Sunday, April 29, 2012

Candy Girl

                                              Candy Girl- New Edition (1983)

Actual photo of my Leaning Tower of Peeps-a
Mountain Weekend: Chapter 4

In the late hours of Saturday/early hours of Sunday, I finally had a chance to catalog all my Peeps. At every activity throughout the whole weekend, friends had been bringing me Peeps. I had every kind imaginable. Chicks, bunnies, chocolate covered, chocolate dipped, chocolate mousse flavored, Peeps on a stick, and even sugar-free Peeps (haven't tried those yet, review to come). On the left is the picture I took in my room. Only took 3 tries because it kept falling over. Lol. The total count for my 2012 vacation, minus a few that had been consumed: 32 packages of Peeps. 32! Yeah, my friends are pretty awesome.

Peeps in a chocolate boat from my friend K!
What will you possibly do with all those Peeps, you ask? Well a few did get eaten and some went towards a project in decorating a friend's porch, ahem,  but most of them came home with me in my carry-on. You aren't allowed to bring a bottle of water through airport security, but TSA did not raise an eyebrow at an unusual amount of Peeps in my bag. It was pretty much ALL that was in my bag, notebook and phone charger aside. But nobody said a thing. Now if some mofo tries to make some bomb out of Peeps in the future and gets them banned, I'll be pissed. That'll really screw up my future April travel plans. Lol.

Moving right along, Sunday morning had come and it was time for the pajama breakfast. I made it in time and was properly dressed in pajama pants and my Peeps shirt I was given at the September weekend. After breakfast, some of us hung out on the porch and talked. Others were going about packing and checking out. This is when I start feeling sad. I HATE having to say goodbye to people. It is the worst part of the trip. I cry like a fool every time. I cried when my friend S went home. Mr. A and R left but I could save my tears for a few more days since I'd be going to NYC to stay with them after leaving the weekend.

There was this little flip flop novelty paddle out on the porch. Mr. R told me to hold out my hand and whacked my palm with it. It freaking hurt! A welt raised below my fingers and I'm not exaggerating. He told me to go get ice if it hurt so bad. So I went inside and asked for some ice. I was given a big bag of ice from the bar. It probably looked a little silly having such a large amount of ice on one little part of my hand but that's what I was given. And it hurt! To be fair, when I ask for ice they usually give me a lot likely assuming it's being used for something other than my hand. Lol.

B and I went up in the lodge to play one more time before he'd be leaving that night. He spanked me with his hand and then his belt for cursing earlier. He asked if I was going to try not to curse anymore. I asked if he wanted the right answer or the honest answer. Well, I think it's a valid question. We settled somewhere in the middle and I said I'd try. We hugged and returned downstairs. There were these crazy furry chickens hanging near the resort throughout the whole weekend. They were the fluffiest chickens I've ever seen. I think they had Jersey pompadours. We dubbed L as the Chicken Whisperer due to her talents that day in being able to get close to them and they seemed to be talking back to her. It was crazy. J yelled out at me, "Don't try to pick them up, they're not Peeps!"

Later, those of us who remained had dinner. Yep, there was a salad in front of me again. I ate bread. We went down to the lounge afterwards to hang out. I discovered that I was terrible at 80's Trivial Pursuit, but I'm pretty bad at all the Trivial Pursuits. I can get by in the original old one because my family has played it for years so at this point I just have half the answers memorized. If you always say Belgium, Charles Lindbergh, and Chinatown you'll do okay. We watched Mannequin which is an embarrassment to James Spader's career. He's so ridiculously nerdy in that, you can hardly recognize him.

I played once more that night with Ms. M. Why I kept ending up in the room with the lowest head clearance, I don't know. Surprisingly, I never had any hard encounters with the ceiling beams throughout the weekend. Sixth time's the charm, I guess? I bent over the chair and she spanked me with her belt, which was new to me. It kind of fell in between stingy and thuddy. I liked it as far as belts go. She also used her leather paddle which always gets me hopping. My bottom was quite sore when that wrapped up. We went back to the lounge and watched Clue. I've never seen it before but I didn't think the alternate endings would ever end. Lol. I was tired. Even Mr. G actually went to rest and he's the RoboTop. I eventually headed up to my room to get some sleep.

Monday: Final day of the weekend. I had breakfast and packed up my stuff. I took a little detour to decorate a porch with Peeps. Just picture the inside of a screen door lined with bunnies. It was pretty hilarious. The recipient may have not found it quite as funny, but he loves me anyway. Lol. I got one last spanking from Mr. G. He had told me on Saturday to come find him later that night and I'd forgotten about it, so we addressed doing what I say I'm going to do. I should say he addressed it. I went across his knee and he spanked me hard with his hand. Then I laid out on the bed as he spanked me with two different belts. I was squirming and quite sore but we weren't done until I counted out the last swats from the brat whacker and the bathbrush. Phew. Quite an end to the weekend. We hugged and I went to finish getting my stuff ready.

My favorite picture I took from The Highline
I managed to catch the last half of Days of our Lives before we had to get on the road. I said my tearful goodbyes to everyone and there were hugs all around. And we were gone. The ride back is always quiet aside from my occasional sniffling. Everyone got dropped off and I was the last to go, arriving to stay with my friends in Brooklyn. The weekend was over but I had several fun filled days to stay in NYC, which really topped off my trip. I got to see my friend K who hadn't made it to the weekend, had Brooklyn pizza, saw some art galleries, walked The Highline, went to Coney Island, and attended a Yankees game in the new stadium. They won because I'm good luck. I got strapped and caned by Mr. A before being taken to the airport. That was a fun plane ride home. Lol. I'm almost done battling the post party drop but I can't wait to go back again. It was a wonderful trip and a big thank you to all my friends for making it so fun.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed all of your posts about the weekend. I think you broke some records: most peeps, a Thursday spanking and being on time for breakfast. Once again, I did my best to avoid you before noon. LOL.

I felt the worst sub-drop ever after this weekend. I really miss our friends.

Please promise us that you will attend at least one party in NYC before October.

Once again, terrific posts, thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Love the Peeps pic:)! Thanks for sharing that and also it's nice to hear your perspective of the rest of the people.


Jean said...

Thanks so much for the posts about the weekend. Post party drop sucks! I have a peeps picture for you, where do you want met to email it>

Lea said...

@joey, It seems July will be a popular party, but we'll see. I'd love to come out sooner if I can.

@Kitty, I have a whole folder just for Peeps pictures. That doesn't seem to surprise anyone. Lol.

@Jean, The drop really sucks! The only cure is going to parties non stop, I think. ;-) My email is

sarah thorne said...

OMFG!! Such a blast from the past, that song! I was in 5th grade, I think when it came out!

Peeps still suck. :P

And you know, I don't really suffer too much from drop. But I can see how someone who may be single or going back to a vanilla may have bad drop. I know I had drop a few times when RG and I were not together and I went home after a spanking weekend.

Glad you had a good time. :)


Lea said...

@sarah, I honestly thought that song was sung by females for YEARS. Lol! The drop probably wouldn't be as bad if you were going home and still getting spanked more. Of course, part of the drop is missing my far away friends and not much can be done to fix that.