Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Angel Maker

You may remember me mentioning the email I sent to J titled "Valentine's Day", with only a link to the strap (pictured at left) in the body of the message. Well he picked up on my less-than-subtle hint and ordered it. Though it was unfortunately a tad late for Valentine's Day. That's what we get for not regularly checking our mail and missing the attempted delivery notice from USPS that was sitting in the mailbox for 3 days. D'oh!(Cane-iac's shipping is SUPER fast, as a side note.)

Valentine's Day was still enjoyable because of err... other activities, but testing out the new implement was belated. It's called the Angel Maker Burgundy Double Strap and we got it from Cane-Iac. We got another implement from Cane-Iac not too long ago, the OTK Leather Looped Strap that I wrote about here. I'm definitely a leather girl more than a wood girl and I generally prefer sting to thud. I'm really happy with all we've purchased from Cane-iac so far and have a rather long wish list saved with them currently. :-)

This strap is 1 3/4'' wide and 16'' long. As you can see from the picture, the last 6'' of it is cut into two strips. It's a double strap so makes quite a bit of noise when in use, not that any straps are particularly quiet from my experience. In the picture on the website it looked almost pink, but as you can see from the picture I took on the right it is indeed burgundy. It looks really nice. (There are plenty of pink implements on the site though if you are a pink-a-holic. I'm not.) The size is nice in that it can be used OTK or standing up for a full strapping. It was just small enough to fold in half and shove in my purse to take it with me to a play party on Saturday night. It got a lot of compliments.

That's enough of the stats, on to the action. The night before we used it, I'd had a maintenance/discipline spanking so my head wasn't in a real playful place to use it then. So we waited until the next night (and everyone who knows me knows that I hate waiting). I never know if the period goes inside or outside of the parentheses. Anyway, the time had finally come to try it out. J bent me over the bed and took my pants down and started right in with it. He was using it fairly light at first but it was certainly still felt. I laid out on the bed and he continued with a bit more intensity. It was quite stingy and it wasn't long before he had his free arm across my back to keep me from wiggling out of place. But I said before that I liked stingy. Why is that again? Sometimes I forget...

He pulled down my panties and went a bit harder with the strap until I really couldn't stay in place and nearly kicked my way off the bed. Of course this was a "nice" spanking. I'm sure he could've gone much harder with it but it definitely had quite an impact the way it was used. Final ruling: It's pretty, stingy with a bit of thud to it being a double strap, compact in size, and can be used nicely up to not so nicely. I'm happy with another great purchase from Cane-iac. I was quite pink pretty quickly and J gave me a nice massage with some lotion afterwards. The next day I had a bit of bruising, have to watch for wrapping with straps. Of course I tend to bruise easily anyway. All in all, I like it. Soon we're going to need a bigger container for all the toys shoved under the bed. :-)


Marne said...

Gee, thanks, Lea...just what we need! Another endorsement for another really stingy can't-stay-in-place-for implement!

I prefer sting, too, but I can't imagine why sometimes, either.

Caniac should be sending you a gratuity package for all your endorsements.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the information on another product. I agree with you and Marne, I "like" stingy better than thud. And, the this strap appears to be very stingy.


SublimeWifey said...

You are a braver woman than I. Thanks for giving me something else to think about ... fantasize about ... fear. ;-)

Lea said...

@Marne, Because thud sucks! Lol. I bet I change my mind about preferring sting when I next meet with a cane. Sigh.

@joey, I love how you put ''like'' in quotes there. :-) It is stingy and maroon, SMA colors!

@SublimeWifey, It's all a matter of how it's used, whether you'd fantasize or fear it. ;-)

ronnie said...

A gr4eat endorsement Lea, thanks. I do love Cane-Iac's implements and service.

I know how stingy that must be as we have a leather Scottish tawse.

Hope you have a good weekend.


sarah thorne said...

Those were parentheses, not quotes! >:)

That thing looks ouchie!


Lea said...

@ronnie, A tawse is something I'm curious to try but at the same time I think I'm probably too much of a wuss. Hope you have a good weekend too!

@sarah, Oops I'm going to have to edit that. ;-) So does the period go inside or outside of the parentheses? It can be quite ouchie!

sarah thorne said...

As for where the period goes, I have no idea. I have the same problem as you do in that and just place it where it looks right. Usually, if I have a full sentence inside of the parentheses, I use a period inside, and out. If it's not a full sentence I tend not to use a period inside.

~goes to google~

Obviously, I had it wrong.


Lea said...

Hmm, very complicated. As long as people can still make sense of what I'm writing, I suppose I won't worry about the technicalities.

Galwaygiirl said...

We own this strap as well. I do NOT like it. If he pulls it out, Im shaking in my boots. OUCH, Galway

SublimeWifey said...

With parenthetical asides the punctuation goes outside the parentheses, unless the comment within the parentheses is a full sentence itself; then the punctuation goes inside the parentheses and outside as well. Basically, you should be able to remove the parenthetical comment without disrupting the sentence at all.

With quotation marks the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks here in the US, but not so in England and I don't know what the rule is in Canada.

Hope that makes sense.

Lea said...

@Galwaygiirl, It can definitely hurt! Thanks for stopping by!

@SublimeWifey, Thanks for the information!