Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

Saturday morning of Shadow Lane came WAY too early. I was quite annoyed all weekend that I woke up so early on my own without an alarm. Don't know what that was all about. I got up early, got showered and ready while roommate was still sleeping. I made my way through the casino to locate some coffee and a muffin. The first event of the day was the Bad Boyz Party that was being hosted in the SCONY suite by Ms. Margaret and also Miss Chris. This was for male bottoms and female tops and being neither, I made myself scarce. What? You heard I topped? Well at this point I hadn't. Hold your horses.

I took this time to muddle through working S's GPS to direct me to The Strip. It was only about 10 minutes away and I took pictures of things through the car window when I'd be stopped in traffic or at a light. Lazy tourism at it's best. I wasn't about to join those idiots walking around in the 100 degree heat! I've been to Vegas before. This was mostly to cover my bases so I had pics to prove I was indeed there if any vanilla folks got nosy. Some people think it's odd that I never have pics of all my vacations.

I had my music up loud to drown out the likely honking from drivers annoyed by the idiot with the Utah plates going 10 mph under and taking pictures. I noticed a lot of Jack in the Box locations which we don't have in Utah, but I didn't feel like going there. I was super disappointed that Vegas had no Long John Silver's though. After sufficient photographing, I headed back to the hotel just as things had ended at the party. I heard people talking about it all weekend so it was quite a success and lots of people showed up for it.

People dispersed to nap and get ready for the evening. Joey went off to the Maplewood Academy. I got a chance to catch up with my friend A and hear the back story of her surprise visit. I can't remember completely if it was Saturday or sometime Friday, but there was a point where I was getting on to an elevator and saw Alex Reynolds already on it. This was one time I pushed my silent observation of recognizing people aside and said "Hi! You're Alex! I'm Lea!" and we hugged hello. She introduced me to her friend Heather Green who was with her. They were on their way to something but I'd see more of her later on.

I got ready for the Saturday night dinner/dance. I felt very self conscious in a very short dress but Joey was really sweet and complimented everyone on how we looked. I headed to the ballroom with him to find a table for our group. This is when the stockings I was wearing started to drive me crazy. I hadn't wanted to mess with the whole garter thing, so just had them on by themselves. But they would NOT stay in place and I had to tug at them constantly. By the time we got into the ballroom, I gave up. I took them off at the table and asked Harry to keep them in his pocket. Lol.

Everyone gathered for dinner and looked fabulous. They had a nice buffet for everybody. Joey commented at the table that if you didn't know any better, the room looked like it could've been a rotary club meeting, which was so true. Erica Scott came over to chat with me and Joey for a few minutes. She asked how we were enjoying the party. She's a real sweetheart and it was very nice of her to take the time to talk with some SL newbies. After dinner wrapped up, some people started in on the dancing. I don't dance so headed back up to the suite before the parties were going to start.

I'd only played once in 2 days so far, which was crazy for me. That was about to be remedied. Joey and I played for the first time. He'd told me in advance to set out 4 implements I wanted used. I'd brought a few from home, not knowing if any would be needed. I was just excited that I didn't have to deal with the TSA so packed whatever I felt like. Lol. I set out my leather paddle, Stringman wooden paddle, Angelmaker strap, and rattan cane.

We went into the bedroom and I pulled my dress up and bent over the bed. He started off spanking me with his hand and I was surprised how hard his hand was. It would've been quite sufficient on it's own but we still cycled through all the implements. This is when he saw my remarkable marking abilities firsthand. Not long into using the paddles, he commented that I was already getting some bruises and he couldn't believe how fast that happened. I'm used to it and accept it as an inevitability of being spanked at this point, but he was good about continuing to check in on how I was doing. My bottom had definitely reddened and was stinging, but I was just fine. He finished with the cane and in the last stroke, the tip of it broke off and flew across the room. Ah well, good thing they're only $10.

It was a good scene and left me feeling well spanked. Joey was a gentleman as always and a very good top. I looked forward to playing again. We hugged and returned to the party. Various people came in throughout the night. I wandered around and tried to socialize, as much as one who doesn't talk to many people can socialize. Lol. Ms. M had the area decorated very nicely. There were flameless candles on all the tables and these really long stemmed artificial flowers. At one point, Mr. R was swinging one around and I made a comment like, "Really? It's just a flower. Is that all you got?" For anyone new to spankoland, that could be interpreted as a challenge.

He pulled me into the other room to show me what "just a flower" felt like. He raised my dress and smacked me with it a few times and it STUNG! Almost a cane like effect. I should never doubt him because the man could probably make a feather hurt. I agreed that apparently it wasn't just a flower and he had tried to warn me. Yes, I never listen. Ms. M also spanked me once that night and tested out her new Miguel paddle. My review was it's as stingy as the other one she has. They are beautiful paddles though, if I'd had some extra cash I would've bought one at the vendor fair.

Joey and I decided to venture around to one of the other parties for a bit. We went to Dr. Lectr and Ten's suite which had open parties just about every night with various themes. I believe Saturday was a 50's theme, but I didn't change from what I was wearing earlier. There were a lot of people in their suite. I saw Erica and Spankcake and met Dr. Lectr. He and Joey had a conversation about marathon running. I met Tony Trystero, one of my friends on FetLife who I'd never met before. He was really nice and we talked for a few minutes. He actually knew where Utah was!

