Thursday, December 15, 2011


Found at The Pink Papers
I glare at the corner so fiercely I'm surprised it doesn't bore a hole into the wall. No, I don't like this. This is not how I should be feeling. This is not the position I should be in. I did NOT do anything wrong.

"This can keep going all night, you know," he says from behind me. "Tell me why we're here."

I sigh loudly, easing up my glare at the wall. "I don't know, just like I said before!"

He shakes his head. "Get back over here." He sits on the couch and I lay across his lap as the spanking resumes. I kick my legs and bury my face into the cushion as his hand quickly turns my bottom pink. I do not want to hear him. I do not have the answers he wants to hear.

"Tell me why we're here," he says again. I bite down on my lip in frustration. "I don't know!" The swats get more intense to show his dislike for my response. "Have you figured out by now that 'I don't know' is not an acceptable answer? Tell me anything besides that." He pauses and rubs my bottom, waiting for my response. My glare returns, directed at the couch cushion this time. "I... don't... know..."

It's going to be a long night.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Lea. I do hope you figured out the correct answer at some point.

kiwigirliegirl said...

oh dear sounds like you were in for a long and painful night....did you work it out in the end?
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Lea said...

@joey, Yes, eventually I always do. ;-)

@kiwi, Sort of. You ever get in one of those moods where you really just have to work it out in your own head? It was one of those times.

Pink said...

So, did you finally figure it out before he relented?

Love this post, Lea! And it's a small world...I had the same photo queued up for a post (that just went up now). Hope you don't mind!


Lea said...

@Pink, I always figure it out eventually. ;-) I found the pic on your Pink Papers site so no problem!

sarah thorne said...

Oh, wow! Altho, I can relate so much!

It can be hard to give in. Stubbornness setting in, not wiling to give that satisfaction of bending your will....

yet, they always have a way to push us past that point of resistance, don't they? Where our will gives, and we're reduced to being willing to say and do anything they want! :)

Great post. Love how you wrote this!

~catching up~

Lea said...

@sarah, Yes they do know how to push us. Glad to see you back online, was about to send out a search party for you. ;-)

Lea said...

That would frustrate me. If I don't know why I'm there, any other answer I'll give is something I'm really stretching for, and making up.

Lucky for me, Sir hates that sort of thing in his own life. If I'm not aware of what it is you're asking me, repeating the question is not helping. Maybe once or twice, but for a long time... if the point is a real answer, its difficult.

If the point is the hot dynamic and power play, that's different.

Lea said...

@Lea, Yes it can just be a way of playing around sometimes. But very frustrating when it's not.