Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wake Me Up Before You Gogo

                                           Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go- Wham (1984)

Mountain Weekend: Chapter 2

Thursday is always a really long day for me after my red eye flight to head East so I savored my sleep that night. Unfortunately, breakfast is only served from 9-11 at the resort so I missed it. Which I think has happened every Friday I've ever been there. Lol. I can't help it, I'm so tired! I found Mr. G and he took me to get some lunch. I ate and went down to the lounge to help set things up in the main party space for the weekend. There's always a few tall people needed so at least I can be of some help. Though I may have supervised more than actually helped. Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

My friend R had arrived and I was super excited to have someone to watch Days of our Lives with me for once! I always get a lot of flack from people when I try to watch but everyone knows the Friday episode is the most important soap day. I found her and we went into the lobby to watch. We'd missed the first half but they repeat themselves enough it was okay. Of course, this is when everyone comes out of the woodwork to bother me. I'd been left alone all morning and then as soon as the TV comes on, people appear just to bug me and say "Really? You're watching this right now?" Yes, I am. Shoo!!  I almost missed Bo coming out of his coma with everyone's jabbering. Sheesh.

After the show had wrapped up, I went to sit on the porch with some other folks and continued to greet those who had arrived. B, my favorite Canadian top (okay, so he's the only one I know, but whatever), apparently didn't like being shooed away while I was watching the show. We went up to Room 10 and he spanked me and told me that I should've been more polite. Need I point out the double standard here? We all know how it'd turn out if I'd interrupted a bunch of tops watching a stupid hockey game. Of course I didn't say that out loud, lol. I'm always very agreeable at the moment. And I was at this moment so things wrapped up and we hugged and returned downstairs.

The weekend officially starts on Friday afternoon and everyone went down to the lounge for the first activities. The theme of this weekend was "Moods, Music, and Movies 1980's." I had a hard time with this theme as I was 4 at the height of the 80's, but reminding people of that didn't seem to help my case. Fitting with the 80's theme, we drew graffiti. My friend S is awesome with bubble lettering. I just drew Peeps on everything. If I was a real graffiti artist, I think I'd get caught really quickly with such a unique signature.

My friend E took me to one of the back booths to play. There's a really tall chair that always resides in that cubicle but my feet are always still on the floor anyway. Lol. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. My tolerance had certainly not increased since my last visit and I continued to be surprised at how I'd forgotten how hard everybody's hands can be. I was well warmed up and he stopped and we hugged and returned to the group.

The Goonies was a focus of today's theme. I admit that I'm not super familiar with the movie. The Goonies and The Princess Bride are the favorite movies of SO many people in Utah. I don't really know why that is. J used to always quote "Hey you guys!" that it annoyed the hell out of me and I didn't seek out to rewatch the movie. One of the rooms in the lounge area was set up as Sloth's dungeon. If you know the movie, you can maybe imagine what I'm talking about. I hadn't been sitting down for long before Mr. R appeared and nearly yanked my ear off. Why didn't I follow my own advice about getting those spiked earrings?

He pulled me to the back into that room where there were chains hanging off the walls. I stood in the corner as he put restraints on my wrists and then told me to bend over the chair. He attached the chains on the wall to my wrist restraints so I couldn't leap away from the chair. He pulled my jeans down and spanked me with his hand. We'd had a previous conversation about my Ridiculous Reasons list, particularly #4-Fornotusingspaces. He took this time to make his point that sometimes pauses and spaces are good and necessary as he spanked me really hard and fast without stopping. Despite not being able to get too far off the chair, I was squirming all over the place.

He took off his belt and spanked me with it as I was coerced into agreeing that spaces and pauses are VERY good things. He told me that before the trip was over, I better send a retraction of Reason #4 to everyone and I quickly agreed. Dealing with tops is kind of like playing the "Who Would You Rather" game. The options tend to be bad and worse. What would happen if I didn't agree? I'd probably experience Sudden Butt Death (term courtesy of Alex). So I agreed, I was freed, and got a big hug. I headed back to my room to get ready before dinner and that night's party. I did send out an immediate text retracting reason #4 so I wouldn't forget. I got back a few replies of "Stupid tops! Who made you do this?" Lol. I dressed up more than usual in a pink-ish top and black pencil skirt. I clearly don't wear skirts often based on how many comments I got on it. I received a lot of compliments that I looked really nice so I guess I clean up well.

Dinner was in honor of Mama Fratelli from The Goonies. Ms. M showed up in the beret and pearls and all, she looked great as always. For some reason there was salad placed in front of me again. I ate the croutons and my friend had the rest. I already had my coffee that day so was good on vegetables. After dinner, they had the weekend announcements and talk about safety and things that is always given. Reminders to not play yourself out on Friday. I swear I get looked at when that part is said. Lol. At the September weekend, I was kind of a curtain hopper and stayed very busy. In comparison, this one was pretty slow paced for me.

