Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012- The Good, The Bad, And The Spanking

It's that time again when I'm thinking back on everything that has happened this past year. 2012 has been a looong year and I can't say I'm sad to see it go. There's been some good, some bad, and quite a bit of spanking. Between job stress, major health issues in my family, and divorce, thank God for the fun parts! I suppose the spanking goes in the good category as well, but I'm trying to do a play on words of the Clint Eastwood movie so work with me here. :-)

This was a year of big changes and new things for me. J and I separated and later in the year were legally divorced. I am not good with change and this was a huge one. Everything from getting used to living alone again to all my insecurities about myself coming to the surface have been issues to deal with. In the long run I know it's all for the best and I'm thankful it happened under cordial circumstances, but it's an ongoing process and not always an easy one.

A notable good thing this year was getting involved in my local community. I have attended SCONY events out East since 2009, but had never attempted to find any sort of scene near me. Part of that was because I figured no other spankos existed in this state. Another reason was worrying about anonymity. I didn't want to be running into my neighbor or boss at a party, though if that happened we'd both be there doing the same thing so would it really matter?

I searched FetLife for stuff in my area and found a whole slew of groups and activities. Many were not at all related to my kink, but there were things for everyone like munches as well. I bit the bullet and attended my first munch in February and things took off from there. The people I've met have been great and I've made some awesome friends. I've been to many munches and parties since then and even tried some new things. I'm terribly shy and not very good at starting conversations, much less talking long enough to initiating playing with someone, but that's a whole different post. Lol.

One of the wonderful people I met locally is S. He's special enough to get his own paragraph and everything! We've been playing regularly since meeting and he's one of just two people I've been spanked by here. How two quiet shy people like us even first initiated a scene I'm still not sure. Lol. He is a great top and a great guy. S, thank you for your patience and understanding and for always making me laugh. It means a lot to me.

In the spanking world, I went to three big events this year. I attended the SCONY weekend in the mountains in April and again in October. I always have a great time and wish I could see those friends more often. I miss you all so much! So many great conversations, laughs, spankings, and memories. October was the first weekend since Pinky's passing and seeing how everyone pulled together was another reminder of how SCONY is like a big family. It's such a great group of people and the love and support for each other is clearly evident.

I also went to my first Shadow Lane over Labor Day weekend. Driving to Las Vegas alone was something new since usually I don't even use freeways. I made it and thankfully a few of my SCONY friends came too so I wasn't alone with 200 people I didn't know. Joey was among them and I was really happy to have him around as my talker or I probably wouldn't have met anyone! Lol. I met many bloggers I follow like Erica Scott, Beth, Richard Windsor, Alex, and SpankCake. Everyone was incredibly nice. I also tried (and damaged) my hand at topping as you can see on the left. Some things only need to be experienced once!

It has been a long and busy year. Chapters ending and new ones beginning. I'm more than ready for 2013 and I hope it is a happy and healthy year for us all. Happy new year everyone and stay safe this holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...


I have followed your loooong year. Yes. There were some sad times for you. I admire your spirit through your challenges this year.

I was very glad that I was able to share many incredible experiences with you: SL and two SCONY events.

I wish that 2013 is filled with lots of fun activities.

A very Happy New Year,

Very Big Hug,

Anonymous said...


I know you've been through a tough year. Fortunately, the tough times don't last. Unfortunately, the good times don't last, either, which is why we need friends to help hold us together. I am very glad for your friendship, and for your blog, which reflects your intelligence, wit and deep sensitivity. Keep on writing. The world needs your gift.

May 2013 hold more joys and friendship for you!


Anonymous said...

you've been a highlight of my year too! surprising and fantastic


SNP said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year a little early and enjoyed reading about your year in review!

Erica said...

I'm so glad I could be a part of your year! I hope I get to see you in 2013. :-)

ronnie said...


A very Happy New Year. I hope the year ahead is a wonderful one for you.


playful little brat said...

I'm glad I got to follow along in your journey of 2012, and hope to read lots more in 2013. Happy New Year :)

Lea said...

@joey, Thank you for your support this past year. There were some fun times in there and hanging out with spanko friends is always a highlight! I hope there's more of that in 2013.

@Regan, Thank you. I'm thankful for your friendship as well. It takes a special person to risk being beaten to watch DOOL with me. ;-) May 2013 have fun times ahead for all of us!

@S, Right back at you. *hugs*

@SNP, Happy New Year!

@Erica, I hope so too!

@ronnie, Thank you and same to you! Happy New Year!

@playful little brat, I hope it was somewhat entertaining. ;-) Happy New Year!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

What a great post, Lea!

I was only here for part of your year, but it's been wonderful to see you grow and reach out in new ways. I hope that you get to relish these new paths and to develop them further in 2013. forgot to mention Peeps! I am disappointed.

Abby Sage said...

I have enjoyed reading about your ups and downs- here is to 2013 a year with more ups than downs! (We hope)

Kaelah said...

Happy New Year, Lea! May 2013 be a good one, not only spanking-wise but also regarding your vanilla life. :-)

Lea said...

@Ana, Peeps will be covered in a New Year's Eve recap. ;-) Happy New Year!

@Abby Sage, Thanks and same to you!

@Kaelah, I hope the same for you too! Happy New Year!

Palomino said...

Sounds like 2013 started off with a bang! I look forward to reading your inspiring stories, and comments! Cheers to your next spanking ;)

Lea said...

@Palomino, Thank you and happy new year!