Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 In Review: A Spanking Good Year

Some say that Frank was singing about all the women he laid over the years in this song. That may be so, but it's a tune I like and came to mind when thinking about this past year. Yes it's that time of the year where we all reflect on the past year's events. Some good, some bad. It seems that whenever a year comes to a close, people always say "this year just went by so fast!" I don't agree. Parts of it sometimes seem to. Unfortunately it's the fun parts that fly by. Other parts, not so much. Trust me, 8 hours at work feels like 8 hours at work. 5 days at a spanking party weekend feels like an hour. 

There were a lot of ups and downs this year, as I'm sure is the case for most of us. Financial strain, family health issues, friend drama, work stress, bullshit raises... Ahem, sorry. Getting off track. But I don't want to talk about any of that. This is a spanking blog after all! ;-) And where the spanking world is concerned, I had a damn fun year. Here are some of the highlights. 

In February, I jumped into the world of blogging. I never would've guessed how much fun this would be. I wrote my first post and before I even told any of my kinkster friends what my new blog address was, I already had been discovered and left a comment by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts, who I soon found out was queen of the spanking blogosphere. I don't know how she keeps up with it all! I started out reading 2 or 3 blogs of friends and now follow over 60. And for whatever reason, people follow me! I'm not much of a writer but blogging really sucked me in. I've really enjoyed writing and sharing and interacting with all the other bloggers and readers and even the lurkers. Thank you to all who do read and keep up with the semi-interesting happenings of Lea's Corner. Without all of you, I'd just be some nut talking to myself. ;-)

In April, I attended my fourth SCONY Mountain Weekend. It was a blast, as always. Spending time with friends, laughing, playing, laughing some more, playing some more. What could be better? It's always a toss up on what is more sore when I get home- my abs from laughing so much or my bottom from playing so much. Of course, my abs don't tend to mark, but that's another matter. One memory from this particular weekend that stands out in my mind was pushing some of my previous limits. One of those was playing in the main party area. This may sound strange coming from someone who goes to spanking parties but I'm really particular about privacy. I'm not even talking about being spanked in public, I haven't done that. I nearly have an anxiety attack just thinking about it. 

I'm referring to the areas that are curtained off or whatever for people to play at parties. Previously, I didn't even go into those. I'd only go off to play in my room or somewhere else where there weren't so many people around. Obviously I'm there for the same reason as everyone else, but the idea of people overhearing my scenes just freaked me out. Well, that really interfered with my schedule, so I got over it. Lol. Another new thing that weekend was having a scene where I co-bottomed that I wrote about here. It was really fun and I liked the dynamics of interacting with both the other people in the scene. It also allowed me to play up being a bit more of a brat than normal since I could take cues from the other bottom. Hehe. It was something I'd try again in the future, and did. Oh, and I learned that plastic is evil. No more plastic for Lea.

I tried to corner the market on spanko ice cream. Still waiting to hear back from Ben and Jerry's... I thought it was a really good idea!

I educated others on bear/top safety, as well as What Not To Say which includes things like "Don't be such a Domass!", "It's not my fault!", and "You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" There's a lawyer I really want to use that last line with if I was properly set up for it. Yes, I have been told I lack a sense of self preservation. Why do you ask? 

In September, I attended my fifth SCONY Mountain Weekend. It was as fun as ever. A friend of mine has said that it's incredible to him how each one can get even better than the last. It's hard for me to compare one to the next because I have a great time at all of them but also the crowd changes a bit each time. Some friends I really missed having there but I also met some really cool new people. I will say that I'd really gone into full Lea mode for this one and was probably at my most mischievous to date. Countless texts were sent teasing those who were soon to have me in their grasp (yeah, not the smartest move). I created disguises and and all sorts of elaborate plans that just never seem to quite work out for me... Song parodies were written and sung. My Sad Face was perfected and ignored along with my pleas to not be killed. Oh, and a first for me- I was caned. Twice. What a weekend. And I can't forget the awesome Peeps related gifts I received!

