Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Resolve To Do Nothing, Really

A FetLife find that made me laugh
Happy New Year everyone! You won't be seeing a post full of serious resolutions here because all that stuff usually turns out to be crap, for me anyway. If I really have a goal to do something then I will make it happen, regardless of what month it happens to be. I suppose I could make silly resolutions such as these:

- Strive to tell at least one top per day how mean he/she is. (I pretty much do this already, hehe.)
- Perfect my Sad Face so that tops have greater sympathy for me.
- Avoid all plastic/rubber/metal implements.
- Never say never. I've learned my limits and comfort levels are constantly changing.
- Keep away from tomatoes. Now that's a food resolution I can keep. Pizza is an exception.
- Increase my tolerance level, if that's possible.
- Navigate the spanking world further and hopefully meet some new people.
- Get more spankings. Should be easy enough, right?

Now that's an even eight, though the tomatoes thing is not at all spanking related. Oh well. If I get my spanking trips in this year, spend time with good friends and family, and stay moderately healthy, I suppose 2012 will be alright. Oh, except for that whole world ending on December 21 thing. Hmm...

Happy New Year, friends! May it be equal to or greater than your last, depending on how your last one went. ;-)


Anonymous said...


Those are excellent resolutions for a spanko, well maybe not the one about tomatoes.

I hope you start the year off by having lots of fun today.


sarah thorne said...

I hate tomatoes!! And that cartoon about the Mayans is hilarious!

Rubber implements are the most evil of all! My friend has a horrid rubber paddle.....we are plotting its demise!

Happy new year, Lea! I hope the new year may bring us to meet at some point!


ronnie said...

Cartoon funny. I hate tomatoes.

Happy New Year to you.

Lea said...

@joey, Thanks, I hope you have a great day as well!

@sarah, I've had a run-in with a rubber paddle. They are terrible and should be destroyed. Being able to meet you would be a highlight of 2012. :-)

@ronnie, Hey it sounds like we could start a club here. Spanko bottoms who hate tomatoes. ;-) Happy New Year!

Dragon's Rose said...

Have a great year Lea!

Sara said...

Happy New year Lea! Sara

bree512 said...

Happy New year, Lea!

*SIGH* I love, love, love tomatoes. I even eat tomato sandwiches. Yes, they just have tomatoes in them. I even love pickled tomatoes. Yum!

Lea, does that mean you do not like spaghetti with tomato sauce either?

bree512 said...

Oh...forgot. I hate plastic, rubber and metal, too. Those implements definitely need to die a horrible death. Grrrr!!!!

Pink said...

Happy New Year, Lea!

And what did tomatoes ever do to you? ;)


Ursus Lewis said...

Plastic, rubber and metal is not in my repetoire anyway so we shouldn't have a problem. But carpet beater, cane and my hand is, so better do not upset me too often. Or should you?

Happy New Year on this channel too!

Lea said...

@Dragon's Rose, Thanks, hope you have a great one!

@Sara, Happy new year to you as well!

@bree, Tomato sauce can be an exception, like with pizza. But if there's chunks of tomato in it then I'll pick it all out. Happy new year!

@Pink, They're just gross. Lol. Happy new year!

@Urs, I like most of your implements. Okay, maybe ''like'' isn't the right word.. ;-) Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Baked Beans, Spagetti, Bloody Mary's ... the world would end without tomatoes. Happy New Year Lea!

Anonymous said...

Lea Happy new year from tim ,love and spanks xx

Lea said...

@Wordsmith, Happy new year! Bloody Mary's? Yuck!

@tim, Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!