side note. We hugged and parted and I tried to socialize a bit more. Mr. L had arrived and became aware of my contribution to the snack table which he wasn't too happy about. He hates Peeps, don't ask me how someone could dislike such cute sugary goodness, and had said prior to the party that if he saw them there I was in for it. Well, what can you do? If I go somewhere without Peeps, people would be asking if I was alright. He pulled me behind a curtain and bent me over a chair. I received several smacks with his hand to account for each box of the aforementioned cute sugary goodness.

I returned to chat with folks. I will mention here to all those who I didn't get that much time to talk with, I'm really sorry! I feel bad but there just was nowhere near enough time in the night to spend a good amount of time with everyone. I complain that the weekends go too fast and those last for 5 days, not 4 hours. Anyway, if I missed you, I apologize. Message me privately and I will tell you who is to blame for that. Lol. As I was talking with a few people, Mr. R appeared and went right for my ear and led me back to a booth by the aforementioned ear. Oww. My hair is never any protection, he just has some abnormal radar for locating ears. I went over his knee and he spanked me with his hand, making sure I knew that this was just a warm-up and we were nowhere near finished. Gulp. No, no we weren't.

To Be Continued...


kiwigirliegirl said...

welcoem back sounds like you had an amazing time at your party - how do you cope with all those spankings in such a short time....
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed each SCONY party in the City, but the energy just seemed to amp up all night long. It was really special having you there and many of our other out of town friends.

sarah thorne said...

Love hearing about your party experiences! I love going to parties so much, and mingling with other spanko friends. Some of the closest friends I have in my vanilla life have come from the spanking world! It's an awesome way to socialize!

Now, to get both of us in NY area at the same time!!


sarah thorne said...

Oh, and btw, welcome back! I missed you and was starting to get worried when I didn't see an update!


Zelle said...

Great write up Lea!! My god your sense of humor is no less than phenomenal! I've missed it since I've been at Mom's in PA all summer/fall.. and traveling to Chicago to sneak in the CCM party and on the way home to south FL, I stopped off in VA to (ahem) 'rest up' via some play over a weekend with my other favorite Top!

Can't wait to read part two! You always write those page turners!


Ursus Lewis said...

Didn't I tell you these parties are always too short? Imagine poor me, I usually only arrive between 8.30 and 9...

I'm glad you had a lots of fun and I'm glad we are on the same page with peeps now. No more peeps at parties... ;)

Lea said...

@kiwi, It was a great time! How do I cope with it? Hmm... I just try to avoid sitting for a day or two. ;-)

@joey, I was thrilled seeing everyone again, it was so fun. I wish it could've lasted longer.

@sarah, I agree about having many great spanko friends that are my best "vanilla" friends as well. It's always a great time when you can get everyone in one place.

@Zelle, Thank you! You sound like you've been very busy, where are your party updates? We're all waiting! ;-)

@Urs, I can't imagine missing half of it with how quickly the time passed. Poor you, indeed. No more Peeps at parties? Uh... I'm not making any promises here. Just sayin'.

Marne said...

C'mon, Lea! Shouldn't it be "Mistuh Grumpypants?!?" Thank you for reminding me how fantastic that party was! Can't wait for the next installment.

Dave Wolfe said...

I also enjoyed the Report, Lea! Particularly the Agent asking about Dangerous Items in your bag! I understand how hard it must've been to withhold a smart retort!

Of course, the spankings descriptions held my interest nicely, too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Finally! I think I'm a little confused about who Mr. Grumpypants is. I was so happy to see you, if only for a microsecond.

I learn so much from your blog!



Lea said...

@Marne, Haha, you're right about that. Nevah evah call him that unless you want to pay for it! Lol.

@Dave Wolfe, I wonder how often people dare make a smart aleck comment at the airport. They probably do hear it all the time, but I'd be too worried that they could cause me a lot of hassle if I don't just keep my mouth shut.

@Regan, It was a little bit more than a microsecond I think. You can figure out by reading this what people are to blame for my frequent absence. Take it up with them and let me know how that works out for you. ;-)