Thursday, November 29, 2012

Take It Or Lieb It

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Joey and also Kaelah.  It has made the rounds through the blogosphere and these are the rules:

-Post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
-Pass the award on to other blogs.
-Write up 11 new questions directed toward YOUR nominees.         

11 random facts about myself. Hmm. I'll assume it means lesser known facts so I can't just say I like Peeps and Tom Cruise movies

1. I tend to suck on M&M's instead of chew them because it makes them last longer.
2. I watched the movie Overboard at least twice this week when it kept being repeated on TV.
3. I have a birthmark that looks like a large freckle on my left leg.
4. Eating french fries usually gives me hiccups.
5. I'm terrified of ferris wheels, but I'll go on any roller coaster at an amusement park.
6. Despite my constant clumsiness, I've never actually broken any bones or had to have stitches.
7. As a child, my brother had to have stitches after hitting his head on my dresser. That's what you get for trying to scare me by turning the lights off but still being in the room, dumbass.
8. I worry about telling a joke and having no one laugh.
9. I kissed a girl and I liked it. She was not wearing cherry Chapstick.
10. I'm curious about rope bondage.
11. One of my longstanding (albeit corny) fantasies is about being spanked by Santa Claus.
12. I like things to be in even numbers.

These are the questions from Joey: 
1. What spanking position do you prefer? There are many things I like about OTK, but it can be uncomfortable for long periods of time. Lying across a bed or couch is efficient.
2. Is there any spanking implement that is a hard limit for you? Yes. I prefer more natural materials like leather and wood. I've had bad experiences with plastic/metal/rubber things.

3. What food do you hate? I don't like tomatoes (don't start with me about how it's a fruit), peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, squash, avocado, cabbage, artichokes. Water chestnuts piss me off. They are just useless crispiness and shouldn't exist in my food. I don't like spicy things, squishy things, steak, and most pork.

4. What activity makes you feel naughty? A lady doesn't kiss and tell.

5. Describe the clothes worn by your fantasy spanker? I like the image of a spanker rolling up their sleeves. In reality though, the outfit doesn't matter as much as having the skill.

6. Describe the clothes you put on for your fantasy spanking? I don't think much about what I'm wearing. I try to keep a collection of cute panties to give the spanker something nice to look at.

7. Where would you go for vacation if you won the lottery? If I won the lottery I'd be on a permanent vacation. What's that thing called that some people have? Oh yeah. Work ethic. Yeah I don't have that. If I didn't need to pay bills, I'd be done working in a heartbeat. Travel to see all my awesome friends around the country and hire a P.I. to tell me where Justin Timberlake is at all times.

8. What famous person would you like to meet for dinner? Justin Timberlake, after my P.I. found him.

9. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas because it's a guaranteed 2 days off from work.

10. What celebrity do you think deserves to be spanked? Probably a lot of them. I spend more time thinking about which one I'd like to spank me. Have I mentioned Justin Timberlake?

11. What is your pet peeve? I have so, so many. A big one is people talking on elevators. Don't talk on your cell phone, don't talk to each other, and for God's sake don't talk to me. Just quietly stare at those buttons and shut it.

(One more for Lea to make the questions even) Thanks Joey 
12. What is one thing that you wish Tops would do during a spanking? I wish they would be nice to me! Oh who am I kidding...

These are the questions from Kaelah: 
1. What was one of your first kinky fantasies which you can remember? Being spanked by Santa Claus.

2. What makes you happy about blogging? I like being able to interact with people I may never otherwise meet or know of.

3. Did blogging ever made you sad? If yes, why? People talk about some tough topics and I have before too. It's amazing to see the support given to each other in the blogosphere.

4. Please describe one of your happiest kinky moments. The first time I was restrained at my hands and feet and blindfolded during a spanking was thrilling.

5. What do you like about the kinky community? The people, hands down. I like some of their hands too. ;-) I've made so many wonderful friends from all walks of life that I never would've come across without this interest that links us.

6. Are there things you don't like about the kinky community? It's not specific to the kink community, but behaviors such as gossip, jealousy, and back-biting emerge in all groups of people. None of that is fun to deal with.

7. Please describe the most memorable development that you made in your kink (for example, meeting fellow kinksters for the very first time or becoming open for a new kind of play). Earlier in the year I finally ventured out into the local scene and I've met a lot of great people because of it. It's opened my eyes to all sorts of new things and they aren't necessarily all things I want to try, but it's been very interesting.

8. Are there crucial elements in your kinky play? I need a top I feel comfortable with. I don't play with a lot of different people because I'm terrible at initiating anything but also have a lot of hang-ups. Finding someone I can be compatible with is the most important factor. The rest falls in place after that.

9. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to spanking storylines or videos? I don't watch a lot of videos so am not really picky about them. Some people complain about silly storylines, but it's just that, a story, not reality.

10. Is there any kinky fantasy that you haven't played out (yet) for fear that the real experience won't be able to match the appeal of the fantasy? I think if Santa really came down my chimney I'd be more likely to call the police than bend over the couch for him to spank me. 

11. Please describe one of your spanking (real life or story) fantasies in 11 or fewer words. (I had to take this one from Ana's list of questions because I found it so cool!) Stripped and caned in an office by my fantasy boss.

There are a lot of blogs that I read and most have already done this so I'm not going to name any specific ones. If you are looking for something new to read, check out my blog roll. If you haven't done this yet, please feel free to join in and use any of the questions I answered here. Hope you found it interesting. 


BlackVelvet007 said...

Great post. Santa Claus eh? Ho Ho Ho

SNP said...

Really enjoyed reading about you Lea!!

Anonymous said...


I loved all your answers. I was spanked by Mrs. Claus last year with a candy cane stick.


Erica said...

LOL -- OK, a few more commonalities. I too don't like peppers or avocados, or spicy food. (But I confess to loving tomatoes.) And I've never broken a bone either.

ronnie said...


Thanks for sharing. Loved your answers.

I can eat tomatoes mixed in a sauce but I couldn't eat them in a salad.


SpankCake said...

I loved your answers, Lea!

I think I might have spoken with you in the elevator... but I hate awkward silences, so we may have an issue there. ;)


Lea said...

@BlackVelvet007, You are in the wrong state. Don't get my hopes up. ;-)

@SNP, Glad you liked it!

@joey, Interesting! Don't think I've heard that story.

@Erica, Are the avocados a texture thing or a taste thing for you?

@ronnie, I agree. I'll eat tomato sauce on pizza or pasta but it can't have chunks of tomato in it.

@SpankCake, Well you weren't a stranger so that would've been okay. I don't like strangers talking to me at all, much less in elevators.

Kaelah said...

Thank you very much for having played along and for having shared so many interesting and funny things about you, Lea! :-)

Lea said...

@Kaelah, Hope it was fun to read along!

sixofthebest said...

Lea, one of the movies that you list that you like in your bio, is SECRETARY. I took liked that movie. Be one a spanker, or a spankee, one can relate most joyously to the storyline. Since you also say you are a secretary, would you have liked to be spanked by your boss, if her be a man?

Lea said...

@sixofthebest, I love that movie and I love James Spader, so I'm not unbiased. I've had a few spanking fantasies involving particular coworkers.