Sunday, December 11, 2011

Versatile? Me?

Some of you may have observed the Versatile Blogger Awards floating around in blogland for the past few weeks. Erica Scott was awarded one and passed one on to me in this post here. Thank you, Erica!

The rules are:
-Link back to the award giver
-List 7 things about yourself
-List 15 blogs that you like, passing the VBA onto them

Hmm... 7 things about myself. I suppose I could write something silly like "I love spanking" or that I wish I was the person who invented Peeps but I think they are supposed to be things that aren't widely known. It's hard to think of something that I haven't already shared, but here goes.

1. I live in Utah but I've never gone skiing in my life. Anyone who has seen me try to even walk in a straight line will understand that this is best for my own safety and all surrounding trees/objects/people. Don't want any Tony Danza incidents. Plus I hate the cold.

2. I'm left-handed. My parents tried really, really hard to get me to be right-handed when I was young. They'd take things out of my hand and try to put it in my right hand to get me to do it that way, but it just wouldn't work. I guess I didn't listen so well then either. People point this out a lot too, is it that rare to be left-handed these days? I'm always getting comments like "Oh, a southpaw!" That goes on my annoyances list that will be covered in #4.

3. I've never learned to ride a bicycle. This goes back to the balance issue mentioned in #1, lol, but also when I was a kid all my friends and the whole world it seemed was within a few blocks so walking suited me just fine. When it didn't, I learned to drive.

4. I'm tall. 6 feet tall to be exact. Yes, I know this is abnormally tall for a woman. No, I don't need you to point out how tall I am, I'm well aware of it. This happens at least once a week. Random man in elevator: "Wow, did you play basketball in high school?" Me (what I'm thinking anyway): "Did you play miniature golf?" Why do people say such idiotic things? I hate elevator chatter to begin with, but won't get started on that. A 6 foot tall left-handed spanko woman, wow I am versatile. Or a freak. Versatile sounds nicer.

Also to the men of the world who are 5'10''- YOU ARE 5'10''! It's okay to be 5'10''. You saying that you are 6 feet tall so I must be 6'2'' pfffftt!! is not going to make you taller. Nor will me saying I'm 5'10'' make me any shorter. You should've seen the look on the face of that DMV employee when I even tried. The only thing that annoys me as much as pointing my height out is pronouncing my name incorrectly. It's my made up name and you better pronounce it how I say to! It's like "Lee," not "Lee-uh." Moving on...

5. I don't like change. Who wants a bunch of pennies lying around anyway? They are pesky things, always finding them everywhere. We should just change the smallest coin to be the nickel and things can only be charged in increments of 5 cents. Oh wait, that's not what I meant by change. I don't do well with things changing. That may be the case with many people, but likely not to the extent that even little things can bother me. Like my left and right speakers being swapped on opposite sides of my computer. I'll notice immediately and move them back. Same with any furniture or other things in my home or office. Why is that plant on the right side of the room now? Put it back!

6. I eat candy in even numbers. I don't like when things aren't even. If there are an odd number of pieces in a box, I'll give the rest to someone else. Even as a kid, I tried to keep things even. If there were 5 strawberry yogurts and 2 peach yogurts in the fridge, even if I really wanted a peach one I would just eat a strawberry one. I wanted to keep them even. Plus, I didn't want the strawberry ones to feel bad because they weren't being chosen as quickly as the peach ones. Omg, I'm just waiting for a psychiatrist to show up and comment on this post. LOL. 
7. I have a major fantasy of being spanked by someone dressed as Santa Claus. (Figured I'd throw something spanking related in here.) I know that probably sounds as corny and cliche as a schoolgirl scenario, but there it is. It would be a good girl spanking of course, because I'd be on the nice list. Why are you rolling your eyes?? Nobody ever believes I can behave...

When I first came across the spanking blogosphere, I followed maybe 5 blogs. Now I regularly read about 60. It's hard to pick out specific ones because there are so many great ones out there, but here are some of my favorites.

A Consensual Spanker
  Mr. A is a thoughtful top and personal friend. He's new to the blogosphere and I look forward to reading more from him.
- Alex In Spankingland
  Alex always has me captivated, laughing, or both with her stories.
- American Spanking Society
  Todd and Suzy always have a wide variety of material to read, from party updates to polls.
- Blossom and Thorn
  If you haven't read Season and Michael's fantastic blog, it's time to quit living under that rock!
- Chross
  Chross is the man who keeps track of it all, a weekly list of great posts and constant updates of any spanking related media.
- Come Play With Me
  Sarah Thorne's blog is a favorite. From humorous rantings to thoughtful stories and party updates, there is something for everyone here.
Dave Wolfe of Wolfie Toons!
  Dave Wolfe is a wonderful cartoonist who covers the subject that is so close to our hearts. And the puns abound on this blog! Can't forget the puns.
- Ecce Spanko
  Dioneo is a must read for those who love art and a bit of poetry with their spanking material.
- Erica Scott
  Erica is a spanking video star, author, and fellow left-handed bottom whose wit always keeps me coming back for more!
- Finding Sara
  Sara provides an honest, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous take on life in DD.
- Heart And Soul
  Ronnie is one of my favourite (I spelled it like she does ;) bloggers from across the pond. One of my must reads.
- Hermione's Heart
  Hermione is one of the most versatile bloggers out there with daily posts ranging from Complete the Caption to Wednesday Win and plenty of personal stories, too.
- love honour and obey
  Kiwi shares her journey into DD with a realistic and relatable voice.
- Mischief Managed
  Rayne is a blogger I'm fortunate to have met in real life and I always enjoy reading her updates.
- My Bottom Smarts
  Bonnie is the queen of the spanking blogosphere. She keeps a massive blogroll in tact so we can all find each other and always poses thought provoking questions in her weekly brunch.
- Poppy's Submissions
  Poppy writes so beautifully and sometimes I feel like she's taken the thoughts out of my head and placed it on paper in a way that I never could.
- Richard Windsor
  Richard has a massive collection of high quality spanking pics that he's kind enough to share with us, plus personal stories and party updates too.
- sugar refined
  Sugar shares her honest take on her journey into a life in DD.
- The Pink Report
  What can I say about Pink? I'll sum up her writing in 3 words. Thoughtful. Funny. HOT!
- Words On The Bottom
  Wordsmith always has a collection of great pictures mixed in with humorous posts.

