Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Spanking In The Park- Guest Post

Hello and thank you for joining me for the first ever guest post on Lea's Corner. The author, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote this account about her first adult spanking. Enjoy.

A Spanking In The Park
My first adult spanking was when I was twenty. I had been going out with Him for a couple of months. He was a policeman. I truly was in love with the Man. sigh....anyway...we will call Him Michael. I was still going to the university which was close to where He lived and worked. We spent many heart-swept hours with each other.
It was mid-summer, a hot and steamy night. We met up with some friends in front of the local park to decide what we wanted to do. No one was in the park at that time and the street was not off the beaten track. It was the city. So cars came by at a medium pace.
 It was now about nine o'clock and we could not agree on what we wanted to do. I was getting tired and annoyed at that point. I honestly just wanted to be alone with Michael from the beginning.  I was standing there hugging Michael, Him hugging me on the sidewalk when the brat in me took over.  I started throwing up road blocks to every suggestion someone made without even giving them a chance to finish their thoughts now. After about six or seven volleys of this, the impatience in my voice could be heard. Michael took one look at me and realized what I was doing. He calmly said "Are you looking to get spanked?" We had never mentioned this ever before. So my reaction was He has got to be kidding.
"What makes you say that?" "Well, you are being rude to our friends and I think you need a spanking." "No way! I am not being rude." "I think you are and if you don't stop and apologize now I am going to spank you right here, right now." "I will not apologize and you can't make me." With that said, Michael put me under His arm and spanked me hard several times over my jeans while standing up. I was in shock and could not believe this was happening.
 Michael asks me again if I am going to apologize. My retort was a defiant no. Why did I say that? Heavens! Was I enjoying this? Why did my better judgement leave me at this point in time? As I pondered this betrayal of myself, Michael takes me by the hand and leads me to the nearest park bench. Before I had realized what was happening, He had unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down my jeans. With another fell swoop He promptly sat down and pulled me over His waiting lap. My mind played tricks on me at this point saying this was only a dream. A dream I had wanted for a long time. So I kicked and protested a little, just enough to make it right.
 The spanking was quicker and more meaningful now. My body surged under Michael's well placed blows. I felt the sweat trickle down the crevice of my back; the wetness coming to my aid, trying to alleviate the unusual warmth radiating from my upturned bottom.
Again, the question is posed. "Are you going to apologize?" My stubbornness imprisons me and answers a backlash of noes. My white laced panties come down and I am sent into nirvana by the ache and pull of my nether regions. I lose track of time and my surroundings become unfamiliar. I feel the presence of only Michael and myself. I hear nothing but the smacks of His firm strong hand meeting my bottom. There is no pain now. Only pleasure and I finally succumb. I am spent and I surrender. I lay there motionless. My breathing deep and I say the words He wants to hear. "Ok. I am sorry. I will apologize." "That's my girl."
 So, up from His lap, I pull myself together and walk back to where our friends are gathered. They are patiently waiting in silence; a heartfelt apology given; a loving hug and kiss from Michael and we are off to the diner for a bite to eat. The spanking was never discussed, nor was I spanked again by Michael. I miss Him. A different time, a  different era, a different mindset. I thought it was a dream.
Nothing will top this spanking for me ever, but hopefully I can come close to it one day.


Anonymous said...

That's a touching story. Thanks for posting it, Lea. And thanks to the anonymous author for sharing her experience!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Author,
Thank you for sharing your first spanking experience with us. A wonderful story and well told.
Also, thanks Lea for posting it on your blog.

kiwigirliegirl said...

Yes, a very touching story, thanks Lea. Thanks to the author. I hope she posts again.
One of my little fantasies is being spanked outside. One day.

Lea said...

@Karl, thanks for reading!

@joey, you're welcome!

@kiwigirliegirl, I hope she will too. Thanks for reading!

eileen061209 said...

Thank you, Lea, for letting your anonymous story teller give us the tale of her first spanking. It is beautifully written and illustrated; and in some ways, it probably reads as a rather simple incident to a person not sharing our fetish. However, for me, with a fully developed case of the spanking fetish, to have a writer recall every detail of her first spanking, to have the skill to write it [almost inviting the reader to sit on the park bench] and present it on Lea's Corner is breath-taking and charming at the same time.

Lea said...

@eileen, I really enjoyed the story as well. I hope to have more guest posts in the future.

Hermione said...

That was great! The details in the story lived up to the promise in the title. I suspect many of us would love to have that kind of spanking.


Lea said...

@Hermione, indeed, I'm sure many would.