Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peeps And Pajamas

Icing my poor weak hand
Sunday morning of Shadow Lane came early. Once again, I was awake before 9 am without the assistance of an alarm. The first thing I noticed when waking up was my hand. It was still swollen and the bruising between all my fingers was darker and more prominent. I got ready for the day and found Joey already up in the main room with coffee for everyone. He helped me find a bucket of ice for my hand as I woke myself up. I was concerned about my hand being noticed at work because I type a lot and also instruct people on how to use equipment that involves putting things on my hands. We decided my story would be that my hand got shut in a car door. Believable with someone as clumsy as I am, right?

Everyone got up and ready and a group of us headed to the suite that was hosting Strict Dave's Spanking Court. I'd never seen one of these before but kept hearing that it was a blast. I saw Beth again and we chatted for a minute about my mangled hand. Alex was also present and told me that she'd seen me a few times now without the Peeps I was supposed to be carrying to identify myself. She said that I was being a total cocktease with the Peeps. Lol. I did have Peeps Sunday night, but didn't see her again on Sunday! Court began and I stayed about an hour into it. It was complete with judge's robe and court music by Bob the DJ. It was fun to watch with various cases about people constantly losing room keys and the appeal of racing cars down The Strip to impress the ladies in the backseat. I was happy to see that tops didn't always win. I know, right?

Some of us headed down to one of the restaurants in the Suncoast for brunch. I was surprised to see my friend A join us after I'd already said my tearful goodbye to her the night before. This wouldn't be the only time that happened as she had a weekend full of flight changes. After eating, it was time to change rooms once again. The SCONY crew vacated the presidential suite and moved to a different suite on the 10th floor. It was open to others throughout that afternoon and night. The Suncoast apparently hates T-mobile and I struggled with phone issues all weekend. As soon as I stepped outside the hotel things were fine, but within it service was sketchy. And working internet was nearly nonexistent. There was someone I was trying to meet all weekend and never did run into. Not getting my messages in time wasn't helping.

Shirt and flip flops I wore w/ pajama pants for Sunday party.
My first scene of the day was with Joey who I'd looked forward to playing with again. (He also wrote about our scenes here.) We went into the other room and assessed the damage from the prior day. I was still a bit bruised, but compared to how I normally look at a party it wasn't bad. He spanked me with his hand and also used a leather strap, leather paddle, and the new bamboo piece he'd purchased at the vendor fair. It was fairly long and thin with holes in the wood. It's quite stingy. I'm a sting over thud girl though so I found it to be a good stingy. I really enjoyed playing with Joey. He didn't go into a-hole Super Top mode or anything, lol, we would chat casually during the scenes. It was all very comfortable and just the right physical intensity. Well, as comfortable as a spanking can be. ;-)

I did play another time that evening with someone new. It reminded me why I don't tend to play with new people. I know that everyone is new at some point but usually I have a lot of conversation about what we both want and feel fairly comfortable with someone before getting to that step. With this person, we did talk a bit but I went into it quicker than I normally would. Partly because I hadn't played all that much and wanted to. My fault. There are definitely moments where even the all knowledgeable Lea still makes a bad decision. Do as I say and not as I do. Lol.

I went off to a private room with someone new when I should've stayed in the suite. Stupid. Not far into the spanking, a limit I'd expressed was clearly ignored and broken. I should've stopped it right there and said something, but I didn't. I know, I know. Stupid. I didn't feel completely unsafe like I needed to scream red and run and go tell someone about it so didn't want to cause a scene. But, it was one little thing after another that just left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. That's really the only way I know how to put it. So not my best experience there. That wrapped up and I returned to the suite.

Erica plays nice
One of the big parties that night was the pajama party being hosted by Kyle Johnson and Stevie Rose. I got dressed in my Peeps shirt, pajama pants, and Peeps flip flops. I also carried my Peeps on a stick with me. This was actually not too long after I had to bring out the Peeps on a stick to show someone in the suite because they'd never heard of Peeps. *facepalm* I die a little inside every time I encounter a poor soul who is unaware of Peeps existence. I mean seriously, how do you not know what they are?? Never walked into a grocery store at Easter time?

Moving on. Joey and I headed to the pajama party. Things weren't done being setup yet so we gathered outside of the elevator with a bunch of others who were waiting to go to the suite. As we were standing there talking, the elevator came to let some people off onto the floor and I saw Richard Windsor. I'd spotted him a few times throughout the weekend but was too shy to go say hello. Well, we were about to meet.