Okay so for anyone counting, that was 20 blogs not 15. We all know that I have a hard time following rules. To keep things versatile, I'll end with this Rudolph video that had me nearly rolling on the floor laughing the other night. Enjoy!


SublimeWifey said...

#6 - Me too! Even numbers or color patterns and if the candy doesn't fit the pattern or shape (pyramid, diamond, etc.) I give it away. And same for evening out the yogurts, or when I was a kid the little ice cream cups with chocolate or strawberry swirls, because I didn't want the ice-cream cups to feel bad. My husband is worried I'll pass my strange habits on to my kid, but I feel like she'll be in good company. :)

Season said...

We love your blog, too!

The video is hilarious! Just glad no doctor is trying to cut off glowing red bottoms! We need a new parody - Lea The Red Bottom Blogger! (you would even say it glows).

Anonymous said...


Hilarious! I hope your fantasy of being spanked by Santa is fulfilled. Loved the video.


Lea said...

@SublimeWifey, Really? That makes me feel so much better. WE are the normal ones. :-)

@Season, Thanks! Haha, now that's quite a song idea!

@joey, Me too! Only time will tell. I've watched that video at least 10 times this week. Lol!

Anonymous said...

To make the number an even eight (remember that you do not like odd numbers), I want to add that you have a beautiful singing voice.

Lea said...

@joey, Thank you, that's very nice!

Erica said...

ROFL! Poor Rudolph!

Well... I have more "things" around food than I can list here, so your even/odd thing doesn't faze me in the least. :-) And I hate change too. Plus being a leftie. But OK, I'm only 5' 7". I guess there have to be SOME differences (besides the fact that I'm a million years older than you).

ronnie said...

Very funny Lea.

I love being tall now but hatted being the tallest in the school.

Thanks Lea.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Being 6'4", I would speak to a 6' woman in an elevator. While, we are in Utah quite a bit, there is zero chance of my speaking to you, as we are never in places that have elevators. So good for you.

Lea said...

@Erica, I was actually born in CA too. ;-)

@ronnie, Yes it's the worst when you are younger and in school and all the stupid boys are shorter than you. Lol.

@OBB, Ha, well if you said who you were I'd be more interested in the conversation. Thanks for stopping by!

bree512 said...

Lea, I know this comment doesn't belong here but....I loved your parody of the Grinch Song. Last year I looked at that song and said no way. It's too mean. You took that song and made it the only thing that the song could be parodied about. I loved it. It IS SO FITTING. Great job.

Loved the Rudolph clip, too. :)

Hermione said...

Lea, thank you for mentioning my blog!

I love even numbers too. Pairs and fours are my favourite. If I buy an ornament, I have to have two of them. And I count things (corners, letters, lines of text, blogs in a blogroll, swats, anything!) in groups of four.

Where's that psychiatrist?


Lea said...

@bree, Thanks! I was gonna make it about a certain owner of said implement, ahem, but like you said the lyrics were too mean. I liked how it turned out though. :-)

@Hermione, I feel so much better knowing others have these number oddities.

Anonymous said...

Lea, thanks for the mention! This is my third VBA, maybe I'll have to do it :-) Feng Shui says ODD numbers are good doesn't it - you are really bucking the trend! As always.

Kaki said...

Hi, Lea. I am 5'10", not 6' and also hate the basketball question. Good comeback with the miniature golf, I would love to see the look on someone's face if you actually said it.
I am happy to hear you don't want the yogurts to feel bad. I do that with some of my Christmas ornaments and decorations. I feel that they all want to come out and don't want to hurt their feelings and leave them in the attic another year.

I think white Good and Plenty taste better than the pink.

Maybe that psychiatrist can give us a group discount.

Lea said...

@Wordsmith, Yes, you should do it! And I don't know about the odd number thing. Who likes odd numbers?

@Kaki, Welcome! That basketball question is so annoying, isn't it? I like the white Good and Plentys too. Thanks for stopping by!

sarah thorne said...


Awww, you're sweet! Thanks for the mention!! I must say, your blog is one of my favs as well!! When I am busy and unable to be at the computer, I think about what I am missing and yours is the first one I catch up on when I get back!! :)

Hope to meet one day!


Lea said...

@sarah, It'd be awesome to meet one day! I'm going to have to push to make Shadow Lane one of these times as that seems the most likely.