Thursday, December 13, 2012


Don't worry, there are no twist endings on this where I'm really talking about being put in a straitjacket for my Peeps obsession. ;-)

Do you ever have a fantasy in your head and worry that in reality it won't hold up to all that you are able to imagine? Or worse, once you have it come up in reality it just falls flat?

Fortunately for me, last night was not one of those times. :-) I've had fantasies involving crops on the brain lately. Being struck all over my breasts, stomach, thighs, ass, and err... other parts. Restrained and completely vulnerable. At his mercy.

In fantasy though, there isn't really pain. That was the one downside to the reality. I'm a major wuss and the things I think about can hurt a lot when they actually happen. But is it worth it? Oh yeah.

My naked body felt the chill in the room as I laid on the bed. He bound my wrists together with the rope and rested them above my head. Words meant only for my ears were whispered.

His eyes did not leave mine as his hands ran down my body and came back to my breasts. My nipples were twisted and at attention long before the biting. Slaps fell on my breasts and thighs and in between my legs. A toy had been picked out and was pushed into me, the glass hard and shockingly cold.

The crop had been resting on the edge of the bed with the other implements he'd selected. He picked it up and worked it down the front of my body. The sting wasn't as bad as I had expected. (I'm crazy though and a horse shop quality crop is on my Christmas wish list.)

My reactions became a bit louder and he told me to roll over. I hesitantly did so after nervously eyeing the cane, leather paddle, and bath brush that remained on the bed.  (To that last one- I know, right? He's very mean to me and there were definitely no bath brushes in my fantasy story. Hmmph.)

He spanked me hard with his hand before moving to the leather paddle. It felt almost as hard as wood until he moved on to the bath brush and I could compare. Yes, this was awful, awful wood. The intensity increased along with my shrieking and squirming. I seem to only be stoic in fantasy.

My bottom was on fire after the bath brush. He landed the crop across my thighs several times and then my ass. My hands were still bound in front of me and I tried to keep the rest of my body in place. Hey, I said tried.

I returned to my original position on my back. The crop and now the cane whipped against the tender flesh of my breasts. It stung, but it was a good sting. The cane moved down my body, striking my thighs. As I squirmed I was reminded of how hot and sore my bottom was.

That about covers the spanking portion of the night. As for the rest, I will just say that a very enjoyable time was had by all. :-D Thank you, lover, for making my fantasy into a reality, and so far beyond my expectations. Now about that Santa story...


TL Bucko said...

Wow... I think I just added a few things to my Christmas list. Great post.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! thank you for the inspiring email. ;-)


Erica said...

Someone had a lovely night, sounds like. Happy for you. :-D And I love riding crops.

kiwigirliegirl said...

wow isnt it great when a fantasty becomes a reality. And yes isnt it funny how there is no pain in fantasy land hehehe. But I do say, i take my hat off to anyone who is spanked on anything other than their behind....i like riding crops too....but ssshhh dont tell sir he thinks they hurt more than they actually do hehehe my lil secret.

Beth said...

Wow. Super duper hot!

Jenna_kins said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all :)

Anonymous said...


Really hot scene. Wow! Thank you for sharing.

BTW. You are not a wuss!! You are really very brave. You took some very hard strokes from the cane at SL.

I am glad a good time was had by all. :)

I hope your friend has a Santa costume.


ronnie said...

Nice, very nice. Sounds like a great time.

Yes, definitely buy your crop from a horse shop. Much better quality.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Lea said...

@TL Bucko, Christmas is always a good excuse to buy something for yourself. ;-)

@S, *kisses*

@Erica, They are fun, aren't they?

@kiwi, Oh yes it's good to "ouch" appropriately so that they don't know it feels TOO nice. ;-)

@Beth, Thanks for visiting!

@Jenna_kins, Sure was! Thanks for reading!

@joey, I always feel like a wuss, but I'm sure there's many who can't take as much and many who can take more. We'll see about Santa.

@ronnie, You have a lot of good stories involving crops that helped get the wheels turning!

Anonymous said...

Phewwwf...I'm fanning myself as I'm!!! Very hot scene Lea...Glad that you had a fun time..

Hugs Deb

Kaelah said...

Sounds like you had a really wonderful time, Lea! I'm very happy for you. :-) And I love being bound, too.

Lea said...

@Deb, It was a very fun time. Thanks for reading!

@Kaelah, It's been a very enjoyable past week. :-)