Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bottom Logic vs Top Logic

Bottom Logic:

Top Logic:

The first one is a shirt I own, one of my favorites. The second I gifted to a dear top and suggested that it be the top uniform at spanking parties. Fitting, no? Check out Amazon for all your subtle spanko T-shirt needs!

Which can you relate to?


Season said...

Brilliant, Lea!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Great T-shirts. I can really relate to the first T-shirt from some stuff on a recent business trip, but I do not want to start a vanilla rant. Thanks Lea for making me smile this morning. Have a great day.

Pink said...

Haha...I love 'em!

Lea said...

@Season, thank you!

@joey, always happy to provide a smile or a laugh. :-)

@Pink, I love being able to wear something a little more subtle in public than a pink bottom nametag. Lol.

Erica said...

I relate to the first one, of course.

I think we should create a t-shirt with the saying, "Top Logic is an oxymoron."

bree512 said...

I don't relate to either one Lea. What does that mean then?

I would relate to a t-shirt that said "Me-OW!" and had a cute picture of a cat being mischievous,though. Giggles.

Lea said...

@Erica, now you are giving me iron on T-shirt ideas for my next spanking weekend. :-)

@bree, it means you are a switch so experience confusion. ;-)

bree512 said...

Sorry. Spelling mistake above.

You are mistaking me for Amy, Lea. Amy is the one who is always confused and she is a bottom. I am Switch, but Switchs are hardly ever confused. :P