Another person came over and introduced himself, Vince. He said I was beautiful so I was pretty much already putty. Lol. He observed that my nametag had "sub" marked and I said that I was a bottom, but the nametags didn't have top and bottom as options, only Dom and sub. I actually thought that was strange the whole weekend since spanking events usually differentiate those labels. "Sub" makes some people wonder if I belong to someone, which I do not, and which is what he was clarifying. We chatted a bit about what makes us tick and the conversation led to the subject of switching and the perspective one can get by trying the other side.

I've always been pretty adamant about being a bottom only and don't feel I have the headspace for topping. I've actually been asked a lot of times if I'm a top or Domme. I think it's the height. So on principle, I always say no. But I was feeling comfortable in talking with him and oh, did I mention he was really cute? Haha. I figured what the hell, I'll give it a try. We left and went to his room and played out a scenario he had in mind. I'm not going into the details of it, but it was an interesting experience. Don't know that I'd do it again. I felt a bit silly in trying to think of things to say, but I've heard enough tops spew crap at me that I just repeated some of that. :-D

My poor messed up hand
I could not believe how much my hand hurt. I could already feel that it was going to bruise and my arm was really sore. I hadn't been spanking all that hard, but I'm apparently a weaker top than I am a bottom, and that's saying something. "This hurts me more than it hurts you" was definitely true in this case. I went back to the SCONY suite and they thought I was exaggerating by icing my hand until they saw it. It was sore and swollen and by the next day you could see bruising in between all my fingers. We'd talked about possibly playing again but I didn't see him around for the rest of the trip. And with the state of my hand, I don't think I would've wanted to do more anyhow.

So to all my bottom friends, I have not abandoned you! I am still definitely a bottom. Topping is so not my calling. But it was an interesting experience. I certainly didn't expect that my hand would be the most marked part of me after the weekend. That about wraps up Saturday. I iced my hand for a while and went to bed not too much longer after that. I don't know how some of the people at these events just hop from party to party until 6 in the morning. I can't do it. I felt exhausted each and every day. Oh, the things we do for kink.


Ana said...

Oh my goodness, Lea!! Bruising yourself, even if you *do* bruise easily to spank someone is probably the ultimate in spanking self-sacrifice, eh? I guess if you ever want to top again it will be implements for you.

Spanked with a sounds like the start of a short story. Hm!

Glad you had so much fun. Happy late birthday, again!

Anonymous said...


I had a lot of fun playing with you on Saturday night. You looked awesome at the banquet.

Miss you.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you had so much fun at the SL party....
I'm glad that you're not "staying" on the dark side...we would miss

See you soon..


Anonymous said...

I'm with Deb! It was bad enough that we lost Joey to the dark side!

I'm so happy to hear you had a good time & not surprised at all to hear that you were pretty much universally loved and adored.


SNP said...

Lea, I just got caught up on Joey's blog and now I've read your post. This is fascinating stuff! I am glad you had the experience and thanks for sharing with all of us:) (Nice pics/sorry about your hand)

Lea said...

@Ana, Everyone kept saying that about using implements. I'd never even spanked someone before so would not have been comfortable wielding a possibly damaging implement that I don't know how to use.

@joey, Thank you! You looked very nice yourself!

@Deb, Nah, no worries about me going to the dark side. ;-)

@Regan, Aww thank you. Only about 30 more days before I can feel some more love. :-)

@SNP, Happy to share! And thank you, the hand is all healed now.

SpankCake said...

I couldn't believe how mangled your delicate little fingers looked when I saw them at Spanking Court! Ouch! I thought you looked amazing in that red dress, by the way! Gorgeous!


Susie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time but Lea...your poor hand! You really do bruise easily!

Lea said...

I adore that dress! Hope your hand starts feeling better soon!

~Lea (the other) : )

Erica said...

@#$%ing garters! I wore mine on Saturday night as well, reluctantly. I don't blame you for shedding yours!

Your poor hand! We won't do THAT again, will we. ;-)

I can't stay up all night either. I need sleep AND naps!

Kaelah said...

It's great to hear that you had such a wonderful time, Lea! And I'm happy that your topping experience wasn't a bad one (except for your messed up hand), even if it confirmed your feeling that you don't really have a toppy side. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never been spanked with a flower. I need sleep also. If I stay up and go non stop I end up crashing. Glad you had a good time

Lea said...

@SpankCake, And I was even accused of exaggerating about my hand! Thank you, I am fond of that dress.

@Susie, Yep! Top or bottom, doesn't matter! Lol!

@Lea, Thanks! This was only the second time I had an occasion to wear it.

@Erica, They really are frustrating! And yeah, I probably won't be doing it again.

@Kaelah, It definitely could've been worse. I just wasn't really feeling it. Except for the hurt hand thing. Lol.

@Jean, I don't know how people do several all-nighters in a row, it's nuts to me!

ronnie said...

Oh Lea, your poor hand. Hope it's OK now.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


Lea said...

@ronnie, It only lasted a few days, my hand is fine now. It was a great time!