Imagine my surprise when he walked right over to me and said hello and asked if I was Lea. I said yes I was and asked how he recognized me and he told me someone had pointed me out in the ballroom before. We chatted for a few minutes and he seemed like a really cool guy. Really funny. There's been lots of (joking) talk on FetLife in the past about how he has a big head but his head seemed quite normal to me. He was very down to earth and it was quite nice of him to take the time to say hello.

Until she shows us how she really feels
After that surprise hallway conversation, Joey and I made our way to the pajama party. I saw Erica Scott right away and she just loved my outfit because she's so fond of Peeps. Imagine a sarcasm font there. She was kind enough to pose for a few pictures to express her excitement of Peeps on a stick. I was introduced to her boyfriend John who is a really nice guy. He and Joey talked for some time. I wandered around a bit and talked with a couple I'd met earlier who will be attending the SCONY October weekend. I met Stephanie Locke who had quite an outfit on.

The exhaustion of a few whirlwind days was setting in so I didn't stay too long. I headed back to the suite where a few of the others were also calling it a night. Joey said goodbye as he was leaving in the morning. A stopped by and was supposed to fly out early the next morning so we had another tearful goodbye. Nope, she didn't really leave that time either. I had planned to head to bed after that because crying makes me tired. Lol. But I ended up having a very long conversation and rekindling a friendship, I hope. It had me thinking about a lot of things and I felt much better about stuff afterwards. There's still one more day to go. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


I do not have an "a-hole super top mode." I am ROFLMAO just thinking about it. I do not even have a mean face yet, but I am working on one for the weekend.

You looked really cute in your all peeps PJs and holding the peeps on a stick.

I had a great time with you and my other SCONY friends. And, we will be together again in just 28 days.

Thank you for your kind words.


playful little brat said...

Sounds like it was such a fun time! Im sorry you experienced a moment when some lines got crossed though. :(

I love your comment about the person not knowing peeps, and have they never walked into a store around Easter lol.

Ana said...

Lea. Darling. If you buy up half the world's supply of Peeps, is it any wonder that half the world's poor deprived souls never get a chance to enjoy the wonder of sugared colored marshmallows?

*shaking my head*


Lea said...

Ohh Peeps. They even used them on Chopped this week. I love me some Food Network TV!

SpankCake said...

Great recollection of your Sunday! The pajama party sounds like it was a blast!

Is no one else deeply disturbed by this guy who took advantage of Lea?!?! My initial reaction was that I wanted to take a delrin cane to his knee caps... see if he agreed to that! What a jerk. I hope you never have to cross paths with him again, but I suppose it's a good lesson to always vet your tops.

Hugs to you...


Kaelah said...

It's great to hear that you had so much fun most of the time, Lea! I'm very sorry to hear about your bad experience with that new guy, though. I think an experience like that would haunt me for quite a while!

SNP said...

I enjoyed reading about another day in your adventure, Lea! The pictures of Erica are fun and I liked reading more about your time with Joey. I am sorry to read that part about the strange experience. Don't ignore your inner voice next time! I'll stay tuned for the next update:)

Lea said...

@joey, That's alright though, there is room for a few nice tops too. ;-)

@playful little brat, The good times certainly outweighed the not so good. Can you believe someone hasn't heard of Peeps? It's crazy!

@Ana, It could be that this person was Canadian. Poor Canadians...

@Lea, Oh really? I'll have to look that episode up!

@SpankCake, I doubt I'll run into him again. I mentioned it mainly to remind myself and others that it's good to be a bit discriminating with play partners. Shit can happen.

@Kaelah, It'll definitely remind me to be a bit more careful. I'm lucky to have very few bad experiences to mention over my years in the scene.

@SNP, It was a lot of fun! I definitely won't ignore what my head might be telling me in the future.

Erica said...

You and your peeps! :-)

So sorry you had to deal with a semi-icky experience. Live and learn, trust your instincts, blah blah blah, but it still sucks. I'm glad it didn't sour your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the folks who want to stomp the idiot who sullied your shadow lane experience. You know how it is, though, if all of the idiots in the world suddenly disappeared, there would be plenty of place to park.

I've decided on what I'm calling a "rule of three". If I have to "yellow" three times, "red" is next, because this is not going to work.

Ah, yes, that bamboo thingy. Perhaps if we do not mention it anymore, our Mr. Joey will forget that he has it.


Lea said...

@Erica, Yes, live and learn. The weekend was great overall.

@Regan, That's probably a good rule. I should've talked more before even going into it to be clearer on things. But yay for Scony weekends, I know just about everyone and feel comfortable playing with most so it's unlikely the incident will be repeated.