Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scony 80's Weekend!

The countdown clock is ticking and I'm very excited for the upcoming SCONY Mountain Weekend in April! I have so much fun at these bi-annual weekends being able to catch up with friends and oh yeah, I guess getting spanked too. The theme for this next one is "Moods, Music, & Movies 1980-1989." Being that I was all of 4 years old at the height of the 80's, I'm having to do some research on this one. I figured the only good thing to come out of the 80's was me, but it seems some other things were going on. Some good movies and music came out of the decade, also some err.. interesting fashions.

In trying to search for how to dress up for the party, I came across things like this.

And this 

And this
Is this seriously what people looked like? Good thing there were some good movies and music... My favorite movie at the time was definitely The Little Mermaid. Some other favorites to come from that time are Airplane (I could quote that all day), Scarface, A Christmas Story, Rain Man, Return Of The Jedi, Ghostbusters, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Omg, Ferris Bueller. He is like a bottom's idol in deception. Big props, Ferris. We look up to you.

There is a lot of music to choose from. From classic songs like "I Melt With You" by Modern English to cringe-worthy one hit wonders like "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco. Who is Falco, you ask? Exactly. I even found some that seemed to sort of fit with a spanking theme. 

"We're Not Gonna Take It"- Twisted Sister. This is one that a whole group of us sang in karaoke at one of the previous Scony weekends. Yes, it was as epic as it sounds. Did the tops try to get revenge on us afterwards? Pffttt. Moving right along...

Bottom's classic lack of accountability song: "We Didn't Start The Fire"- Billy Joel

Having a tough front song: "Fight For Your Right (To Party)"- Beastie Boys

The tops are catching up to me song: "I Ran (So Far Away)"- A Flock of Seagulls

How I feel before going to the weekend song: "Wanted Dead Or Alive"- Bon Jovi

How I feel after spankings at the weekend song: "I Wanna Be Sedated"- The Ramones

How I feel after getting home from the weekend song: "Don't Know What You Got ('Til It's Gone)- Cinderella 

Definitely a lot of choices. I've realized that a lot of the things I thought were from the 80's are actually from the 90's. One thing I remember watching all the time as a kid, cheesy as it was, was Full House. I looked it up and it ran from 1987-1995. Uncle Jesse was definitely one of my first crushes, bad mullet and all. John Stamos still looks good though. Has anyone seen his latest Greek yogurt commercial? Yeah, I wondered what had happened to his career too.

Of course, I should be thinking about other fashion choices considering how some people like to damage my ears. I need protection. Perhaps this?

Or maybe something like this

I could possibly get defensive with my jewelry...

This could work nicely on the cartilage.

Regardless of how ridiculous I may look in whatever outfit I end up choosing, I'm so looking forward to this weekend. It's been too long since I've been back East. Even though I was more spoiled than normal and got to go back 3 times in 2011, November's party seems like it was ages ago. Yet I think I'm already as dead with certain tops as I was then. Hmm... You'd think that an in between trip would've cleared up all those silly spankable offenses but that doesn't seem to have helped me. 

I already have an awesome countdown theme in mind that I'll share with you all as it approaches. It's certainly not going to help my case with the aforementioned tops though. Lol. Sometimes the joke is totally worth the cost of doing it though. "And sometimes it's not," says the top logic voice nagging my brain. Yeah, yeah... If you love the 80's, spanking, or just want to meet me because I'm awesome, it's not too late to sign up for the weekend here. Tell them Lea sent you and you can get a 5 swat discount! Okay, that's probably not true, but it won't hurt to try. "Actually, it CAN hurt to try." Go away, top voice!


sarah thorne said...

OMG!! 80's is my era!! Middle and high school and big hair....girl, have I got some pics to show you when we finally meet!! HA!

An 80's party would be soooo totally RAD! ;)

I know you guys would have fun! I wonder if I could still tease my hair and keep it up with a can of Aqua Net!


Marne said...

I agree. The November party seems eons away, but April will be here before you know it!

Five swat DISCOUNT!! Who are you kidding, Lea? Mention your name and get a ten swat PENALTY!

Hugs -


Erica said...

(laughing) Two words -- big hair. Two more words -- shoulder pads. But still, IMO, the 80s styles weren't anywhere near as hideous as the 70s.

Gawd, I'm old. Great song choices!

eileen061209 said...

Lea, you are familiar with my expertise in female film roles, a la "Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" [1969];however, the 80's appear to, for the sake of theme imagery, have given an advantage to the gentleman. Picture a male Top approaching you, implement in hand, attired as: Robert De Nero of Raging Bull; The Elephant Man; a tall, handsome adventurer in a hat and carrying a whip; a troubled young man in basic training willing swoop you up in his arms and carry you behind a burgundy curtain; a high school student who enjoys lip-syncing to the oldies in his underwear and knows there is no substitute for a Porsche; another who cleverly orchestrates absences from school and 'borrows' a shiny sports car; or a ghost buster; or a time traveler or even a homicidal doll!

I don't know what to suggest in female roles, lea, unless it be the lead character in my favorite movie of all time, "Sophie's Choice" that would require a little make up, blond hair, and mastering the Polish language; or a touching extraterrestrial character that would, no doubt, require extensive exploration of wardrobe. A better choice may be the tall, red-haired, female high-school student who finds herself sharing Saturday mornings other miscreants. Alas, that would no doubt keep you on the radar screen for some serious spanking!

And one more thing: Based on a painful incident I experienced for the first time in September, for such a simple infraction as standing in the wrong place, I seriously want to know where I can obtain earrings with spikes. Seriously!

Michael said...

80s and spanking! How cool is that! Wish I still lived back east as I would love to meet you, Lea. And you are awesome.

Lea said...

@sarah, Haha yes the word "rad" has already come up a few times. And it's like crazy how like totally Valley girl some people talk!

@Marne, Hey! Okay, that's probably true. But shhhh...

@Erica, Yes the disco era was pretty bad. God, I was forced to have shoulder pads in my dresses even as a kid in the 90s. Awful.

@eileen, I will find you a link on the earrings. There is someone who wants to see me be Wonder Woman but he won't be there in April so I can save myself the embarrassment, thank God.

@Michael, Well I live out West but travel East. It's called a plane, you know! You and Season get on one, come to JFK, and I'll pick you up and take you to the party. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the April weekend. The 80's theme will be lots of fun. Lots of great songs for karaoke and your awesome parodies!

Mention Lea? A five swat discount? That will get me an ear pulling plus an extra ten spanks. :}

And Marne? Bad girl of the NE? Ten spanks would just be the warm up!!!

I would tell you one of my favorite movies, but it will give away my character for the Saturday party.


Michael said...

OOH, a plane. Thank you so much for the info, cheeky gal. I'll have to research that. ;-)

Seriously, Lea, Season and I do have plans to travel back east but unfortunately none of our trips will coincide with the SCONY 80s party. But who knows what the future will bring.

Newt said...

Rock that neon Cheetah print,Gurrrl! Lace fingerless gloves. O ring rubber bracelets, Big perms and hair spray, Like totally awesome!To the max! *giggle* this was a cute post!
Going to be fun!
Best Newt

Lea said...

@joey, Hey, it can't be THAT bad being associated with me! ;-)

@Michael, Aww that's too bad. It's sure to be a fun party!

@Newt, I think I'm going to have to say RED to Cheetah print. Lol!