Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roasting Peeps And Bottoms

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Friday

I didn't feel like I got much sleep, but I was more conscious than the day before. Despite people thinking that I missed breakfast on Friday just because we weren't there at the same time, I did make it downstairs before they stopped serving breakfast. After eating and having some much needed coffee, it was time for a road trip to Walmart to get an apple pie and card for a certain birthday boy. At the checkout I saw there were 3 travel packs of Kleenex for $1 so was sure to grab one of those in preparation for tearful goodbyes.

After getting back, Regan and I were just in time to watch Days of our Lives in the lobby. Now when we tried this in April we were constantly and rudely interrupted by tops who seemed to think us watching TV was some type of challenge to fill our time in another way. It was not a challenge. We just wanted to watch our damn show. It's rare for me to find someone else who even watches it. And if we walked in to a room while some of the tops were watching a Yankees game and just jabbered on or told them how stupid it was, how do you think that'd end up in reverse?

This had been a coordinated plan since April to successfully get through the whole hour. And I'm happy to report we succeeded! Not completely uninterrupted though. As it got to the last 15-20 minutes more people were wandering by, loudly sighing and making toppy comments. Mr. Grumpypants questioned everyone around the TV to see who was involved in watching the show. The one person who didn't catch on and said she wasn't really watching was soon pulled away by him to go upstairs. Lol.

Afterwards there was a lovely memorial for Pinky as everyone gathered out by the pond to dedicate Pinky's Park. I needed those Kleenexes sooner than I'd expected. Many people planted flowers there and I'm looking forward to going back in April to see how everything grows. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. People continued to arrive at the resort and the weekend officially began. Everyone met down in the lounge where the activities started. Harry Potter stuff was everywhere and we all had to pick a "house" to be in. I picked Ravenclaw based on what I read since it values creativity and wit. Hufflepuff values hard work. Next, please. I also discovered that most of the East is unfamiliar with Hefeweizen, a common beer out west and my favorite type. I got a blank stare and was asked "why are you making up words?" when I asked for it. Sigh. It's real. Stuff other than Yuengling does exist.

I met with Mr. A for my first spanking of the day. This one had been planned in advance due to a r/l issue I had come to him with regarding some bad decision making on my part when I attended Shadow Lane. It had been pressing on my mind and he was kind enough to offer his assistance to help me move past it. The therapeutic effects that spanking can have is one of the most difficult aspects to explain to someone who doesn't get it the same way I do. In situations such as this one, it really helps me to feel like I've had closure on an issue and stop torturing myself over it.

We talked for a while (well, he did most of the talking) and then he had me stand in the corner. My pants came down and then I went over his lap. He spanked me hard with his hand but it was a warm up for what I was about to feel from his little square wooden paddle. Smaller implement doesn't equal nicer implement. My bottom felt like it was on fire and I was kicking and struggling not to fly off the bed. I was sent back to the corner for a minute as he continued talking. I lied down on the bed and he strapped me. He stopped when noticing a spot on my cheek that looked close to bleeding. I've never had a weak spot like that pop up before but we decided to end there to not aggravate it further. The point had certainly been made anyway. I thanked him and we hugged.

I rested for a while after applying some lotion and hoped that spot would not continue to be a problem for me over the weekend. Everyone met for dinner where I believe I ate at least one vegetable again. I made sure to show Joey my plate. It may have been a record breaking weekend for vegetable eating. That and time spent outdoors. One does have to walk back and forth a lot in between all the buildings. I do all sorts of crazy things on vacation. Spanking hardly makes the list. Lol. I also led the room in singing happy birthday at dinner to the birthday boy.

There were other announcements and safety talk prior to everyone heading down to the lounge for that night's party. I had already been given bags of Peeps from a few friends so it was time for the next awesome activity of the night. Peep roast and s'mores making! Regan supplied the roasting sticks as several of us went outside to roast ghosts and pumpkins over the fire and had Peeps'mores. S had told me that those E.L. Fudge cookies work great for s'mores because you just open the cookie and add the marshmallow, so that's what we did. Our crazy friend Coach H claimed to have never had a Peep before so I quickly made him one. He liked it.

My jacket smelled like campfire for the rest of the week, but it was totally worth it. Note- Roasting sticks are not durable enough to be canes. We tried to get them to make the whipping sound and they snapped. After ingesting 5000 grams of sugar, I went back inside to the party. I was trapped... err... approached by Mr. R and led back to a bench. I went over his lap and he spanked me with his hand. I've been through this on 9 different trips now but I always forget how hard his hand is. He said something to the effect of I was lucky it's only Friday, which meant he was going easy on me since there were many more days to get through. I didn't care to disagree with him. I got a big hug and returned to the party without hitting my head on anything. (That is always worth noting. Low clearances in this place.)

