Thursday, October 18, 2012

Climbing Every Mountain

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Thursday

The SCONY mountain weekend was on the horizon. I got on the red eye flight to JFK which was thankfully only about 4 hours long with the jackass in front of me reclining into my legs. Why does that person always sit in front of me when no one else in the whole row is leaning back? Guess what? Passive aggressively slamming back into your seat repeatedly isn't going to magically make me any shorter. I am tall and my legs have nowhere else to go. Quit being a dick.

Mr. Grumpypants picked me up from the airport at an ungodly early hour. He packed and ran errands before we were on our way to pick up our Canadian friends D and B from another airport. After finding them, we headed into the city to get Alicia and BV. BV gave me some Halloween Peeps which was awesome. After some questionable tying of luggage to the roof, we were on our way to the resort. We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel where I was oddly excited to have okra (this coming from the non vegetable eater). I also almost won that game with the pegs getting down to having just 2 left.

We made it by early afternoon and there were already many people there. There was excited chatter and hugs all around. These trips always appease my hug slut fix. It's weird because in everyday life I'm pretty uncomfortable hugging people, but here I can't get enough of it. It feels so natural and I'm so happy to see everyone. I checked in and got my room key along with a hug from J, the fantastic manager. I miss the staff almost as much as I miss my other friends. Everyone is so fun. I forced myself to lie down for a bit knowing it'd be a long night and then got ready before dinner.

Other folks continued to arrive including our fearless leaders, Ms. M and Mr. R. It was a huge crowd at dinner for a Thursday night. I remember when I was new a few years ago and Thursdays were maybe half the size. I caught up with friends and realized that none of the Harry Potter spells were making the salad that had been placed in front of me disappear. Hmm. Following dinner many of us made our way down to the lounge for karaoke. Usually I have a whole playlist in mind but this time I didn't.

I sang "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" from Culture Club and apologized to the people who have heard me do that 4 or 5 times now. There were a few group numbers as well. I think we should be called the Singing Club Of New York, destroying one karaoke bar at a time. Lol. I sang. I chatted. I met the owners of the fuzzy chickens from April. Yes, I mean that literally. I did not hit my head on the low ceiling beam that gets me almost every weekend. Not yet anyway.

I was surprised how many people were already wandering off to the upstairs area to play. Thursday is usually pretty low key as everyone gets settled in and some like me are dead tired from a long day of travel. With my wussy status and bruising ability, I try to pace myself to not outplay myself in the beginning when there are several days to get through. I didn't say I was successful at that, I just said that I try. Lol. Sometimes I do alright, sometimes I don't.

I did play once that night with Joey. He was a gentleman as always and well aware of it being only Thursday. We went upstairs and I bent over the pool table. He spanked me with a leather paddle over my pants, enough that I could feel it but definitely not overdoing anything. It was a nice warm up for the weekend as we chatted about the activities to come over the next few days. It ended with a hug and we returned to join the group downstairs.

I opted not to attempt the nearby hot tub, though some did, because it was pretty damn chilly and the uphill walk back to my room is always a long one when soaking wet. I hung around until after midnight but the exhaustion had long since set in so I called it a night. Regarding the title of this post, the location of the party is a very hilly area. As I'm gasping for breath going up and down hills all weekend, I always think that I really should attempt some exercise at least a week before arriving. Then I remember I'm lazy. What can you do? A verse of "Climb Every Mountain" from the Sound of Music comes to mind.

Climb this damn mountain
Duck under beams
Oowws and Aahhs will echo
As tops make me scream

Part 2 to come!


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed the energy on Thursday night and of course playing together. Singing with you and the other bottoms has become a SCONY tradition that I hope never changes.


Ana said...


Vegetables, you? Were you feeling okay?

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Lea said...

@joey, Singing is good times. :-)

@Ana, I know, right? Lol. It's true though. There were vegetables eaten and not even a dog hiding under my table.

Emen said...

This is hot and sweet and funny and detailed, as always :)

But you ate okra? OKRA? I'm not talking about the vegetable thing. I love veg and I live in the south and I don't do okra. Ever. You have perved out beyond my wildest dreams.

Who serves okra in upstate NY?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the update and the song


Marne said...

Lea, I get extra vegetables at dinner. I don't even have to ask anymore - the server automatically gives me a heaping spoonful of whatever veggie is being served. Sometimes two spoons full! But I don't eat okra. Breaded and deep fried removes the vegetable status, sort of like French fried potatoes. I am still in awe; you ate okra!

A.S.S. said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to make a SCONY event one day. Not so sure about Culture Club songs though... lol.

~Todd and Suzy

Lea said...

@Emen, Cracker Barrel serves okra. This was in Eastern PA, not actually NY. But even the Cracker Barrel in Utah serves it. It's the only place one can find it out here.

@Jean, Glad you enjoyed it!

@Marne, Don't try to tell me that frying vegetables make them not vegetables. Next you'll be saying coffee is not a vegetable even though it comes from a bean. Crazy talk!

@Todd and Suzy, Hey, it's a good song! ;-) SCONY parties are a blast!

Anonymous said...

My favorite line of that evening was when we were looking at the song books and you pointed to "The Four Tops" and said, "I don't think I like that group!".

I'm still laughing over that!


Lea said...

@Regan, I still say that I don't care to witness or be involved in one of their performances. ;-)