Sunday, September 30, 2012

He's The Worst!

It all started the other day on FetLife. I had posted something and there was a bunch of back and forth commenting on it. I may have been the first one to reference S teasingly and it continued throughout the thread. One of his many S-isms is saying "you guys are the worst!" We were all waiting for him to say it and it was suggested that his head might explode from not saying it. He eventually gave in and said it.

Was it the best idea to continually tease the person who was already planning to come over later and spank me? Maybe not, but "lacking a sense of self preservation" is on my fetish list on there for a reason. Usually tops don't remember things and we all know that they typically can't read or write. But he apparently can in fact do all of those things and planned to make me pay for my earlier brattiness. Me? Bratty? I know, ridiculous.

I was lying on the bed and he began spanking me with his hand. I have observed that his hand has hardened quite a bit since we started playing 6 or so months ago. Either that or I've gotten increasingly wussier. Anything is possible. He got one of my wooden paddles and the evil leather strap out of my toy box and set them on the bed. I looked at him with a sad face and said I hadn't been that bad. He looked at me like "really??" and continued on. I didn't try to further argue my false claim. Even I know when it's over.

He picked up the paddle and briskly spanked me with it. The swats went from moderate to harder pretty fast and I was squirming and yelling out all sorts of words that I fortunately wasn't spanked further for saying. I was not tolerating the wood very well and multiple times I'd turn to my side to keep from being struck. I definitely don't want to be accidentally hit anywhere else though so I'd quickly roll back over into position to brace myself for more.

My bottom was stinging like mad and felt like it was going to mark after this one. (Not that that's super surprising with me.) We'd been talking throughout this and near the end I said "Okay fine, YOU'RE the worst!" He laughed but wasn't distracted from his task. A top with a sense of humor is better than a top who doesn't have one, but all it really means is that they laugh while still causing you great discomfort.

The spanking ended soon after that without the strap ever being touched. That was good though because I'd felt I was at my limit and he was able to read me. I snuggled up to him as he rubbed my back and sore bottom. I felt some of the stress of the day melt away. The ending is always nice, but the main point of this story is- HE'S THE WORST! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ouch!- It is nice to have a sense of humor. Thanks for sharing. MMM Maybe you should write "He's the Worst" on a feather duster or soft paddle.

joeyred51 said...


Terrific story Lea. I like the way you teased him before the spanking to add some spice to the adventure.

No sense of self preservation. LOL. Join the club.

See you soon.


kiwigirliegirl said...

No sense of self preservation - I'm in that club too - why is it that tops dont really appreciate a bottoms sense of humour?? Hmmmf!! Im sitting pretty uncomfortably too today after an encounter with the paddle last night as well!! ouchie

Lea said...

@Jean, That's an idea!

@joey, Oh I just might be head of the club. ;-)

@kiwigirliegirl, They sure don't seem to appreciate it, but I'd like to think that they'd miss it if it were gone.

SNP said...

Interesting story, Lea and I liked the part at the end where you said some of the stress of the day went away:) Be careful with Bratty attitude, OK. I don't think that bodes well for the person getting spanked!:)

SpankCake said...

It's difficult to take someone who has NO sense of humor seriously... yawn!

I don't think I've ever been paddled with wood... can you believe it? Sounds like it hurts... but in the good way ;)


ronnie said...

Bratty attitude and the teasing love it.


Lea said...

@SNP, I think they'd be bored if all the brattiness went away. ;-)

@SpankCake, Really? No wood? Many are against it but it's all in how it's used, I think.

@ronnie, And so did he. He just wouldn't admit it. Hehe.

Ana said...

Hm, I think we *do* have a sense of self-preservation but sometimes you just have to do it anyway! :)

Also a sense of self-preservation and the commitment to staying out of trouble can't exist without each other. ;)


Glad you had fun!

Lea said...

@Ana, "but sometimes you just have to do it anyway." Yes! That's my motto! ;-)