I wandered around to chat with some of the people I hadn't seen much of. I talked with a few of the new people and everyone seemed to be having a good time and getting into the swing of things. I caught up with T who I hadn't seen since last year's September weekend. We went back into a cubicle to play. I went across his lap and he spanked me with his hand. Spankos love their numbers and I was noticing it was going in sets of 5-10 on each cheek with the last one always being the hardest. I got well warmed up and we ended with a hug.

I chatted with Tom, Nancy, and J from Maine. They're really nice and fun to talk to. I had met Tom and Nancy for the first time about a month before at Shadow Lane. We never did get a chance to play there but we did this time. He and I went back to one of the cubicles with the tall chair I hate. I leaned across his lap and he spanked me with his hand for a minute. The positioning wasn't working with that chair so we moved to have me bending over it. He has a very hard stingy hand and I wasn't quiet for long. He also used a leather paddle that had fur on one side and was nice for soothing. It ended with a hug and we returned to the party. He was fun to play with and I hope to do so again.

I was fading fast and soon headed back up to the room. I opted to skip the hot tub again that night since it was still really cold outside. Mr. G walked with me back to the rooms and I asked him if he was going to bed already. Woman talk for "if you're free, you haven't spanked me yet today." He got the hint and grabbed his bag of stuff and came to my room. He seemed eager to get his hands on me after my constant teasing since my arrival. Hey, I can't help it that he drives so slow. He spanked me with his very hard hand and reminded me why I should think twice before making my comments.

It wasn't long before I was squirming and he went through his bag for more evil tools. A stiff new strap he'd purchased that night and then the "brat whacker," an awful piece of wood someone was supposed to destroy in April. After being turned thoroughly sore and promising to behave, he hugged me and sent me to bed. Bedtime spankings are the best lead-in to a good night's sleep, they really are. With successful DOOL watching, Peep roasting, and many spankings, Friday was a good day. To be continued...


Anonymous said...


I saw you at breakfast; but, R intercepted me and told me I was not allowed to talk to you until 2PM.

Dedicating Pinky Park was very emotional, a perfect way to remember her.

I was amazed at how many real vegetables you ate during the weekend. I am sorry I missed the Peeps roast, I was busy warming bottoms.


Marne said...

Lea, I hid the Brat Whacker once, and two things prevent me from EVER touching it again - fear and common sense!

I love reading about the Weekend because it brings back all the glorious memories.

Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your updates. You make the time come alive for those not there! Peep smores sound really good! Also, as to the vegetables, you could say eating chocolate and drinking coffee is eating vegetables.

Lea said...

@joey, Lol! Well thank you to R for that. You are quite the morning person. There will be more Peeps roasts. Maybe you can join next time.

@Marne, Yeah, yeah, whatevuh. ;-) I don't blame you for not wanting to risk destroying it. I wouldn't do it either. That's what I needed you for!

@Jean, They are so good! Enough to lure me into going outdoors on occasion! I'm happy that someone else sees the logic in chocolate and coffee being vegetables.

Anonymous said...


Yep, my feelings are the day is not complete without those two essential vegetables.

I am looking forward to trying peepsmores

Susie said...

Your friends there sound very, very sweet Lea!

Anonymous said...

It's true, Joey is much too chipper in the morning, and the "time out" was as much for his safety as for yours.

I, too, was impressed that the silly tops managed to contain themselves (barely) for an hour...though I was highly amused when Mr. G attempted to drag me off, and then ACTUALLY was apologetic when we explained why we were not to be interrupted. That was a lucky break, not likely to happen again.

You're right that roasted Peeps are heavenly! We need to make that a tradition.

I AM NOT SWEET! First there were claims that I am "toast", and now I'm supposedly "sweet"...what, like toast with cinnamon and sugar? Ugh!


Lea said...

@Jean, Agreed! Must have those essentials!

@Susie, They sure are! Who else would humor such craziness? ;-)

@Regan, I don't know that I take his apologies as genuine when growled through gritted teeth. Lol. I am in agreement to a Peep roast tradition. As Mr. L pointed out, "Nobody ever had them or talked about them until you were here, so it's your fault." I'm not going anywhere so the tradition can continue!