Sunday, May 19, 2013

Corsets And Steampunk

SCONY Mountain Weekend- Saturday

Sorry my recap has been so spread out. I will finish it! Some of the little details start to blur weeks later so I really should try to write a bit down while I'm still there to look back on later. If someone wants to spank me for procrastination, I won't stop you. ;-)

Having gone to bed around 5:30 am after hanging out in the hot tub, Saturday had a rough start. I was dead tired and wrote off breakfast for that morning because there was no way I was going to be up and ready in time. How people pull all-nighters practically every night of a party baffles me. I felt awful running on less than 5 hours of sleep. I'm 27 and too old for that shit.

I thought I was arriving right on time for St. Margaret's Academy at 11:30, but apparently it starts at 11:00 and has the other 7 times I've attended also. Hmm... Fortunately I was able to get a cup of coffee and create an awesome map of the area complete with bear attacks. After lunch I was sitting out on the wooden steps with some friends and when I got up I had a palm full of tiny splinters. The next half hour was spent with A trying to get them out with tweezers. That didn't work and eventually a sewing needle was found and mostly worked. This is why I fucking avoid nature.

A few people came to do music which is always a fun part of the weekend. I'm the worst keyboardist ever which we learned a few years ago so I stick to just singing. Several others jumped in and it became sort of a country jamboree and then I didn't know any of the songs anymore. One of these days I'll look up all the 'N Sync music and distribute my own songbooks to everybody. I went back to my room after that to get ready before dinner. This was the night I planned to wear a corset and man was that a pain in the ass.

After about a half hour of lying on the bed trying to get the hook and eye closures snapped, I would get maybe two of them to work but then several below that would just undo in the process. I was ready to throw it against the wall in a rage and just wear something else when M came to help me. Apparently those fuckers are a two person job because she got them all to snap in place on the first try. Then we got LS to help lace up the back and were on our way to dinner.

A lot of people went all out for the costumes and looked great. I think someone at my table was super uncomfortable looking at how much of my breasts were showing so I tried to wrap my shrug around myself as much as I could. Lol. It did make me sit up straighter than I normally would. I wouldn't say I was comfortable but LS knows how to put a corset on and it didn't totally cut into me. I managed to keep it on the whole night and even played several times.

Hank and I went to my room after dinner and it was absolutely roasting in there when we went in. He's a good sport and bore through it. We had discussed some things prior to the weekend that came up again and I was a bit nervous as we hadn't had a serious scene before. The talk was good and he had gotten into my head. I wondered how well I'd be able to breathe in the corset as I bent over the bed and lifted my skirt. He started spanking me with his hand and he has a very hard hand. I was already wriggling from that when he took his belt off.

The sound of that always makes me freeze. It really stung as it struck my bottom several times and now I was very squirmy. He switched between the belt and another strap that was a bit thuddier. I could feel the heat emanating from my backside and that I was going to be sore. There was still a long night ahead of us so we finished our "discussion" with a big hug. He left the room before he may have died from heat stroke and I soon headed down to the lounge for the night's party.

There were a lot of great costumes amongst the other guests and I was a bit surprised there weren't more corsets around. Maybe others were smarter than me and decided it wouldn't be too comfortable to play in. I managed though and was spanked a lot more on Saturday night than I had been Friday. I played with H for the first time and saw he had a rugbeater in his bag that I'd had my eye on at the vendor table earlier. It was a bit shorter and thicker than the typical rugbeaters I've seen. He had bought it and tried it out on me and I really liked it.

A lot of play was going on and many times throughout the night there was a line to use the cubicles. I finally caught up with the always busy Mr. Grumpypants for the first time that weekend. He strapped me and told me not to be a smart aleck or something to that effect. Deja vu? We seem to "discuss" that a lot. E spanked me and is another hard handed guy. Implements are rarely necessary. At the next weekend I'd like to have a longer scene with him and K again. I had fun with the co-bottoming setup in the past and didn't do any of that at this weekend.

End of Saturday- less marked than usual
Apparently some people had taken offense to some of the countdown messages prior to the weekend, in particular reason #3- "We are the ONLY reason SOME of you even need a hairbrush." Mr. R has a nasty thick little hairbrush that I have been introduced to before, as well as the larger one. He had the smaller one with him and led me to a cubicle where I bent over the saddle. He reminded me how sarcasm can come back to bite me (as if I didn't know that by now?) and said that if spanking was the only thing he needed a hairbrush for that he'd better use it for that purpose and thanked me for reminding him. This wasn't gonna be good.

He pulled my panties down and started right in with the hairbrush, not even his hand. It hurt as much as I remembered from years past. I was squirming and thought I was going to slide the entire saddle through the curtain. I jumped up once and he told me to stay down and put his hand on my back to keep me there. He switched to his hand for a little while (which was not much more relaxing) and then ended with several more swats from the hairbrush. I thought I would quite literally burst into flame but I did not. He gave me a big hug and I told him that he has very nice hair and his face makes up for the rest.

I didn't stay conscious for too much longer and eventually made my way back up to bed. Sunday would be a day full of awesome surprises. To be continued...


Anonymous said...


You looked terrific in your costume.

I remember Mr. R taking you away because of the hair brush comment.

Miss you.


Anonymous said...

Oh. I guess this is the point where I'm supposed to apologize because you got spanked for something I said. Yeah., sorry. Heyyyy, thanks for not ratting me out. You're a real chump! I MEAN "CHAMP"!!! That's it! You are a champ, Lea!


p.s. I love the music jam. That's one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I don't know why.

Kenzie said...

Love reading your recaps. Great pictures too, you look great. :)

ronnie said...

Lea - You look great, love the corset. Thanks for sharing.


Lea said...

@joey, Thank you. I miss you too! October is so far away!

@Annabelle, I am unlikely to complain about something that gets me some spanking time. Well, not seriously complain anyway. I love the music and am glad a few hung around!

@Kenzie, Thanks! It was a fun time!

@ronnie, Thank you! Compliments make it worth keeping it on I suppose. Lol.