Usually that would've been it for my cross-country spanking trips of the year. But lucky me, I was able to swing a third one. In November, I attended the monthly SCONY party in New York City. I've never made it to one of those before since it's such a brief trip compared to the weekends, but it was great. Okay, maybe this trip was when my Sad Face was perfected and ignored along with my pleas not to be killed. I got to meet some new friends and spend time with many other good friends. I broke a personal record with how many times I played in such a short period of time. And also how quickly I bruised. Oww. I wrote about that trip here. Another first on this visit was having soap in my mouth. Blech. That's not something I care to revisit. That was accompanied by my hardest scene ever. I was quite the limit pusher this year.

I had two posts Chrossed this year: Sunday Strapping and Why You Won't Be Playing With Me. That's always exciting to get a chance to be discovered by new readers. I like all of my posts, or I wouldn't post them, but writing is such an individual thing. It seems that sometimes the things I put the most thought into expressing aren't near the most popular things that get read. Funny how that works. It's not a problem really, just an observation. I wonder if others feel the same way about things they've written. 

That brings us back up to the current time. December has been a flurry of holiday stresses that I'm happy to have be over and not deal with for another 11 months. If I hear one more person say, "but I wanted to get my appointment in this year because I've met my deductible..." I'll fucking scream. Sorry, off topic. I'll be happy when it's January 1st. :-) I got a new toy for Christmas. It's a cane. O_O Haven't tried it out yet but hopefully I'll have a story to share soon. I wish you all a safe and happy New Year. 


Anonymous said...


Yes. It was a great year for spanking parties and weekends. I am glad I was able to share some of those experiences with you. I cannot even begin to select one of your posts that was my favorite for 2011. There were so many thoughtful, funny and insightful posts to choose from during the year.

I hope that you and J have a very healthy, prosperous, and fun New Year with lots of spankings to post about in 2012.


SublimeWifey said...

I am so happy to have discovered your blog this year as I began to explore my spanko inclinations. You've offered advice and laughs and warnings that have truly helped guide my way. Thank you and I hope to continue to enjoy your posts and learn more in the upcoming year.

sarah thorne said...

Sounds like a great year, Lea! I am really glad to have discovered your blog - it's one of my favorite ones to read! I look forward to reading more in the new year!

And, ummm, yeah -- have fun with that cane!

Oh! Now, your next goal needs to be the Canadian Prison Strap! :)


Erica said...

Happy 2012, Lea. I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year! :-)

Kaki said...

Lea, I will be happy to see this year end and a new one beging.

I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. Take your cane to work maybe it will help sway some of the folks wanting an appointment this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how I read your blog before I met you & it took awhile for me to make the connection that I already knew you through it. Oh, THAT'S LEA!!!! So, meeting you was kind of like meeting a celebrity. You have been so kind to me & have done so much to get me acclimated to this strange world. I really appreciate that. Thanks for being you! I love your writing & look forward to more in 2012!


Lea said...

@joey, I'm jealous that you got to go to many more than 3. ;-) Thank you for your continued support of my blog. I hope you and your family enjoy ringing in the new year as well!

@SublimeWifey, You're welcome and thanks for reading! I'm still constantly learning myself but will share what I can along the way.

@sarah, I don't know if "fun" and "cane" can always go in the same sentence, but I'll keep you posted. ;-) I pushed some limits this year but certainly am not up to the Canadian Prison Strap yet!

@Erica, I've really enjoyed reading yours as well. Hope you have fun ringing in the new year!

@Kaki, Thank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Ooh, don't tempt me about taking a cane to work. My next post would have to be about my discovery of topping. ;-)

@Regan, It's been fun getting to know you. I can't believe I left out of my highlights "getting to talk DOOL at a spanking party!" That was memorable and had certainly never happened before! :-)

Sara said...

I'm glad you had such a great year Lea! Best wishes for the new one too!


Lea said...

@Sara, thanks and the same to you!