Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Lea and J sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes the belt
From a top so caring

Wait, that's not how it goes... Spanko vision is acting up again. Well everybody, today is my 4 year wedding anniversary. Yes, J and I were one of the reported 38,000 people who tied the knot on 07-07-07. But I totally thought of it before all the rest of them. ;-)

It wasn't completely for the good luck of the number 7. The 7th had always been our day from when we first started dating. So when I saw a 7th coming up that was in the summer and on a Saturday I knew I better book it. See how courteous I was to think about my guests and their travel plans? None of this missing work for a wedding on a Wednesday at 2 pm. I'm nice like that.

Usually I don't get all gaggingly cheesy, so you'll have to forgive me for this post. J does read my blog so I'm taking this opportunity to shout from the blogosphere rooftops, I love you so much and thank you for being part of my life! You make me so happy and I know you are quite the diamond in the rough for being such an understanding partner. I appreciate all you do and for not thinking I'm a total nut with this spanking thing. ;-) It's been quite a ride and I'm looking forward to the future.

I know what you are all thinking, what about an anniversary spanking? Well 4 swats is certainly not enough, we'll have to improvise. We have plans to stay at a hotel on Friday night. Are hotel walls very soundproof? Report to come...


findingsara said...

Congratulations, and may you have many many more...spankings and happy years together! Sara

Rayne said...

Congrats Lea and J!! Many hugs and good wishes to the both of you! :D:D

You know, four swats could be *plenty* depending on the implement... and if you're looking for soundproof, canes don't make that much noise at all... (unless you count noises that the receiver makes!) :D Hmmm... Maybe next year? :D:D

Hope you have a very lovely anniversary! :D xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lea and J. I wish you two the best on your special day. As a bottom, I will refrain from giving advice on how many swats you should receive on your anniversary; however, I hope that you are well satisfied.
Ask the person at the desk to put you in a room next to a stair well or in a quiet place. My wife tells them that I snore very loud to get a quiet place. She is so inventive.

Ursus Lewis said...

Congratulations Lea and J! I wish you many happy years to come.

Erica said...

Congratulations and happy 4th anniversary, Lea and J!

If possible, ask for a hotel room at the end of the hall. Fewer common walls that way and less traffic outside. :-)

Pink said...

Big congratulations to both of you!

To add to Erica's recommendation: ask for a room at the end of the hall near the stairs. The stairs are typically reinforced by concrete walls. ;)

kittengrl said...

Congrats Lea & J! On a side note, did you realize that you posted this blog at 7:00 am?! 7 really IS your number! :)


Arthur said...

Wonderful post, on a wonderful subject. Congrats to you & J.

Lea said...

Thank you everybody! It was an enjoyable anniversary, more to come on that tomorrow. :-)

Hermione said...

Congratulations! At least it's a date your husband can't forget! Or can he?

I hope you a great time celebrating!


MyMask said...

Hope it was a great anniversary for both of you. I am enjoying your blog.

Lea said...

@Hermione, yes it definitely makes it an easy date for him to remember. That was a small factor in picking it as well.

@MyMask, thank you and glad you've enjoyed reading it!