Sunday, June 24, 2012


Perception is a funny thing. My workplace has recently been trying to hire a new employee to work in our front office. This would hopefully alleviate the stressful workload that is currently left on me and just one other woman. This has led to quite a bit of discussion with my current coworkers about how another personality might fit into things.

It's not exactly your typical office. Things run well and are very professional in front of customers, of course. But amongst ourselves, it reminds me a bit of being in stage crew in high school when I was the only girl along with 26 guys. Vulgar and hilarious. We would appear to be quite an odd bunch to an outsider but honestly, some of the people there are the only thing that keeps me sane day to day.

This was all a preface to how I found out a different coworker felt about me. I was talking to C, who I work with daily, about how the new person would fit in. She told me that someone at one of our other offices once told her that she thought I was a Molly Mormon. For those not from around here, that's a generally negative slang term that means someone is a super churchy goody-goody.

Goody-goody is defined as "a well-behaved person with no obvious human failings, with the possible exception of smugness and self-satisfaction." I'll pause here while I give the people who know me a chance to pick themselves up off the floor after laughing so much. My initial reaction was laughter as well. As was C's. Since she is around me every day and hears the words that come out of my mouth, she found it quite humorous.

I actually felt a little proud that I'm apparently so skilled at deception that I'm able to give off this vibe of being perfect. Lol. I could count on both hands the number of times I've ever talked to this woman face to face, since there isn't a need for much interaction between offices. So I suppose I can see how she doesn't really know me at all and shyness is possibly interpreted as innocence of some sort. I guess it could be considered a good thing that I can appear detached and professional at work. I certainly don't want all of those people in my personal business, after all.

At my first ever SCONY weekend, I was nervous as hell. I'd talked to people online for months before flying out there to make it to a party, but it was still nerve-wracking. What is everyone going to be like in person? Are they going to like me? What if I'm too shy and don't know what to say to people? Fortunately it was a wonderful group of people and I was surprised at how quickly I felt welcomed and at home. But even so, it took a little while to get warmed up to everyone. (no pun intended)

On several different occasions, I was spanked for having "Eddie Haskell syndrome." It's okay, I had to Google it too. He's a little kid from an old show called Leave It To Beaver who was the ultimate goody-goody. Clearly, this was still in the very beginning when I was generally quiet and pretty terrified to do anything wrong because I was figuring out how things worked. By the end of the weekend, I was being spanked for being such a sarcastic smartass. My personality eventually emerged. If you are thinking I haven't been accused of having "Eddie Haskell syndrome" since then, you'd be correct.

This recent comment has made me think about snap judgements, something I've been guilty of making myself. If you haven't ever had a real conversation with a person, how do you know what they're like? Being shy shouldn't be mistaken for being a snob. Being quiet and thinking things out before adding to a conversation doesn't mean that one doesn't have an opinion. Being tall doesn't mean that I'm a damn top! Being a sarcastic smartass with a dark sense of humor doesn't mean that I'm not also a caring person. Who would guess that quiet little Lea plans all her vacation time around parties where she receives a very sore bottom from some good friends? I'm probably a good example of why you shouldn't judge someone you don't know. Because you'd be wrong.

And for the real goody-goodies out there, hey, good for you! Good girls need spankings too!


BlackVelvet007 said...

Yes you sure do. ;-)

Great post. Well done.

Marne said...

You're right, Lea! When I first met you, I thought you were a well-behaved, proper lady. (Stop laughing!) Now I'm proud to know that your language is as bad as mine, your humor is sharp, and if I stand next to you for 15 seconds, I'll get spanked for something, too!

Funny post, Lea; thanks!

Emen said...

You're tall quiet shy witty perceptive sarcastic dark goofy can write hotter than hell and love Spank. What's not to love? There you go, snap judgment.

And you can pass for Molly Morman? Was that it? Dang girl. It's called God Squad here and I sure couldn't pass.


Emen said...

Eddie Haskell was an evil little shit. Always inciting the Beave to do wrong then telling the parents he tried to stop him. Yes, I am older than water.

Erica said...

Oh, how funny. Reminds me of how someone at a Shadow Lane party once said to me, "I'm surprised that you get spanked so much -- you seem so angelic." Say WHAT???

And yes, I remember Eddie Haskell well. (I too am freaking ancient.)

Lea said...

@BlackVelvet007, Are you insinuating I'm a good girl? Now that's something I don't hear every day. Thank you!

@Marne, There are many people I had fooled, err... confused as to my personality at first. I think you have some of them snowed even now!

@Emen, Aww thank you. God Squad? That's funny. So Eddie Haskell was just a phony goody-goody? Interesting.

@Erica, Angelic? Lol! Did you look around the room to check if they were directing that at the people behind you? ;-)

Anonymous said...


The first time I met you I thought, what a nice sweet, pretty and shy young lady.

Then, I heard you brat and saw you tease the tops to earn countless spankings. It was very amusing to watch Good Girl Molly transform into Bad Girl Lea before my eyes.

Just remember, bad boys and girls have more fun. :)


Angel said...

I had to look up Eddie Haskell too, Lea.

Lea said...

@joey, Yes, they absolutely have more fun. ;-) Until tops end the fun. Hmmph.

@Angel, Glad I'm not the only one. Lol.

wordsmith said...

Molly Mormon, excellent! I always thought you had a spiritual side Lea (Jack Daniels)

Kaki said...

Glad Emen and Erica are around, Eddie Haskel was a goody-goody in front of Mr and Mrs Cleaver, always smiling and saying the right thing but like Emen said, behind her back he was a little devil getting the others in trouble.

People that I worked with always thought that I was a quiet, shy, good girl until they sat near me. Some wouldn't sit next to me during meetings because they were afraid I would make them laugh. This why I think many more people out there are spankos then we think.

Anonymous said...

I love the Eddie Haskell syndrome thing... I'm going to use it sometime! -Cactus

Ana said...

So cute! And you actually come across in your blog as someone quite sweet.

Glad you had fun. :)

Lea said...

@wordsmith, Jack Daniels? Ick! I prefer Captain Morgan.

@Kaki, It seems nobody would guess what I do in my free time, so I can't really say what others are doing behind closed doors. Maybe it's better to just not know. Lol.

@Cactus, Thanks for stopping by! Uh oh, did I just give a top an idea?

@Ana, Aww thank you. I CAN be sweet, the tops just try to ignore my good traits to suit their evil tendencies. ;-)