My friend S arrived after dinner and I was really happy to see her and get to talk for a while. I wasn't sure if she'd be able to make it this time. In the overall scheme of things, these weekends are all about the people. Playing is fun but whether I play a little or a lot, that's not the main focus of going. I wouldn't go through the travel and expense to attend if it was just about going to get a few spankings from random people. Cultivating friendships and the sense of family within the group is what keeps me coming back.

This Friday night happened to be Friday the 13th but nothing particularly odd happened. Unless you consider a spanking party in general as odd. Lol. We all headed down to the lounge for the night's party. There were fun 80's things lying around to decorate yourself with. Shutter shades and snap bracelets galore. I remember snap bracelets as a kid in the 90's so that trend must've lasted longer than I realized.

People kept bringing me Peeps throughout the weekend. Like at every activity, I'd get more, so I always had Peeps nearby. T brought me a kind I hadn't seen before, Peeps on a stick. Awesome. Mr. L is really anti-Peep so of course I had to go provoke him. I stood near him as I slowly ate my Peeps on a stick and he rolled his eyes. He'd woken up to Peeps on his porch that morning and showed me a picture of it. Of course, it wasn't me that did that. Only because I didn't think of it first. Lol. He knew it wasn't me but blamed me saying that everyone brought Peeps because of me, and I should tell them no. He took me to the back and spanked me with a ruler, one whack for each Peep that I'd had so far. Good thing the count wasn't called for at the end of the weekend when I'd received many, many more.

I returned to the party and got my Peeps on a stick back from R who was holding it for me. Then I had a brilliant idea. Peep roast! It was already on a stick, after all. I went outside to where the firepit was and attempted to roast the remaining Peeps. It kind of worked but it was a short stick and I didn't want to have to get that close to the fire and make my nice clothes smell like campfire. When you have the proper supplies though, I highly recommend roasting Peeps. If you like roasting normal marshmallows, you'll love it. It's even better than regular marshmallows because the outside sugar caramelizes and it's SO good.

Okay, that's the last of my Peeps talk for this post. I did play once more that night with Mr. L. We made the trek up the hill to go back to my room (you haven't even begun to hear me complain about all the walking on this trip). When I had been sending my countdown texts prior to the weekend, I'd write it up and text it to myself. Then when I was at work the next day, I could easily just copy and paste and send it out to everyone else. But there were 2 different times I accidentally copied the message into the wrong thread so it went out to a bunch of people at like 4 am NYC time. Oops.

Mr. L wasn't real happy about the middle of the night messages that could've woken him up. Could've- translation- they didn't wake him up. But I was in trouble for it anyway. Ah, top logic. I laid on the bed and he spanked me with his hand and then a leather strap. Hey, I think I have a revision for the revoked #4 message. "For sending messages late at night that didn't actually wake anyone up." But once again, in reality I'm not quite so brave to usually say those thoughts out loud. I agreed to not send any more middle of the night messages and we hugged and returned to the party. I wasn't up for too much longer, fatigue really sets in at these parties. So that was the conclusion of my day. To recap, Friday= Days Of Our Lives, lots of laughing and playing, and Peep roasting. Good day.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...


It was a great day. Thank you for sharing your recollections with us.


Jane said...

Love to read your account of the party!



Marne said...

Fantastic memories, Lea. Thank you!

Pink said...

Peep roasting and bum toasting...Sounds like a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Watching Days with you was a highlight of my weekend as well! So much so, I am def going to stay through Monday in October.

By the way, B caught up with me after Days as well. What do these Tops have against our favorite soap?!!! Sometimes I think Tops are like cats; they get jealous whenever they aren't the center of attention. Maybe tossing a ball of yarn at them would help...

Your friend,


ronnie said...

Great account Lea. Thanks for sharing.


playful little brat said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Was nice to read about :)

Lea said...

@joey, You must've been busy cuz I didn't see much of you!

@Jane, You really really really need to come back! :-)

@Marne, That reminds me, I had a question for you about some flyers...

@Pink, Indeed! What more could a girl ask for?

@Regan, Hahaha! Packing list for Oct.- balls of yarn. Check.

@ronnie, And there's much more to come!

@playful little brat, It was a lot of fun, always ends too quickly!

Ursus Lewis said...

You clearly making fun of me. I'm not going to tolerate this... You are better in counting days to our next meeting, but consider yourself in trouble already!

Jean said...

Sounds like a great party! Thanks for sharing all about it. I made peeps on a stick, before. I haven;t roasted them, though! That sounds like fun and I know some great wood paddles that would make a great fire

Lea said...

@Mr. Lewis, I'm not making fun. I'm just poking holes in your top logic, though it was already stretched pretty thin.

@Jean, I'm not an outdoors person but the idea of roasting Peeps on a campfire can even lure ME outside!

Anonymous said...

Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !